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									Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills
Which Rhinoplasty to go for - closed or open

      A closed rhinoplasty is much different and
               considered less invasive.

  This procedure is more likely for the type of patient
   who only wants a few minor changes to the look of
                      their nose.

  Several small incisions are made inside the nostrils
        without any need to peel the nose back.
Why Beverly Hills For Rhinoplasty?

                  The closed rhinoplasty is just the
                   opposite and best accommodates
                   those that require very little nose

                  In a closed procedure, all of the
                   tiny incisions are made from inside
                   the nostril, so that there is no
                   chance of a visible scar from the
                   outside of the nose.
How To Choose between Open Or Closed
   open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

 Benefits of Rhinoplasty:

 Change the size and shape of your
  nose to harmonize your face.

 Remove an unattractive, bothersome
  nose hump to give you a smoother
  more aesthetically-pleasing profile.

 Reshape the tip of the nose to give
  your face a more balanced look.
Rhinoplasty At Beverly Hills

                When it is necessary for the
                  surgery to be done with full
                 access to the nasal cavity an
                      open rhinoplasty is

                This technique is good for
                 those who desire a smaller
                size nose and so the bone is
                   sculpted along with the
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