How to optimize your website for Baidu

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How to optimize your website for Baidu

If you’ve never heard of Baidu, it’s time you not only discovered what it is, but also what it
can do for your online business. Baidu is the leading search engine in China and the 5th in the
world with 300 million visitors and 63% of market share. In fact, Baidu has twice the amount
of market share in China than Google, and when Google announced it was thinking of leaving
China back in 2010 Baidu’s stock went up by 50%. Internet marketing Los Angeles SEO firm
ATAK Interactive shares some ways you can take advantage of China’s rapidly growing
ecommerce market.

Things to Know About Baidu

First, unlike the search engines we are used to in the U.S. and most western countries, Baidu
is heavily censored by the government. Facebook and Twitter are both also blocked by the
government, so having your page optimized for these social media networks will not help you
in the Chinese market. In a Google-like similarity, Baidu has various branches other than just
a search engine that include News, MP3 search, anti-virus software, internet TV, and Baidu
Space, which is a social networking site. It operates on a pay-for-placement model similar to
Google AdWords.

How Can You Optimize Your Site For Baidu?

   1. Create a Chinese domain. There are a few providers offering Chinese hosting, including and as the two most popular. Your page will only have a
      good chance of high rankings if it is hosted on a Chinese domain, so this first step is a
      must to achieve results.
   2. Translate your pages into Chinese. As Baidu encourages international websites to
      compete within their search engine, it also provides a service of English-speaking
      individuals who can help translate your page and upload it onto the Chinese server. You
      can also hire an agency or Chinese freelancer to do the same; your best bet will be to
      compare the level of English-speaking capability to be able to communicate effectively
      during this process and also the experience level of the individual with Baidu
      specifically. Note that you should only use simplified Chinese.
   3. Do your research. Just like any search engine, you need to optimize your page for
      certain keywords. Perform research on relevant Chinese keywords and be sure to have
      your translator effectively incorporate them into your content while keeping its quality.
      Baidu also offers a keyword tool to assist you.
   4. Avoid Flash and Javascript. Just as the Google crawlers are not fans of Flash, Javascript
      and similar applications, Baidu’s crawlers will also give your page a lower ranking if it is
      filled with them. Especially for your page optimized for Baidu, stick to basic HTML so
      your keywords stand out more. This applies to the navigation on your site as well.
   5. Bring back the metatags. Metatags may be a thing of the past for Google and Yahoo!
      but they are still very much in the present when it comes to Baidu. Be sure every one
      of your images has metatags with rich keywords in both the title and description.
   6. Invest in Baidu Paid Search. Similar to Google AdWords, Paid Search operates on a
      pay-per-click (PPC) basis and generates far superior results than just keyword
      optimization. It is also said that Baidu rewards websites that invest in its search engine
      advertising by increasing their rankings, while doing the opposite for those who were
      paying for search and then stopped.

With 400 million internet users in China, it is a smart idea to get your ecommerce website
ranked well in its number one search engine. Although it will require some investment unless
you are familiar with Chinese, the ROI has proven to be well worth it, and keyword
competition is at a much lower level than Google or Yahoo!. Search engine optimization Los
Angeles leader ATAK Interactive helps your website to stay at the forefront of global internet
marketing and to achieve the best results possible.

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