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					          Dancing With Technology-
          A Modern Epic Storyteller
Yves Pépin
Thea Lifetime Achievement Award

          By Judith Rubin, Editor
          Yves Pépin. When you look at his body of work,
          you imagine he studied choreography, performing
          arts, and stage design along with mythology and
          history—then perhaps became a filmmaker. In
          fact, Pépin applied himself to economics and
          politics, then Arabic studies—then worked as a
          journalist. But all along that academic path he
          kept his hand in the arts—painting, music, theater.
          His father, an engineer by trade, was a violinist
          and painter. His mother, a homemaker, also
          painted. Six-year-old Yves took up the violin,
          intending to be a concert performer. But in
          adolescence, “I realized I was not good enough.”
          He switched to guitar and “started to play rock ‘n’
          roll like a normal teenager. It opened up my

          The academic world attracted him, but ultimately
          failed to satisfy—in Lebanon, he halted his post-
          grad Arabic studies and went off to be a journalist.
          “I was trapped by the real world.” He acquired the
          “tools of expression” through two years’ work in
          radio and television, followed by four years with a
          communications company. He founded ECA2 in
          Paris in 1974. It was named after an earlier
          company, Etudes Creation d’Ambiances, an
          important innovator in large scale, sound-and-light
          shows. Pierre Arnaud of the original ECA was
          Pépin’s mentor.

          “We were very ambitious: we intended to inte-
          grate light, sound and architecture to express
          something in a global context for the modern
          world,” says Pépin. When human imagery and
          human performance were brought into the mix,
          the toolset was complete.

          It was in the 1980s and 1990s that ECA2
          conclusively defined the nighttime spectacular.
          Employing gigantic cinematic images projected
          onto the sides of buildings and other structures,
          and onto sheets of water or mist, enhanced by
          lasers, lighting, special effects and sound, Pépin’s
          team created shows that transformed outdoor
          environments and transported audiences.

                                    Pépin         (Cont’d)
    Disney and Universal have both adopted Pépin’s proprietary
    AQUASCAN® water screen projection system, developed in
    1989. According to Pépin, the night he first tested the system, a
    tourist couple showed up, captivated by the image of a human
    face appearing in a fountain, seemingly out of nowhere. After
    blustering his way through an attempt to explain it to his wife, the
    husband turned to Pépin, who gently corrected him. “I pointed to
    the guy working at the pump and said he was putting a special
    powder in the water, and the powder was what made the image

    Pépin has consistently worked on a world stage, unfurling epic-
    scale, multimedia productions at international sports competi-
    tions, world expositions, special events, corporate events and
    theme parks. His millennial Fireworks Spectacular at the Eiffel
    Tower in 2000 captivated the public and the media, made the
    covers of both Time and Newsweek, and brought him global
    celebrity and acclaim.

    High-tech media is inherent to the kind of epic story Pépin tells,
    and to the vividness and vast scope of his productions. “We use
    technology and humanity to express the relationship between
    technology and humanity - the connection between the cold and
    the warm. Scenography and technology are part of the working
    context, not just the
    means. I don’t design the
    story, then look for the
    technology to express it. I
    refuse that way of work-
    ing.” He likens it to
    sculpture: “The stone is as
    important as the subject.
    And by working on a highly
    precise, technical level,
    we make the audience
    forget that they’re looking
    at technology.”

    Keeping pace with
    technology is inherent
    to the approach. “We
    must keep an understand-
    ing of what’s possible, but also ask ourselves where we can
    progress, innovate. I know there will be a way to do it when I push
    the technology and the creativity of the people I’m working with. It
    is always interesting to find out what more people can do, than
    they themselves know. It’s the same with technology; artists
    surprise tech companies with what their own technology can do.”
    In the 21-minute show, Life is Movement, for the Toyota Pavilion
    at Aichi Expo 2005, “we made something human of the robotic.”

    Details of Life is Movement, a “futuristic opera celebrating the
    relationship between humanity, machines and the environment,”
    give an idea of the scale of a typical ECA2 production. It featured
    eight dancers, one trapeze artist, eight 2.5-meter-high flames,
    one seven-meter-diameter inflatable half-sphere, 17 giant-screen
    projectors, six video projectors, one 2000-square meter

                                                            panoramic 360-degree screen and more than 30
                                                            Toyota robot units. Each of the 13 to 14 daily shows
                                                            was sold out over the six months of the Expo, totaling
                                                            2,650,000 visits.

                                                            The story behind the spectacular, according to Pépin, is
                                                            always discovered through intuitive listening. “What I
                                                            say to my team is: Don’t think we are ‘creating’ a story.
                                                            We are not God. Go to the location and stay there. The
                                                            story already exists there. The place knows the story we
                                                            are going to tell. Our work is to be open, listen and wait
                                                            until that story comes to our ears. It works if you are in a
                                                            receptive mind, if you have patience. But you have to
                                                            get away from the pressure of the job, to be able to
                                                            listen for the story.”

                                            Pépin has been consistently drawn to the exotic, to search within it
                                            for the universal, the common human elements - and find them.
                                            Traveling a great deal with his family as a youth, and on his own as a
                                            teen, Pépin was an avid museum-goer. “I absorbed symbols. I tried to
                                            find in other cultures the codes - the language they express.” Today,
                                            with his company ECA2, he produces events that speak in timeless,
                                            wordless tongues to global audiences. “I tell my people to be very
                                                               open to the culture in front of us, to listen. It must
                                                               be instinctive. When you reach into yourself to find
                                                               what is common beyond the codes and signs, you
                                                               find the answer in yourself. You don’t ‘adapt,’ you
                                                               don’t ‘translate.’ You don’t masquerade as some-
                                                               one of another culture.”

                                                                 “We must never forget we are making shows,” says
                                                                 the former student of political science. “We are not
                                                                 the UN. We are in the field of entertainment.”

                                                                 In 2002, ECA2 joined Publicis Groupe, the world’s
                                                                 fourth largest communications group, which also
                                                                 owns Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi. In addition to
                                                                 being ECA2 Chair, CEO and Creative Director, Yves
                                                                 Pépin is Executive Vice-President of Publicis Events

                                                                Judith Rubin is a freelance editor, journalist and
                                                                publicist for the international attractions industry.
Design and Production: Yves Pépin/ECA2
(Clockwise beginning at top):
                                                                She has edited several publications for the TEA,
Pyrotechnic Ballet at Eiffel Tower Millennium Celebration       including this one. She writes about people,
Opening Ceremony Soccer World Cup 98, France                    technology, urban entertainment development,
Lake of Images, Futuroscope Park, France                        world expos, specialty cinema, scenics, safety and
Opening Ceremony Paralympic Games 04, Athens, Greece            everything in between. Her articles have appeared
“AcquaMatrix” Lisbon World Expo 98                              in more than 25 industry magazines, including Film
                                                                Journal International, Entertainment Design,
                                                                Funworld, Urban Land, Attractions Management,
                                                                and World’s Fair.

     AOA Live Ev ent Spectacular - 2004 A thens Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.
           Live Event                           Athens Olympic                        Ceremony
     Creating and producing a one-time live event with a cast of over 8,500 performers and crew, live
     audience of 70,000 and a worldwide broadcast audience of 4 billion is a daunting challenge in
     any circumstance… To pull it off with sublime artistry, creativity and showmanship is a truly
     Olympic achievement.

