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Tips and Trick Sound and Video Editing

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									20 September 2012 ... Don't worry if you only use a camera, audio can
even create the illusion so it looks like ... In this way you can change
according to the music, editing directly on the beat or keep up with the
... Photography is a relaxing hobby, creative.
Encoding tips generally aim to maximize the quality of the video. ?While
this is more than just like a slide show, the most important is the use
of a sophisticated camera and editing techniques, then the result of
professional video viewing at least different to average home movie
results. More expensive Video editing systems are not necessarily
guarantee professional-looking results. System with a low-budget would
create amazing results with the techniques to implement the preferred
time when shooting and editing.

?Make sure the subject is not being too in the middle and ignore about
cutting people's heads, as often happens in photography. Important make
sure that the legs are not cut people off in a long time. Although they
do not focus on your reader, always pick up a complete picture of a
person in a distant room shots.

To capture moving images, put the subject in the second half
before/early/when the first or last third of your viewfinder, making the
image more interesting. ?To capture still images, make sure your subject
is in the eye of the third frame from the bottom of the frame if the
subject looks the other way make sure that the item you see fit into the
frame and spin. Be sure to take pictures from a different angle as well.
?Don't worry if you only use a camera, audio can even create the illusion
that so it seems that we use more than one camera to keep the sound
remains constant, ?Despite the video with a different angle.

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