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                                                ウ Filename: BUSYBOX.TXT ウ
                                                ウ Title: The Busy Box     ウ
                                                ウ     By: Captain Hack    ウ
                                                ウ Released: 08/10/95      ウ
                                                ウ Danger: ーーーーーーーーーー      ウ
   The busy box is just that, it makes whatever fone line it's attached to
busy. It's quick, it's easy, it's actually fairly useful at school, cause
those idiots can't figure them out. Here's the plans:

Shoppong list:

One length of 4 cond fone wire w/modular plug on one end
wire strippers
elec tape

Strip the two inside wires on the end of the fone cord that doesn't have
the plug on it (Ring/Tip or Red/Green). Twist them together, and wrap a few
times with elec tape. Yes, that's really it.

Do you REALLY need a diagrag? Ok:
 ----------                     red
 |        |----------------------------------\
 |        |----------------------------------/    <--- twist wires together
 ----------                      green

 ^   Mod plug

 That better be enough for you. Jesus. This is only SO hard...


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