          Annual Thea Awards
     12Athens 2004 Opening Ceremony
Athens 2004 Steering Committee                                   Creativ e Team
                                                                 Creative Team
  President: Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki                         Artistic Director: Dimitris Papaioannou
  Chief Operating Officer: Marton Simitsek                         Co-Creation & Music Concept Creator:
  Managing Director: Ioannis Spanudakis                               Yorghos Koumendakis
  Executive Directors: Yannis Pyrgiotis,                           Production Design: Lili Pezanou
    Theodore Papapertroppulos                                      Choreographer: Angeliki Stellatou
  Volunteers Division, General Manager:                            Lighting Designer & Director: Eleftheria Deko
    Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras                                     Co-Lighting Designer & Director: Robert Dickinson
                                                                   Costume Designer: Sophia Kokossalaki
Athens 2004 Ceremonies Department                                  Video Director: Athina Tsangari
  Chief Coordinator: Christos Komninos                             Ceremony Texts: Lina Nikolakopoulou
  Manager for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies:                  Pyrotechnic Design: Christophe Berthonneau
    Loukia Antoniades                                              Narration Workshop Director: Roula Pateraki
  Legal Advisor to the President:                                  Hair Designer: Alexandros Balabanis
    Evgenia Papathanasopoulou                                      Make Up Designer: Petros Petrohilos

Opening Ceremony
  Produced By: Jack Morton Worldwide                             Ke y Technical Eq uipment Supplier s
                                                                      Technical Equipment Suppliers
  President International, Jack Morton Worldwide:
     Lois Jacobs                                                 Lighting: VLPS Lighting Services & Procon
  Director of Jack Morton Public Events: David Zolkwer
  Executive Producer: Andrew Walsh                               Aerial Systems and Staging:
  Producers: Geoff Bennett, Celia Smith, Antony Spanbrook          Stage One Creative Services
  Senior Coordinating Producer: Clare Amsel
  Coordinating Producers: David Proctor, Richard Mullan,         Audio: Norwest Productions
     Steve Boyd, Jenny Panoutsopoulou
  Associate Producer – Cast: Michael Foley                       Video Projection: Creative Technology
  Music Producer: Julian Scott
  Headline Talent Manager: Dionissis Potsolakis                  Pyrotechnics Production: Groupe F in association with
  Volunteer Manager: Polly Kelekis                                 Nanos Fireworks & Pyro Spectaculars by Souza
  Field Choreography: Wanda Rokicki
  Mass Choreographer - Parade of Athletes: Doug Jack             Show Communications: The PA People
  Props Supervisor: John Sadler
  Wardrobe Supervisor: Jason Vaughan                             Lasers: Tarm Showlaser GmbH
  Costume Supervisor: Paula Ryan
  Designer of Costume Structures: Christa Bartels                Crewing: Showforce
  Senior Technical Director: Adam Wildi
  Technical Directors: Costas Charalabidis, Mik Auckland,        Centaur Conception and Design: Farmer Attraction
     Nik Eltis                                                     Development
  Associate Technical Directors:John Zarganis, James Lee,
     Piers Shepperd                                              Centaur Fabrication: ARTEM Ltd.
  Operations Director: Mike Kent
  Stadium Operations Director: Ronald Cameron

     AOA - Limited Budget: Dodge Wild Ear th at the Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
              Limited Budget:                  Earth                                                PA
     Dodge Wild Earth is an all-ages experience that sends a driver and a photographer, in a truck-themed
     capsule, on a trek through the Serengeti in an exciting photo-safari. Unlike traditional motion simulator
     ride films, the Wild Earth experience is completely interactive, allowing each team to navigate their
     own adventure, experiencing the rich, educationally stimulating environment and wildlife of Africa.

      12th Annual atThea Awards
      Dodge Wild Earth The Philadelphia Zoo
                         The Philadelphia Zoo
                         Concept Development and Educational Content
                           V.P. Guest Relations: Rob Nicol
                           V.P., Education: Ron Fricke
                           Director of Interpretation: Eric Matzke
                           Brian Strohecker, Jeremy Wintroub, Donielle Wright

                         Installation and Theming:
                           V.P., Facilities: Nina Bisbee
                           Project Managers: Julie Good, Donna Claiborne
                           Construction Manager: John Osifchok
                           Director, Exhibits and Environmental Design: Barbara McGrath
                           Environmental Graphic Designer: Danielle Zezulinski

                         Ticketing and Logistics:
                            Senior Director, Guest Relations: Doug Beermann
                            Director of Admissions: Chris Rizzo
                            Ticketing Administrator: Akshay Patel
                            Barry Williams

                         Marketing and Promotion:
                          Communications Manager: Ginette Meluso
                          John Lyons
                          Director of Marketing: Melissa Kanaly
                          Art Director (Design & Production of Promotional Materials): Lynn Tunmer

                         Attraction Concept, Design, Development and Production: EnTCo
                           Creative Director: Rob Lloyd
                           Director of Marketing: Dave Mitchell
                           President: Tom Loughlin
                           Project Manager: Fran Trauger
                           Software Engineering: Jack Sigda
                           Mechanical Engineering: Steve Rotloff
                           Electrical Engineering: Keith Wills
                           Lead Mechanical Assembly/Installation: Carlos Ruiz
                           Lead Electrical Assembly/Installation: Hal Perkins
                           Souvenir Article: Susan Clark
                           Programming: Super X Studios, James Thrush
                           Creative Writing: Eileen Lloyd
                           Pre-show video production: Eric M. Levy, Juan Cardarelli
                           3D Modeling: Alf M. Comps
                           3D Animation: Program Ace

          AOA - Reinvention of a Cultural Heritage Center: Images of Singapore At Sentosa Island
          Tasked with refreshing and reinventing a classic, but somewhat stodgy, cultural center, the designers
          of this project combined state of the art technology with effective story-telling to create a sparkling
          new visitor experience which presents the history of Singapore and it’s unique blend of cultures,
          ethnicities and traditions.

