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Personal Concierge Services - Making Your Life luxurious


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									        Personal Concierge Services - Making Your Life luxurious
Have you ever wondered what personal concierge does? If your life is in chaos because of so many
things to do in such little amount of time, consider hiring personal concierge services. They are
service experts and useful time saver that aids you in your everyday tasks. Their purpose is to provide
you with an organised day-to-day living that reduces stress and consequently increases your
productivity. Their presence will give you additional time to focus on more important things and not
worry about completing minor tasks.

The job of a personal concierge can be divided into five categories: office, errands, events, residential
and travel. Each category comprises specific tasks that aim to alleviate your daily lifestyle.

       Office – this includes office errands like photocopying, faxing, making business and social
        appointments, internet research, organising office documents and other files, noting
        schedules, and organise office gatherings

       Errands – examples are business banking, passport documents, personally deliver important
        documents, picking-up of prescription drugs, dry cleaning, shoes and bag repair and
        submitting mails for delivery

       Events – concierge services include planning and arrangement of special or big events like
        weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and other similar gatherings. Their task also
        involves coordinating with event vendors and suppliers including wholesalers of flowers,
        invitations, gift items, entertainers, drinks and restaurants.

       Residential – the responsibilities of concierge services include nanny service, waiting for
        repairmen or service men, downsizing of space and home, pay utility bills, serves as house-
        sitter when the entire family travels, look over senior members of the family and some house
        cleaning services

       Travel – luxury concierge services involves planning, booking, and delivering all travel related
        needs including chauffeur service, six-star hotel and resort accommodations, flight schedules,
        reservations of personal staffs like chefs, trainers, private tour guides, nanny, butler, and
        maid. They are responsible for unexpected needs like repair jobs and additional
        housekeeping tasks.

Personal concierge services are the best go-to people for all your personal needs because they have
a long list of reliable and trustworthy resources. They also have the best knowledge of which vendor
or supplier to get for specific and out-of-ordinary requests. With an array of contacts you are able to
save time and effort researching for specific vendors.

It is also included in the personal assistant’s creed to keep all personal transactions of his client
stringently confidential. There are times that clients would ask their luxury concierge services to sign a
“Confidentiality Contract”. Though the agreement is not necessary, some clients still request their
private assistant to sign for additional security. A Personal concierge is a highly devoted service
person that values their client’s trust and respect.

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