World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011 - by wuzhenguang


									                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                   Completed Buildings
                                        Civic and Community

Bayside Police Station, Sandringham, Australia, Frances-Jones Morehen Thorp, Australia
A 24 hour police station which holds 100 personnel, designed around a central top-lit atrium.

Beit Halochem Rehabilitation Centre, Beer Sheva, Israel, Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Israel
A rehabilitation centre built on the outskirts of the desert and designed as an arrangement of rocks to
fit in with the barren scenery.

Construction Engineering Disciplinary Organisation of Qazvin, Qazvin, Iran, Next Office, Iran
Consists of two large structures designed as ‘loops’, with a concrete and brick exterior.

Durham Region Courthouse, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, WZMH Architects, Canada
Located in downtown Oshawa, the courthouse has 33 courtrooms and facilities for holding prisoners.

El Lasso Community Centre, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, Spain
A concrete building with a colourful facade, built into a rocky incline in the neglected neighbourhood
of El Lasso in Las Palmas.

Football training centre, Soweto, South Africa, RUF project, Canada
A state of the art football centre in Soweto where 1,200 teams and 20,000 footballers play each year,
includes four pitches, a training gym, player lounges and education facilities.

Sõmeru Community Centre, Sõmeru, Estonia, Salto AB OÜ, Estonia
A one-storey building with striped wooden cladding which has four main functions: a local library,
concert hall, day-centre for the elderly and offices for the parish government.

Sunset Chapel, Acapulco, Mexico, BNKR Arqitectura, Mexico
A chapel set into the Acapulco mountains with spectacular views, designed to blend in with the the
surrounding granite boulders.

Suoi Re Multi-Functional Community House, Hoa Binh, Vietnam, 1+1>2 International
Architecture JSC, Vietnam


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Designed to avoid storms and flash floods, this community centre is constructed out of bamboo
frames and palm leaves, and offers the local community a library, kindergarten and meeting areas.

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre, NSW, Australia, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp,
Located in an inner-city suburb, acts as a library/resource centre, community centre and childcare
centre, with glass atrium and timber facade.

Tripoli Congress Centre, Tripoli, Libya, Tabanlioglu Architects, Turkey
Tripoli Convention Hall, a two-storey block on the edge of a forest, is surrounded by a ‘shield’ of
bronze mesh which protects the inner glass walls.

Wexford County Council Headquarters, County Wexford, Ireland, Robin Lee Architecture, Ireland
Located on the outer fringes of Wexford, this building brings together the services and departments
of Wexford County council, with a glass facade and central civic forum.


                       World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



OMS Stage, Winnipeg, Canada, 5468796 Architecture Inc, Canada
“The Cube” is an open air performance space set against a backdrop of historic warehouses in
Winnipeg’s Exchange District. The building is made from silver mesh, and draws influence from it’s
industrial surroundings.

Nebuta-no-ie- Warasse, Aomori-shi, Japan, Frank la Riviere Architects inc, dd/t Arch, molo
design, Japan
Built to celebrate the Nebuta cultural festival and attract visitors to Aomori town centre, this striking
slatted building provides a visitor attraction for locals and tourists to learn about the annual Nebuta

Windmill Hill, Buckinghamshire, UK, Stephen Marshall Architects LLP, UK
This minimal building provides archive and office space for the Rothschild Philanthropic Foundation.
The design draws attention to the adjacent views over South Buckinghamshire, and the reading room
includes a highly decorative vaulted timber ceiling.

Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Tokyo, Japan, Sou Fujimoto Architects, Japan
A new facility for one of the most distinguished art universities in Japan, the building comprises a
library with walls are made entirely from wooden bookcases.

Raif Dinckok TYalova Cultural Center, Yalova, Turkey, Eaa-Emre Arolat Architects, Turkey
Cultural centre, whose exterior draws on the industrial heritage of the town of Yalova. The building
itself includes a woven rust coloured exterior, allowing light to stream into the building from a range
of different angles.

Museum of Memory and Tolerance, Mexico City, Mexico, Arditti+RDT/archuitectos, Mexico
Sociological museum in the heart of Mexico City. The building comprises various wings, which
surround a colourful communal courtyard with an unusual water feature.

NO99 Straw Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia, Salto AB OÜ, Estonia
A temporary striking black theatre, which is built on top of an existing baroque bastion in the centre
of Tallinn. The building comprises a series of rooms which are stepped to accommodate the sloping


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Sperone Westwater, New York, USA, Foster + Partners, UK
A glass fronted gallery on New York’s Lower East Side. The architect has made a feature of the
narrow site, creating a double height exhibition space to create a light space in which to display art.

Shima Kitchen, Tonosyotyo, Japan, Architects Atelier RYO ABE, Japan
An arts centre and restaurant situated on a rural island in Western Japan. The building features an
awning made of charred timber shingles, which are tied loosely to the main frame of the building to
create an illusion of shimmering feathers in the wind.

Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, 3XN, Denmark
Visible from both the Mersey River and the city, the new museum of Liverpool sits on a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Two distinct and highly stylised sculptures form the outside structure, while
inside a core spiral staircase connects the two buildings.

Hoki Museum, Chiba-ken, Japan, Nikken Sekkei Ltd, Japan
A private museum designed to exhibit and preserve the paintings and wines of its commissioner.
Aimed at designing a “Gallery Below Zero”, the architects have used the space above and below
ground to create a futuristic concrete and metal gallery.

MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Rome, Italy, Odile Decq Benoît Cornette
Architects and Urban Planners, France
New museum in Rome which includes a roof terrace and exterior made entirely of glass. Suspended
walkways allow visitors an uninterrupted view of their surroundings.

HARPA Reykjavik Concert and Congress Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland, Henning Larsen Architects,
A new congress centre forms part of a masterplan for the harbour area of Reykjavik. The building
includes an unusual glass and steel latticed facade.

Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China, Zaha Hadid Architects, UK
Forming the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural development, the new opera house encompasses a 1,800
seat auditorium. The design draws on its riverside environment, and has a glass and steel exterior.

Soumaya Museum, Mexico City, Mexico, FREE/Fernando Romero, Mexico


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


A massive new museum in the centre of Mexico City, the design involves a striking silver scale effect,
reflecting the sun and giving the building a futuristic look, making it stand out in its surroundings.

Holburne Museum of Art, Bath, UK, Eric Parry Architects, UK
A refurbishment of an 18th century museum including the provision of new gallery spaces, archives,
educational and visitor facilities. A glass base gives the museum an illusion of floating and the overall
design works alongside the existing Georgian building.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Gippsland Water Factory Vortex Centre, Victoria, Australia, DesignInc, Australia
An iconic structure formed of seven silver barrels resembling a vortex, which houses the office,
laboratory and educational centre for the Gippsland water factory.

Naturum Vattenriket, Sweden, White Arkitekter AB, Sweden
A three-storey wooden structure suspended in part over a lake at the centre of Kristianstad’s
wetlands, featuring wooden boardwalks extending out into the wetlands reserve.

Nebuta-no-ie Warasse, Aomori-shi, Japan, Frank la Riviere Architects Inc, Japan
A performance hall and home for the Nebuta festival and its floats, with a unique exterior consisting
of 820 red steel ribbons which are individually twisted to create a curtain-like effect.

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, Hjerkinn, Norway, Snøhetta, Norway
Located in the Dovrefjell National Park, the pavilion serves as an observation point for reindeer-
sighting. Its raw steel frame and weathered wooden planks were designed to blend in with the
mountainous landscape.

Pavilion, Lille Museum of Modern Art, Lille, France, 2hD Architects, UK
A curved white structure with a lightweight translucent envelope based in the gardens of the Museum
of Modern Art.

Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion, Indianapolis, USA, Marlon Blackwell Architect, USA
A wooden and glass structure located at the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park designed to blur
the boundaries between man-made and natural-made forms.

Windmill Hill, Aylesbury, UK, Stephen Marshall Architects LLP, UK
Housing the Rothschild Foundation archive and office space, the centre has been designed as a
continuation of the farmhouse already located on the site.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre, Otorohanga, New Zealand, Architecture Workshop,
New Zealand
A visitors’ centre located by a stream, featuring a woven timber canopy which creates a lightweight
‘sky shell’.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Butaro Hospital, Burera District, Rwanda, MASS Design Group, USA
The creation of a state-of-the-art hospital constructed by 3,800+ local people, using the unique and
beautiful texture of ubiquitous volcanic stone.

Elefante Blanco, Kennedy Norte III, Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador, Limermench, Ecuador
The design of Elefante Blanco was inspired by the study of composition of living items and brings
together a cosmetic surgery, private rooms and medical offices on a confined site.

NCT – National Centre For Tumour Diseases, Heidelberg, Germany, Behnisch Architekten,
Intended as a model for future nationwide development, the NCT is clearly part of an extensive
medical campus that uses its architectural language to set the building apart from its neighbouring

Liverpool Hospital Clinical Service Block 2 (CSB2), Liverpool, Australia, Rice Daubney, Australia
Defined by the strong linear hospital concourse, CSB2 provides a major new hospital entrance whilst
the patient rooms utilise maximum daylight penetration.

Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal, Arnhem, Netherlands, Architectenbureau K van
Velsen BV, Netherlands
There is a seamless continuity between the rehabilitation centre’s interior and exterior, whilst the
brown-golden facade enables it to blend in with its natural surroundings.

The Waldron, Lewisham, London, UK, Henley Halebrown Rorrison, UK
Designed to change people’s perceptions of healthcare, The Waldron is planned around a new civic
square and seeks to describe a narrative journey in five frames beginning with the entrance foyer.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Bella Sky Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3XN, Denmark
The largest hotel in the Nordic region located in Copenhagen’s new urban area featuring individually
decorated rooms based on the theme ‘Nordic Cool’. The building is formed of two 75m towers at a
staggering 15 degree incline and required innovative engineering to balance the forces at play.

Saffire, Tasmania, Australia, Circa Architecture, Australia
An iconic but intimate luxury holiday resort nestled on the natural coastal landscape in Tasmania
overlooking Great Oyster Bay and designed to be intentionally evocative of coastal forms.

Aman New Delhi, New Delhi, India, Kerry Hill Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
The first luxury urban hotel for Aman resorts designed around the idea of the column that is inherent
in most Mughal architecture and features courtyards, water and screens to reference traditional
Indian design.

W London, Leicester Square London, UK, Jestico + Whiles, UK
Glamourous new W Hotel which features retail, leisure and residential accommodation and spa
attractions. The building has restored key strategic views across the city and becomes an animation
of glowing light at night and possibly the biggest electronic artwork in London.

Grace Santorini Hotel, Santorini, Greece, Divercity & Mplusm, Greece
Carved into a cliff face at 300 metres above sea level, the hotel combines contemporary materials
and design with the rustic feel of the Greek Islands.

Crown Metropol, Melbourne, Australia, Bates Smart, Australia
This new S-shaped 658 room urban retreat breaks free from conventional boutique hotels and, by
precisely adjusting the architectural curves, gives guest rooms spectacular views of Melbourne’s

Raas, Jodhpur, India, The Lotus Praxis Initiative, India
A luxury boutique hotel in the old city of Johhpur, which features 17th and 18th century period
structures that have been restored using traditional crafts and materials, to provide visitors with a
sensual contemporary experience.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden, Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
A tree hotel in the far north of Sweden close to the Arctic Circle, made from lightweight aluminum
hung around a tree trunk and clad in mirrored glass to reflect the surroundings and the sky, creating
a camouflaged refuge for two people.

Fasano Las Piedras, Punta del Este, Uruguay, Isay Weinfeld, Brazil
A scattering of rustic isolated modules that look like they have landed naturally on the terrain make
up this hospitality complex, which combines homes, hotel bungalows, a spa, equestrian center, golf
course and polo fields next to a 3 km stretch of beach.

Square Nine Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, Isay Weinfeld, Brazil
A contemporary hotel situated on one of the few sites in Belgrade’s old town that allows new
construction in the historical centre that integrates with the neighbourhood by matching colours and
respecting height of the surrounding buildings.

CZP Chalet Zermatt Peak, Zermatt, Switzerland, MLS Architekten AG, Switzerland
After dynamiting 3000 m3 of rock in the mountainside, the luxury CZP takes the super chalet to a
whole new level, occupying a landmark position with breathtaking views from the almost entirely
glazed southern side of the building.

Hilton Windhoek ENP, Khomas, Namibia, Wasserfall Munting Architects, Namibia
A new sophisticated Hilton Hotel in Freedom Square, conceptually perceived as a beacon of urban
nightlife, celebrating local culture with art and imagery, providing Namibia’s capital with a public

SandCastle, Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece, Polyanna Paraskeva & Associates, Greece
A small hotel designed especially for children aged 5 to 12 years, resembling a spiral sand castle, with
inspiration for the form of the building taken from on the bay of Navarino and its never-ending dunes.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre, Otorohanga, New Zealand, Architecture Workshop,
New Zealand
A visitors’ centre located by a stream, featuring a woven timber canopy which creates a lightweight
‘sky shell’.


                   World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Intercontinental Sanya Resort, Hainan Island, China, WOHA, Singapore
Located along Xiao Don Hai Bay in Sanya this 350 room hotel is designed around the theme of a
garden, with the roofs and gardens inspired by the rice-paddy fields of Sanya.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Duchess Residences, Singapore. MKPL Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
A residential development built to mimic the side of a hill, varying in height of up to 8 metres
between the rear and front. The basement car park can be gravity drained and the substation is
tucked into the basement, giving the ground level more space for communal facilities.

Student Residence, Paris, France, LAN, France
A new student accommodation development, consisting of 150 rooms, communal spaces and a
courtyard to create optimum comfort in an urban setting in the heart of Paris.

Gladstonos 22, Nicosia, Cyprus, Theo David Architects, United States
Four semi-detached, three level town houses adorned with curvilinear facades. Designed to integrate
a contemporary architecture successfully into an existing historic urban fabric.

8 House, Copenhagen, Denmark, Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark
New housing program offering 540 residential units in three kinds of accommodation; apartments,
penthouses and townhouses. The bow-shaped building creates two distinct spaces between trade and
living, creating a strong inflow of light as well as two sloping green roofs strategically placed to
reduce the urban heat island effect.

12-15 Regent Street, Sydney, Australia, Tony Owen Partners, Australia
Student accommodation situated in a new eight-level, environmentally-friendly building, complete
with three lecture halls, a library, an internet lounge, and rooftop terrace with kitchen and cafe. The
design allows light and ventilation into each bedroom.

HMAS Creswell Griffiths House, Jervis Bay, Australia, BVN Architecture, Australia
New building built on the site of HMAS Creswell to accommodate Officers. Consisting of 32 single bed
units with shared ensuite and deck facilities, it employs simple but sustainable devices to create a
comfortable internal environment without the need for mechanical ventilation.

The Clarendon, Boston, United States, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, United States
A 32-storey residential tower divided into six squares which are elevated to 60-foot cubes. The cubes
are adorned with brick facades, expressed as curtain wall, with alternating glass slots that demarcate
the cubes.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Lilyfield Housing Redevelopment, Lilyfield, Australia, HBO+EMTB, Australia
A public housing redevelopment covered with bright and contemporary colours to echo Sydney’s
‘vibrant cities manifesto.’ Generous open spaces and a courtyard are made possible by adequate on-
street parking.

Centre Village, Winnipeg, Canada, 5468796 Architecture Inc, Canada
A housing village consisting of 25 residential units, some with rooftop patios, that aims to develop
community spirit and encourage pedestrian culture with the use of courtyards and internal
streetscapes throughout the residential buildings.

Mont Timah, Singapore,Chan Sau Yan Associates, Singapore
A cluster housing development arranged in descending terraces adorned with off-form concrete,
wood, and natural stone to fit with nature. The development seeks to reduce its ecological impact
with its ‘green’ features with large windows maximise the view of the forest surroundings.

Thespian, Wroclaw, Poland, Mackow Pracownia Projektowa, Poland
A 2-storey terrace shaped mixed-use residential and commercial building. Using a double-skin facade,
the building eliminates the noise of the main road and enables undisturbed contact with surrounding

Sustainable Dwellings in Paris, Paris, France, MCBAD Colomer Dumont, Paris.
A sand-coloured social rent housing development classified with the “THPE” French label (very high
environmental performance). The windows use a store as sun protection and the vegetal roofs are
made of a complex which increases the thermal inertia of the building to sooth temperature

Orange Grove House, Melbourne, Australia, Fiona Winzar Architects, Australia.
A compact house development designed over three levels to maximise internal space which is
camouflaged to its surroundings. The property is surrounded by tall gum trees so the living level is on
the first floor with a double height ceiling to give the experience of being in a tree house.

La Diferencia, Mexico City, Mexico, Alberto Rimoch S.C, Mexico.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


A small development consisting of twelve 170 square metre apartments for residential use with a
semi-basement for parking. Environmentally friendly with a rain water recycling system as well as
solar panels to supply hot water.

Co-Housing Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, Netherlands,Van Bergen Kopla Architecten, Netherlands.
New housing development comprised of 48 green family houses and 37 small apartments, balancing
family dwellings and green space. Every house is a private property, all other functions are shared to
enhance social cohesion.

Magnificent Homes, Hyderabad, India, H.P. Lakhani Associates, India.
A prestigious yet minimalist gated villa community complete with clubhouse, modern amenities, and
green building features. The villas have been designed in accordance with vaastu principles as it plays
a vital role in Hyderabad, affecting its price and rentals.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



A Mother River Recovered - The Sanlihe Greenway, Qian’an City, China, Turenscape, China
Transformation of a former garbage dump and sewage drainage facility into a ecological landscape
and habitat for native biodiversity, integrating pedestrian and cycle paths for recreation and
commuting uses.

