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									LOST 'Beneath A Purple Sky'

S5E01 Michael Jones EXT. BOAT - DAY Daniel Faraday and various 815er's are aboard the zodiac raft, travelling towards the freighter quickly, it's still just a blip in the distance however. PHILLIP Hey, uhh... Dan? Daniel turns and looks to Phil who, with the others is pointing back to the island. The helicopter flies high over them, then turns towards the freighter. DANIEL They should be able to get the others back on the island with that... maybe. He looks back to the island, hopeful. LISA What do you mean 'maybe'? Something you're not telling us? DANIEL No, no. I... just think uhh... there might not be enough fuel on the boat for so many trips... we can still use this though. He gestures to the raft and they keep moving. Phil whispers something to Lisa. LISA No! I won't 'give him a break' this is what? The first time he's tried to help us, why should we... Her shouting is interrupted by a huge boom, the sea becomes rough for a moment and the gentle again. LISA (CONT'D)

Oh my god! In the distance, the freighter has exploded, and is sinking. PHILLIP Holy... what the... The helicopter is small in the distance, circling the wreckage before finally turning around and coming back towards them. LISA What're we going to do!? Everybody on the raft is shouting, scared. GEORGIA The helicopter will pick us up. PHILLIP We couldn't all fit on it. LISA Well we'd bestDANIEL Look... He is interrupted by their shouting. And instead starts to look towards the island. He turns and sees the helicopter still far away, they are closest to the island. A flash and a rumble. The sky starts to turn purple and white light spreads from the island. Everybody looks. DANIEL (CONT'D) We're too close... The noise becomes unbearable as each person presses their hands to their ears. Close in on Daniel's face as his eyes close tight. MATCH CUT TO: EXT. OCEAN - NIGHT

Daniel still has his eyes closed, his hands at his head. They all do. Suddenly the open them. It's night. The others all look around, amazed. PHILLIP What the hell? LISA I can't see the island! DANIEL It's not there. Everybody looks at him, confused. GEORGIA How can it just be 'not there'? DANIEL I can't explain that. PHILLIP Well where are we gonna go then? DANIEL There might be some survivors from the freighter. He starts the engine again and they begin to move forward. CUT TO: EXT. BOAT - NIGHT Charles Widmore stands out on deck, illuminated by bright floodlights. The boat is obviously expensive, furnished with many home comforts. The captain approaches him. CAPTAIN Mr. Widmore sir, you sure we're in the right place? WIDMORE Yes. Positive. Just keep going forwards and we'll find it. PORTER

Excuse me, Widmore sir... we've found something. INT. BRIDGE - NIGHT Widmore, the captain and the porter all step in and look on a radar screen, there is a small blip coming closer and closer. CAPTAIN Who's this sir? WIDMORE I have no idea. CUT TO: EXT. SEA - NIGHT The zodiac cuts through the water quickly, the people on it are huddled together, scared, with the exception of Daniel at the helm. DANIEL Do you see that? They all look up, in the distance, a faint glow and outline of a boat. Everybody stands and starts to wave and shout. LISA Hey! Hey! The boat's lights become brighter and sweep around to illuminate the boat, everyone shields their eyes. CUT TO: EXT. BOAT - NIGHT Widmore stands on the boat, looking through binoculars to the zodiac. He smiles. END OF TEASER LOST

ACT ONE EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Locke is sat in the others camp. People around him stand and stare as they go about packing. Richard is separate from them talking into a walkie talkie, he looks angry. He sets the walkie talkie down on a camptable and walks over to Locke. LOCKE Who was that you were talking to? RICHARD Just some people over at the temple. Are we going over there now, John? Locke grimaces a little, worried about what he has to do. LOCKE Not yet. Richard looks surprised. RICHARD You sure? Then where? LOCKE I'll tell everyone... hang on. Locke stands and walks to the centre of the group. LOCKE (CONT'D) Everybody, listen up. I think it would be best if we went and picked up some of my people from the beach. There are shocked whispers, Richard looks pained. LOCKE (CONT'D) I know this will be controversial and this is an exclusive group and everything, but they were all brought here

for a reason... like each of you. And there is no reason why our tribes shouldn't merge. Richard, waving for everyone to carry on with what they're doing, approaches Locke, puts his arm around him and leads him away from the group. RICHARD What're you doing? LOCKE What I believe is right. RICHARD With respect, John you haven't been with us for... LOCKE That doesn't matter. We are the good guys, aren't we Richard? Richard nods. RICHARD Yes, yes. I.. You're right. Sorry, John. But I think it would be better if we went alone, just us two. Locke frowns. RICHARD (CONT'D) Everyone's tired, they need to get back home. LOCKE That sounds alright to me. I'll lead the way, we leave in a half hour. A nod and Richard walks to a group of Others and helps them dismantling their tent. Locke watches. Cindy walks over to him. CINDY It seems so long ago you were here with Ben.

