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									Wedding Cakes
Choosing a wedding cake is just one of the many tasks to handle when planning for your big day.
There are many different types of cakes, flavors, cake designs and even frosting to choose from. How
do you know which one to choose? Here are 2 of the top tips on choosing a wedding baker charlotte
nc and bakery for your wedding:
Ask you friends for referrals! – One of the best ways to discover a local bakery in Charlotte that may
work for you is to ask your friends who they may have used in the past, or even who their family
members may have used. You could also ask your florist, bridal shop or wedding photographer. Most
wedding professionals will have dealt with other wedding vendors before and should be able to name
a few suggestions for you to try out.
Learn about the different types of wedding cakes, and the options available. – When you contact a
wedding cake bakery in Charlotte NC, be sure to ask about the most popular or current types of
wedding cakes they make. For example, many brides select a fondant frosting over buttercream due
to its smooth finish and the fact it is recommended for cakes during the warmer months. Ask the
wedding cake baker what type of wedding cake they would suggest would fit you and you wedding
Choosing your wedding baker charlotte nc is a very fun experience! We have a list of suggested local
Charlotte bakers who specialize in Wedding cakes at

wedding cakes

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