MUMA – Monash University Museum of Art, Caulfield Campus, Australia
Re-development of university campus, bringing art to the landscape, enhancing the campus grounds
and providing it with a cultural focus.

This is not a framed garden, Bsalim, Lebanon, Frances Landscapes Offshore, Lebanon
A landscaped garden, integrated into a hilly, pine forest landscape, which incorporates a variety of
themed gardens, patio, and infinity pool.

Public Spaces Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Spain
Transformation of a former working harbour and light industrial zone into a public landscaped area
with development scope for inner city functions such as residence, work, culture and leisure.

Treelodge, Punggol Road, Singapore, Surbana International Consultants PTE Ltd, Singapore
A public housing project which promotes green buildings, Treelodge delivers sustainable living
accommodation in a landscaped environment with playgrounds, outdoor gym and communal gardens.

Semi-autonomous sauna, Estonia, Architectural Bureau Pluss, Estonia
A sauna/steam room facility designed as a standalone structure which complements residential

Sensational Park, Frosinone, Italy, Nabito Architects and Partners, Italy
A recreational space in the residential district of Corso Lazio in the city of Frosinone.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Ecosciences Precinct, Brisbane, Australia, Hassell, Australia
The Ecosciences Precinct brings together 1,000 scientists into a single, collaborative research
environment and achieves significant innovation by creating a new facility without walls, encouraging
knowledge exchange and discovery through shared spaces.

Bamboo Symphony, Bangalore, India, Manasram Architects, India
A zero energy office development, which uses a bamboo structure based on the design of a
fisherman’s net in an effort to demonstrate the strength of bamboo as a viable modern building

Hollow Core Headquarter, Taipei City, Taiwan, Stonehenge Architects International, Taiwan
An office building located in the hub of a newly developed industry zone east of Taipei, which uses
basic building materials such as concrete and wood, with the void of the building and a roof garden
designed to bring nature back to the city.

Studio SC, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Studio MK27, Brazil
A photography studio that uses industrial materials and installations, combining elements of Brazilian
architecture from the 30s to the 60s, along with aspects from contemporary Japanese architecture.

Coca-Cola Spain Headquarters, Madrid, Spain, DL+A, Colombia
New Coca-Cola headquarters in Spain consisting of two buildings connected by an open vestibule,
with glass facades that provide a double aspect view. It obtained a Certificate Leed “Gold” for the
Commercial Interiors – the first corporate headquarters to obtain it for the whole building.

Angel Building, London, United Kingdom, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, United Kingdom
A re-invention of an unloved early 1880s commercial building on a historical site, designed to exceed
the latest office standard and create a memorable and inspiring place to work by combining
contemporary design and older architecture.

The Crystal, Copenhagen, Denmark, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Denmark
An extension to Danish mortgage bank Nykredit sited on the harbour front with a geometrical glazed
form designed to float above the surrounding plaza.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


2 Offices/ 2 Brothers, Tehran, Iran, arshstudio, Tehran
Office complex designed to provide two autonomous offices, for two brothers – a geologist and civil
engineer - using an ‘absolutely no division’ policy. Located deep inside a residential area, the building
structure is formed using exposed concrete and glass to fit in with the many surrounding provincial
style homes.

Hans Klotz Limited Company, Linkes Etschufre 12, Bozen, Italy, monovolume
architecture+design, Italy
A new office extension to an existing building, reflecting the structures independent character whilst
taking advantage of the surroundings.

Office for Buhrmann & Partners Consulting Engineers, Windhoek, Khomas, Namibia,
Wasserfall Munting Architects, Namibia
Low density office development, incorporating the use of off-shutter concrete and the introduction of
a water element, conceived as a double volume container.

Head office of The Telecommunications Market Commission, Barcelona, Spain, Batlle & Roig
Architects, Spain
The unique building forms part of a complex business park in Barcelona. The building is set apart
from its surroundings and makes full use of the spatial freedom whilst incorporating the old Can Tiana
factory building, constructed in 1906.

Media-ICT, Barcelona, Spain, Cloud 9, Spain
Located in 22@ – the experimental heart of Barcelona – the cube is inspired by the idea of a city,
where knowledge, added value and patents matter and architecture is in sync with values.

Daniel Swarovski Corporation, Zurch, Switzerland, Ingenhoven Architects, Switzerland
The transparency of the facade and the position of the work spaces were designed to focus on
nearby Lake Zurich, whilst the sustainable concept follows the Swiss Mingerie eco-standard.

Heron Tower, London, UK, Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, UK
Also referred to as 110 Bishopsgate, Heron Tower is currently the tallest sky scraper in London’s
financial district, which will feature a concierge-style entrance and reception area, incorporating a
70,000 litre aquarium with a shark and 1,300 other fish.


                   World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Lemesos Office, Limassol, Cyprus, Skinotechniki - George Papadopoulos, Cyprus
An architect’s office and a dental surgery, entered using a shared, double-height covered entrance.
An absence of doors between the surgery and the garden helps relax patients.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                   Shopping (including mixed use)

Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia, DP Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
Central Park comprises of five components – a retail podium with a basement, a 40-storey office
tower, a hotel, three identical 48-storey apartment towers and an open green park. It is conceived as
a gateway to its surrounding vicinity, whilst embracing calming green space.

Paseo Acoxpa, Mexico City, Mexico, Grupo Arquitech, Mexico
The extraordinary combination of trademarks, commercial concepts and cutting edge design succeed
in creating a unique space that ues the architectural and commercial components to drive urban
regeneration in the area.

Decameron, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Studio MK27, Brazil
The construction of the Decameron furniture store showroom needed to be quick and economically
viable, so the project worked with the premise of using light industrial elements, such as maritime
transport containers, which could be easily assembled.

iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong – Rocco Design Architects Ltd, Hong Kong
iSQUARE is that unique Hong Kong typology where retail activities are stacked up vertically to 24-
storeys in one of Hong Kong’s glitziest commercial areas, with the retail experience extending up to
the full height of the building via a series of sky-atria.

Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment, Melbourne, Australia – NHArchitecture, Melbourne
The most striking feature of Myer’s new face to the City, is its faceted gold roof which has been
sculpted with gold metal and glass to choreograph certain city views. Many of the stores heritage
features have been carefully restored.

E5 Shopping Mall, Istanbul, Turkey, Tabanlioglu Architects, Turkey
The five-storey ‘U’ shaped box design is made of elegant steel and glass, The projecting box
accommodates cafes and restaurants, overlooking the cityscape and the E-5 streets. A street market
is located in the sub-basement while in the front of the mall a broad public plaza hosts community


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Digicel Experience Store, Port-au-Price, Haiti – Weston Williamson, England
New Digicel Experience Store in the Haitian capital for a new innovative retail store, where design
embodies the spirit of growth and regeneration and the technical design also had to meet a stringent
brief to resist earthquakes and seasonal hurricanes.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Tacorante Municipal Swimming Pool, Tacoronte, Tenerife, Spain, GPY Arquitectos, Spain
The sports complex includes two heated indoor pools that provide views across the surrounding
landscape whilst using natural light to illuminate the pool from above.

Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre, Milson Island, Australia, Allen Jack + Cottier,
Located on a small island in the Hawkesbury River, the sports complex is naturally ventilated to stay
cool in the summer and warm in the winter and collects rainwater for use on site. The curved design
of the building exploits the plywoods properties and reduces structural weight by 30%.

Noor-e-Mobin’s sport hall, Bastam, Iran, Fundamental Experience Architecture (F.E.A), Iran
Offering panoramic views of the clouds, mountains and plains surrounding the ancient city in Iran,
the sports hall was designed to ensure connection with the external environment for all those using
the facility.

The Stork Nest Farm, Olbramovice, Czech Republic, SGL Project s.r.o, Czech Republic
Based on a storks nest, this riding arena was designed as symbol between man and animal.

Qatar Showcase, Doha, Qatar, Arup Associates, United Kingdom
A 500-seat zero-carbon football stadium built to showcase technologies to be used in the World Cup
2022. A specially designed roof rotates around the stadium in 14 and a half minutes to provide
cooling shade within the building.

Silverstone Wing, Towcester, United Kingdom, Populous, United Kingdom
A new 360 metre long pit, paddock and conference building that spans the length of the new pit lane
at Silverstone Circuit.

Speedskating Stadium Inzell – Max Aicher Arena, Inzell, Germany, Behnisch Architekten,
Intelligent roof free of interior columns, built over pre-existing speed-skating track, which allows
athletes and spectators continuous panoramic views over the Bavarian Alps.


                      World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Sports Hall ‘On the hill’, Bytom, Poland, Mackow Pracownia Projektowa, Poland
The only sports facility in the city, the building was designed with full height openings to allow views
across the hill the facility is built on.

Al Shaqab Equestrian Arena, Doha, Qatar, Leigh & Orange Ltd, Hong Kong
Designed to represent a traditional desert tent, the vast roof covers a warm up area, an indoor arena
and an outdoor arena at this equestrian arena.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



Malmö Central Station, Malmö, Sweden, Metro Arkitekter, Sweden
A new arrivals hall constructed almost entirely of glass, which also acts to open up the facade to the
historic railway hall for the first time in its 150 year hospital.

    Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou, China, TFP Farrells Ltd, Hong Kong
The station, which is three times the size of King’s Cross Station, includes 28 high-speed rail
platforms and a 348 metre skylight which splits the station in two.

Parkview Green, Beijing, China, Integrated Design Associates Limited, Hong Kong
Four independent buildings arranged around a the four corners of a site, linked by a footbridge at the
diagonal corners.

Multi-Storey Car Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Hypostyle Architects, Glasgow
The first of four car parks, with a sympathetic design to the B-Listed Central Medical Block, the car
park uses natural sandstone and timber panelling to provide a please facade.

Rotterdam Traffic Control Centre, Netherlands, Broekbakema, Netherlands
Built from concrete discs interspaced with box shape volumes the traffic control centre achieves a
floating appearance in the Port of Rotterdam, located at the crossroad of The Old and New Meuse

Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Zaha Hadid Architects, UK
Part of the route around the Gulf South Shore connecting the three Emirates together, Sheikh Zayed
Bridge is critical in the development and completion of the highway system. A sinusoidal waveform
provides the structural silhouette shape across the channel and rises to a height of 60 metres above
the water.

Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane, Australia, Cox Architecture/ Cox Ryaner Architectects, Australia
Kurilpa Bridge provides a new pedestrian and cycle connection across Brisbane’s river but also forms
a new public space, as well as a symbol for art, science, technology and healthy living.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                              WAF Learning

SEGAI Research Centre, Tenerife, Spain, GPY Arquitectos, Spain
A centralized building with the purpose of supporting laboratories used in a range of research
programs. Located on the edge of the campus and surrounded by farmland, integration was key and
it was built using a step structure in direct reference to the terraced fields.

Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, Woods Bagot, Australia
A 250 seat auditorium nestled amongst existing lecture theatres that serves as the centre piece of the
learning facility. The auditorium features a concave foyer and a sunken courtyard. It is concave in
plan and is connected to the rest of the building via two sculpted staircases.

Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge, UK, Stanton Williams, UK
An 11,000 sq.m science research centre set in the University of Cambridge’s Botanic Garden. It
responds to its landscape surroundings by being rooted in its setting: it features two visible stories
and one subterranean area.

Kuggen, Gothenburg, Sweden, Wingardh Arkitektkontor AB, Sweden
A cylindrical building amongst Lindholmen’s big office complexes that looks different from every
angle. A brocade of glazed terracotta panels takes on different appearances depending on our
viewing angle and the changing daylight conditions.

PEGS Junior Boys School: Years 5&6 Building, Essendon, Australia, McBride Charles Ryan,
The latest building in a school campus features distinct views: a glazed ground floor maximises views
of the city, whilst other classrooms open onto landscaping. A chimney provides a source of light and
ventilation whilst the main facade of the building is a vertical slice, clad in highly reflective bricks.

City of Westminster College, London, UK, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects,Denmark
The new flagship Campus for City of Westminster College is designed to support new ways of
teaching and learning. Designed from the inside out, it is a clear-cut, modern building with a distinct
Scandinavian heritage. Simple geometric forms rotate around a terraced atrium.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Rikkyo University Niiza Campus, Saitamo-ken, Japan, Nikken Sekkei, Japan
Two buildings within a private university provide new classrooms alongside outdoor space. Two keep
the surrounding building’s individual functions, two buildings of classrooms were created instead of
the original idea of just one.

Workshops of the Marcel Sembat High School, Sotteville les Rouen, France, Archi5, France
A workshop building dedicated to technical teaching about motors and vehicles which requires large
spaces and high ceilings. Located at the boundary of the park, the building blends with the landscape
using a wavy design for its vegetated roof to produce varied curves and a low height.

Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environment and Energy Systems, Syracuse (New York),
USA, Toshiko Mori Architect PLLC, USA
A 55,000 sq ft research centre for a federation of more than two hundred institutes, corporations and
academic programs. The building anchors the corridor connecting the city centre and the university
campus. The laboratories are organized along a circulation path that acts as a gallery, creating an
open and inviting architecture to draw the public to the site.

Tellus Nursery School, Stockholm, Sweden, Bolle Tham and Martin Videgard, Sweden
A nursery on the border between a former industrial development and a small forest where new
housing is developed. A semi-enclosed courtyard and an organic layout encourage movement into
challenging shapes. Windows are freely placed at different heights.

Evelyn Grace Academy, London, UK, Zaha Hadid Architects, UK
Embracing a ‘schools-within-schools’ principle has led to the creation of four smaller schools at this
Acedemy, each with a distinct internal and external identity alongside communal indoor and outdoor
spaces to encourage social communication.

Trades North TAFE, Clarkson, Australia, JCY Architects and Urban Designers, Australia
A workshop facility for training in construction, manufacturing and electrical sectors under a tr-
coloured rolling roof which rises and falls to create light in the building.

Arts and Media Centre at The Doon School, Dehradun, India, Khosla Associates, India
Two buildings of an art school are made from varying materials and appear as a collection of
buildings stemming from a central path. The design includes a landscaped quadrangle garden space.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


The King’s School, Ely, UK, ORMS Architecture Design, UK
Extension of an existing creative arts studio and a new art building which represents traditional barn
buildings with simple forms and high ceilings to maximise natural light. The new building is sensitive
to neighbouring listed buildings and features materials that reflect its surroundings.

Coccon, Messinia, Greece, Polyanna Oaraskeva & Associates, Greece
A complex for the accommodation of infants and toddlers, where they are creatively engaged and
develop skills. Inspired by the memory of the cocoon as the space that carries life, the buildings
include accommodation, spaces for creative and educational activities as well as outdoor play areas.
Fluid forms and carved underground spaces with green roofs surround a basin from which organic
forms emerge.

Sra Pou Vocational School, Sra Pou, Cambodia, Architects Rudanko Kankkunen, Finland
A vocational training centre and community building in one of the most unprivileged communities in
Cambodia built to teach impoverished families skills to earn their own living. The handmade school is
made out of local materials and using a local workforce.

Ravensbourne, London, UK, AZPA, UK
A new digital design and media building located next to The O2, London, centred around two
interconnected atria. The external facade consists of gothic rose windows and flower designs
achieved using tiles and circular windows.

Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Foster + Partners, UK
The first building of its kind to be entirely powered by solar energy, this campus features laboratories,
residential accommodation, meeting areas and landscaping throughout. Buildings and residences are
designed to shade adjacent buildings and paths.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                            WAF New and Old

Harris Street Studios, Sydney, Australia, Allen Jack+Cottier, Australia
A two story building and its courtyard, both positioned next to a listed building, were transformed to
provide commercial floor space and a central glazed secret- garden atrium that is surrounded by the
adjacent listed building’s brickwork.

The Grebovka Pavilion, Prague, Czech Republic, SGL Projekt, Czech Republic
The restoration and extension of a pavilion, which originally served as a shooting range and skittle
alley, and is now a cultural monument of importance. The restoration returns the building to its
original appearance from 1888.

Morse and Stiles Colleges Yale University, USA, Kieran Timberlake, USA
The upgrade and expansion of the original 1960’s residential colleges at Yale University into small
suites of rooms, renovated libraries and dining halls. A new sunken courtyard acts as a lobby between
numerous areas and increases activity and movement throughout the buildings.

Shima Kitchen, Kagawa, Japan, Architects Atelier Ryo Abe, Japan
A renovation of an old vacant house to create a venue for arts and dining based on a rural island in
Western Japan. An open kitchen was designed, the warehouse was refitted into a gallery and
extended awning around the trees created an outdoor theatre.

    Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment, Melbourne, Australia, NHArchitecture, Australia
The redevelopment of an iconic Melbourne department store, Myer city store, includes a faceted roof
sculpted with gold metal and glass, as well as a dramatic eight level atrium which starts at the ground
floor and leads up to a diamond skylight.

Plaza Ricard Vines, Lleida, Spain, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Spain
An open public space consisting of labyrinthine paths, a central green area of grass and mazes of
trees and shrubs designed to pedestrianize the area and allow two residential streets to feed into the


                       World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Maboneng Phase 1, Johannesburg, South Africa, Daffonchio and Associates Architects, South Africa
Transformation of two buildings from light industrial to work, exhibition and recreational spaces for
creatives. Centred around public gardens, one of the buildings has a viewing tower which looks
across the city.

Snape Maltings, Suffolk, UK, Hamworth Tompkins, UK
Snape Maltings is a large complex of Grade II listed industrial buildings from the 19th Century which
have been converted into residential and retail use as well as extending the concert hall in the middle
with minimum physical change to their appearance.

Rubem Braga Elevator Complex, Brazil, JBMC Arquitetura & Urbanismo Ltda, Brazil
A blue and green access tower between General Osorio subway station and residents of the city living
on a slope 80m above ground level.