Locke nods his head. CINDY (CONT'D) I overheard stuff with Richard, you shouldn't be scared telling us what to do John. LOCKE I'm not. CINDY We trust you, absolutely. LOCKE Didn't you trust Ben? And look where... CINDY Jacob sent someone else, sent you. We all knew this, Ben did. That is why we didn't trust him. I'll see you at the temple, John. Locke waves as she walks back to Zack and Emma. CUT TO: EXT. BEACH - DAY Juliet, Sawyer, Rose, Charlotte and Bernard are all at the kitchen. Miles is sat separate to them. SAWYER Come on, Blondie, you gotta know what happened, you were with them for god knows how many years. JULIET Three years, Sawyer. I don't have a clue, it happened about a month agoBERNARD Yeah, when the hatch blew up. Charlotte frowns.

CHARLOTTE What hatch? ROSE The Swan. You know something red? Charlotte shakes her head and looks out to sea, sad. CHARLOTTE Daniel would. BERNARD How about we just go ask the natives? Juliet and Charlotte both look worried at this. JULIET No, they wouldn't tellRose gestures to Sawyer. ROSE Well they let you all leave on that helicopter. We need to know what's happened. MILES The island's moved. Everybody stops and stares at him. CHARLOTTE Miles... it can't have... Miles rolls his eyes. MILES Okay, it's not then. SAWYER How'd you figure that one out, shortround? Miles hops down off his seat and holds his finger up, hushing everyone. He holds the other hand to his ear, listening for something.

He spins around as everyone watches. CHARLOTTE Miles? JULIET What's he doing? Miles slows down and looks sad. MILES N... never mind.. He starts to walk away. Charlotte looks to everyone then goes after him. CHARLOTTE Miles, what happened? MILES I don't know. I couldn't hear them. CHARLOTTE But you know the island has moved? He nods. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) Where to? When? MILES When the sky went purple... I dun.. CHARLOTTE I mean when to. He shrugs. They look over to the others. MILES Leave me alone, and I'll figure it out. She puts her hand to his shoulder. CHARLOTTE

Okay. We're gonna decide what to do. She starts walking away. CUT TO: INT. BOAT - NIGHT Daniel is slumped on a table in a living room on the boat. A man stands above him holding a gun. The room is well decorated. A door opens, the man looks but Daniel doesn't. Widmore steps in. WIDMORE Daniel. Hello. Daniel sits up and waves, sharply. DANIEL Mr. Widmore, hi. Widmore sits opposite Daniel, holding a scotch in one hand. He waves the guard off with his other. Daniel sits up. There is a silence as each man watches the other. Daniel raises his eyebrows, as if to ask; 'Well?'. WIDMORE Do you know what happened? Dan sits back, smirking and shaking his head. DANIEL No... I've got no idea. I mean, it was day and then all of a sudden it was dark. I don'tWIDMORE Cut the crap Faraday. You know that they used it. And... those people, who died on the boat... you know it was your fault they died.

Daniel looks a little shocked. DANIEL I... I didn't have a clue about what would happen. The boat exploding... Wait. That's why you were out there? Widmore nods. WIDMORE When the signal died a week ago I set out to find the boat myself. DANIEL What? A frown. DANIEL (CONT'D) A week ago? It just happened! Widmore bursts into laughter, then stands and walks away from Daniel. WIDMORE You know that's not true. You know the island moved, and you know what that means. A silence falls now. Daniel is deep in thought, he begins to nod. DANIEL The island moving.. moved us too. WIDMORE Mmhmm, the ripples of it moving were felt by everything nearby. I'd expect you to know that. DANIEL Well, there hasn't exactly been an event of this size recorded, ever... wow... I can't wait to get back-

