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                                                  PAYMENT FORM

                   PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                     V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                  -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m
                                          PRODUCT OVERVIEW


For all users who buy an S2ENGINE ver. 1.5 License PROFENIX STUDIO will guarantee FREE upgrades
for all 1.x version.

       Seamless indoor/outdoor: With S2Engine technology you can build complex scenes featuring
        indoor and outdoor locations. This is possible using an hybrid system based on a bsp/portal main
        scenegraph structure and an octree/antiportal structure for every sector for fast geometry culling
        useful for big sector locations.
       Dynamic Portal Scissoring: S2Engine is capable to render big indoor environments filled with
        dynamc lights and shadows thanks to a bsp/portals system integrated with our propretary
        technology: DPS. DPS (Dynamic Portal Scissoring) let the system to decide which portals to use for
        culling shadows and lights effects from non-visible geometry based on player point of view.
       Shadows: S2Engine has been designed to perform fast dynamic shadows rendering with a stencil
        shadow volumes algorithm optimized with an aggressive use of scissor buffer. Soft shadows can
        also been simulated via projective lights.
       Ambient lighting: S2Engine is capable of simulating inditrect lighting radiosity throw a propretary
        system that lets to have diffuse ambient lights with bumpmapping granularity.
       Lighting: S2Engine features a complex per-pixel dynamic lighting system which let customize
        distance light attenuation functions via simple texture mapping. S2Engine shaders support,
        moreover, diffuse and specular bump mapping with gloss. Currently 4 light types are supported:
        OmniDirectional lights with customizable distance attenuation function via texturing or cube maps,
        Spot Lights with cube map or 2D texture projection, Directional lights with attenuation via texturing,
        Global Ambient light featuring bump-mapping
       Materials: Thanks to a flexible architecture and a powerful lighting system the engine can support
        mullti-layered materials with simulation of: reflectance, specularity, transparency, self-illumination,
        gloss parametric specular highlights.
       Special FX: S2Engine is capable to perform 'Render to Texture' for adding special effects like light

       Keyframed animations: Animation system has been created as a natural extension of the node-
        based scene rappresentation that lets the objects to be organized in an hierarchical manner. The
        current version of the engine supports keyframed animations applied either to bone based mesh
        skinning and simple hierarchical models (needed expecially in mechanical animations).
       Animation blending: S2Engine is also capable to perfom a parametric animation blending to
        smooth innatural rapid movements which can be applied to both hierarchical or skinned models.

       Modularity: S2Engine is interfaced to a physics\collision system which is separated from the system
        core. This feature permits to constantly update the physics\collision module without change anything

                   PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                     V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                  -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m
       Collision system: Currently two collision tests can be performed: AABBox-scene collision (via BSP
        and sector/mesh local Octrees) and AABox-AABox collision.
       Dynamics: The object dynamics is monitored by a particle-based subsystem via Euler integration.
        The physics interface lets to associate a particle to every object in the scene.
       Picking: Every object into the scene can be 'picked' on a per triangle basis. this is due to a per-
        triangle line-mesh and line-surface intersection system.

       layered AI: S2Engine includes a powerful AI System organized in multiple layers. Lower levels
        contain path-finding and steering behaviors and higher levels contains FSM (Finite State Machine),
        message routing system and scripting system.
       Hierarchical path-finding: S2engine is capable to perform a two levels hierarchical path-finding. At
        higher level the path is automatically extracted from bsp/sectors structure and at lower level the
        designer can customize paths for each room/sector by connecting local waypoints. This let the
        engine to find the best path very fast by rejecting all unuseful path informations.
       Message routing: All objects into the scene can comunicate each other by sending messages. This
        feature lets to combine different object (i.e. triggers, switchs, weapons, etc.) to obtain different game
       Simple scripting: All game entities behaviours can be customized by a simple IF (conditions) THEN
        (actions) scripting language that lets to obtain different behaviours from the same object type in a
        very simple way and WITHOUT hard-coding.

       WorldEditor: World editor is useful to create level geometry. It also contains a Bsp-Portal map
        generator that builds the level graph and shows the generated portals during the level creation. With
        S2WorldEditor you can create and modify various types of objects, you can also import meshes from
        external modellers like 3dsmax. Thanks to the flexible architecture of S2Engine new types of objects
        can be implemented using the editor sdk.
       SceneStudio: SceneStudio has been designed to easily insert object and lights into the scene and
        view real-time game simulation. When you implement new objects with the sdk via c/c++ you can
        test directly their in-game behaviours using Scene Studio.
       MaterialEditor: Using Material Editor you can set in real-time materials properties in few clicks and
        see the effects showed in the main interface.
       ModelStudio: Model Studio is designed for merging animation and allows to attach gadgets to the
        desired node of the model. The user can add/play/remove model animation and he can apply
        different animations to different components of the same model. Model and animation, moreover, are
        located in two different files so the user can associates same animation to different models.
       Exporting tools: S2Engine Toolset also contains Exporting plug-ins for the most used modelling
        editors. These programs let to export different type of files which contains: simple meshes, skinned
        models, level structures, hierarchical mesh models, etc…

       SDK(available only in the PRO EDITION): In the professional license version S2Engine is provided
        with a complete SDK which allows to modify or customize lowlevel engine modules without changing
        high-level architecture: RenderDevice, AudioDevice, Input Device, Resources, Surfaces. With
        S2Engine SDK is, also, possible to customize and extend game objects via C++. Moreover SDK is
        supplied with Standard object interfaces packages: BasePack, CharacterPack, ItemPack,
        TriggerPack. BasePack contains Billboard, Helpers, Decals, Base Light, Base Camera, Paricle
        systems, Base Triggers, Base Character classes. CharacterPack contains Player Character and Non
        Player Character classes. ItemPack contains Base Weapons, Projectiles, Bulletboxes. TriggerPack
        contains extended trigger classes.