          12th Annual Thea Awards
           Images Of Singapore at Sentosa Island
Designed, Created and Produced by
BRC Imagination Arts Under the direction of:
                                                            Selected Photos Courtesy of:
Sentosa Leisure Group                                         National Heritage Board –
  CEO: Darrell Metzger                                           National Archives of Singapore
  General Manager: Ko Eng Wee
                                                              Dr. Ivan Polunin
  Director, Property: Gurjit Singh
                                                              R. Ian Lloyd Collection
  Deputy Director, Planning&Development: Goh Lye Whatt        Singapore Tourism Board
  Project Manager: Cecilia Chen
                                                              Ronni Pinsler Collection –
  Product Management Director: Kelven Tan
                                                                 Courtesy of National Archives of Singapore
  Director, Corporate Communications: Corinna Cox
  Assistant Director, Attractions Development: Alvin Chia
                                                             Fabrication and Installation: Kingsmen Exhibits Pte. Ltd.
  Media Communications Executive: Anirudh Sharma
  Project Manager: Samuel Lim                                Lighting Design: Yeager Design, LLC
  Attraction Operations, Assistant Manager: Juliana Yeo
  Technical Executive: Chew Meng
                                                             Lighting Contractor: Alric Engineering
  Technical Executive: Teo Mui Hock
  Technician: Baharuddin Mustafa
                                                             Systems Installation: MediaMation, Inc.
  Technician: Mohamed Nassier Abu
                                                             Sound Design: Soundelux Design Music Group
Museum Experience Designed, Created
and Produced by BRC Imagination Arts                         Visual Effects: Stan Winston
  Producer/Project Manager: Marie Matheny
  Show Director/Media Director: Ray Greene
                                                             Consultants: Asian Art Options – Claudia Cellini
  Art Director: Joe Cashman
  Fabrication & Installation Manager: Stephen Doolittle      Associate Producer/”Joe Do-It-All”: Tony Mitchell
  Original Artwork: Jessica Lo
  Concept Design: Christian Lachel, Rob Wyatt
                                                             Vice President of Production: Marci Carlin
  Lighting Designer: Mark Andrew
  Manager, Creative Development: Carmel Owens
                                                             Executive Producer: Bob Rogers
  Writers: Susan Spence, Sean Moor, Charlie Otte,
     Ray Greene
                                                            Retail and Food/Beverage Shop Designed
  Project Manager: Mike King
                                                            by Jack Rouse Associates
  Production Coordinators: Jennifer Wright, Shir Ee Tan
                                                              Chief Executive Officer: Jack Rouse
  Job Captain: Kathy Fox Martin
  Technical Management: Alex Mackay, Josh Cottrell
  Editor: Kish Mackin
  Graphics: Jeff Coatney, Karen Thompson
  Research: Ann Bowman                                      In Memory of Mike King
  Accounting: Gina Reyes, Brendel Geddes,
     Jacqueline Session
  Set Decorator: Laura Lalik

     AOA - Exhibit: The Lifeline Table, Churchill Museum and Cabine t War Room
                          Lifeline Table, Churchill                     Cabinet War Room
     The Churchill Museum’s “Lifeline Table” boldly reinvents one of the most common and tried
     methods used in museum interpretation, the historical timeline. The Lifeline Table provides a
     compelling anchor that engages the audience on individual, small group and gallery-wide levels. It
     advances the art and brings fresh energy to a form that was in serious need of refreshment.

     12thThe Churchill Lifeline Table
          Annual Thea Awards
              Software Design, Programming, Production: Small Design Firm
                David Small

              Conceptual Designer: Casson Mann
                Roger Mann

              Construction Manager: Fraser Randall
                Jeremy Hull

              Project and Design Management: BDE Project Design and Management
                Barry Edwards

              Quantity Surveying/Cost Consultancy: Greenway Associates
                Mark Greenway

              Graphic Designers: Nick Bell Design (Formerly Una)
                Nick Bell

              Freelance Digital Imaging Specialist: David Wood

              AV Hardware: Electrosonic Ltd.
                Rob Ferguson

              Setwork Elements of the Table: Devonshire House Associates
                Peter Burrows

              Hands On Interactives – Touchstrips: Hands On Interactives
                Steve Patchings

              Sound Designer: Liminal

              Lighting Design: DHA Design
                 Jonathan Howard

              Evaluation: Alison Black Research and Consulting
                Alison Black

              Principal Supplier of Data: Churchill College
                 Allen Packwood

              Lenders of material for copying and other copyright holders too many to enumerate.

       AOA - Show : R emember… Dreams Come True, Disne yland, Anaheim, California
               Show                                      True, Disneyland,               California
       The art of painting the sky is brought to a new level of pyrotechnic art and combined with visuals and
       lighting effects on the castle centerpiece and a live performance in the sky to dazzle the Disneyland
       guests nightly on a level no fireworks show has previously done.

       12th AnnualDreams Come True
         Remember... Thea Awards
Disney Creative Entertainment
  Executive Vice President: Anne Hamburger
  Vice President Creative Production: Kevin Eld

  Producer: Marie E. Ertel                                        Key Suppliers
  Creative Director/Show Director/Show Writing:
     Steven B. Davison                                            Tinker Bell Flying System: Fisher Technical Services, Inc.
  Production Manager: Jennifer Magill
  Supervising Technical Director: Ted Carlsson                    Tinker Bell Costume: Tom Talmon Productions,
  Technical Director: Chuck Davis                                    Mutto-Little
  Music/Soundtrack Producer: Bruce Healey
  Composer/Arranger: Gregory R. Smith                             Pyrotechnics Products:
  Pyrotechnics Designer: Eric Tucker                                MP & Associates
  Costumer: Gina Mandelli                                           Pyro Display Company
  Production Stage Manager: Sandy Halloran                          Rozzi Fireworks Company
  Stage Manager: Kate Frankl                                        San Tai Fireworks Company
  Show Writing: Carolyn Gardner                                     Santori
  Aerial Specialist: Noby Arden                                     Sunny Fireworks Company
  Choreographer: Tobi Longon
  Project Architect: Tom Sze                                      Scenic Fabricators: AET
  Construction Manager: Bud Utz
  Casting Director: Dana White                                    Scenic Fabrication: CalTheming
  Tinker Bell Wing Design: Bradley Kaye
  Concept Art: Richard Improta                                    Flame System: Groupe F Pyrotechnie
  Pyrotechnics Specialists: Mickey Aronson, John Bouman,
     Michael Reinartz                                             Laser System: Precision Projection Systems
  Technical Services: Dan Beaumont, Mike Carter,
     Matt Cotter, Peter Eastman, Mike Layman,                     Lighting: Birket Engineering, Syncrolites
     John Ostby, Michael Reed, Jeremy Rynders
  Entertainment Design Assurance: Butch Flannery                  Music Contractor: Savant Productions Inc.
  Facility and Technology Development: Mark Hollingworth
  System Engineering: Ken Salter                                  Music Preparation: Janen Music
  Spectaculars and Fireworks: Robb Sutton
  Scientific Systems: James “Jimbo” Burgess,
     Cindy Shulstad
  Network Engineering: Jonathan C. Scholtz
  Safety: Hal Taylor, Scott Myles
  Disneyland Fire Department: Lon Cahill, Max Crowder,
     Bob Wilson
  Finance: John Bradbury
  Contracts: John Stoddard
  Protocols Engineer: Michael Atwell
  Recording Engineer: John Richards
  Post-Production Engineer: John Kestler
  Production Coordinator: Tanya Bailey
  Technical Coordinator: Jan Gohlitz

      AO A - Dev elopment of Interactiv e Tec hnology: MagiQuest Technology
             Dev                eractive echnology:
                             Interactiv Tec                      Technology
      With an initial application in a world if pixies, goblins, unicorns, and princesses at MagiQuest,
      Myrtle Beach, SC, MagiQuest Technology has first been developed as the MagiQuest Wand, a true
      interactive toy that elicits responses from the environment; it can store data relative to the user’s
      game play that is automatically accessed in later visits. Each MagiQuest Wand can be customized
      by individual guests to reflect their own personal taste, and can interact with up to 250 “magic”
      effects within a given environment. The MagiQuest Technology is recognized for enhancing the
      guest experience, creative packaging, adaptability to individual players, and future potential for “in
      the home” use, thus extending the experience beyond a given venue.