WIDMORE You're not going back anywhere Daniel. Not yet. Widmore turns to see Daniel looking up to him, eyes narrowed, angry. WIDMORE (CONT'D) The island has moved. I don't know where to. You're going to help me find it. Daniel stands now. DANIEL I'm sorry... sir, but the things that happened, that were happening this... secondary protocol.. I can't... I'm sorry. I quit. Daniel turns and goes to leave, he gets his hand on the doorknob. WIDMORE Your rash decisions have already caused the deaths of the people you brought to the boat. How would you feel if this one cost the lives of the people on that zodiac raft? Daniel closes his eyes and sighs. DANIEL You're blackmailing me? WIDMORE Exactly. DANIEL How can I find it? Widmore's face lights up. WIDMORE That's more like it! I've got reams of data, the effects of what happened were picked up

around the globe I, just need someone of your... brilliance to put all of the pieces together. As Daniel sighs he sits back in the chair. DANIEL Alright, where are we docking. WIDMORE We're not. CUT TO: EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Locke and Richard are walking through the Jungle, it is raining heavily. John peers up at the sky and Richard notices. RICHARD It's an atmospheric disturbance. It'll pass. Locke shrugs and they keep on walking. Both of them climb over a fallen tree. LOCKE So how exactly did Ben move the island. Richard laughs. He keeps walking, as does Locke. RICHARD Does it matter? LOCKE He said you'd have answers. RICHARD We do, John. Some of us, anyway. Let's keep walking. They do. LOCKE

It won't be long until we're at the beach. RICHARD I know. Awkward silence between the pair as they reach the treeline. They both step out, the beach is empty. Nothing. LOCKE I could have sworn it was... RICHARD Me too. Well I guess we just haven't been there for a while, right? Come on. He starts walking down the beach along the treeline. LOCKE How do you know it isn't... Locke points behind himself. RICHARD I've been here a lot longer than you, John. My sense of direction is more heh, finely tuned. Richard turns and keep walking, Locke, looks down but follows him. Richard sighs and looks disappointed. CUT TO: EXT. BEACH - DAY Charlotte, Juliet, Rose, Bernard and Sawyer are all sat at the kitchen. All of them are looking over at Miles, sat alone on the beach, muttering something to himself. ROSE Is he okay? Charlotte tries not to, but can't help looking worried. She shakes her head.

CHARLOTTE I dunno, he does this... but something's different. Sawyer picks up an apple and bites into it. Watching everyone. BERNARD He said the island's moved that can't be possible can it? Juliet steps forward. JULIET Ben dead mention it. Joking, but... ROSE Stranger things have happened. Juliet nods. Sawyer drops down from sitting on the counter. SAWYER Well we'd better go ask them then. Everybody freezes, staring at him. He looks shocked, and a little hurt. SAWYER (CONT'D) What!? Rose smirks. ROSE Never thought you and I would agree. Sawyer shoots her a half genuine smile. SAWYER Well, what about the rest of y'all? Juliet and Charlotte sink back, but Bernard nods. JULIET I'm not going.

Bernard, Rose and Sawyer want to challenge her, but can't. JULIET (CONT'D) I know we should and you people need to but I betrayed them, and he won't like that. SAWYER Who won't? Sawyer eyes her suspiciously, she shies away. JULIET (sarcastically) 'The boss'. People frown. JULIET (CONT'D) His name is Jacob. SAWYER That who Locke went off to find? In some cabin out in the woods. JULIET I'd guess so, yeah. But apparently you don't find Jacob. He finds you. BERNARD Sounds like a load of hokumpokum to me. Rose rolls her eyes. ROSE Well I believe it. We should set off soon, you too Sandra Dee. Sawyer smirks. ROSE (CONT'D) I'm sure they'll be forgiving, given the circumstances. VOICE That doesn't matter anyway.

Everyone turns and sees Locke stepping out of the jungle with Richard trailing behind him. LOCKE I'll take care of you. CUT TO: END OF ACT ONE ACT TWO EXT. BEACH - DAY Locke Rose. stops packs is stood addressing Charlotte, Sawyer, Bernard and They are all nodding in agreement with him. He talking and they leave separately, picking up their as they go.

As he storms forward, Richard places his hand on Locke's chest. LOCKE What are you doing? RICHARD Me? You!? What are you doing John? Locke looks around, as if for an answer, then smiles. LOCKE What is right. RICHARD Jacob wouldn't want that. LOCKE What do you know about Jacob Richard? What do you know about what he wants? Something I don't..? Bernard stands watching. Locke doesn't look at him. LOCKE (CONT'D) Go and pack your bag, Bernard.

