SEO’s Next Destination: Top Mobile Apps for the Jetsetters and People on the Move by andrewbran


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									SEO’s Next Destination: Top Mobile Apps
for the Jetsetters and People on the Move
According to an article published in Forbes, one third of Americans have a passport, primarily
because of the rise of low-cost carriers. Business travels is also on the rise. And when we talk
about travelling, we are not only talking about out of town trips. Every day, US citizens cover an
average total distance of 4 trillion miles.

Amid all these moving around, smartphones provided people with the much needed company –
while stuck in traffic, in a foreign land or waiting for a flight. For businesses, especially those
who can benefit from this market, this means it’s time to ramp up their mobile SEO for
capturing this market and any good SEO company is aware that it is through leveraging on apps
made specifically for the needs of this on-the-go market.

Here are the top five mobile apps that businesses can leverage on or take inspiration from:

Music Apps

Sure, there are a lot of music players out there, but listening to the radio is very much alive. In
fact, a lot of people are saying that there has been resurgence in radio use over the past couple
of years and now, it has invaded smartphones and other mobile devices. TuneIn Radio is one of
the best apps out there as it allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations even if you’re far
away from home. It even allows you to record music (for the paid version) as long as you’re
connected to the Internet.

What can an SEO company take away from this? Music has been and will always be a travel
staple and it’s also a powerful tool to capture this market.

Translation Apps

Language barrier – this is one of the biggest things international travelers need to overcome.
This makes language translation applications very powerful in mobile SEO. There’s really no
established ways or best practices yet on how to take advantage of this type of app (unless
probably if you’re a dictionary company), but when someone finally cracks how to benefit from
it, it’s going to put them in a very strong position.

Photo Sharing Apps

Social media made people hyper sharers in terms of updating their networks what’s happening
to them real time. And if words are not enough, sharing photos is just a click away. Instagram
became a hit in no time. Travelers share photos of food, sights and sceneries, even just a
unique view from the driver’s seat. This is a great opportunity for every SEO company to come
up with an affiliate Instagram app or an Instagram campaign targeted towards travelers.

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