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									Your $10 per family monthly cost covers:
•	 Oral	exams	and	routine	checkups,	 including	teeth	cleaning •	 Emergency	care •	 Hospital	treatment •	 Drugs •	 Well-baby	care	and	child	care	visits •	 Health	exams •	 Shots •	 Vision	and	hearing	care Plus many more benefits.

If every penny counts, imagine what 1,000 pennies can do
•	 Protect	from	childhood	diseases •	 Healthier	teeth •	 A	doctor	you	can	count	on •	 Care	when	your	children	need	it •	 In	short,	nonstop,	round-the-clock,	 medical,	hearing,	vision	and	dental	 coverage

A fin de obtener información sobre el seguro dental y de salud de bajo costo para sus hijos, sírvase llamar al 888-988-6300.

Peace	of	mind	for	 only $10 a month for	a	family
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Peace of mind never cost so little
$10	for	a	family.	That	is	all	it	costs	for	you	to	 cover	your	children	with	great	medical	and	 dental	benefits.	For	this	low	monthly	payment,	 you	can: •	 Take	your	children	to	the	doctor	whenever	 you	need	to •	 Get	all	your	children’s	shots •	 Make	sure	your	children	have	eye	exams,	 glasses	or	contact	lenses •	 Protect	your	children	with	regular	 dental	care •	 Rest	easy	knowing	medical	bills	are	 covered •	 Get	your	children's	drugs	without	delay	or	 worry	about	their	cost •	 Know	your	children	are	covered	for	 emergencies It’s all covered. There are no other costs when you see your health plan's doctors. There are no copays or deductibles.

You choose your ID card
Several	Michigan	insurance	companies,	 including	Blue	Cross	Blue	Shield	of	Michigan,	 participate	with	MIChild.	There	are	also	three	 dental	care	plans.	You	get	ID	cards	from	the	 medical	plan	and	the	dental	plan	you	choose.

Who can join?
MIChild	is	a	program	for	children	of	working	 families.	Your	children	may	qualify	if	they: •	 Are	legal	residents	of	Michigan	 •	 Are	under	age	19 •	 Don’t	have	other	health	care	insurance •	 Are	not	married They	may	not	be	eligible	to	join	if	they	are	 enrolled	in	other	health	care	insurance.	 Eligibility	is	also	based	on	family	income.	

Your children are cared for when they are sick
You	can	get	your	children	care	whenever	they	 need	it.	Urgent	care,	drugs	and	sick-child	visits	to	 see	the	doctor	are	all	covered.	Emergency	care	 is	covered	wherever	you	go.	You pay nothing out of pocket when you use plan providers.

It is easy to apply
You	can	apply	online	at	michigan.gov/ michild	or	call	888-988-6300.	The	call	is	free.

Your children are cared for when they are well
Your	benefits	will	help	keep	your	children	healthy.	 Health	exams,	well-baby	care	and	child	care	visits,	 oral	exams	and	routine	dental	care	(including	 teeth	cleaning),	hearing	and	vision	services	and	 shots	are	covered.	You pay nothing out of pocket when you use plan providers.

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