Nodding, Bernard backs away slowly. Locke raises his eyebrows expectantly. RICHARD I've been here much longer than you. Carried out so many more of his orders than you could ever dream to. Locke grins. LOCKE Well, Richard, I'm sorry but despite your experience, I'm leading these people, and those on their way to the temple and whilst I am doing this... Don't ever tell me what I can't do. Both men stare at each other for a second then Locke turns and walks away towards Juliet who is standing with Charlotte and Miles. EXT. BEACH - DAY Locke stands behind them both. LOCKE Hello Juliet. Charlotte. Miles CHARLOTTE Always a pleasure. She starts to walk away. LOCKE Wait... Charlotte stops and turns. LOCKE (CONT'D) I know that both of you have your reasons to be afraid. But I swear to you I will make sure you're not harmed. JULIET

I betrayed them John, they aren't forgiving. I'll be better off staying here. CHARLOTTE Yeah and somehow I don't think they'll want me and Miles anywhere near them. So we'll pass too, right? Everyone looks at Miles. MILES Well I'm gonna go with John here, don't know about any of you. Locke smiles. CHARLOTTE What!? Are you insane Miles, you know what they're like... MILES Yeah well, I'd rather take my chances with them than here alone. Miles starts to walk towards his tent. Charlotte looks to Juliet. CHARLOTTE I'll get him. LOCKE And say what? It's his decision. I will keep you all safe, I promise. Charlotte looks to Juliet, both look scared. CUT TO: INT. BRIG - DAY Daniel sits at a table, papers spread out infront of him. He reads through one and then casts it away and picks up another.

On it are various calculations, Daniel frowns concentrating then puts the book down. A door opens behind him but he doesn't look. It's Widmore, carrying a plate of food. He sets it down next to Daniel. WIDMORE How's it going? Daniel sits back, putting his pen down. DANIEL I... I can't get any of this. I know I know it, but... I need my journal. I could have you there tomorrow if I had that. Daniel takes a fork from the plate and starts to eat his food. WIDMORE Daniel there isn't any rush, not yet anyway. So just, carry on as you have done for this past week. DANIEL You're not going to hurt them are you? WIDMORE Just do your job. I'll worry about that. Daniel sighs as Widmore leaves. He goes back to reading through one of the papers, jotting stuff down as he reads through it. CUT TO: INT. CABIN - DAY Widmore sits on a couch, nursing a glass of McCutcheon's. He takes a sip and sets it on the side table. The captain of the ship enters. CAPTAIN

Mr. Widmore! Have you seen the news? WIDMORE What is it? The captain takes the remote to the large Tv infront of them and turns it on, changes the channel once and they both sit and watch. On screen is a news story, headline: 'OCEANIC SIX FOUND'. The faces of Sun, Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sayid flash onto the screen next to a presenter. PRESENTER Yes after the search was cancelled over a month ago these five passengers and a newborn child have been found. They are currently flying to LA to give a press conference, we have it on good authority thatWidmore stands, the captain sees this and mutes the TV. WIDMORE Okay, I want information on those 5. The Korean woman in particular. CAPTAIN Okay, I'll phone in some favours. WIDMORE Do it. We've got a lot of work to do. CUT TO: EXT. BEACH - DAY Richard stands alone just in the trees, watching Locke and the others packing. He holds a walkie to his head. RICHARD Yes. He's bringing Juliet, and a couple off the freighter.

A pause as he listens to the voice. RICHARD (CONT'D) I think he's doing fine, yes, but do you think we should just welcome them back? And the others, we can't trust that they're... RICHARD (CONT'D) Yes. Yes, do that. I'll make sure it happens. Okay. I don't know how long we'll be. EXT. BEACH - DAY Everybody starts to follow Locke towards Richard. LOCKE Okay, we're ready to go now. Rose looks back over the camp. ROSE Feels kinda weird, you know, just leaving it all there. BERNARD I know what you mean. Richard rolls his eyes. RICHARD Yeah well, we'll have our cleaning service tidy all this up for you, but now we're walking. Everybody starts to follow Richard into the Jungle. ROSE (whispering) I don't think he likes us. BERNARD Me neither. CUT TO:

EXT. FIELD - EVENING Locke turns to the others from the front. LOCKE Okay everyone, we're gonna have a short break here, just for about 10 minutes. Then we'll go for another couple of hours and make camp. Everybody starts to sit down, Sawyer and Bernard together, Juliet talks with Rose and Charlotte and Miles sit together. BERNARD How're you holding up? SAWYER What do you mean? He takes a swig from a canteen and offers it to Bernard, who accepts it. BERNARD You know, with Kate... the helicopter. SAWYER Oh, right... they'll be fine. Bernard frowns. BERNARD How can you know that? SAWYER I just do. They sit in silence. EXT. FIELD - EVENING Charlotte and Miles sit together. CHARLOTTE Well, you were right.