Iron Market, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, John McAslan + Partners, UK
The restoration of The Iron market which is an iconic part of Haiti that was devastated by a fire in
2008 and the 2010 earthquake. Original materials were salvaged to repair all key details and restore
the hub of the city.

Alemanys 5, Girona, Spain, Anna Noguera arquitecta, Spain
A 16th Century building situated inside the original city walls of Girona, Spain has been restored to
form 2 apartments with courtyards and a roof terrace with views across the city and of the cathedral.

Stanislavsky Factory, Moscow, Russia, John McAslan + Partners, UK
The city centre Stanislavsky factory has been regenerated into a vivid mixed use environment unique
to the city and which encompasses offices, apartments and restaurants alongside landscaping which
has encouraged birds and insects back to the area.

Leisure and Commercial Centre, Las Arenas, Barcelona, Spain, Alonso, Balaguer y Arquitectos
A former bullring in the centre of Barcelona was restored to preserve it as key feature in the area
whilst still preserving the ‘red drum’ aesthetics that have made it an iconic piece of Barcelona’s


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Mount Melleray, Co. Waterford, Ireland, dhbArchitects, Ireland
A functioning monastery of Cisterian monks required a new accommodation wing to restore a sense
of community whilst providing basic comforts for the elderly residents.

Puzzle Piece, Canary Islands, Spain, Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, Spain
A cover for a patio in a nursery school for children to protect their play area from sun and rain,
allowing all-weather play. The cover is shaped like a puzzle piece with gaps allowing light in.

Restoration and reuse of the old church of the Annunziata as the Museum of
Contemporary Art, Foligno , Italy, Tstudio, Italy
The reutilisation of a building into a museum of contemporary art which features an octagonal
entrance hall, exhibition rooms and a new facade.

Restaurant de l'Opéra Garnier "Phantom", Paris, France, Odile Decq Benoît Cornette Architects
and Urban Planners, France
A new space in a historical building which seats 90 people has a facade of continuous glass and
diners on the upper level are close to the original dome features.


                      World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                   Production, energy and recycling

Hydroelectric Power Station Winnebach, Sűditorol, Italy, Monvolume Architecture and Design,
This power station is built into the slope, conceived to look like an ‘artificial rock’.

Bodegas Portia, Faustino Winery, Burgos, Spain, Foster and Partners, UK
New winery for the Faustino Group designed so the topography of the site aids the wine-making

Printing Press, Kuwait, Dar SSH International Engineering Consultants, Kuwait
Printing facilities for national Kuwaiti newspaper Awan, with an open interior design that celebrates
the printing process.

Waste Treatment Facility, Barcelona, Spain, Batlle & Roig Architects, Spain
This facility consists of two large treatments at different levels, under one roof, which aims to
integrate with the land.

Wine Cellars Schreckbichl, South Tyrol, Italy, Bergmeisterwolf, Italy
The facade of the building is comprised of layers of oak and steel, evoking the image of wine barrels.

    Advanced Forming Research Centre, Inchinnan, UK, Hypostyle Architects, UK
Consist of three main sections – offices, workshops and laboratories – which are all built at different
heights to give the impression of the building rising ‘like a wave’.

CFER - Business and Recovery Training Centre, Saint-Nicéphore, Quebec, Canada, Régis Côté
et associés, Canada
A training and recycling centre powered by recovered biogas, provides an academic centre in an
innovative environment. A unique roof shape maximises light whilst reducing overheating.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011



25 Loader Street, Cape Town, South Africa, Kotlowitz Marais Architects, South Africa
A ‘minute’ 65m² cottage has been transformed to create a 185m² house which boasts a roof deck
with 360° views, and a freestanding fireplace.

A House Awaiting Death, Mie Prefuncture, Japan, Eastern Design Office, Japan
Facing east towards the sea, this house was designed as a ship cresting over waves and is built as a
place to observe the ever changing sea and waves.

Alemanys 5, Girona, Spain, Anna Noguera, Architect, Spain
This house is situated in Girona’s oldest district and has been refurbished in a minimalist way so as to
retain all the original features.

The Apartment House, Singapore, Formwerkz Architects, Singapore
A spacious and open house organised in two linear volumes, with a swimming pool occupying the
central courtyard.

Black House in Nomme, Tallinn, Estonia, EA Reng, Estonia
Built as a modern take on the old Estonian low-rise estates, rarely seen in Estonia, this house
surrounds a courtyard and features floor-to-ceiling glass walls and external black and white tones.

Bondi Penthouse, Sydney, Australia, Brian Meyerson Architects, Australia
An extension to a heritage building, this house creates a private outdoor space in the heart of a town
whilst featuring large glass windows to maximise natural sunlight within.

Chimney House, Bosschenhoofd, The Netherlands, Onix, The Netherlands
Recognising that the chimney is a disappearing feature in architecture, this wooden house features
four chimneys on a saddleback roof.

Cliff House, Kerala, India, Khosla Associates, India
Perched 200ft at the edge of a cliff on the Arabian sea coast, this house features an asymmetrical
sloping roof and used local artisans and materials in its construction.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Cobogo House, Brazil, Studio MK27, Brazil
A sustainable house which opens up to the artificial lake in the garden, with glass sliding doors and
glass panels in the ceiling.

Glass Loggia House, Sydney, Australia, Allen Jack+Cottier, Australia
A transformation of a nineteenth century building, this house has a double volume glass loggia and
stainless steel mesh curtain, creating an outdoor room.

Home Farm, The Cotswolds, UK, De Matos Ryan, UK
An extension to a Grade II listed building, complete with a low-level garden pavilion made from
natural local materials built into the hillside.

Sentosa Cove, Singapore, MKPL Architects PTE Ltd, Singapore
A light and open house in an exclusive area, with timber slats and large expanses of glass designed to
maximise views of the waterways.

House for a Family of Five, Auckland, New Zealand, RTA Studio, New Zealand
Located in a leafy inner city neighbourhood, this house is covered in white cement panels and
contrasts with the colonial architecture of the area.

Ilma Grove, Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Maynard Architects, Australia
This small, sustainable house was built as an extension to a heritage home, with recycled brickwork
and energy efficient features.

InBetween House, Nagano, Japan, Koji Tsutsui & Associates, Japan
Designed to blend into the mountain, this wooden cottage is built using local materials and is heated
by modern technology.

Maximum Garden House, Singapore, Formwerkz Architects, Singapore
This house blurs the boundaries between garden and home with a sloping roof terrace and planter
screen on the main facade.

Private Residence, Amman, Jordan, Faris and Faris Architects, Jordan


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Built into a mountainous incline, this private villa in the quiet suburbs of Amman features stone
facades and ironwork decorations.

Punta House, Brazil, Studio MK27, Brazil
A one-level house located on an open plot by a reservoir. The stone walls are constructed using local
materials and the living rooms are enclosed by glass.

The Secret House, Kuwait, AGi Architects, Kuwait
A stark white building that offers both privacy and protection from the sun, its top level opens up to
offer views towards the city’s skyline.

Sime Darby Idea House, Shah Alam, Malaysia, Sime Darby Property Berhad, Malaysia
An open-plan house with adaptable spaces, which is attempting to become the first carbon zero
residence in SE Asia.

Small House, Sydney, Australia, Domenic Alvaro, Australia
An ultra-compact vertical house located in an urban setting, the top floor features an outdoor room
with a fig tree which creates a canopy effect.

Soccer Villa, Estado de Mexico, Mexico, Free/Fernando Romero, Mexico
Created around a desire for a location outside the city for friends and family to play and watch the
Mexican national sport, soccer. Embedded into the mountainside, this sustainable house has a green
roof covered in native plants and a large window with a panoramic view of the valley.

Strelein Warehouse, New South Wales, Australia, Ian Moore Architects, Australia
A conversion of a late nineteenth century grocery warehouse into a two level residence, the facade
features recycled brickwork and a large steel plate portal.

Teixiera House, Sydney, Australia, Brian Meyerson Architects, Australia
Taking advantage of available seaviews, light and breezes, this house has local sandstone floors and
a sweeping copper roof.

Terra Nova House, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Issay Weinfeld, Brazil
Organised over four levels, with large sliding glass doors which open the living space up to the


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Villa Krona, Gullkrona Archipelago, Dragsfjärd, Finland, Helin & Co. Architects, Finland
Built against the rocky landscape of the small island, this villa has silvery larch on the exterior and is
designed to be used both as a summer house and a winter haven.

Villa Woodnotes- Snow White, Espoo, Finland, Helin & Co. Architects, Finland
Located on the top of a hill, this villa was designed around the old trees residing on the plot, with a
closed outdoor atrium.

The Windcatcher House, Singapore, K2LD Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
Situated in a tree conservation area, the bottom floor of the house is made of glass so that the upper
floor appears to be supported by trees.

Zodchestvo House, Moscow, Russia, Ithaka, Russia
Described as an ‘optical dystopia’, this impressive building has a large glass wall and white exterior,
and is designed to be an optical illusion.