      12thMagiQuest Technology
          Annual Thea Awards
MagiQuest Technology is owned by and was initially implemented at MagiQuest by New Kingdoms, LLC,
a partnership between Creative Kingdoms, LLC and Burroughs and Chapin (B&C)

Project Manager & Creative Director: Denise Weston,             Master Magi Board of Directors: Austin LeForce,
  Creative Kingdoms                                              Louise Tracy, Zack Coates, Taylor Coates, Reed Truslow,
Designer & Executive Producer: Rick Briggs, Creative King-       Savannah Faulkner, Megan Riley, JC Cuomo, Zack Cuomo,
  doms                                                           Brad Cohen, Emily Weston, Arielle Weston, Aydan Weston,
Wand Creator: Jonathan Barney                                    Amberlyn Jones, Lindsay Jones, Brian Hungerford,
Assistant Project Manager: Tom Jones                             Kara Smith, Jacob Smith, Dalton Elliot, Haley Elliot,
                                                                 Shandi Movsky, Taran Movsky, Rosa Rea
Product Design and Development
  Retail Product Development & Management:                      Production
     Theresa Maupin, Creative Kingdoms                            Site Production and Operations: Tom Jones, B&C
  Product Engineers: Jason Emde, Dave Midgett, Jeff Kwok          Site Construction Coordinator: Scott Rush, B&C
  Product Technology: Phil Hall, Brett Pierce                   Interactive Play Structure
  Product Design: Jeff Bergeron                                    Play Structure Design and Structure Fabrication:
  Assistant Product Design: Dave Neihaus, Janel Hoog,                 Rick Briggs
     Mike Klepper, Fred Meyer                                      Special Effects and Technology Director: Fred Frantz,
  Wand Production: Wah Shing Electronics, Ltd.,                       Creative Kingdoms
     Tmax International, Ltd.                                      Audio Visual Design and Installation: Brian Edwards,
  Retail Buyer: Theresa Maupin, Barbara Cline                         Edwards Technology Inc.
  Buying Facilitator: Rachael Heafner, Kitty Murdock               Special Effects Design and Fabrication: David Bush ,
  Visual Merchandiser: Carol Crumling, Danny Millwood                 Creative Kingdoms
                                                                   Themed Set Production: John Oldham, Nancy Lindahl,
Software Development and electronic Programming                       Creative Environs; Exoscope; Laurie Trevethan
  Programming Project Management: Phil Hall,                       General Contractor and Rockwork: Richard Marks,
    Creative Kingdoms                                                 Marks Construction
  Embedded Electronics and Software Development:                   Electrical Engineering: Ken Lucci, Lucci & Associates
    Phil Hall, Brett Pierce, Jason Geiger                          Special Effects Fabrication and Technology:
  Database Architecture: Dan Shapella                                 Richard Robertson, Matthew Swenson, Rob Allen,
  Network Architecture: Jonathan Platt                                Gregory Linker, Kim McCoy
  Application Development: Dan Shapella, Jonathan Platt            Special Effects Carpentry: Kim McCoy, Paul Peterson,
  POS System Integration: Al Schaefer                                 Ron Kaiser
  POS System: Gateway                                              Special Effects Site Coordinator: Rob Allen
                                                                   Site Expeditor and Materials Acquisition: Fred Frantz,
INITIAL ENVRIONMENTAL APPLICATION                                     Creative Kingdoms
  Artistic Design: Kraemer Design and Production                   Special Effect Fabrication: Entech Creative Industries
  Conceptual Design: Thinkwell Design and Production               Scenic Artists: Bryan Lanier, Tim Todd, Terry Adams,
  Architectural Design: Jim Scheidel and Taylor Burch of              David Bledsoe, Steven Bifani, Jerrod Brown,
     The Cuningham Group                                              Lonnie Hale, Brian Heeter, Bernice Miles,
  Game Design: Rick Briggs                                            Marlen Mirabel, Jeanette Schuerr, Nathaniel Rigney,
  Thematic Story and Design: Denise Chapman Weston                    Randy Rhodes
                                                                   Scenic Craftsmen: Mitch Mitton, Moses Solarzano
                                                                   Rock Sculptor: Sergio Gonzales
                                                                   Framing and Sheetrock Subcontractor: Young Ceilings
            12th Annual Technology - 2
              MagiQuest Thea Awards
Set Production Support                                          Voice-Ov er Talent
                                                                 oice-Over Talent
   Set Production Manager: Darren Odum                            Goblin Guard: Alan Jay
   Purchasing: Edward Loose                                       Goblin King: Jeremy Corray
   Art Direction: Tom Goldsworthy                                 Dungeon Eyeballs Status Station: Alan Jay
   Graphic Design: Patrick Moran                                  Hover Voice: Meghan Maguire
   Design Detailer: Tracy Sousa                                   Serena the Pixie: Kelly Ruesing
   Accounting: Penny Johnson                                      Gargoyle Status Station: Todd Gillenardo
   Project Assistant: Wendy Waters                                Esmerelda the Spider: Ann Mracek
   Craftsmen: Bradley Shier, Doug Wiley, Jon Elwood,              Z’nort: Jeremy Corray
      Shawn Jenkins, Paul Moeller                                 Dark One Eyeballs: Chet Sisk
Video, Animation and Sound Production                             Unicorn: Jill Postema
   Executive Producers: Denise Weston, Rick Briggs                Owl’s Nest Status Station: Ann Mracek
   Producer: Jeffrey Pickett                                      Dragon: Tim Gornet
   Assistant Producer: Pam Tester
   Computer Animation: Carl Braun, Casper McElwee,                Casting Director: Kim Swanson
      Jim Perry, Steve Wimmer, Bryan Starr, Dan Beckman,
      Thatcher Bell, Jason Anderson, Matt Priest                Music
   Video Editing: Ryan Bury, Tom Uhlis, Droop Stoner             “Written in the Stars” “Way to MagiQuest”
   Animatics Editing: Morey Gers                                 Music written and arranged: Ritchie Blackmore
   Storyboard Design: Jim Minton                                 Lyrics: Candice Night
   Character Artist: Jeff Bergeron                               Performed: Candice Night and Blackmore’s Night
   Audio Director: Larry O’Neal
   Audio Production: Jupiter Studios: Jim Callahan,             Additional Location Video: David Wiesehan Productions,
      Amy Davis, Matt Sawicki, Mac Murphy, Zack Poettker,         Encore Video
      Ben Kesler
   Music Composer: Jim Callahan                                 Graphic and web Design
   Scriptwriting: Rick Briggs, Larry O’Neal, Jeffrey Pickett,     Web Site Design: David Coates, B&C
      Marvin Johnson                                              Graphic Services: Jim Bruno, Joe Burgess, Lori Buse
   Live Action Video Director: Mike Sneden                        Signage: David Coates, Jim Kluge, Jim Higgins,
   Director of Photography: Tom Petri
                                                                     Mike Rogers, Lee Savidge
   Bad Dog Pictures Crew: Tom Petri, Amir Ziv, Dan Desloge,
      Dennis Finnegan, Ken Calcatera                              Print Production: John Whittington, Jim Floyd
   Soundstage: Visiontracks, Inc.
   Set Construction & Gaffer: Mike Eyermann                     Special Thanks: Doug Wendel, Jeff LeForce,
   Costume Designer, Set Stylist & Property Master:               Jonathan Barney, DeWayne Booker, Austin LeForce,
      Laurie Trevethan                                            Aydan Weston, Emilie Weston, Arielle Weston,
   Seamstress: Cricket Vandover                                   Cindy Cuomo, Heather Neal, Sharon Box,
   Makeup Artist: Carolyn Parker                                  Ginger Weldon, Chris Pickett, Darin Clifton,
                                                                  Sharon Christopher, Azalea Agency, NOW Talent
Live Action Cast
                                                                  Management, TalentPlus, Thee Raspberry Company,
   Questmaster: Bill Stine
   Princess: Candice Night                                        Bettie Schwartz, Orlando Aquilos, B.J. Buckner,
   Old Man in the Stump Status Station: Barry Hyatt               Wyatt Pickett, Jenna Germer, Jordan Germer,
   Lady in the Wall Status Station: Kelly Ruesing                 Madison Wimmer
   Old Man in the Rock Status Station: Don Loucks
   Shadow: Myron Freedman
   Lady in the Leaves Status Station: Jessica Lockwood
   Wand Tree Lady: Ourania Simms
   Neland Quivermore: Jeremy Corray
   Z’nort: Denise Weston