MILES I know. CHARLOTTE You know anything else, where we are... when? Maybe? MILES Nope, nothing. I was trying to but couldn't. CHARLOTTE Ah well, that's alright. She looks over at Juliet and Rose who are laughing. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) I'm just gonna... Miles doesn't stir, just looks into the jungle. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) (mouthing) Alright then... She gets up and backs away from Miles, then walks to Juliet. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) Hey you two. ROSE Your friend was right. CHARLOTTE Yeah, he was. Juliet, do you really think Locke can keep us safe? Juliet looks over to Richard and Locke who are talking. JULIET I don't know. Ben could have, if he wanted it well enough. But the others wouldn't have liked it. Charlotte nods.

JULIET (CONT'D) We'll just have to see, won't we. CUT TO: EXT. JUNGLE - DAY The group of others are walking up a hill, the ground they are on is a quite clearly defined path. They are dressed in their rags and carrying tents and packs. Cindy walks in the middle of them, still with Zack and Emma. At the front is ALAN HURSHAW, Richard's second in command, a fair, yet ruthless and formidable leader. He holds a walkie to his mouth. ALAN Who? Juliet and Charlotte? The one off the boat? There's a pause ALAN (CONT'D) You sure? I mean, we've been waiting for him for so long Richard, we should trust him. Alan waits, rolling his eyes. ALAN (CONT'D) Okay. We will. Good luck. Alan turned off the walkie and JILL REDFIELD walks behind him, she is younger than Alan, in her 30's. A strong, attractive woman who will do anything to get what she wants. ALAN (CONT'D) Richard wants two cells prepped for Charlotte and Juliet. Jill looks confused. JILL What? Juliet's coming here?

Alan nods. JILL (CONT'D) They're gonna kill her! She looks back to the crowd. ALAN I know. Locke says he'll try, but Richard thinks he can change his mind. JILL How the hell is he going to do that? We can't let him! He's been disobeying orders for years now, he needs to be stopped. Alan shakes his head. ALAN We can try, but they like him. They keep on walking up the path. CUT TO: EXT. FIELD - DAY Juliet, Charlotte, Richard, Sawyer, Locke, Rose and Bernard are walking across the top of a hill, near some trees. Locke catches up to Richard and grabs him. Everybody turns. LOCKE Who were you talking to? Richard feints confusion. RICHARD What do you mean? LOCKE On the walkie. Who? Richard looks about the group, everyone is staring at him.

RICHARD John, all I've done is help you, trust me. It's fine. LOCKE No. Ever since Ben moved the island and we've been together, you've been challenging my authority. Ben left me in charge, me. Now who were you talking to? CHARLOTTE Where's Miles? Richard smiles but no one notices, they all look around the open hill, Miles is nowhere to be found. BERNARD Who talked to him last? ROSE I saw him and Sawyer chatting about ten minutes ago... Everybody looks to him suspiciously. SAWYER Yeah we did, but he wanted to be left alone, and guess what!? JULIET Charlotte, you know him best, right? MILES Well I suppose... we didn't really know so much about each other before coming here. ROSE Well did he say he was going to go anywhere? CHARLOTTE No! And if he did I would have told you.

Locke is about twenty feet behind them, crouched down, examining the ground next to LOCKE There are tracks here... he's not long gone. They lead into the trees. I can find him. RICHARD John, really. We should be getting back. John flashes him a look and Richard backs down. SAWYER I'll go with you. CHARLOTTE Me too. There's a pause. RICHARD Wait, how will you get back? You don't know where the temple is John. There's a pause as Locke thinks. LOCKE It'll be fine. Charlotte, you come with me. Sawyer. Go with them. Sawyer approaches Locke. SAWYER (whispering) Take everyone John, I don't trust that guy. LOCKE I don't either. And that's why you're going with them, right? Sawyer nods. SAWYER Good luck.

LOCKE Same to you. He walks to join Juliet, Richard, Rose and Bernard and Charlotte walks to Locke. CHARLOTTE Looks like we're a team. Together they walk into the jungle. Locke looking down at the tracks the whole time. CUT TO: INT. BOAT - DAY Daniel sits at the table in his bunk. In front of him is a map, with three areas of ocean circled. Daniel takes a pin and consults a piece of paper with different equations on and puts the pin into the map at an area in the south pacific, just west of south america. Daniel stands and looks over the map, smiles and walks to the door. He presses a button next to it, an intercom. DANIEL I'm done. There's a pause. Daniel reaches for the button. Static comes through the intercom. DANIEL (CONT'D) I said I'mMore crackling, though Daniel's finger in on the transmit button. VOICE (faint, garbled) Don't. Daniel frowns, worried. The door opens and the captain steps in, followed by Widmore. DANIEL I found it.

