Know the Best Drug Free Menopause Remedies Available Today

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					               Know the Best Drug Free Menopause Remedies Available Today

         Every woman’s genetic make-up is unique. Most women in their early forties may begin
to notice some changes in their systems that weren’t there before. Others may not observe
them until they are in their mid- forties. These symptoms - the irregularity of menstrual periods,
unexplained headaches, dryness and pain – may be early signs of menopause. Menopause
literally means the end of the monthly cycles. And, its symptoms worsen as the woman
increases in age.

        A lot has been said about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), praising it to be one of
the quickest remedy that can help fight back the more severe symptoms of menopause such as
hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. However, studies have shown that this remedy only
puts the woman at a much greater risk, as she may be exposed to breast cancer and other
health issues. Fortunately, women don’t have to necessarily undergo hormone therapy since
there are plenty of available drug-free remedies today. Some of these include:

   •   Natural Remedy. Drinking healthy beverages like herbal tea Black Cohosh helps fight
       back hot flashes. Plant estrogens are also noted to fight back menopause symptoms.

   •   Lifestyle change. Putting a stop to your bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol
       is a must. Too much smoking and alcohol consumption only aggravate the condition and
       amplifies the discomfort you are experiencing. Eliminating these bad habits will,
       naturally, pave the way to excellent consequences.

   •   Diet change. It wouldn’t hurt if you reduce your intake of caffeine products such as
       coffee and carbonated drinks. Two cups a day of coffee is ideal. But, green tea is more
       nutritious and just as fine.

   •   Good exercise regimen. A properly-managed diet coupled with a good exercise regimen
       helps you keep your body fit and trim. For those who never used to exercise, a 15-
       minute simple warm-up movement of the hands and feet each morning will condition
       your body for what is more to come. Also, there are swaying movements that would not
       have to hurt your body. See, exercise activities need not be painful.
       So, the next time you are suffering from all the discomforts brought about by
       menopause, switch to these drug-free remedies. What’s great is that the above are just
       some of the HRT- free menopause treatments that you can try. There are others that
       you can invest time in, and you’ll find that with them, you may not need medications
       after all.

       If you want to be equipped with more information on drug-free menopause remedies,
you can search the many available websites on the subject.

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