Dalrymple pavilion, Johannesburg, South Africa, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, South Africa
A simple house for entertaining and guest accommodation is stripped to a simple box made of natural
materials and features a wall made of rammed earth that runs the length of the building, plunging
into the pool and re-emerges downstairs. The pool features a whale-bone chandelier.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                           Structural Design

Strata SE1, London, UK, BFLS, UK
A 148 metre high, 43 story residential tower kick-starting London’s Elephant and Castle regeneration,
which consists of 408 high quality apartments. This is the first development in the world to integrate
wind turbines into the building.

8 Spruce Street- Beekman Tower, New York, USA, WSP Group, Gehry Partners, LLP, California,
At 76 stories, this is the tallest residential tower in New York, offering 903 high end residential units
located just south of the Brooklyn Bridge. The building has an asymmetric steel curtain wall with folds
and crinkles to mimic draped fabric and give the building a sense of movement.

University of Wales, Newport- City Centre Campus, Newport, Wales, BDP, UK
Dynamic new city centre campus located adjacent to the river. The building accommodates 2,000
students, staff and visitors and includes hanging seminar pods and bridged walkways between areas
and lecture theatres.

Flagship Store, Pudong, Shangai, China, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, USA
Apple’s flagship store at the centre of the Pudong district in Shanghai, which is accessed via a 13
meter high glass cylinder made from the world’s largest toughened glass panels. Structural glass
stairs lead down into a subterranean retail space.

New Zealand’s Landmark Timber Structural Demonstration Building: NMIT Arts and
Media Building, New Zealand, Irving Smith Jack Architects Ltd, New Zealand
A landmark timber structure designed to showcase and stimulate structural timber use and encourage
the future use of timber. It also features the world’s first ‘damage avoidance’ seismic engineering
incorporating post tensioned timber shear walls.

A Gathering Bridge: The Long Sleeve Skywalk, China Turenscape, China
A new pedestrian bridge with a design inspired by the dancing shadows of long sleeves of Chinese
operas, where seamless and flowing curves follow natural colours, which integrates safe universal and
disabled access to provide safe passage for all.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


CVJETNI, Zagreb, Croatia, upi-2m, Croatia
Underground car park that uses the ‘top down’ propping method for the first time in Croatia.

Ecoarea – Better Living, Italy, Alessandro Quadrelli Architetto, Italy
Ecoarea is an exhibition type building for firms which work in sustainable industries, designed as the
smallest flexible space a firm can rent, and uses two technological systems that both conform to
earthquake safe protocol.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                        Future Projects

                                    Future Projects – Infrastructure

Little India Mass Rapid Transit Station, Singapore, Singapore, Architects 61 Pte Ltd
Redevelopment of an existing station, relocated canal and new underground highway. The design
theme is based on a cultural icon- the Sari- and its flowing for’ reflects flowing water. The layout is
designed to minimise the distances travelled by passengers and features glass and metallic mosaics
inserted into granite flooring.

Metro Stations, Rennes, France, Atelier Zündel Cristea
New Saint Germain metro station which features glass blocks sealed in prefabricated concrete to
allow the presence of natural light. Circular pathways give a sense of endless corridors and windows
which are set into fibrous concrete look down at various points onto the heart of the station.

Abu Dhabi Intermodal Transit Centre and Carpark, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Kohn
Pedersen Fox Associates
An extension to the existing terminal, forming a ‘gateway to and from Abu Dhabi and the United Arab
Emirates’. It brings together six modes of transport operating specifically to expected passenger
demands and is guided by environmental objectives.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                  Future Projects – Experimental

The Tower of Nests, Shanghai, China, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture AB
Located in down town Shanghai, it is designed to be co-inhabited by humans and animals. Its outer
skin is composed of natural materials to allow birds and bees to inhabit, yet providing community
space. Its U-shaped plan allows birds and natural light to enter.

Inhabitable Sculpture, Lisbon, Portugal, Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados
Made from cork, this design is based on repetition of an anthropomorphic root. It is an enlarged and
inhabitable unit based on chromed iron structure from 1968.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                   Future Projects – Landscaping

The Shoal, Stratford Town Centre, London, Studio Egret West Limited, UK
Situated adjacent to London 2012 Olympic games. It creates a sense of excitement and drama to
invite people in. A vertical kinetic sculpture made of naturally coloured titanium. It is designed
around making Stratford an ‘island’ destination.

Skygate, Beirut, Lebanon, Francis Landscapes, Lebanon
Its landscape pattern produces complete interconnectedness. An ‘Urban Eden’ it blurs the lines
between vegetation and man-made structures, with a garden landscape of plants and water features,
combining the interplay of hard and soft landscape elements.

Valencia Parque Central, Valencia, Spain, Gustafson Porter, UK
A multifunctional, active, lively and secure destination; the ‘green heart’ of the city. It builds on its
Valencia location between unique ecological habitats. Designed on ‘bowl’ concept and includes two
main ‘pole’ areas (north and south). It is attentive to the Spanish water shortage issues, collecting
rainwater for the city.

Shoreline Walk, Beirut, Lebanon, Gustafson Porter, UK
The building demonstrates Beirut’s character and resolve. It guides and reveals Beirut’s history and
forms a connective spine to the city. A continuous white limestone line marks the ground and a wide
pedestrian promenade. It features four areas to pause and reflect on pre-war city and forgotten

Park Supermarket, Netherlands, Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten, Netherlands
Situated in the Metropolitan parks of the Tandstad. A contemporary supermarket where sites are
cultivated and sold, each department within the supermarket having its own small plot.

Hunters Point South Waterfront Park, Long Island City, NYC, USA, Weiss/Manfredi, USA
One of the most ambitious and comprehensive projects undertaken by NYC in decades. It allows
intersection of the city, park and waterfront by richly planted bio-swale. Featuring views directly
across Manhattan and the East River from its multi-use green oval design, it also includes a 30-foot
high cantilevered platform.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                 Future Projects – Masterplanning

Candlestick Point/ Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, California, USA, IBI Group, USA
A ‘nucleus for southeast San Francisco’, helped by the local Bayview community. A historic waterfront
park with artefacts, such as 400 foot high re-gunning crane. The green R&D campus will be the West
coast’s largest to date, built on a previous shipyard. It collaborates local housing, walks, sports fields
and gardens through environmental initiatives.


                      World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


West Kowloon Cultural District Conceptual Plan, Hong Kong, Rocco Design Architects Ltd,
Hong Kong
A 3-layer organisation: green terrain (south), city link (north) and a cultural zone (centre) for the arts.
Overlaid onto its framework is an urban street-grid. The Conceptual Plane aim is to offer a low carbon
sustainable community.

Begin with an Ecological Infrastructure: The Wulijie Eco-City, Hubei Province, China,
Turenscape, China
Alternative urbanism, ecologically sound and culturally sensitive, it is based on essential human
needs. The water-based ecological infrastructure will organise the town and help to alleviate floods
and draughts. It features bike and pedestrian trails throughout.

Tianjin Eco-city Plot 8 & 17, PRC, China, Aedas Limited, Hong Kong
Underpinning the concept of man living in harmony with fellow man, economy and environment.
Designed on curvy details of butterfly iconography and rounded shaping to express the philosophy of
life’s cycle. It is an eco-friendly project.

Subh griha and New Haven, Vashind-Maharashtra, Mahasrashtra, India, Tata Housing
Development Company Ltd, India
Featuring well-designed, sustainable and affordable housing. It is loosely based and inspired by
geometrics in nature and secular notion of the five elements. Featuring a single looped boulevard for
accessibility and interlocking volumes of buildings designed around central courtyard of district.

Paddington Crossrail, London, UK, Weston Williamson, UK
Creating a world-class pedestrian space alongside existing National Rail buildings. It preserves the
buildings integrity and improves its recent development sites. It features a cast structure of ‘tree’
columns supporting the curved glass canopy and a future provision of an art installation. Its open
design allows natural light and vast space, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Atlantic North West, Southampton, UK, Capita Symonds, UK
Redevelopment of Southampton as gateway to Atlantic North West of Europe, mixing hotels, cultures
and leisure. Featuring a ‘Aeronautica’ attraction telling aviation history, it will also be the basis for air
and water activities.

Stadi_City, Doha, Qatar, Desitecture, UK


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


A self-contained mini-city, the stadium can also be used as a port for ocean liners. It makes use of
offshore sites where land based stadia cannot be supported. It design is based on the weave of
Kenter cloth, a traditional Ghanaian woven fabric, and a triangulated steel frame construction coral
frame. Its tiers create two structural skins, creating the bridges and envelope, featuring an ‘elliptical
photovoltaic sun farm’ on its roof.

                                      Future Projects Competition

Tallinn Town Hall, Tallinn, Estonia. Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark.
The Town Hall aims to create an open public square (half inside, half outside)that will contain a
municipal restaurant, conference hall, exhibitions, and informal meeting places whilst being in tune
with the old medieval townscape. Comprised of ten individual departments, two for common space,
and a thirteenth building, the tower, which will host the City Government.

