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Basic Networking


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									11/20/89                -----------------------------
7:30 EST-10:46Est       - A File By Sk8 The SkinHead-

                             BASIC NETWORKING

     Well, many people have asked me "how do i use Telenet".."how do i
use an outdial". Well i have decided to write a very basic file on
telenet and how to get around on the networks.

     Well Telenet and others are PSN's or (Packet Switching Networks)
these nets are connected to many other networks around the world. You
can do alot with just basic knowledge that i have (most of you will know
this and way beyond what i know but some will benefit from it) i will
start with some of the terms that are often used with these services.

Access Number- The direct number that you dial to access a network (duh).

Nua (Network Users Address) - An Nua is basicly a number you type in to
access that particular service think of an Nua as a phone number sorta
its not an actually phone number with an Acn country code or whatever
because the service is connected to the network world wide. I hope that
was fairly clear let me show this think of the planet earth as an network
and to reach the services on the planet you call the phone number like
the service is a persons residence or business phone or payphone whatever
just like on a network an Nua is the Address to a system or outdial
whatever on the particular network. I hope this is clear or atleast
somewhat understood.

Nui (Network User Identification) - An Nui is like a Account and Password
to the network like an account and password is to a bbs that lets you
access the system. Some people use Nui for like anything like an Vax
system Unix systems they are referring to an Nui as basicly a account on
the particular system that lets you use the system.

DNIC (Data Network Identification Code) - The DNIC is like a 4 digit code
that represents what Psn it is think of an DNIC like an AreaCode and the
Nua the individual phone number.

Outdial - Is basicly what it says an modem port connected somewhere on
the network that will allow you to dial out from and connect data only to
a actually phone number not an Nua.

Pad (Packet Assemble Disassembler) - an x.25 pad is very useful an pad
using x.25. protocal transmits at 9600 bps to an Nua. This may sound
funny but i call them "Launch Pads" heh like with an x.25 you can usally
access any Nua on the planet by usally typing the Dnic+Nua.

       Now i will explain various things and give helpful ideas.
     Let me start off with some helpful things for you to try and do.


     The first thing your going to have to have is your Access number it
is very easy to get your local access number. Simply call telenet at 1-
800-TELENET that is thier customer service number and ask for your dialup
the operator will ask for your area code and prefix of your phone number
he/she will also ask your baud rate. There are many telenet ports across
the country and internationly with varying baud rates from 110 bps (yuck)
to 9600 (i wish i had) so you will want your maximum baud port most
locations have atleast 1200 many have 2400 and not alot have 9600 ports
like for big cities like Detroit and Los Angeles at the end of the file i
will list some useful numbers.
Some things to do while online with Telenet and Tymnet. While at the @
on the Telenet system type "mail" or "C mail" or "telemail" or even "c
telemail" this access's telenets mail system simple entitled "Telemail"
from there it will ask "user name" or something like that type "phones"
next it will prompt you "password" enter "phones". The phones service
has alot of worthy information it will give you a menu to choose from the
rest should be self explanatory. Along with the other information on the
phones service there is a complete updated list of all Telenet access
numbers which is conveinent. Once you have tried the phones service also
on telemail enter "Intl/Associates" as the user name and "Intl" for the
international access numbers. If you are calling from overseas somewhere
connect with an telenet access number then type this Nua at the telenet @
prompt "311020200142" and enter the username and password.
You might want to pick up a sort of a reference booklet on Telenet simply
again call the customer service number and ask them for "How to use
Telenet's Asychronus Dial Service" and give them your address which is
self explanatory.
Another tidbit of info you would like to know if you already didnt know
that Telenet is owned by Us Sprint long distance service.


     The same goes for Tymnet service you will first need an Access
Number. Simply call Tymnet customer service at 1-800-872-7654 and ask
them. Again you might like to get Tymnets reference booklet on how to
use there system simply again ask them to send it to you. Once online
with a Tymnet access number type "Information" at the user name prompt
and you will be connected to another nice thing on tymnet which you have
access to all thier Access Numbers also just like the "phones" service on
Telenet. Tymnet is owned by "Mcdowell Douglas" corporation. Unlike
Telenet where a long distance company owns the network. On Tymnet in the
"Information" service there is a very cool option that will provide you
with all the Dnic's (Networks) available from Tymnet. You may also want
to get that on buffer but for your conveinience i will include a copy of
that. The file "Basic.NetworksII" is the complete listing and i would
like the Basic.NetworksII file to be accompanied by this file for the
most part.


     Now i will discuss Outdials and tell how to use them. An Outdial on
Telenet is an Pcp Port usally. It will enable you to connect data with a
carrier. An Outdial is a modem connected up to the network to access the
outdial spimply type the outdials Nua. Usally you will need a Nui or Pad
to use an Outdial on Telenet just to let you know. Once connected to an
Outdial on Telenet type "Ctrl-e" to get into the command mode of the
Outdial or if your sharp on your Hayes modem AT command set just issue
the commands thru the Outdial besure to type "Atz" when logged in to
reset the modem parameters to default values. Outdials range from
different baud rates just like what kind of modem is hooked into the
Outdial port. This is the basic Telenet Outdial but there are many types
a Tymnet Asychronus is a very good Outdial to use like i said there are
many different types the above is for Telenet Pcp Outdials which are used
most widely.

