Try Something More Zestful While Living in Luxury Villas at St. Barts

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					      Try Something More Zestful While Living in Luxury Villas at St. Barts

Do you want to go on vacation but want to avoid the usually crowded hotels and resorts? If your
answer is yes, then you can try something new. This time around, add more zest and adventure to
your trip by choosing luxury villas to rent for a place to stay. These are really plush and worthwhile.
Luxury villas are nice way of taking pleasure in your vacation while steering clear of the hubbub of the
major tourist spots.

With this kind of accommodation, every morning, you will be able to wake up and have breakfast on
your own veranda. You can also read a book or sunbathe by your own poolside. This is just the
perfect way to fully relish your break, without being bothered.

One of the grandest vacation spot where you can find matching posh villas is at St. Barthelme or St.
Barts. It is located in the French West Indies and dubbed as the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean.

All year round, this area draws famous celebrities and millionaires riding their luxury yachts. This is
the Caribbean island where the French style and relaxation have been honed to perfection.

While staying in any of the exclusive villas in St. Barts, there are a lot of things to do to make your
vacation even more exciting. For one, with the 22 pristine beaches around the island, you can try out
different water adventures like kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, fishing, and many

You can also go around and discover history and culture in Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts. Visit the
lighthouse, museums, and ancient churches. As you roam the streets of Gustavia, you will see traces
of the Swedish settlers from the late 1700’s. Another spot that you must not miss are the historical
shipwrecks in the island.

For land adventures, there are lots of sports activities available like tennis, archery, and horseback
riding. For a bit more about pampering yourself, you can also get massages and spa treatments, try
wine tasting, and indulge in shopping.

Luxury villas to rent at St. Barts are ideal if you are with your family or friends, or you simply want a
special and privileged getaway. Lastly, with your own private space, you can be sure that you will
have a safe and spacious room to play and do whatever you want without having to worry about hotel
rules and regulations.