; Invitation Card Just 4 You
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Invitation Card Just 4 You


This Invitation Card is for everyone and I will be very much thankfull if you join me in my party BASHHHHHHH.......

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									 I would like to invite you to a
    barbeque this weekend.
We will get together at my place.
See the next slide for directions.
Pacific ocean

                                   Guest quarters

                Here’s my house!
                     Here is a clearing for the barbeque.

Enter through here
It’s just a rustic place...
This is where you will be staying...
If you don’t like the view, I can find you another place
During the day there is plenty of sunlight.
Here you can have a massage after swimming...
I hope the lighting at night is adequate...
The fishing and snorkeling
equipment is under the bed
Please confirm you
are coming and tell
me how many people
  you will bring.
Since it is a little out of
         the way,
 I borrowed a boat and
    will pick you up…
If you have trouble
getting to the port,
  I can arrange to
 pick you up also…
So, are you coming?

      no       Please click yes or no   yes
So, are you coming?.

           no    Please click yes or no

So, are you coming?.

         no     Please click yes or no

I’m sorry that you could not come.
        We will miss you.

Hope you have a nice weekend

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