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									Welcome to Hackerdevil's guide on how to send ANONYMOUS e-mails to
someone without a prog.

 I am Hackerdevil and i am going to explain ya a way to send home-made e-
mails. I mean its a way to send Annonimous e-mails without a program, it
doesn't take
to much time and its cool and you can have more knowledge than with a
stupid program that does all by itself.

This way (to hackers) is old what as you are newby to this stuff, perhaps
you may like to know how these anonymailers work, (home-made)

Go to Start, then Run...
You have to Telnet (Xserver) on port 25

Well, (In this Xserver) you have to put the name of a server without the
( ) of course...
Put in in (Xserver) because it always work it is a server with
many bugs in it.
(25) mail port.

So now we are like this.

telnet 25

and then you hit enter
Then When you have telnet open put the following like it is written


and the machine will reply with smth.

Notice for newbies: If you do not see what you are writing go to
Terminal's menu (in telnet) then to Preferences and in the Terminal
Options you tick all opctions available and in the emulation menu that's
the following one you have to tick the second option.
Now you will se what you are writing.

then you put:

mail from:<whoeveryouwant@whetheveryouwant.whetever.whatever> and so
If you make an error start all over again

mail from:<>

You hit enter and then you put:

rcpt to:<lamer@lamer'>
This one has to be an existance address as you are mailing anonymously to
Then you hit enter
And you type
and hit enter once more

Then you write


And you hit enter

you write your mail

hit enter again (boring)

you put a simple:

Yes you don't see it its the little fucking point!
and hit enter
Finally you write
hit enter one more time
and it's done

look:Try first do it with yourself I mean mail annonymously yourself so
you can test it!
Don't be asshole and write fucking e-mails to big corps. bec' its symbol
of stupidity and childhood and it has very very effect on Hackers they
will treat you as a Lamer!

Really i don't know why i wrote this fucking disclaimer, but i don't want
to feel guilty if you get into trouble....

Disclamer:Hackerdevil is not responsable for whetever you do with this
info. you can destribute this but you are totally forbidden to take out
the "By Hackerdevil" line. You can't modify or customize this text and i
am also not responsable if you send an e-mail to an important guy and
insult him, and i rectly advise you that this is for educational
porpouses only my idea is for learning and having more knowledge, you can
not get busted with this stuff but i don't take care if it anyway happen
to you. If this method is new for ya probably you aren't a hacker so
think that if someone wrote you an e-mail ""
insulting you and it wasn't him it but was some guy using a program or
this info you won't like Use this method if you don't care a a damn
hell or if you like that someone insult you.

By Hackerdevil

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