Widmore smiles. WIDMORE Daniel my boy. Thank you. We'll set off for there right away. DANIEL You're going to let them go, aren't you? Widmore walks out of the door followed by the captain. Daniel slams his fist into it. DANIEL (CONT'D) You promised! CUT TO: EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Richard, Juliet, Rose, Bernard and Sawyer are walking up a hill through thick jungle. ROSE How far do you think it is? Richard doesn't look back. RICHARD About 30 minutes to the coast and then an hour from that. BERNARD Where exactly are we going? RICHARD It's a place that we used to use. But it's been abandoned for over 20 years. I don't know if it'll have changed much. Juliet is walking with Sawyer. SAWYER Who is this guy? I thought Ben was in charge, or Locke. JULIET

He's like a recruiter. Brings people to the island and stuff. SAWYER And I thought fate did that. Juliet smirks. JULIET What did Locke say to you? SAWYER Huh? JULIET To make you change your mind? There's a pause, they both keep walking. SAWYER He said I should go with you, make sure you're safe. Juliet nods. JULIET Figured. What would you do though? SAWYER When? JULIET If they tried something? Sawyer shows her his pistol and Juliet gets scared. JULIET (CONT'D) You can't... they'll kill you. And Rose and Bernard. SAWYER It's a chance we'll have to... JULIET Sawyer! You can't. Promise me you won't. SAWYER

I can promise you a lotta things blondie but they won't mean squat. He speeds ahead of her and she keeps walking. Alone. CUT TO: EXT. JUNGLE - EVENING Locke and Charlotte are walking through the jungle. CHARLOTTE How do you know he went this way? LOCKE I'm can track him, don't worry. They keep walking, an awkward silence persists. CHARLOTTE So... what brought you here? LOCKE Fate. CHARLOTTE No, I mean how come you were on the plaShe sees Locke's ignoring him. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) Oh forget it. LOCKE What brought you here Charlotte? CHARLOTTE A man. He gathered the five of us up and had us put on that boat. LOCKE The five of you? CHARLOTTE

Me, Miles, Dan, Frank and... LOCKE Naomi... yeah. I am sorry about that. I was doing as I was told. CHARLOTTE Never really liked her anyway. Locke freezes and signals for Charlotte to do so, which she does. All around them the trees move. Charlotte moves closer to Locke. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D) What... He puts his finger to his lips and shushes her. All around them, the whispers start up. But they aren't audible. END OF ACT TWO ACT THREE Charlotte is terrified, Locke is frustrated, trying to listen to what is being said. LOCKE This way... I think... He walks through a bush and Charlotte follows. Miles is stood, eyes closed, in a trance-like state in the middle of a clearing. His lips are moving but no sound is being made. CHARLOTTE MilLocke grabs her shoulder and they watch. Miles turns and opens his eyes, walking towards something off camera. They walk forward and see; Jacob's Cabin. Miles walks to the door and goes inside. Locke looks frustrated. CHARLOTTE (CONT'D)

We should follow him. LOCKE No, I will. Stay here. He walks forward, leaving Charlotte, annoyed. Getting to the porch Locke peers through one of the windows. Inside he sees Miles talking to a man cloaked in shadow. Locke goes to the door and reaches for the handle, just as it opens, Miles stands in the doorway staring at Locke. LOCKE (CONT'D) Miles... MILES Hello again John. Miles walks forward, John looks into the cabin and can't see anything, the door falls closed. Locke walks towards Miles who is smiling to Charlotte. LOCKE Why did you wonder off? MILES I... had to come here. I was told to. Locke frowns. MILES (CONT'D) Yeah, I know John. Sounds a little crazy coming from someone else doesn't it. LOCKE Did you talk with Jacob? MILES I'm not supposed to say. A noise. The monster, Locke recognizes it but Charlotte and Miles look around terrified. Charlotte stands, the noise is behind her.

