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Grading Rational Mrs. McCabe's Gr6 Media Literacy Class by tmccabe524


									                     Media Literacy
                    (Computer Skills)
                    Grading Rationale
                    Western Middle School

ASSIGNMENT CATEGORIES                                         PERCENTAGE OF
                                                               FINAL GRADE

Class Participation/Time Management/Cooperation                              15%
       Western Students Have
              C – Cooperate
              L – Listen
              A – Ask Questions
              S- Share Responsibility
              S- Serve Community
       Be Here; Be Honest; Be Safe; Care for Self and Others;
       and Let Go and Move On

Class Work
      Word Processing, Internet Searching,                                   25%
      Online Source Citation, Online Note-Taking,
      Blog Posting, and/or Web Project Publishing

      Keyboarding scores (progress).                                             20%
      Goal: Grade 6 – 25 wpm/ 90% accuracy
      Various assessments of skills practiced in class.

Tests and Projects                                                               40%
       Gr 6: Final Multimedia Project

All students are required to make up work missed due to absences. A Media teacher is
available for extra help after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 3:50 or
on other days as scheduled in advance.

This statement is placed in each student folder and all students have read it.

Mrs. McCabe
Media Specialist
Western Middle School

Please sign and return.

Parent signature: __________________________________                 Date:___________

Student’s Name (Please Print) ___________________________________________

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