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Biologicals to Drive the Global Cold Chain Logistics Market


									Biologicals to Drive the Global Cold Chain Logistics Market

The strong growth of the global biologicals market is expected to create a
huge demand for efficient cold chain logistic services.

The global biologicals market has witnessed rapid growth in the last few
years. According to a recent report from IMARC Group titled “Global
Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast: 2012 –
2017”, the global biologicals market grew at a CAGR of 11% in the last
five years registering sales worth US$ 109 Billion. This was significantly
faster   than   the   5-6%   growth   rates   experienced    by   the   global
pharmaceutical market in the same period.

The report expects that factors such as high efficacy, target oriented
attack, higher approval success rates and a very high probability to
achieve blockbuster status will continue driving this market in the
foreseeable future. According to the firm’s estimates, eight out of the
top ten selling drugs in 2016 will be biologicals. This is significantly higher
than 2000, where only one product (Epogen/Procrit) managed to make
the list of global top ten selling drugs.

The growth potentials presented by biologicals are, however, also
accompanied by their own challenges, with one major challenge being
transporting them to the patients who need them in an increasingly
global market place. The report finds that biologicals are highly
temperature sensitive and are recommended to be stored and
transported at temperatures ranging from 2°- 8°C. Any failures in the
cold chain transportation of the drug can lead to a significant loss of its
efficacy and can even make it harmful for the patient. Regulatory
agencies in fact say that drugs that have been temperature abused are
every bit as dangerous as those that are not authentic.

The report, an updated and far more analytical version of our popular
2011 study, finds that the growth of the biologicals market is creating a
huge demand for efficient cold chain logistic services. The study, that has
been undertaken using both desk based and qualitative primary market
research, has analyzed three aspects of the global healthcare cold chain
logistics market.

The first aspect involves the quantification of the global market for
temperature sensitive healthcare products into three major classes and
evaluation of the current and future opportunities in each of these
classes. The second aspect involves an in-depth understanding on the
global   healthcare   cold   chain   distribution   process   and   logistic
requirements for various temperature sensitive healthcare products. The
third aspect involves the quantification of the global healthcare cold
chain logistic services market and a comprehensive evaluation of its
various segments.

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