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Now days mental disorder is a very common problem in most of the people. But it is not a matter of worry because it can be easily treated with the help of psychiatrists or psychologists. So to get the best psychiatric services you can contact us at 314-395-8940.

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									What is Depression?

Depression is a very common
medical illness that affects the
mental, physical and emotional
well-being. It also affects the
daily activities and thinking of
a person.
Symptoms of Depression

  Feeling restless

  Feeling sad or down in the dumps

  Usually loss the interest in the things you enjoy before

  Sleeping trouble

  Feeling tired all the time

  Feeling guilty or worthless

  Having a change in weight or appetite

  Having thoughts of suicide or death
Causes of Depression
Actual causes of Depression are not known but the current
theories include:

   Genetic

   Environmental

   Biological

   Personality Characteristics

   Combination
Treatment of Depression

Now a days Depression
Treatment is very common and
it is not a tough job. Just you
have to consult a mental health
professional at the right time.
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