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									                        2012 – 2013
                     B-CC Cheerleading
                        Try-Out Information and More
Coach Information:
Varsity Cheer Coach – Michelle Lawthers (Michelle_d_lawthers@mcpsmd.org)
JV Cheer Coach – Claudia Frank (Claudia_r_frank@mcpsmd.org)

Try Out Dates:
TRYOUT CLINIC DATES: May 29th- May 31st
TRYOUT TIME: 3:00 –???

     Athletic Packet: Current physical*, Medical Card*, Parent Permission*, Documentation
        of 2.00 GPA or Report Card
     Cheer contract (at the end of this packet) by cheerleader and parent
*Return ALL required forms before try-outs begin. Partial packets will not be accepted and you
will not be allowed to tryout – NO EXCEPTIONS.
*Athletic Packets can be downloaded from the BCC website: www.baronsathletics.org

This packet is meant as a guide for what is expected of B-CC Cheerleaders. The qualifications to
become a member of the B-CC cheer squad are as follows: Maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA, have
school spirit and enthusiasm, enjoy performing, be ready to work hard, and be ready to assume
the responsibility of representing B-CC HS!

Cheering can be a truly rewarding experience, but it is also a large time commitment and can be
costly. Both teams require consistent effort and sincere dedication. As a B-CC cheerleader you
are expected to set an example of good behavior and attitude at ALL times (whether in or out
of uniform).

If selected to be a B-CC cheerleader, there are many specific responsibilities, obligations and
behavioral expectations that BOTH cheerleader and parent must accept in order to qualify for
and remain part of the squad. Every rule is meant to be followed in order for the program to
run smoothly and it’s every cheerleader’s responsibility to adhere to them. In order to become
a member of one the B-CC Cheer squads, you must agree to the following guidelines.
As a member of the B-CC Cheerleading Squad you must participate in ALL aspects of
cheerleading. These include but are not limited to:
Jumping Cheering Dancing Stunting Tumbling Running Stretching Smiling Conditioning

JV: The JV squad cheers for all JV home football games, 1-2 selected away football games, 2-3
soccer games (both girls and boys), and potentially a volleyball and field hockey game. The JV
squad also competes in the Junior Varsity expo on November 3rd. *Games will be on Saturday
mornings and weekdays in the afternoon/early evening.

Varsity: The Varsity squad cheers for all Varsity football games, home and away on Friday
nights typically. The squad will also cheer for 2-3 soccer games (girls and boys), and potentially
a volleyball and field hockey game. The Varsity squad will also compete in the Montgomery
County Division 2 Competition on November 10th.

                                      Try Out Information

Tryouts will be held in the B-CC Gym. All of the required material will be taught at tryout clinics.
    It is in your best interest to attend all tryout clinics. You are responsible for knowing all
       of the required material for tryouts.
    You will learn a dance, sideline chant, and cheer that you will perform on the actual
       tryout day.
    All participants are expected to be ON TIME and dressed appropriately for tryout
       clinics & tryouts.
           o   Attire for clinics: Tank top or t-shirt, shorts (appropriate length), cheer or tennis shoes,
               hair pulled back, no jewelry
           o   Attire for tryouts: White tank top or t-shirt, black shorts, cheer or tennis shoes, hair
               pulled back with a ribbon, no jewelry, no glitter
      There are NO GUARANTEED SPOTS and there is the possibility that not everyone trying
       out will make either squad. The coaches will decide the number of members on each

Judging System/Evaluation Criteria:
    Spirit: Demonstrate enthusiasm toward B-CC HS, voice projection, smile
    Jumps: Toe-touch and hurdler
    Cheer & Chant: Motions, Confidence, Sharpness, Spirit
    Dance: Timing, Rhythm, Sharpness, Confidence, Facials
    Tumbling: At least a cartwheel (Varsity needs to do a round-off)
    Stunting: Your stunting position will also be a factor when determining the team. We
      cannot take 10 flyers and 2 bases.
    Split: Must demonstrate flexibility on either leg (Varsity must have split)
    Timed Mile: Must be able to run mile under 14 minutes (12 min for Varsity)
Squads will be selected based on the above criteria as well as attendance at clinics, proper tryout attire,
athleticism, attitude, and previous experience. For returning cheerleaders, improvement, attitude and
attendance throughout the season will also be taken into consideration.

NOTE: According to MCPS regulations, the coach has final approval of the selection of
the squad. The confidential scores of the judges are considered a recommendation.
Therefore, the coaches reserve the right to consider teacher references and comments
on the students' past behavior and sense of responsibility when making the final
selection. Regardless of the judges' scores, the coaches will make the FINAL decision.