Glacier Discovery Walk, Alberta, Canada.Sturgess Architecture, Canada.
Located in the Jasper National Park, the glacier trail is cut into native bedrock with a view of the
gorge below. At the Discovery Vista visitors can venture out 30 metres beyond the face of the cliff on
a transparent glass walkway.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Multifunctional Building “Rossi Sud Complex”, Latina, Italy.DRA&U, Italy.
The shell inspired building is designed with a continuous outer surface with separate manageable
areas. The outdoor area consists of paths, green areas, an auditorium, playgrounds for children, and
an arena for outdoor events.

Competition for Comic and Animation Museum and Plaza, Hangzhou, China. Miralles
Tagliabue EMBT, Spain.
The Magical Island will be an innovative experience with natural artificial features that engage with
the comic museum experience. ‘Enhancing the impossible,’ it will include a sub aquatic underworld
where there will be giant screens showing comics from around the world.

Sports City Stadium, Saudi Arabia. Populous, United Kingdom.
Designed to provoke a sense of dynamic display, the stadium is defined by an intriguing percolated
ring. The surface that runs up to the stadium facade and out over the podium is designed as a net is
made up of pairs of cables spanning in all directions.

Camo-Density or: How I learned to love living in a hedge, Vancouver, Canada. RUF project,
‘The Hedge’ is a series of 16x25 pre-manufactured units covered by hydroponically grown hedges
which can be stacked or linked linearly to accelerate production. Without requiring new investment in
underground services, the living spaces consist of an offset spine which houses the kitchen, table, flip
down bed, and expandable bathroom.

Catalinas Tower, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Isay Weinfield, Brazil.
A rectangular office block comprised of 550 functional units features a ground floor housing a bank
branch, restaurant, coffee shop, and a book shop. The facades are made up of horizontal sun
breakers and four types of casing panels that are distributed unevenly according to the various
incidences of solar radiation.

Place Lalla Yeddouna, Fez, Morocco, Mossessian & Partners, UK
The preservation of historic buildings in one of the oldest Medinas in the world alongside the
construction of new buildings, to create a dynamic mixed-use space. It will include galleries and
colourful public spaces lined with tiles made by local artisans.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                    Future Projects – Educational

Kuwait University Teaching School, Kuwait City, Kuwait, Pekins + Will, USA
A 21st Century school, functioning both as a K-12 school and a teaching environment for University
students. The buildings grassed roofs and the schools curricula have been programmed with ways to
turn arid desert into verdant oasis.

METU Student Center, Ankara, Turkey, Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, Turkey
A sustainable student campus with a sports centre, performance hall and amphitheatres all perceived
as parts of one unified building.

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University Academic Campus, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Perkins
+ Will, UK


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Comprised of nine buildings, the newly created University campus will be the largest women’s
university in the world. The building responds to the region’s architectural and religious heritage
whilst using GFRC shading screens to shade from direct sun.

International Competition for the New Campus of Fudan University School of
Management, Shanghai, China, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Spain
The new Fudan campus aims to create a new core in the community by renovating one of the oldest
Universities in China. All the public gathering spaces of the new buildings are covered by a roof-
landscape which filters, modulates and stages the light that shines into the building.

Women’s Opportunity Center, Kayonza, Rwanda, Sharon Davis Design, USA
A two-hectare mini village in Rwanda providing classrooms, community space, a farmers market and
guest accommodation to help female survivors of war rebuild their lives. Bricks are made on-site to
create income opportunity and spur social solidarity.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                     Future Projects – Cultural

Sancak Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, EAA-Emre Arolat Architects. Turkey
Focussed on the essence of religious space, the long canopy stretching out from the park is the only
architectural element visible from the outside. The building blends in completely with the topography
where the interior of the mosque is dramatic and simple cave like space.

Royal Court Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, UK
The Grade II listed theatre will be completely renovated, including and interior space for new public
areas. The large glazed facade to the corner of the building seeks to open up the retained brickwork
as the interior space draws in the public.

Port Arthur Resort, Tasmania, Australia, Circa Architecture, Australia
The proposal is a village of 34 independent translucent pavilions. The internal temperature is
controlled by a vented ridge and the retractable external blinds respond automatically to changes in

Desert Retreat, Ubari Lakes, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, AU Studio, UK
An eco resort hotel situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert made from rammed earth. The rooms
either offer views of the valley or across the rolling sand dunes.

Auditorium and Conventions Center in Morro Jable, Canary Islands, Spain, Menis Arquitectos,
A black concrete building with red scratches is presented as a series of prismatic modules which run
parallel to each other suiting the characteristics of the environment. The auditorium can operate with
full capacity or can be divided up for activities such as; theatre, cinema, opera, chamber of
symphonic orchestras, or conferences.

Zhang Da Qian Museum, Neijang, China, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Spain
A purpose built museum to exhibit the work of legendary Chinese painter Zhang Da Qian as well as
integrating the cultural essence to east and west relating to his friendship with Picasso. Located at
the peak Dong Tong Lu Yuan Mountain, the museum will grow from an existing tea-house using
vertical laminated bamboo ribs.

Msheireb Cultural Forum, Doha, Qatar, John McAslan and Partners, UK


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Taking inspiration from Qatari Courtyard House, the building and forum are based on monolithic black
stone. An atrium forms the centre of the building which is surmounted by a skylight and an Islamic-
patterned screen to diffuse light and produce artfully shadowed volumes.

Atlantis “Eco-Philia”, South Korea, Samoo Architects & Engineers, South Korea
The BIG-0, based on Atlantis, introduces natural purification to the polluted water of Yeosu using a
closed sea-water circulatory system. The educationally themed structure will have an exposed seabed
above the surface of the water.
Mountain Eco Resort, Sahara, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Haptic Architects, UK
A proposed eco resort located in the Acacus Mountains, Sahara Dessert, the sculpted buildings are
inspired by the dark basalt mountains. Rammed earth and stone walls will house accommodation
offering unique views of the surrounding landscape.

Art Digital Center – Campus Milla Digital, Zaragoza, Spain, MCBAD Colomer Dumont, France
The digitally themed urban project will be the new home for the Centre for Digital Art and
Technology. A building where artists, production, and communication coexist in a flexible space for
the future.

Miami Pier Museum of Latin American Immigrants, Miami, Florida, USA, MJZ, Poland
Situated directly on coastline of South Beach, Miami, FL, design reflects struggles of Miami’s
immigrants using twisting forms both internally and externally to resemble the waves of the sea. Its
external form is designed to withstand and absorb the extreme weather and hurricanes that Florida is
prone to.

Zócalo 11 de Julio, Tijuana B.C., Mexico, 7XA Taller de Arquitectura, Mexico
Links public and commercial spaces, with green roofs to enjoy and connecting paved areas. Central
space is a lake for boat rides and admiration of the Emblem-Tower. The Emblem Tower, a white
cylindrical tower is covered with LED screens projecting information 24 hours a day.


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                      Future Projects Commercial

The ARC Office Building, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Abiat Architects, Egypt
The proposed four storey office building in the newly developed neighbourhood of Jeddah, is
composed of 20 flexible office units, with a roof terrace overlooking the Red Sea coast.

Muqarnas Tower, King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
The 30-storey tower, offering office and retail space, has a unique floor plate and facade which
creates a surface that ‘shades itself’.

D Hotel, Sushant Golf City, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, Sanjay Puri Architects, India
This 120-room hotel responds to the site’s orientation, sculpting the built form seamlessly with the

Biome, Shree Cement Township, Jobner, Rajasthan, India, Sanjay Puri Architects, India
An office development at a factory site in the desert state of Rajasthan, echoes the sand dunes of the
surrounding landscape whilst grass covered planes provide contrast and create an energy efficient

Fusionopolis 4, Singapore, Aedas, Hong Kong, China
A regional headquarters for an entertainment company and a revenue-generating office building.
Planning restrictions defined the height of this 13 meter-high building which includes a state-of-the-
art 100-person theatre and gallery.

Taipei Nangang Office Tower, Taiwan, Aedas, Hong Kong, China
Located near the Jilong River, the highly-sustainable design for the new 18-storey Taipei Nangang
Office Tower draws inspiration from the shape of the river pebbles and aims to achieve LEED Gold

Ecoarea – Better Living, Via Rigardara 37, Coriano RN, Italy, Alessandro Quadrelli Architecto, Italy
Ecoarea provides exhibition space for companies working in renewable energy and green building
technologies. It has been designed to utilise natural light and hold thermal energy longer.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


5* Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Msheireb, Doha, Qatar, John McAslan +
Partners, UK
A high-specification scheme designed to define a new language of form, material and overall
composition that speaks thoughtfully of change and the future in a fast-developing city.

Echelon – Interglobe Headquarters, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, RSP Design Consultants, India
The seven-storey HQ building for interglobal has been designed to reflect the firm’s philosophy and
integrate the site landscape with the overall built environment to provide a sense of structure while
maintaining open outlooks and visual permeability.

