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									                   Rhinoplasty and the Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more rampant in today’s society. One of
the primary reasons for this is because people are taking advantage of the technologies
available to them to change certain features they dislike or to restore a youthful and fait
appearance after weight loss or because of aging. The cosmetic surgery industry is
safer and more affordable than ever before and is a great option for those looking to
restore their confidence and self-esteem.

The first impression that a person gives off usually has a lot to do with their appearance
and the first thing a person sees is the face. As a result facial plastic surgery in
Beverly Hills is a great option for someone to put their best face forward. Facial plastic

                                                   surgery can include anything from
                                                   changing an individual feature or
                                                   combining several procedures at the
                                                   same time to improve the overall
                                                   appearance of the face. Some
                                                   common facial procedures are
                                                   rhinoplasty,    lip    augmentation,
                                                   blepharoplasty, and face lifts.

One of the most common procedures performed on the face is rhinoplasty in Beverly
Hills, which is an operation to enhance the appearance of the nose. There are two
techniques in which this can be done. The first is called an open rhinoplasty where a
small incision is made between the nostrils at the columnella. The skin is pulled back to
reveal the inner nasal anatomy which allows better access for the surgeon. This
technique is beneficial as it allows complete access and there is very minimal visible
scarring. Conversely, in the closed rhinoplasty technique, no visible incisions are made.
Instead the plastic surgeon works through the patient’s nostrils to perform the surgery.
Incisions are made inside the nose. This technique produces no visible scarring and
typically has a shorter recovery period. The nasal splint that is placed on the operated
nose is usually removed within one week and patients can usually return to their
everyday lives after two weeks. Depending on the individual and the severity of the
operation, all swelling should completely subside within one year.
   1. Rhinoplasty is a safe operation but complications can occur. To ensure the safest
      and best results, candidates should consult with a qualified and experienced
      plastic surgeon. They should fully understand the potential risks as well as the
      expected result before committing to any cosmetic procedure. Plastic surgery
      can provide very many benefits but should be performed in a safe environment
      with a qualified surgeon to lessen the chance of complications. If you want more
      deatails: contact us

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