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Last year Vanessa, Cinthia, Jomar and Pedro whent on a journey to Japan. Cinthia was

lucky enough to have found a traveling package for four people. On our way to the

airport we starteel to Meke some stops to gether our new vacationing clothes, Jomar bout

a lot of fast food, Vanessa went to a conviniet store to get some supplies for the tip,

Cinthia staide sleeping in the back seet and Pedro was hoving in a fast food eating contest

against Jomar.

We all finally got to the airport and ran towards the gate so that we can aboard ourtrip to

Japan. When we finally got to NY after 3 and a had hours later we began a final flight

straight to Japan. Tired and field with jet lag and third tan and half hours later we finally

got to Japan.

Where in Japan so we quickly of found a hotel chek-in slept a couple of hours before we

went out to go site seing. Vanessa quickly found herself a outback, Jomar’s eyes Fidel

with joy found him self a KFC, Pedro laft so hard because of the look that was on

Jomar’s face Cinthia was field with energy because she was the only one who slept on the

way so she was ready to hit the night-club.

After a week of visiting Japan, see all its wonders and be happy with their culture it was

time to leave and return to our little some old every day island, AKA Puerto Rico.
Universidad del Este

Carolina, Puerto Rico

   ENGLISH 116

 Mrs. Evelyn Lugo

   Vanessa Lopez

   Cinthia Garcia

   Jomar Morales

    Pedro Leon

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