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									How To Make Your Own Myspace Layout
By: Pheonah Tiangson In order to make your own MySpace layout, you need to consider three things, namely the background properties, the text properties and the scrollbar and cursor properties. Let's have a look at each of these. Background: To fix your MySpace background, you need to decide on a few things like the background position, the background color, and background image. First of all decide the position where the background will begin. This could range from upper right corner to bottom left. Next, fix the background color and background border. The color chosen should be pleasing and suit the theme that you are promoting. It should blend with the text color so that readability of the text is good Next select the border thickness and color. Animation and graphics: You can have a variety of animation choices and graphics. You can choose the one that would suit your taste, theme and group. Text: Decide what you want to display on your pages. The matter for the main text should be carefully prepared so that it conveys whatever you are communicating. The title text and sub-title texts should reflect, in brief, the contents. Decide on the links and provide them. Scrollbar: You can choose the color of the arrow, scrollbar, highlighting and face color. So that's what you need to do in brief. How do you go about it? There are plenty of sites that offer you ready made and customizable MySpace layouts. You could start with one of them to save trouble and make sure that all aspects are taken care of. Your MySpace layout will also need to consider the contact table that you want to attach it to. There are hundreds of ready to use contact tables available that take care of various categories and requirements. Select one that will suit your particular theme and requirements. Once you have decided what your layout would look like, you can easily make it using one of the many templates that are available. These usually allow you to choose the particular look and feel that you prefer from a large library offering choices for each component of the layout.

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