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Meeting Minutes
Mid Columbia Library Council Chambers
November 11, 2010 at 7:00 pm

1. Call to Order: Chair Diediker called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.

In honor of Veterans Day Chair Diediker asked veterans to stand and be

Pledge of Allegiance - Chair Diediker lead the Planning Commission, staff, and
audience in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Roll Call: Planning Commissioners Nona Diediker, Al Hawkins, Johan Curtiss,
Bob Perkes, and Eileen Webb were present. Staff members present were Associate
Planner Thaniel Gouk, Associate Planner Aaron Lambert, Community Development
Director Bob Leedy, Public Works Director Roscoe Slade, and Staff Recorder Penny

3. Approval of the Agenda: Upon motion by Commissioner Hawkins, seconded by
Commissioner Perkes, to approve the November 11, 2010 agenda as presented.

4. Approval of the Minutes: Upon motion by Commissioner Hawkins, seconded by
Commissioner Perkes to approve the September 9, 2010 minutes as presented.
The motion carried unanimously.

5. Announcements, Reports, and Comments:
      Staff update, amending the 2011-2016 Six-Year Transportation Improvement
Program. City awarded a Federal grant.

Public Works Director Slade explained that the amendment to the 2011-2016 Six-
Year TIP is necessary to include future improvements from the Yakima River Bridge
to 38th Avenue. Mr. Slade further explained that under the federal funding
requirements state it be included in the plan.

Director Slade said City Council has asked the Planning Commission to review these
types of items before Council acts on them.

Chair Diediker explained the new process Planning        Commission will follow when
conducting hearings. Ms. Diediker further explained     that those who wish to speak
must now sign in on the agenda item pertaining          to which they would like to
comment and will be called upon when it is their turn   to speak.

6. Citizen Public Comments: Chair Diediker called for citizen public comment for
items not on the agenda. There was none.

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7. Unfinished Business: There was no unfinished business.

8. Presentations / Public Hearings:
      RZ 2010-41 Rezone a Portion of Lot 1 of Record Survey #3871 Site is
accessed from Collins Road.

Chair Diediker asked for those who wish to comment to sign-in.

Chair Diediker swore in those wishing to comment.

Chair Diediker opened the Public Hearing at 7:11 pm.

Associate Planner Gouk summarized the staff report.

Chris Olsen, Collins Road read his prepared statement specifically noting
inconsistencies and non-persuasive arguments made by the developer. Mr. Olsen
presented his statement to staff during the hearing.

George Hagen, Astoria Road, said she is not in favor of the rezone. Ms. Hagen said
she had given up a portion of her property to the City for right-of-way to help
alleviate the blind spot at Astoria and Collins. Ms. Hagen also said she does not
believe 58th Avenue will work as an access road and that people with still use
Collins. Ms. Hagen is also concerned about Flat Top going commercial creating yet
more traffic and becoming more dangerous.

Peggy Panisko, Bombing Range Road asked that the character of Section 6 be
maintained and remain at its current zoning of RL-40.

John Baalman, Principle, Rogers Surveying, Eastlake Road, spoke about the unique
characteristics of the property that make it more difficult to develop. Mr. Baalman
described the area near the top of the slope as the area requested to be rezoned.
While looking at numerous ways to serve the property a road that loops off Collins
and back onto Collins was the only option. He claimed the overall density may not
change that much because there would only be an increase of eight lots, therefore
not creating a major traffic impact on Collins Road.

Leslie Hauer, Collins Road, read her prepared statement specifically noting that
there is no evidence to justify the change, and that the request is inconsistent with
the comprehensive plan. Ms. Hauer presented her statement to staff during the

John Smart, 54th Avenue, said he would like to see the characteristics of Section 6
maintained. Mr. Smart also said he is concerned about the impact it would have on
the ridgeline, and the increase in traffic.

Todd Steele, Bombing Range Road, commented that he agreed with all previous

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Public Works Director Slade responded to comments made in regards to the traffic
study. He said the level of service adopted by City Council is level of service D.
Currently there is nowhere in West Richland that has that level of service. He said
although Collins Road is able to handle over is over 3000 cars per day, its current
level is about 750. Council has set a goal of maintaining no more than 1500 cars
per day.

