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									Save money AND get perfect vision!

                                             Although the upfront costs of laser eye surgery or LASIK
                                             (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) may cause some
                                             patients to balk at first, when considering the long-term
                                             costs of wearing and maintaining glasses and/or contacts,
                                             choosing to get LASIK is a no-brainer.

                                          It typically costs the average person who wears glasses
                                          about $200 every two years to replace/maintain eye-wear
                                          and the average person who wears contacts about $40
                                          every month in contacts and contact lens supplies, with
                                          additional costs. When compared to the upfront cost of a
LASIK treatment- usually a few thousand dollars- the costs of glasses and contacts seems more budget-

However, when viewed in the long-run, it is not hard to see why LASIK treatment in Los Angeles can
save you thousands of dollars. When a person continues to uses glasses and/or contacts to correct his or
her vision, he or she will need to continue shelling out money for the recurring costs brought on by
glasses and contacts over the course of a lifetime- glasses and contacts will be needed to be upgraded as
prescriptions are upgraded, requiring regular visits to the optometrist in order to maintain the health of
your vision.

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But with LASIK, all these recurring costs are eliminated- the cost of LASIK is a one-time upfront cost with
no continuing visits needed to the optometrist to maintain the health of your vision. In fact, after taking
into account the recurring costs of glasses and contacts, the average 20-year old who decides to
undergo LASIK instead of continuing to rely on glasses and/or contacts will end up saving, on average,
over $48,000 over the course of his or her lifetime. Even the average 55-year old will end up saving
about $17,000 by undergoing LASIK. LASIK can end up paying for itself within three years of the

LASIK is widely considered a safe, efficient way of permanently correcting vision. During a LASIK
procedure, the patient’s cornea will be altered in such a way that vision can be perfected. If a patient
has myopia (nearsightedness), the cornea’s center will be ablated, meaning that it will be “lasered” to
be flatter in the center of the eye so that the eye can better focus on objects that are close. If a patient
has hyperopia (farsightedness), the cornea’s edges will be ablated in such a way that the cornea is made
sharper, allowing the eye to better focus on objects that are further away. If a patient has astigmatism,
the laser eye surgeon will predetermine the way in which the cornea should be altered to bring about a
correction to the patient’s blurry vision.

If you would like to correct your vision with LASIK, be sure to look for the best LASIK in Beverly Hills in
order to ensure that your vision will be corrected by the most fitting laser eye surgeon for your needs.

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