     AOA - Limited Budget/Refurbishment: Ice Age Adventure! Movie Park, Germany
     In less than six months, for a total budget of only US$3 million, Ice Age Adventure! Re-themes and
     re-purposes a pre-existing 43,000 square foot, 6.5 minute, indoor water dark ride. The result is an
     all-new adventure with over 50 new figures, new special effects and a new musical score based on
     the popular animated feature film, “Ice Age.”

     12th Annual Thea Awards
           Ice Age Adventure!
   CEO: Bill Muirhead                                          Thinkwell Design & Production (USA)
   Capital Project Manager: Franck Cipolia                       Principal /Executive Creative Director:
   Manager Maintenance & Construction: Adriaan Klok                 Craig Hanna
   Vice President Finance: Denis Hermesse                        Principal /Executive Producer: Francois Bergeron
   Vice President Marketing: Carla Christians                    Principal: Cliff Warner
   Director of PR: Vanessa Amor                                  Principal: Joe Zenas
   Marketing Coordinator: Sylvie Verhulst                        Dir. Of Design Development/Project Manager:
   Shipping Agent: Rudd Plaisier                                    Seth Cover
                                                                 General Manager: Mary Cluff
                                                                 Vice President New Business Development:
 Fox Studios                                                        Kelly Ryner
   Vice President Worldwide Promotion: Amy Lorbati               Director Of Technical Design: Michael Finney
   Assoc. Mgr. Marketing And Promotion: Cynthia Pascoe           Project Coordinator: Ryan Holmes
   Senior Manager Worldwide Promotions: Joe Lawson               Art Director: Mark Shumate
                                                                 Show Writer/Creative Lead: Zane Jensch
                                                                 Show Set Designer/In Field Art Director:
 Blue Sky Studios                                                   Kevin Cardani
   Head Of Modeling: Michael Defeo                               Show Set Designer: Randy Ewing
   Assistant Production Manager: Hugh Hitchens                   Administrative Assistant: Autumn Shaw
   Assistant To The Production Manager: Rachel Kate Miller       Designer: Topper Helmers
   Rigging Supervisor: Mark Piretti                              Designer: Jerry Parra
   Rigging: David Walden, Jerril, Steve Gressak,                 Animator: Eric Thomas
     Steven Unterfrantz                                          CG Modeling: Joshua Brodsky
   Animation Supervisor: Dave Torres                             Composer: Jean Francois Cote
   Animation: David Couchiere                                    Technical Managers: Jon Sipos, Joe Messer
   Modeling: Jenga Mwendo                                        Production Support Services: Martin Carrillo,
   Research And Development: Adam Burr                              Steve Olsen, Brent Mcmullin
   Fur Supervisor: Eric Mauer
                                                               Thinkwell Europa
                                                                 Producer: Victor Cavaller
 Movie Park Germany                                              Project Coordinator Europa: Victor Arca
  Managing Director: Andreas Stickel                             Production Coordinator Germany: Heiko Kraft
  Dir. Maintenance & Construction: Constantin Thomas             Adaptation and Voice Direction:
  Design Manager: Lieven Decabooter                                Marcus Schneider
  Proj. Controller Maint. & Construction: Susanne Rosa A.

 12th          Ice Age Thea Awards
               AnnualAdventure! - 2

Farmer Attraction Development                    Electrosonics
  Creative Manager UK: Nick Farmer                 Project Engineer: Gavin Aldridge
                                                   Systems Consultant: Jason C. Robinson

Philip Hartley Associates (PHA)                  Garner Holt Production
  Technical Director UK: Phil Hartley              President: Garner Holt
  Technical Coordinator Germany: Annika Oetken     Vice President Marketing: Jody Van Meter
                                                   Personal Asst.: Michelle Bergman
Lighting Designers: Dave Bartlett, Nick Jones      Business: Bob Botts
                                                   Shipping: Carolyn Echols
                                                   Project Supervisor: Tomas Harding
Elogistics                                         On Site Supervisor: Jeff Redout
  Shipping Logistics: Kent Kline
  Shipping Support: Randy Dowell                 Ruzika Lighting
                                                   Lighting Designers: Tom Ruzika, Beverley Thies

Scenic Route                                     Hagen Ingenieure Und Brandschutz
  Managing Director: Colin Pyrah B.                Engineering Consultant: Christian Görtzen
  Marketing Director: Mark Pyrah B.
  Production Director: Stephen Jackson           Backstage
  Production Manager: David Bloodworth             Director: John Coller
  Site Manager (Germany): Matthias Pahl M.
  Head Engineer: Jim Deville                     Hot Tin Roof
  Engineers: Dave Burns, Gemma Hay                 Director: John Pargeter
  Project Manager: Rachael Dagget
  Site Manager: Dave (Ez) Heron                  Stageland
  Finishers: Dawn Hutchison, Helen Stevenson,      Director: Andreas Stiewe
     Nick Gates, Lucy Weston, Kevin Fletcher,
     Gary Ryan                                   Berliner Synchron
  Rockworker: Aadrian Princloo                     Adaptation And Direction: Michael Nowka
  Head Painter: Flora Stoneman                     Main German Voices: Rainer Doering, Tom Deininger,
  Painter: David Fanning                              Michael Telloke
  Scenic Artist: Nick Walton                       Supporting Voices: Rainer Fritzsche, Gerald Schaale
                                                   Casting And Organization: Matthias Winczewski
                                                   Sound Engineer: Karim Bensegueni
                                                   Head Of Production: Klaus Bauschulte

                                                 Snow Masters
                                                   Francisco Guerra

           AOA - Branded Visitor Center: Olym pic Spirit Toronto, Toront o, Canada
                              Visitor Center: Olympic             Toronto, Toronto,
                                                                   oront      oront
           The Olympic Spirit visitor center provides an engaging and participatory environment as well as an
           educational experience that captures the essences of the Olympic Games. It successfully combines
           interactive sports simulators, multimedia presentations and authentic artifacts into an immersive
           guest experience enabling visitors, particularly children, to effectively understand what it is like to be
           a high-performing athlete. This permanent discovery center extends the Olympic brand by delivering
           strong entertainment components within an inspirational learning context.