LOCKE Run! This way! She runs towards Locke. Miles looks down at the ground and sees the ring of powder around Jacob's cabin. Miles takes a few steps backwards as Locke and Charlotte run away from him. Miles stops. Locke turns and sees him, then runs back and grabs his shoulder. They both freeze as the monster, huge and black and sparking moves out from the trees. It snakes across the ground quickly then as it hits the powder the small grains get sucked into it, twisting around, the monster collapses to the ground, sparks flying from it, the powder keeping an iron grip. Charlotte stares at it, as if she recognizes something. LOCKE (CONT'D) What is that? The monster pulls itself free and retreats into the trees. All three people look at each other. CUT TO: EXT. COASTLINE - EVENING Richard, Sawyer, Juliet, Rose and Bernard are walking along a high cliff. Richard is some ways in front of them looking out to sea. There is an island, about the size of Alcatraz about a mile out. SAWYER See something out there tarzan? RICHARD Tarzan? SAWYER King of the Jungle? Richard doesn't react any more. Sawyer shrugs it off.

RICHARD Do any of you have binoculars? SAWYER That's just where you kept us right, with the cages? Juliet stands next to Richard and passes him some binoculars from her bag. They exchange fearful looks. JULIET I don't think it is... the hydra's on the other side of the island. Through the binoculars Richard sees a light coming from a building. RICHARD And it's not inhabited. JULIET What? SAWYER There's people on that rock? Richard offers him the binoculars and he sees too. SAWYER (CONT'D) Well are we gonna sail over there? RICHARD We make for the temple then form a plan. ROSE You mean wait for Locke, right? Richard looks down and starts walking. RICHARD Yeah. Him. CUT TO: INT. BOAT - NIGHT

Daniel is walking on the deck of the luxury yacht. He walks to the captain who is leaning on a barrier watching. The boat is docked at a town in Africa. CAPTAIN Ahh Mr. Faraday, how does it feel to be out in the fresh air? DANIEL Uh, good yeah. Where are we? CAPTAIN This is Sumba, in Indonesia. DANIEL What's he doing in Indonesia. CAPTAIN I think he's looking for someone. And we've got a couple of guests coming aboard. They stand watching the nightlife around the port, people in Bars and restaurants. DANIEL You don't suppose I could just go ashore for a little while, get on dry land, have some food? CAPTAIN I'm afraid not sir, Widmore has asked me to make sure you stay on board. I can bring you something if you like. Daniel nods. DANIEL Yeah sure. What use has he got for me, I did what he wanted. The captain shrugs. DANIEL (CONT'D) Right, figures... CUT TO:

EXT. TEMPLE - NIGHT Richard and the losties reach the top of a hill where a giant, pale stone archway waits for them. An other stands holding a rifle at the entrance to the temple. RICHARD Welcome to the temple. On the archway is a DHARMA initiative logo. SAWYER This another DHARMA station? Richard smiles. RICHARD Much more than that. They walk in, there are stone buildings all around with wires and girders sticking out. Some of them have begun to be taken over by the jungle. A few Others begin to gather around them, each holding guns. Bernard puts his hand on Rose's back, stopping her. SAWYER What's this? Juliet and Richard glare at each other. JULIET It's okay, Sawyer. You don't have to do anything. She steps forwards and holds out her hands to Richard. JULIET (CONT'D) Do it. Don't hurt them though. Jill steps forward and looks at Juliet kindly as she puts the handcuffs gently onto her wrists. RICHARD Take her to the cells. The others can do as they please. From above, Alan watches Richard.

RICHARD (CONT'D) Now everyone else, listen up! I need volunteers, four men or women to go and investigate an island off our coast. It's most likely an uninhabited one, but it could have an old radio tower or transmitter on it or something which will need to be shut down. Now who wants to go? CUT TO: EXT. JUNGLE - DAY Miles is walking ahead of Locke along a hill. He is pale and feverish looking. LOCKE What's that? He is looking out to sea to an island. Miles doesn't look back. MILES Don't worry about that. It's supposed to be there. Locke walks towards him. LOCKE What do you mean it's supposed to be there? CHARLOTTE We did some surveying before landing here, there are islands like that dotted around this one. Miles turns. MILES That's not... He stumbles a little, then falls, breathing heavily. Locke and Charlotte run to him.

CHARLOTTE Miles, Miles what is it? MILES I can feel something... Something's wrong... Miles faints, blood pours from his nose and his eyes roll back into his skull. Locke crouches down next to him, checks his eyes and his pulse. LOCKE What's happening? CHARLOTTE Oh god, Daniel was right. LOCKE What!? CHARLOTTE I mean, I knew it would happen, just not this fast... LOCKE Charlotte! What? Charlotte looks right at John, her eyes filled with fear. CHARLOTTE We have to get the hell away from this island John. CUT TO: EXT. TEMPLE - DAY Richard is sat, calmly drinking coffee and reading a book. Alan approaches, after looking around to check for others listening. Richard sets down his book. RICHARD Alan, yes, can I help you? ALAN Richard... I don't know how to say this...

