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Cellular Listening with a TV by prosidnpatu


FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS (Last Updated: 8/23/94) OPM BBSs: ~~~~~~~~ MAINSTREET............. (202) 606-4800 Fed Pers & Job Info from OPM's Agencywide BBS Federal Jobline......... (818) 575-6521 Fed Pers & Job Info from OPM's Western Region BBS Fed Job Opp Board (FJOB) (912) 757-3100 Fed Pers & Job Info from OPM's Macon, GA Service Ctr FEDJOBS................. (215) 580-2216 Fed Pers & Job Info from OPM's Philadelphia Region BBS PayPerNet#1 ............ (202) 606-2675 Fed. Pay & Per. Mgmt Info from OPM (Line #1) PayPerNet#2 ............ (202) 606-1876 Fed. Pay & Per. Mgmt Info from OPM (Line #2) WASNET ................. (202) 606-1113 OPM Wash Area Serv Ctr BBS; phone first: 202-606-1848 OTHER FEDERAL BBSs: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AGRICULTURE DEPT Agriculture Library 301-504-6510/301-504-5496 Biological Impact Assessment 703-231-3858/800-624-2723 Commercial Information Delivery Service (Must subscribe first: 202-720-5505) Economic Research Service 800-821-6229 Human Nutrition Information Service 301-436-5078 IndiaNET (USDA & EPA) 605-393-0468 AIR FORCE DEPT Air Force Small Business BBS 800-821-6229 (type SIGNUP) Small Computer Support Center 406-731-2503 ULANA BBS (AF Engrg Installation) 405-736-0928 ULANA II (AF Engrg Installation) 405-741-0824 Competition Advocate (AF Space Command) (Call voice first: 719-554-5325) Standard Systems Center 205-416-5651 Hill AFB 801-774-6509 Argonne National Laboratory 708-252-8241

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