               Annual Thea Awards
          12Olympic Spirit Toronto
 International Olympic Committee (IOC)                              Canadian Olympic Committee (COC)
    President: Jacques Rogge                                          Chief Executive Officer: Chris Rudge
    Honorary President: Juan Antonio Samaranch                        Chief Operating Officer: Lou Ragagnin
    Director General: Urs Lacotte                                     Marketing and Communication: Nick Marrone
    Director, Television & Marketing Services: Timo Lumme
    Managing Director, Olympic Museum: François Gabet

 Concept, Design, Development and Supervisory                       Feature Media Production – “The Calling”:
 Management: Olympic Spirit Group                                          Adrenaline
                                                                    Team A drenaline
   President & Chief Executive Officer: Mark Dzenick                  Executive Producer: Gordon James
   Vice-Chairman: John Krimsky                                        Producer: Nina Beveridge
   Licensee Coordination: Edward P. Powis                             Director: Paul Hart
   Strategic Planning & Marketing: Markus Jerger                      Editor: Giorgio Saturnino
   Project Planning and Development: Jerry Hewitt                     Composer: Jack Lenz
   Technology: Mark Mathias                                           Writer: Dave Toms
   Operational Planning (Stevens & Assoc.): Terry Stevens
   Project Planning and Development (Jeff Mayer &                   Panasonic Canada
      Partners): Jeff Mayer                                           Ian Kilvert
   Look and Identity (Iconologic): Brad Copeland
   Look and Identity (Iconologic): Ward Copeland                    Media Consultants & Content Development
   Media Consultant (OTAB): Stewart Binns                            Ty Granaroli, Lisa Nash

 Project Development/Operator:                                      Additional Media Production: Insight Sports
  oros Enter
 Toros Ent er tainment, Inc.                                          Gord Redel, Senior Producer
   Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Glenn Miller
   President: Neil Miller                                                 Show Control:
                                                                    AV & Show Control:
   General Manager: Jay Whiteside                                   Edw ar ds Technologies Inc. (ETI)
                                                                        ards Technologies
   COO: Peter Doyle                                                   Brian Edwards, Sam Hatcher, Mitch Hartmann, Ravi
                                                                      Shankar, Arnold Tang
 Olym pic Spirit Tor onto A thle t e A dvisor y Boar d
 Olympic           oront      thlet     dvisory
                  Toronto Athle Advisor Board
   Marnie McBean (Rowing), Brian Stemmle (Alpine                    Lighting Design: Light Brigade
   Skiing), Curt Harnett (Cycling), Bruny Surin (Athletics),        Rhomney Forbes-Gray, Heather Seniow
   Steve Nash (Basketball), Cheryl Pounder (Hockey)
                                                                    Exhibit Fabrication & Installation:
 Experience Design & Project Management:                              Mice Kadoke, Panigas, John Thurston Machine,
 Bronskill & Co, BaAM Productions                                     Chris Reaney
   Gary Myers, Creative Director: Gary Myers
   Project Manager: Annemarie Roe                                   Property Development:
   Project Director: Christine Kerr                                 PenEquity Management Corporation
   Graphic Design: Rae Lam                                            Chairman: Glenn Miller
   Graphic Production: Angie Gammage                                  V. P. Planning & Construction: Doug Peters
   Design Detailing: Ana Francisca de la Mora                         Special Projects: Keith Travis
   Project Manager: Keith Storey
   Graphic Installation: Mike Gilman                                Architecture and Engineering:
   Project Coordinator: Erin Parkin                                 Baldwin & Franklin Architects
   Content Developer/ Writer: Matt Kerr                               Mark Franklin, Will Hudson
   Client Services: Ian Caldwell
   President: Reg Bronskill

       AOA - Attraction: Curse of DarKastle: The Ride, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
       This attraction utilizes the latest developments in ride technology to create a unique guest experi-
       ence. The attention to detail from the exterior theming and exotic gardens through the eleven scenes
       that tell the story of King Ludwig of Bavaria is remarkable. The combination of smart ride vehicles,
       richly detailed scenery, 3-D imagery and special effects create an outstanding immersive experience.
           Annual Thea Awards
      12Curse of DarKastle: The Ride
Busch Gardens Williamsburg                                   Ride Systems & Show Action Equipment:
  Executive V.P. and General Manager: Donnie Mills             Oceaneering Entertainment Systems
  V. P., Park Operations: Doug Stagner                         Director: Dave Mauck
  V. P., Engineering and Maintenance: Larry Giles              Project Manager: Greg Bryant
  Director, Maintenance: Gene Queen                            Manager, Production & Installation: Jim Martin
                                                               Engineering Manager, Control System: Mike Boshears
Theming, Sign Shop                                             Engineering Manager, Ride System & SAE: Tim Foster
  Director, Guest Arrival, Theming & Zoological:               Principal Project Cost Analyst: Nick Thomareas
    Steve Carr                                                 Project Engineer, Ride System & SAE: Brian Welsh
  Sign Shop Manager: Ed Terrell                                Staff Engineer, Ride System: Steve Fromyer
                                                               Principal Designer: Eric King
Busch Entertainment Corporation
                                                               Senior Designer: Paul Fiene
  Corporate V.P. Engineering and Creative: Jim Yust
                                                               Project Engineer: Mark Pohlhammer
  Corporate Director Engineering: John Linn
  V. P. Entertainment: Dave Smith                              Project Coordinator: Renauld Washington
                                                               Chief Designer: Cliff Jennings
  Director Creative Design: Jumana Brodersen
                                                               Mechanical Engineer: Joe Biggin
  Corporate Director, Rides Engineering: Tim Viox
  Director, Show Development: Alan Stein                       Sr. Electrical Engineers: Mike Reeves, Joel Metzger,
                                                                  Andy Grant
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                                           Mechanical Engineer: Andy Sherrell
Brewing,                    Technology
Bre wing, Operations & Technology                              Engineering Technician: Scott Christiansen
  Project Director: Joe Feldmann                               Sr. Technicians: Ken Foley, Doug Leonard, Rob Sill
  (BOT Engineering) Project Manager: Ken VonderHaar            Project Analyst: Sandara Sandoval
  Mechanical Construction Engineer: Mike Carey                 Production Coordinator: Dick Fleshman
  Electrical Construction Engineer: Jan Henry                  Technicians: Jose Leon, Tim Rigdon
                                                               Manager, Quality Assurance FL: Terry McMillian
           Contractor: Chewning     Wilmer,
Electrical Contract or: Che wning & Wilmer, Inc.               Quality Inspector: Phil Picardt
  President: Bill Powell                                       Manager, Quality Assurance MD: George Koch
  VP/Project Manager: Art Nelson
  Superintendent: Darrell Rettig                             Creativ e Direct or: Falcon’s Treehouse, L CC
                                                             Creative Director: Falcon’s Treehouse, LCC
                                                               Executive Producer and Creative Director: Cecil D. Magpuri
Lightning Protection:                                          Previsualization Designer: Ji Hyun “Glara” Han
  Loehr Lightning Protection, Co.                              Digital Designer: Sue Y. Hur
  Project Manager: J. J. Loehr                                 Production Designer: Bryan Smith
Life Safety Systems: Virginia Fire Protection, Inc.            Project Coordinator: Yvette Whittaker
   Project Manager: Cree Carter                                Senior Set Designer: Erik Requejo
   Lead Technician: Steve Korslund                             Set Designer: Sandra Capecci
                                                               Design Intern: Ryan Brusco
Exterior Theming Design:                                       Senior Illustrator: Terry Shistle
  Suzanne Sessions, Incorporated                               Illustrator: P.J. Tamayo
    President: Suzanne Sessions                                Vendor Management: Rusty Rustad
    Lead Designer: Kim Wilson                                  Project Scheduling: Jon M Kirchens
                                                               Project Accountant: Marty M. Magpuri
Civil Engineering: The LandMark Design Group
  Principal-in-Charge, Civil Design: Ronnie Orsborne         Senior Show Writer: It Ain’t Shakespeare
  Project Engineer, Civil Design: William F. Brown, Jr.        Colette Piceau
  Senior Technical/Designer, Civil Design: B. Scott Green
  Survey Field Crew Construction Layout:                                                                      >>
      Michael Cooper, Joseph McQuade