                        Scanning Telenet

     Well now i will explain how to scan telenet and how to find Pcp
outdials etc. When scanning telenet call your Access Number and at the
prompt enter the Nua. Plan to scan a certain amount of Nua's in a
session wether the number is up to you, usally when i scan i scan in
blocks of 100 you can find alot of things while scanning. I will tell
how to find pcp outdials, first if your looking for a particular area
code for the outdial take the 313 area code for example usally an outdial
is in the first 150 numbers scanned so i would suggest if scanning for
outdials scan like this..the area code for which you want the outdial two
0's then a three digit number so the scan would look like
this...31300001,31300002,31300003 etc.. im sure you get it...along the
way you will probably find other neat things. Some things to know when
scanning telenet is when you enter an Nua and it freezes like wont do
anything send a break signal, for me i use Proterm for the Apple the
break signal is open-apple b once the break signal is sent it should go
back to a @ prompt again. If you try scanning another nua directly after
you broke out from the frozen portion Telenet will give you an error
message "Connection Pending" which means it is still looking for the Nua
system from which you requested previously. To remedy this situation
after the break signal is sent type "d" for disconnect it will then tell
you the connection has been terminated. Proceed scanning the Nua
continuing where you left off. (Note. you will get the freeze and have to
repeat the sequence over and over again as of there are A LOT of Nuas
that freeze) Well i bet your asking "how do i know when ive found an
outdial?" usally Telenet will respond with a connect message and then
nothing try to type "Atz" if it responds "ok" then you have a Outdial
port where as Atz is the hayes modem command for reseting the modems
paramaters to default settings. Ok now i will explain some things to
look for and some wise things to do while scanning and also supply an
response key explanations.
Whenever you "Connected" to an Nua write it down no matter what it is
make notes of what you find and label them for instance if you encounter
any of these messages.

     User Name = a Vax System
     Login = a Unix system
     Primenet = a prime system
     Password = something worth noting

Basicly anything that connects take note of this is very useful for
finding systems to hack on even though most or all of Telenet has been
scanned at one time or another there are always somethings to do! that is
a FACT! Be sure to write down all "Refused Collect Connection" also
because we must not forget that when we request an Nua that we are asking
for a collect call all Nuas inputed on Telenet without an Nui are being
paid for by the particlar system requested that is why when an Outdials
Nua is requested without any sort of Pad,Nui etc. it will not excecpt the
call in all cases i have encountered

Here is a list of Network Messages that Telenet will respond with
remember these are for any type of Telenet access the following may
appear and a completed explanation.

          @ is the network command prompt

          ? the last entry was invalid

        Access Bared - Your connection request does not allow you to
connect to this system

          Access to This Address not permitted - Your Nui is not authorized
to              access the address you typed

          Attempt Aborted - You enterd the disconnect command (as we said
before            when it freezes when scanning)

          Busy - All the ports,destinations are in use try again later

        Collect Wats Call Not Permitted - Collect Wats calls not
permitted by           your host or authorized by your Nui

          Connected - Your terminal has been connected to the Nua system
you                requested

        Connection From - Your terminal has been called by another
computer or          terminal

        Connection Pending - The Network is try to establish a connection
with           the Nua you requested (enter the d command or "bye" to
disconnect the            attempt)
           Disconnected - Your terminal has been disconnected from the
terminal               you called

        Enhanced Network Services System Error - Your call couldnt be
validated contact customer service

        Enhanced Network services unavailable at this time - Serivce is
temporarily unavailable try again later

           Illegal Address - enter the Connect sequence again whether it be
an Nua            or a system name

           Invalid Charge Request -   your payment selection is not valid

           Invalid User Id or Password - The Nui you entered is not valid

           Local Congestion - Your local Access number is busy try again in
a                 couple minutes

           Local Disconnect - Your Terminal has been disconnected

           Local Network Outage - A temporary problem is preventing you from
using            the network

           Local Procedure Error - Communication problems by the network
caused               the network to clear your call

           Not Available,Not Operating,Not Responding - Your Computer
cannot                 accept your request for connection try later

        Not Connected - You have entered a command thai s only valid when
connected to a system type "cont" to be brought back into the

           Not Reachable - A temporary conditon prevents you from using the

           Password - This is the prompt which apprears after youve entered
an Nui

           *** Possible Data Loss - connecton has been reset

           Refused Collect Connection - Your payment selection must be

           Rejecting - Host copmputer refuses to accept the call

        Remote Procedure Error - Communication problems forced the
network to           clear our call

           Still Connected - You requested another service while your online
to               another

           Telenet XXX XXX - Network Port you are using
           Terminal - This is the terminal type prompt

           Unable to validate call - Your Nui has been temporarily disbaled

        Unable to validate call contact admin - The Nui has been
permently              disabled

           Unknown Adress - Your Nua may be invalid

           Wats Call not permitted - Telenet In-wats calls are not permitted
by               your host or your Nui

Well that is the end of the Telenet messages and this is the end of our
file only left is the numbers i have and some other usual stuff

Telenet Customer service 1-800-TELENET
Tymnet Customer service 1-800-872-7654
Telenet Access # 313/964-2988 1200 bps 313/963-2274 2400 313/964-3133
9600 bps
Tymnet Access# 313/962-2870
Global Outdial at 20200123

Well that is about it id like to greet some people here
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"Rad Infoz" and helped to keep it going and all the whole people you make
a difference "All you Kids out There keep the Faith!"

I can be   reached on Funtime Gs at 305-989-0181 d215*guest is the new user
I can be   reached at this Vmb 313-980-5632
and soon   im going to be running a bbs with a friend of mine so be sure to
look for   that like i said im outta here Slaytze!!!!

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