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters, Chéngdu City, Sichuan Province, China, Nikken Sekkei, Japan
Located on a major road at the centre of Chéngdu, the 100m cubic building provides one-million sqm
of built up floor space and creates a strong presence in a district which is crowded with a variety of

Wadi Rum Resort, Jordan, Oppenheim Architecture + Design, USA
Unique luxury accommodation where desert sand meets desert stone, engaging with the landscape
with nominal impact and primal elegance. The boundaries between man-made and nature, interior
and exterior are deliberately blurred to establish maximum impact.

Philips Lighting Zero Carbon Emissions Building, Malu, Jiading District, Shanghai, China, Arup
Associates, UK
Representing a step-change in the design of office buildings in China, this project will act as a
lighthouse for the surrounding areas whilst creating a healthy innovative working environment in a
zero-carbon, naturally ventilated building.

London Wall Place, London, UK, Make, UK
A proposed mixed-use, grade-A office-led development, in the heart of the City of London which
focuses on the public realm to increase permeability of the 1.8 acre site, aligned to the historic
London Wall.

5 Broadgate, London, UK, Make, UK


                     World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


The designs for the 12-story ‘groundscraper’ respond to the increasing demand for major buildings to
provide high quality form, materials and detail which are innovative and visibly remarkable. 5
Broadgate will set new standards and includes four state-of-the-art trading floors.

Antakya Hotel, Antakya, Hatay, Turkey, EAA-Emre Arolat Architects, Turkey
The proposed hotel at the centre of Antakya, close to the St Pierre Cathedral, incorporates excavated
relics, positioning itself as a protective cover for the historic remains.

Medicalpark Ulus Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, Zoom TPU, Turkey
A hospital made up of healing rooms which aim to enhance the feeling of being surrounded by
nature’s noises and soft shapes. The hospital consists of creative spaces of activity, a reception area
and patient rooms.


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                    Future Projects Residential

Staff and Doctor’s Housing for Vedanta Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Chattisgarh,
India, Malik Architecture, India
1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and service apartments for Doctors and nurses focused around green/woodland.
Design process accounted for hierarchies and roles of staff/nurses/doctors, the sun’s movement and
severe budget restrictions.

Orchard Suites, Singapore, MKPL Architects Pte Ltd. Singapore
High rise residential development has unique and innovative ‘skin’ architecture, set in the prime
location of Orchard Road but disadvantaged by the extremely small site. Sets new green benchmark
and an architectural fashion statement by planting trees outside each suite.

72 Collective Housing Units, France, LAN Architecture, France
Created for the urban lifestyle, the project is directed towards combining the house and the
apartment, inspired by stacking containers and study of habitat modes. Cross-building units with
adaptable exterior spaces.

Rope Factory Lofts, Istanbul, Turkey, Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, Turkey
Project involved converting long open spaces of old large rope factory into a high-end residential of
around 40 individual units. Aim to give equal and just share to every loft and access to waterfront.
Major building materials hint former identity of site e.g. raw wooden panels, natural wood and stone.

G Plus Residences, Istanbul, Turkey, Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, Turkey
High-rise blocks situated in a district near Basin Express Highway, has advantage of location and
large building plot. Design based on understanding of the place and urban environment. One block
has 18 floors, the other has 22, both located at opposite ends of the land, utilizing view and daylight.

Palmyra, Mauritius, Sanjay Puri Architects, India
Planned in four wings, each with four apartments, this 18 level development skirts the south-west
borders of the site creating a large landscaped garden on the north-east corner overlooking the river.
Planning means apartments need less air conditioning.

Cargo XXL, Slovenia, City Studio doo, Slovenia


                      World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


New residential area links urban and natural space in which the buildings and nature are mixed into
one, following the natural form of the hill and quarry. Homes are grouped into neighbourhoods and
these into semi-private communities. Has renewable energy concept e.g. rainwater retention ponds
and solar chimneys.

Chintels Residential Development, Haryana, India, RSP Design Consultants Pvt. Ltd. India
Fine set of high-rise residences near IGI airport spread over 39 acres. Designed for ecological twist to
urban living, use of open spaces, link to neighbouring greens, improved day lighting and privacy.
Cluster of tower blocks with each cluster conceived as a sub-community.

Wafra Living, Kuwait, Agi Architects, Kuwait
High rise building set back from the street and an L-shaped building defining the street edge to
maximise privacy. Combines at different levels private and public within the complex. At level +6.
00m is a ‘High Square’, a community space for tenants to play sports in a private environment.

The Case Study Biotape Housing, California, United States, Koji Tsutsui & Associates, Japan
Environmentally and culturally sustainable collective housing. Designed to blend into natural
environment and create a microcosm of San Francisco with inhabitants of various cultural and ethnic
backgrounds. Flat terraced roofs provide water surface for wild birds and sprinkler system.

Musheireb- Heart of Doha, Doha, Qatar, Mossessian & Partners, UK
A mixed use development featuring residential, commercial and retail buildings centred around a
major public square and aiming to re-centralise the city. Tall narrow streets, roof overhangs and
decorative screens all shade the development helping to cool it.

Vicem Residences, Bodrum, Turkey, EAA- Emre Arolat Architects, Turkey
Houses situated on a rocky tip along the Turkish coastline which aim to blend in with the surrounding
mountains and water. The houses look onto the sea and feature verandas jutting over freshwater

35th Street housing Complex, Izmir, Turkey, Teget Architecture, Turkey
    A housing complex for a population of 2,000 people located on a sharply sloping site near a 2km
long pedestrian street. White buildings of varying heights look onto landscaped communal areas and
the development features a swimming pool, shaded by archways in the building.


                       World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


Quarza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Broadway Malyan, Singapore
An environmentally responsive, mixed-use development consisting of three residential towers, a retail
mall and a commercial office. The area features public open spaces, ponds, decks and sky courts.

    Girassol Building, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Isay Weinfield, Vrazil
A residential building made up of different levels which resemble a cascade of apartments. The
uneven organisation and greenery throughout the building aims to blend in with the landscape and
allow residents at the top of the building to enjoy views of the city of Sao Paolo.

L-and and Reserve, Portugal, Studio MK27, Brazil
A hotel and spa located on the Alqueva dam comprising of 70 villas with deck areas and a spa which
will be built over the water with a reflecting pool located on the rooftop.

Park Hill, Sheffield UK, Hawkins\Brown, UK
Regeneration of the Grade II Park Hill Estate, the largest listed structure in Europe, to comprise 995
residential flats, landscaping and connecting bridges.


                      World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


                                       Future Projects Health

South Australian Heal and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Adelaide, Australia, Woods
Baggot, UK
The SAHMRI headquarters will house 675 researchers in fully flexible laboratory space immediately
adjacent to the site of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH), creating a new health precinct that
features medicinal gardens as an educational tool and to provide public interaction.

Vedanta Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Chattisgarh, Naya Raipur, India, Malik
Architecture, India
The Vedanta Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, on a 350 acre site in the new capital city Naya
Raipur, provides an opportunity to establish a benchmark for future medical facilities and integrated
sustainable development, focusing heavily on the patient experience.

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at RPA, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, Australia, Rice
Daubney, Australia
The proposed nine-storey facility will be fully integrated with the existing infrastructure and has been
designed to focus on patient centred care as a holistic experience, with healing gardens accessed
from patient rooms.

Medicalpark Ulus Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, Zoom TPU/ Tumay Mimarlik, Turkey
A hospital that focuses on ‘patient centered design’ principles to provide patients with creative spaces
aimed to make them feel comfortable and inspire healing.

The Francis Crick Institute, St Pancras London, UK, HOK with PLP Architecture, UK
A new national centre for Biomedical Research for four of the world’s most influential scientific
organisations that will accommodate 1250 researchers in a stimulating environment, which
encourages innovation, while also being sensitive to its historic setting.

Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Centre, Kenya, Perkins+Will, USA/ Triad Architects,
Located adjacent to the campus of United States International University in Nairobi Kenya, the Kenya
Women and Children’s Wellness Centre will be a state of the art healthcare facility which will help to
achieve the foundation’s mission of health, well-being, counselling and education for an underserved


                    World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011


The National Heart Centre, Singapore, ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, Singapore
The design incorporates modular innovative building methods to ensure the building is adaptable for
future growth and includes open spaces similar to medicinal courtyard gardens of the Middle Ages
designed to expedite healing.

Binh Chanh Pediatric Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, VK, 2050 A+P, Nhat My, Belgium
The organic design for this children’s hospital for the Vietnamese Ministry of Health is centered
around a flower-like concept. The hospital has 1,000 beds and the holistic approach, fully integrates
architecture and engineering to create a healing environment that not only deals with the body, but
also with the mind and soul of young patients

Lakeside Spa and Boutique Hotel, Moscow, Russia, McAdam Architects, UK
A 5* hotel located near reservoirs and lakes positioned on a stretch of land that changes from forest
to beach. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a panoramic terrace with views across the lake.



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