           12th Annual Thea Awards
            Curse of DarKastle: The Ride - 2
Lighting Designer: Lightswitch, SF, Inc.                  Media Development Directors: Super 78, Inc.
   Principal: Norm Schwab                                  Creative Director: Brent Young
   Sr. Designer: Kelly Roberson                            Executive Producer: Dina Benadon
   CAD Manager: Adam Rechner                               Director: Mario Kamberg
   Lighting Designer: Brad Malkus                          Stereoscopic Supervisor: Chuck Comisky
   Control Systems Integrator: Jim Holladay                Digital Producer: Stephanie Taylor
   Programmer: Brian Evans                                 Digital Supervisor: Aaron Powell
   Specialty Fixture Installation: Warren Kong             Head Technical Director: Yannick Leblanc
                                                           Network Technician: Nick Rozakis
Sound Engineer: Maverick Sound, Inc.                       Storyboards: Cullen Blaine
  Sound Designer: Rick Morris                              Storyboards: Vinny Delay
  Composer: Glenn Longacre                                 Character/Background Design: Graven Tung
  Voice of King Ludwig: Tom Cassidy                        Matte Painting & Pre-Show: Robert McKinnon
  Voice of the Queen: Sandra Cuyler                        Editorial & Pre-Show: Michael “Oz” Smith
  Preshow and Queue Line Voiceover: George Colonel         Modeling & Texturing: Frederick Gaudreau,
  Guitar: Guy Walker                                          Raphael Lacoste, Matthew Lee, Joe Mangione,
  Canine Trainer: Lake County, FL Sheriff’s Department,       Michael Meyers
    Kurt Dumond                                            Character Rigging: Frederick Gaudreau, Steve Guevara,
  Musical Score: Prague Studio Orchestra with members         Yannick Leblanc
    of the Czech Philharmonic                              Animation: Jim Richardson, Jason “Spike” Stellwag,
                                                              Stanley Woo
Mock Up and Modeling: JAG Collective, Inc.                 FX: Rifat Dagher
 President: Alan Smith                                     Cloth/Hair Simulation: Zack Weiler
 Partner: Art Millican                                     Lighting & Compositing: Miguel Bautista, Frederick
 Mock-Up and Modeling: Tom Gardner                            Gaudreau, Aaron Powell
                                                           Production Manager: Jeanny Lee
Animation: Shiny Red Guitar Studios                        Office Production Assistants: Alberto Abril,
  Animation: Joe Spadarro                                     Brandon Walowitz

Phase II, General Contractor: Henderson, Inc.             Operations and Special Effects:
  President: Pete Henderson                                               Technologies,
                                                            Back Stage Technologies, Inc.
  Vice President Engineering: Rick Logan                    Director of Operations and Special Effects Designer:
  Project Superintendent: Andrew Goldkuhle                     Don Donohue
  Vice President Accounting: Paul Bollinger                 President and Special Effects Designer: Jeff Wade

Phase I, General Contractor:                              Technical Design: Electrosonic Syst ems, Inc.
                                                                                Electrosonic Systems,
  Independence Construction Co. of VA                       Technical Design Consultants: Ken Wheatley, Paul Kent
  President: Thomas H. Watts                                Project Manager, Show Programming: Tong Peugh
  Sr. Vice President: Richard P. Pettruny                   Design Engineer: Niel Overton
  Project Manager: Jeff Baker                               Installation Lead: Guy Fronte
  Project Superintendent: William R. House                  Installer: Daric Warneke

Destination Consulting:                                   Interior & Exterior Theming: The Nassal Company
  Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, Inc.                        Partners: William A. Nassal Sr., William P. Nassal Jr.,
  Project Manager: Ned Diestelkamp                             Matthew Brown
  Project Architect: Mariusz Bleszynski                      Chief Estimator: Jeff McElyea
  Project Team: Jeff Havlik, Jim Wible, Terry McCoy,         Superintendent: Brian Tolen
    Justin Stichter, Josh Rodriguez, Tom Minor,              Lead Sculptor: Ken Torrence
    David Jeffries, Debbie Weber                             Project Manager: Jerry Howes

Structural Engineering: EDM, Incorporated                 Printed Graphics: Echo Artz
  Structural Engineers: Gholam Masoumy, Adam Skates         Owner: Chuck Yex

MEP Engineering: GRG Consulting Engineers, Inc.
 Systems Engineers: Dan Christman, Brandon Lemonier,
   Matt Schoenherr, Grady Burch
      AOA - Live Show: Fear Factor Live, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA
      In our media saturated world the expectation of the live audience constantly rises. Exposed to ever
      more spectacular effects, sensational events and outrageous stunts on television and in movies (all
      enhanced with the best selective editing and post production techniques), audiences come to live
      performances expecting to experience the same thing, live and in real time. Universal Studios
      Hollywood’s Fear Factor Live show manages to fulfill those expectations through a masterful combina-
      tion of live guest involvement, carefully planned “controlled risk” stunts, state of the art media
      enhancement blended together with clever stage direction and theatrics, and special effects. The
      show capitalizes on a very hot and current reality based TV show, successfully transforming it into an
      exciting live theatrical event.

