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									Going Green With Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Energy: A New and Green Alternative

When people think about finding green sources of energy, they often turn to
solar power. While it is true that solar energy is a clean alternative to using
traditional fuels such as gas and electricity, it is not the only green option
available. Wind turbine energy is method of generating energy that is not new in
theory since there are many who know how to generate electricity using wind.
However, wind turbine energy is still a new form of powering an entire home.

Wind Turbines vs Solar Panels

Both solar panels and wind turbines generate power that can be used as an
alternative to fossil fuels. Since solar energy and power generated using wind
turbines is clean and easily renewable they can both be used by people who are
looking for ways to reduce their carbon foot prints by reducing the amount of
fumes that are emitted into the atmosphere. It is believed that if the planet
turned away from traditional forms of power such as oil and coal the greenhouse
affected (the warming of the Earth's climate) could possibly be reduced.

The problem is, people who are interested in clean power do not know whether
they should choose solar power or wind turbines. When making your choice think
about your climate. If your home does not receive direct exposure to the sun on
a regular basis, you might want to consider wind turbines. Remember, the
energy stored by solar panels is depleted as electrical appliances are used, so if
you are not able to constantly renew your solar energy wind turbines are the
best, green, alternative.

Saving Money With Wind Turbines

The cost of installing a home wind turbine might be enough to discourage many
homeowners. Since using wind turbines to fuel homes is still new, manufacturers
and installation specialists have not had enough time to develop cheaper ways to
build and install wind turbines. Having a wind turbine installed for private use
can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

The final cost is determined by the amount of energy you and your family will be
using since this will influence how much power your wind turbine will need to
generate. However, it is important to remember that after the wind turbine is
installed you will have a limitless amount of energy at your disposal. Once a wind
turbine is working you will no longer have to worry about paying monthly
electricity bills which will save you thousands of dollars each year. In fact, your
wind turbine should be able to pay for itself after only a year or two.

Going green is a choice that will help you and the environment. By switching to
turbine fueled energy you and your family will be able to drastically decrease
your monthly electricity costs. Also, switching to wind generated energy will help
the environment by reducing the amount of carbon released into the
atmosphere. You might also be able to further help the environment by starting
a conservation trend in your neighborhood.

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