                   PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                     V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                  -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m
The following is the whole stuff you will find into 1.4 S2ENGINE (BASIC and PRO Editions):



TestDemo 1.5 stuff (including textures, materials, models, scripts, sounds)

Script Reference Manual
Video Tutorials (availables on
SDK Reference Manual (available only for PRO EDITION)

Security Hardware:
BASIC EDITION: A Maximum of 5(FIVE) hardware keys, one for every license “seat”
PRO EDITION: A Maximum of 10(TEN) hardware keys, one for every license “seat”

                   PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                     V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                  -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m
The S2ENGINE BASIC EDITION LICENSE(“S2BE”) is intended to be used for games only, by very small independent
companies or individuals funding their own game development. Any other use is governed by the S2Engine
PROFESSIONAL Edition License or S2Engine FULL Edition License.

The use of the S2Engine Basic Edition("Engine") is governed by this license agreement ("Agreement"). You must read
and agree to this Agreement terms BEFORE installing the Engine to your hard drive or using the Engine in any way. If
you do not agree to the license terms, do not download, install or use the Engine. It is important that you print out a copy
of this Agreement on your date of acquisition as a record of the governing terms and conditions. Please make copies for
all those in your organization who need to be familiar with the license terms.

This sets forth the entire agreement between Profenix Studio, ("Licensor") and the Licensee relating to the use of the
Engine Tools on hard media or downloadable from the Licensor website,, or affiliates.

Licensor grants Licensee a maximum of 5(FIVE) "seats" to an individual or a small team a limited non-exclusive, non-
transferable license to use the S2Engine Basic Edition ("Engine) for the purposes of making source code and object
code for only ONE single or multi-user Game ("Game").
(a) Licensee may publicly sell, distribute, release, publish, transmit and/or exploit any Games created hereunder.
(b) Licensee may have the Games published in any channel by any publisher with no royalties. Licensee can but does
not have to offer the Games to Profenix Studio for publication.

The following restrictions apply to the use of this Engine:
(a) This license is granted to individuals or very small independent companies only, and cannot be owned by corporate
or business entities.
(b) Licensee may not use the BASIC License if the annual revenue of the Company employing, partnering, or affiliated in
any way with the Licensee is greater than $25,000 annually. Companies that grow to greater than $25,000 annually must
upgrade to the S2Engine PROFESSIONAL or FULL Edition License.
(c) Licensee may not: (i) create any derivative works of the Engine, including translations or localizations, other than the
Games; (ii) reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to derive the algorithms for the Engine (iii) redistribute, encumber,
sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Engine; or (iv) remove or alter any trademark, logo,
copyright or other proprietary notices, legends, symbols or labels in the Engine.
(d) Licensee may not distribute the engine tools or documentation to the engine in any manner, unless recipient also has
a license to the Engine.
(e) Licensee may not release Products intended for operation on Game Console Systems including the Microsoft Xbox,
Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo GameCube, or their successors without first
obtaining a separate S2Engine Console License from Profenix Studio.
(f) Licensee may not be a government contractor, government entity, large corporation, or small company performing
subcontract work for any of these entities without obtaining a PROFESSIONAL or FULL License. Small companies
cannot take royalty advances or development fees from large companies or corporate entities for Games using the
Engine without first obtaining a PROFESSIONAL License.

4. FEES.
(a) The S2BE License fee for the Engine is 135 euros per EACH Game made with the engine tools and script sources.
There are no additional royalties. Licensee does not have to show the Games or publish the Games with Profenix Studio.
(b) Licensee agrees to display a full screen, unmodified S2Engine logo for no less than four full seconds in the start up
sequence of any game created and released with the Engine.
(c) Licensee agrees to include in the "About" box or in the credits screen: (i) a link to, and (ii) the
wording "This game powered by the S2Engine."
(d) Licensor may use Licensee's name in connection with the Games and in any customer reference list or in any press
release issued by Licensor regarding the licensing of the Engine.

Without prejudice to any other rights, Licensor may terminate this Agreement if Licensee breaches any of its terms and
conditions. Upon termination, Licensee shall destroy all copies of the Engine. Licensee's access to the S2Engine forums
and access to source upgrades may be pulled at Profenix Studio sole discretion that Licensee is not abiding by
reasonable rules and etiquette regarding such access.

                    PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                      V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                   -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m
Please fill the fields below:

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(**) Required fields
(*) Only if applicable

Please mark the table below to specify what license kind do you want to buy and how many hardware
keys you want to receive (max 5 for BASIC edition, max 10 for PRO edition).

Mark here      SERVICE                                                                                              Quantity              PRICE
               1 Mounth Technical support                                                                                                 50€
               S2Engine ver. 1.5 BASIC EDITION + 5 Hardware Keys                                                                          135€


(*) Minimum One Required.


                   PROFENI X ST UDI O di Fabi o Di Pa ola - P. IVA (VAT) 0 5 5 2 8 3 9 1 2 1 1
                     V i a E . S c a r f o g l i o , 1 9 , B r u s c i a n o ( N A ) , T e l . e Fa x N . + 3 9 - 0 8 1 - 5 1 9 0 5 9 1
                                  -                    In f o @ p r o f e n i x . c o m

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