      12th Annual TheaLive
            Fear Factor Awards
Universal Parks and Resorts
Chairman and CEO: Tom Williams
                                                            Production Stage Manager: David Profumo
Universal Creative                                          Production Stage Manager: Lisa Jones
  Senior VP & Chief Creative Officer: Mark Woodbury         Special Effects Technician: John Bordeaux
  VP Creative Studio: Scott Trowbridge                      Show Technical Manager: Michael Gename
  VP Finance & Administration, Creative Studio:             Pre Show Training: Aimee Hill
     Vince Schreiber                                        Style Guide Design: Jill Shargaa
  VP Engineering, Safety, Health And Environmental,         Scheduling: Christopher Maslyk
     UPR: Steve Blum                                        Project Coordination: Georgia Treharne
  Sr. Director, Business & Legal Affairs: Brawner Greer     Contract Administration: Anita Jones
  Director Creative Studio, Executive Producer:             Operations Management: Tye Beeby
     Lisa Enos Smith                                        Additional Media: Jeff Folschinsky
  Attraction Designer, Creative Studio: Jennifer Sauer
                                                            Key Vendors, Contractors and Consultants:
Universal Studios Hollywood
  President and COO: Larry Kurzweil                         Composer/Sound Designer: Visible Sound Inc.
  General Manager: Michael Taylor                           Peter J. Lehman
  VP Universal Creative: Chip Largman
  VP Entertainment: Tim Runco                               Media Production: Convergence
  Creative Director/Entertainment: John Murdy                Producer: Leslee Grizzell
  Project Director: Frank Masi                               Executive Producer: Brad Moore
  Technical Director: Bill Whitcomb                          Director: Kenny That
  Technical Manager: Paul Cuoco
  Show Writer: Gary Rorman                                                     dware: Technomedia
                                                            A udio/Video Har dw are: Technomedia
  Show Writer: Tim Wade                                        President: John Miceli
  Show Director: Tim Wade                                      Project Manager: Ken Blecher
  Scenic Design/Art Director: Chris Williams
  Art Department: Tony Lindas                               Stunt Design:
  Art Department: Angel Vinaja                              Innovative Entertainment Services, Inc.
                                                              Principal: Tom Edelston
                    T. Edwar               Production
Lighting Design: T. Edw ard Design & Production               Stunt Coordination: Larry Lee
   Tom Cluff                                                  Stunt Coordination: Bobby Talbert
   Assistant Lighting Designer: Steve Vajk
   Lighting Programmer: Kille Knobel                        Critter Wrangling: Birds & Animals Unlimited
                                                              Principal: Gary Gero
Associate Director/Dir. of Casting: Michael Laughlin          Animal Trainers: Gary Mui, Sandra Porche

Pyro Design: Don Martin                                     Graphic Design: Wayne Clark Design
                                                              Principal: Wayne Clark
Stunt Coordinators: Larry Lee, Bobby Talbert, Ken Clark
                                                            Show Action Equipment:
Graphic Design: Eduardo Borrego, Chuck Spina,                 dvanced Enter              Technologies
                                                            A dv anced Ent er tainment Technologies
  Wayne Clark                                                  President: David MacMurtry

Costumes: Catherine Forester, Saffika Tannous               Show Control: Birket Engineering, Inc.
                                                              Principal: Glenn Birket
Manager of Show Operations: Karyn Miller                      Programmers: Tim Swieter, Brian Kuhar
     12th Annual Thea Awards
           Fear Factor Live - 2
     Scenic: Lexington Scenic                      Structural Inspection:
       CEO: Richard Bencivengo                     RBS Structural Inspection Services
       Project Manager: Nick Drobnis                 Principal: Richard Samler

     Desert Hat Props: Cinnabar Florida                        Production:
                                                   Tesla Coil Pr oduction:
       Principal: David Park                         Studio TEK-FX/KVA Effects
                                                     Principals: Robert McBroom, Jeff Parisse
     A&E: Houst on/Tyner
       Principal: Gary Houston                     Signage: Superior Electrical Advertising
                                                     Principal: Mike Gray
                     C.W. Driver
     Construction: C.W. Driver, Inc.
       Principal: Dana Roberts
       Project Executive: Shawn Wardlow            Opening Cast:
       Superintendent: Gregg Riddle                Chelsey Crisp, Adam Beesley, Mark Smith, Danielle
                                                   Rayne, Chris Mackenzie, Paul Nygro, Sandra Allen,
     Lighting Hardware/Programming:                RC Ormand, Annie Bates, Laura Hornberger, Joan Rizza,
     Olesen/Raleigh Studios                        Brian Beacock, Ray Garcia, John Yelvington,
       Production Manager: Jeff Porter             Natasha Arnold, Fredericka Meek

     Misc. Lighting: Showpro                       A very special thanks to our partners at Endemol USA
       David Smith                                 and Fear Factor for their incredible contribution to this
     Technical Suppor t: It’s Alive Co.
                Support:      Alive
       Principal: Bob Chambers                     Endemol USA
                                                     President: David Goldberg
     Stunt Fabrication & Rigging:                    Senior Vice President, Production: Lisa Higgins
     Entech Creative Industries, Inc.                Manager, Producer: Tina Hoover
       Principal: John Marhoefer
       Project Manager: Bob Blucher                Fear Factor
       Project Engineer: Jason Taylor                Executive Producer: Matt Kunitz
                                                     Executive Producer: David. A. Hurwitz
     Additional Rigging: LA Propoint, Inc.           Co-Executive Producer: Brian A. Veskosky
       Principal: Mark Riddlesperger                 Director: J. Rupert Thompson
       Director – Business Affairs: Jim Hartmann     Producers: Scott Larsen, Shye Sutherland,
                                                     Kevin Wehrenberg, Rebecca Shumsky,
     Tank & A q uarium: Blue w ater A q uascapes
              Aq           Bluewater Aq              Tom Herschko
       President: David Clippinger                   Senior Producer (Season 1 - 5): Perry Barndt
       Vice President: Joe Bycz                      Stunt Coordinator (Season 2 - 5): Norb Phillips
                                                     Stunt Coordinator (Season 6): Pat Romano
     Control System Engineering Support:             Host: Joe Rogan
     GR Engineering Group LLC
       Principal: Greg Rude

     Animatic Video Production:
      upfer          pany
     Kupfer & Com pany, Inc.
       Principal: Ben Kupfer

            Turntable: Macton Corporation
     Stunt Turntable: Mact on Cor poration
       Principal: David Perkins

           Eff       Edwarards Technologies,
     Seat Ef fects: Edw ar ds Technologies, Inc.
       President/CEO: Brian Edwards
       Vice President: Ravi Shankar
       Project Manager/Engineer: Scott Shepard
       Director of Sales: Carlos Martinez

     Thea Classic Award - Disneyland, California
     Opened in 1955, Disneyland, Anaheim, California, created a new genre of entertainment environ-
     ment, immersing guests immediately in immaculately presented story-driven worlds. For fifty years,
     Disneyland has offered families fun, familiarity, challenge, entertainment, and leading-edge experi-
     ences with a style and approach that is often imitated but rarely achieved. Disneyland is a worldwide
     icon and an exemplar for the entire industry, and the Thea Classic Award honors the park and the
     thousands of creative people who have conceived, designed and built the park for their leadership
     role in defining contemporary theme park design and continuing to expand the guest experience.

     12th Annual Thea Awards
           Disneyland is a tribute to Walt Disney and the creativity, imagination, ingenuity, talent and
          dedicatoin he inspired in thethousands ofImagineers asnd Cast Members who have made
                             his Magic Kingdom truly “The Happiest Place On Earth”

                                             “You Made The Magic”

                                             Walt Disney
                                           The Imagineers
                                        The Disneyland Cast
                                   Walt Disney Parks And Resorts
                                    TEA Consultants To Disney


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