        Important Information to Know about Cheerleading at B-CC
Academics come before cheerleading! All athletes must maintain their academic eligibility at all times, a
2.0 GPA is required to participate in athletics at B-CC HS. We also do not want to lose a team member
due to academic issues, so please make sure that you are able to balance your work and your team.

Possible Expenses (camp, accessories, etc.)
Financial demands must be considered when trying out for cheerleading. The coach will try to keep all
costs up front in the season, but occasionally additional costs may arise (e.g. extra ribbons). No one will
be excluded because of financial problems. If you need financial assistance, PLEASE contact the coach as
soon as possible
      Mandatory & Optional Expenses: A list of mandatory expenses will be given out to those who
         make the team. Optional expenses will also be included after try-outs.
      Fundraising: All B-CC JV & Varsity Cheerleaders should plan to attend scheduled fundraisers.
         • Summer Cheer Camp: While camp is not mandatory it is highly suggested that cheerleaders
         make every effort to attend. Camp is a time for team bonding as well as improving skills. Parent
         transportation will be necessary.
                   Varsity & JV Squads – Day Camp at Washington Adventist University (flyer attached)-
                  $176 for August 6-10
     • B-CC cheerleading should have FIRST PRIORITY over ALL other extracurricular activities (including
all-stars, jobs, Driver’s Ed, etc). Other out of school lessons, classes, and activities must be worked
around cheerleading. It is imperative that every cheerleader is present at every practice/game/event.
Please do not tryout if you cannot make the time commitment!
      Cheerleaders who miss a practice will not be able to cheer at the game that week. They will still
         have to come in uniform, but will sit out.
      Missing or sitting out of 3 games will result in dismissal from the team. This is for everyone’s
Summer/Fall Practices:
    Optional workouts will be offered throughout the summer. A schedule will be given to those
     who make the team.
    Mandatory practices begin on August 13th. Two a day practices will be held August 13th-17th.
    Once the school year begins, practices will be from 3:00-5:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and
     Thursdays. *These dates are subject to change based on practice space availability.
    A complete calendar will be given to those who make either team.

Competition practices are very different in nature from regular season practices and games. The activity
is more strenuous and the expectations are higher. Varsity cheerleaders will attend the MCPS
Cheerleading competition & may participate in an additional competition chosen by the coach.
Beginning the month before a scheduled competition if a cheerleader misses a practice they may be
removed from competing
     Extra practices and longer practices maybe added in order to prepare for competition which
         will be mandatory.

Parent Responsibilities:
     Attend the mandatory parent meeting in June, if your child makes the team.
     Read this entire packet with your cheerleader and be certain that you both fully understand the
       rules and regulations and / or have asked the coaches to clarify any parts you do not
     Make sure that ALL required forms have been filled out completely and correctly. (If your child
       does not already have a valid physical on file, make an appointment now and have the forms
       completed. Your child can not participate in clinics or tryouts without a current physical on file).
     Check the team calendar and plan doctor’s appointments, trips, and other activities around the
       team schedule.
     Check emails weekly as announcements and updates will be sent via email (you must have a
       valid email address).
     Check www.baronsathletics.org for updates.
     Notify coach if/when your cheerleader will miss a practice or game. An absence will not be
       considered excused, until the coach has heard from the parent.
     If there is ever an issue or concern feel free to contact the coach through email. Emails are
       checked daily and will be responded to in 1-2 days.

A full list of expectations and guidelines will be given to team members after try-outs but please read
and consider these additional expectations below before trying out.
     Team members must wear their full uniform on game day and to the game.
     During practices and games, there will be no eating, gum chewing, talking or text on cell
          phones, fooling around, etc. This is for safety and for productivity.
     Cheerleaders are not just regular sport spectators. They must demonstrate good
          sportsmanship at all times.
     Fake or long nails will have to be removed or cut before competition.
     Cheerleaders will be held to higher standards academically and socially. As a B-CC
          representative, cheerleaders must be able to demonstrate the ability to make good decisions
          and to be role models to all other students.
                              B-CC CHEER CONTRACT

After reading and reviewing these guidelines, please sign below to show your
understanding and acceptance of these expectations.

Cheerleader Name:

Cheerleader Signature:

Parent Name:

Parent Signature:

Contact Information:
Cheerleader Email (please write clearly):


Cheerleader cell phone:


Parent Email:


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