In regards to the speeding issue, Mr. Slade said that is an enforcement issue. He
said he would talk to the police chief about more adding more enforcement. Mr.
Slade said the site distance problem was fixed at the intersection of Astoria and
Collins and has helped alleviate some of the problems. Mr. Slade further explained
that the region-wide traffic models shows the city center expanding out west.
While today all the traffic goes on Van Giesen, the traffic models show it going in
the other direction, the challenge is what to do in the interim. In conclusion, Mr.
Slade said while this rezone does not add any more trips; future plats will have to
be closely scrutinized in more detail to make sure the 1500 cars per day goal is
maintained on Collins.

Commissioner Perkes inquired about the meaning of level of service D.

Public Works Director Slade responded the RTPO states the City can maintain a
level of service D, therefore until that level of service is projected to go below that
level, nothing will be done.

Commissioner Hawkins asked about the status of the proposed plat.

Associate Planner Gouk said the plat was canceled, but whichever way the rezone
goes, it is under the assumption the developer will again apply preliminary plat and
will go through the hearing process.

Commissioner Curtiss asked staff about the status of Paradise Phase 1, Collins
Ridge 2, and Westwood Estates. Ms Curtiss also asked how many homes are to be

Associate Planner Gouk responded that Collins Ridge 2 is about 100 to 105 lots,
Westwood Estates, which has not started construction, is 103 lots, and Paradise
Estates is 113 lots.

Commissioner Curtiss asked how close the redesigned road going through Paradise
and Westwood Estates would be to the proposed development.

Planner Gouk said the redesigned Paradise Road goes north through Paradise
Estates and makes a turn to the left and goes through the west half of Westwood

Commissioner Curtiss asked if the realignment of Paradise would not approach the
proposed lots.

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Associate Planner Gouk replied no, the development would be a 40-acre parcel

Commissioner Webb asked about the number of potential homes if the rezone was

Associate Planner Gouk said the existing layout shows about 40 lots. It would also
have very large lots on the north half of the property because of the topography.
Mr. Gouk stated that if the rezone is not approved, there is the potential of building
more lots on the steep areas if possible. Mr. Gouk mentioned that building on
steep grades does require a geotechnical report upon development.

Commissioner Webb asked if this development would back up to the mobile home
park and leave no transition between the large lots and small lot.

Associate Planner Gouk replied that is correct.

Chair Diediker asked the property owner Mr. Bromley if he had immediate or near
term plans for selling the lots or moving forward with development.

Mr. Bromley said it could be next year sometime.

Chair Diediker asked if staff would recommend paving a second access road if lots
were developed prior to Collins Ridge.

Associate Planner Gouk said it would be recommended as a plat condition.

Chair Diediker inquired about 58th Avenue being secondary access road.

Public Works Director Slade responded there are two plats that could provide a
connection to Paradise Way, but would be contingent on construction of the
developments. In addition, he said that if a plat came through several options
would be needed; 58th Avenue would be one of the options.

Chair Diediker closed the public hearing at 8:02.

Planning Commission discussion culminated with the following motion.

Upon motion by Commissioner Webb, seconded by Commissioner Curtiss that the
Planning Commission not approve application RZ2010-41 to rezone a portion of Lot
1 of Record Survey #3871 from Low-Density RL-40 to Low-Density RL-22. The
motion carried with one opposed, the request denied.

Associate Planner Gouk made comment that the Rezone is subject to appeal to City
Council within 21 days.

9. New Business: There was no new business.

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10. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned to workshop at 8:22 pm.

11. Workshop:
      AD 2010-51 Introductory Workshop to discuss the 2010 City Council Docket
      Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

Associate Planner Lambert summarized the staff report.      Mr. Lambert asked
Planning Commission to consider all proposed amendments for discussion.

Minutes prepared by Staff Recorder Penny Mayfield.

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