A smile, Richard stands. RICHARD I've seen you burning eyes into me ever since we got back. Let's take a walk. They walk away from the temple, through a crack in the wall. ALAN Ben was never the best leader. RICHARD You can say that again. Next to them is a creek, with hills on either side. ALAN But Locke might be different. RICHARD He might be. ALAN And we should respect his decisions. RICHARD John Locke is a nobody, a nothing. ALAN The island healed him. It... RICHARD It's healed all of us. Kept us safe. That man is nothing special. We've been obeying Ben, following his stupid, selfish decisions for all of our lives and for what? What did we get at the end of it? We lost our homes, we've lost our friends and now that his little protégé is leading us you expect it all to change? Are we that stupid Alan? Really? It's about time

one of us took the reigns. Someone who has been here a lot longer than him, or Locke. Now will you help me with that? Alan looks back to where they have come from. He turns to Richard. ALAN Where is Locke? RICHARD He went into the jungle, believes the island will guide him. ALAN And if it does? RICHARD It's never guided him before. Ben has. And Ben's gone. Alan hesitates. ROY (OS) Richard! We need you over here! Richard looks over, annoyed at the interruption. CUT TO: INT. BRIG - NIGHT The room is black. Daniel lies asleep in his bed, awake. His door opens, quietly. Light streams in. DANIEL Who is it? ABBADON Keep your voice down Daniel. Daniel squints as Abbadon turns the light on and sits down in the chair, drumming his fingers in a familiar way on the table. DANIEL

What are you doing here? ABBADON Why do you think Widmore was in Sumba? Daniel smiles and lies down. DANIEL So why are you here? ABBADON There has been an incident on the island. DANIEL Hahaha, definitely. I was there. ABBADON No, more recently than that. The island is a mess. Terrible things are going to happen and I am going to need your help. Daniel sits up, worried. DANIEL Charlotte, is she okay? ABBADON For now. But you will get back there and you will need to save her. DANIEL And Widmore? What's he got to do with it? ABBADON Widmore and Ben are... Abbadon, smiles, figuring out that even Daniel is too close minded to understand. ABBADON (CONT'D) ...both important. Let's just leave it at that. Abbadon stands.

ABBADON (CONT'D) When I see you next Dan. I will need your help. Daniel nods as Abbadon leaves. INT. BOAT - CORRIDOR Widmore waits as Abbadon leaves. They walk together away from his room. WIDMORE He believes you? ABBADON Yes. WIDMORE And on the island. ABBADON Everything is as expected. It's going to get worse when we get there. WIDMORE Bring it on. CUT TO: EXT. TEMPLE - DAY Richard and Alan sprint across the yard, over rubble and to a building which is built into the valley, where 2 men stand guarding a pair of heavy metal doors. Seeing Roy running with Richard and Alan the men grab the handles and slide the doors open, letting the men inside. In the background Sawyer watches, next to Bernard. SAWYER Where do you think they're going? BERNARD I don't care. The sooner we get out of here the better.

ROSE Amen to that. SAWYER You hear that before about a transmitter? Don't you think we should be looking into that? BERNARD I think we should mind our own business until Locke gets back. Sawyer watches, calculating, as the men close the doors. CUT TO: INT. TEMPLE CONTROL - DAY Light streams into the control room from a crack that runs in the ceiling above it. Beneath that, in the light is a row of computers and infront of them a large curved metal wall. PATRICK sits at the computer, staring at the screen and frantically typing in commands. As Richard and the rest enter, he looks up. Roy stands next to the computer and points to the screen. Richard stares at it. RICHARD Jesus. ROY Exactly. Richard stares at the monitor. RICHARD That can't be right. ALAN And they'll have all gone missing. They can find us. PATRICK There's nothing to worry about a whole jet full of people went

missing a while ago, in case you've forgotten. ALAN Yes, but Ben managed to stop people asking too many questions. What can we do? He looks at Richard, disapprovingly. RICHARD I'll go to the mainland. Do some covering up. ALAN We don't know what way we're pointing. You could be shot out a hundred years into the past. RICHARD How long will it take? ROY I dunno, it's never had to do that before. Could be weeks, months. Even years. RICHARD We haven't got that long. I'm going to have to chance it. PATRICK (desperate) You can't! Out of the twelve places you could end up about three are over land. And god knows what time you'll end up there. RICHARD Jacob will guide me. Everyone looks at Richard. Shocked. ALAN We need you here Richard. Richard shakes his head, worried and unsure of what the island wants from him.

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