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									Attack multiple markets throughout the boroughs.                                         unmatched web of internet channels. Sharpen your
Work in firmly established sales or rentals. Residen-                                     game through ongoing weekly seminars. More leads.
tial or commecial. Dominate your neighborhood.                                             More growth. More success.
Free yourself to succeed where others fail.

                                                                                           The difference. The incredible Potential. Open Houses
The advantage. The power. The unique platform.                                            for interested agents every Thursday at 5:30pm at 47 W.
Peerless technology, training and support. Inventory                                    14th street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011. Or visit us at
of over 170,000 photographed rental units. Multiple                           and watch our Career Information
sales database platforms. Marketing through an                                       Video.

                                            For a confidential interview please call us at 212-588-3030
                                            or email us at

  How is your training? Is there a formal component (classroom-type training) to it? Do you offer coaching sessions and if so what is
  their frequency? Do you offer ongoing seminars on different sales and rentals topics? Do you offer a mentoring program in which I
  can benefit from learning from an experienced agent? If yes, do I get to observe my mentor in "real action" or do I simply carry
  appointments set up my "mentor" (sort of being a bus-boy to a waiter)?

  What is the ratio of support staff (managers, listing agents, other support staff ) to the number of agents in your company?

  Can I do both sales and rentals with your company? If yes, what method and tools am I provided with to generate buyers and sales
  exclusives? How many buyers should I expect to receive on a weekly basis by following your method and by using the tools provided
  by the company?

  How long is the company in business? e longer the better since the quantity and quality of listings depends on relationships with
  landlords built over the course of many years. Does the company have any exclusive accounts or does it work primarily with open
  "high end" listings? Does the company focus on a particular area or does the company have listings throughout Manhattan and the
  boroughs? Does the company specialize in a particular price range of properties or does it deal with all price ranges? A more diverse
  inventory offers more opportunities for doing business. How many keys approximately do you have in your office?

  Does the company employ full time listing agents and how many? A company without a true listing department (with several full
  time listing agents) has no listings to speak off and what you see on their website are not real listings but "bait-n-switch" (a very
  common practice among smaller rental firms).

  Other than the company website and craigslist, where else does your company advertise? Do you advertise on the New York Times
  website and Naked Apartments? If yes, how many listing postings can an agent have on the New York Times? If not, what is the cost
  to the agent for advertising on the New York Times and Naked Apartments websites?

  Do I have to design and post manually onto different websites my listing postings or does the company automate these processes?
  Could multiple agents advertise the same property or does an agent have "exclusivity" for marketing purposes on properties photo-
  graphed by the agent himself/herself?

  Do I have to photograph properties I could advertise on craigslist or does the company provide listings with photo presentations I
  could use for this purpose? Does the company assign listings with photo presentations to agents (this increases your marketing
  exposure and saves time while frees you to focus on servicing your customers) or do I have to photograph properties myself for such

  Do I have to pay for advertising on craigslist? If so, how much per posting? Do you have any special incentives for earning free
  craigslist postings?

  Does the company offer any tools and technology to help me develop and manage my presence and increase my referral basis on
  social media? If yes, ask for details.

  Does the company use a third party database system or do you have your own technology developed? Can you show me how to
  search for a client in your system and how, for example, to post an ad on craigslist using the tools you will provide me with? Typi-
  cally third party database systems lack the sophistication and efficiency of custom built systems. Incredibly, some rental firms do not
  use any database systems; instead they circulate listings among their agents via email which is not the most efficient way to match
  listings with your customers.



Large in-house listing department dealing with more than 3,000 landlords. Our in-house listing inventory consists at any time,
depending on the vacancy rate of the market, between 4-7 ,000 rental units, including many exclusive listings. What you see on
our website is what you get, real listings with real photos constantly updated in real time.

Our listing inventory is reflective of the entire marketplace in all price ranges in every neighborhood of Manhattan and the
boroughs. is provides the agent with more options, greater flexibility and diversification. Note: more than 96% of the public
cannot afford to spend for rent more than $2,000 per month; if your current firm deals mostly with "high-end" properties it
means you are effectively limited to working with less than 4% of the rental customer base.

Good luck calling that super on a weekend or early evening trying to get access to an apartment. With us you have more than
1,100 master keys at any time to show properties, we even have our own key copying machines in the office to duplicate keys.


We provide free and unlimited advertising (listing postings) for our agents on the New York Times website, nakedapartments,
renthop, trulia, zillow, and many other online channels. ese processes are fully automated so the agents don't waste their time
posting listings manually on many different online channels. Each property, for marketing purposes, is featured under one
single agent on our website and all the other channels we advertise with so the agent gets the maximum return from this
exposure. By contrast in most other companies the same property is advertised by multiple agents which minimizes their

Agents with other firms typically invest more than 50% of their time (20+ hours per week) photographing properties as a
means of marketing and generating customer leads. By contrast, our agents, without having to take a single photo, have access
to more than 2,000 active listings with photo presentations at any given time for craigslist posting purposes. us, they can
literally carry out appointments within hours after they have joined our firm.

We develop and manage your social media so you can keep focusing on practically servicing your customers. Your professional
Facebook page is by far the most important social media for cultivating relationships and increasing your referral basis and for
this purpose we have built a number of custom made applications and postings on your Wall, while appearing as if they are
posted by you, in fact are posted by our social media manager on your behalf.


Agent development is something we take extremely seriously. Newly licensed real estate associates initially attend a formal
training program during their first week which is followed by daily coaching sessions until they reach a minimum number of
deals. More experienced agents have the opportunity to attend weekly on-going sales and rental seminars and "role-playing"
sessions offered by our managers or guest speakers.

Need help with your rental application or with your sales coop board package? No problem. We have separate rental and sales
managers available to you. Is your PC acting up? See our in-house IT specialist. Questions about a specific listing? Visit our
in-house full time listing agent specialists. Nobody can solve your problem? See our principal broker.


Cutting-edge proprietary database technology and public website. Manage your customer leads, cultivate your referrals, see
through the database system if a key is in the office or, if not, who has it; set up reminders-- in short, do everything in a
fraction of the time that it could take otherwise. Your customers will be especially impressed with how you seem to go out of
your way to provide them with information in a swift and sophisticated manner.

State-of-the-art centrally located office. Our agents can reach any location by train in Manhattan within 10-15 minutes and
any location in the boroughs within 15-40 minutes due to the fact that all subway lines converge near our central office
location. As a result, our agents can be active in multiple neighborhoods and go after the best listings available throughout the

With us you are able to do both rentals and sales. More than 17 years of relationship-building and an impeccable reputation
working on your side. At Ardor we don’t do “bait-and-switch”. We don’t advertise fake listings or use fake photos. No playing
"favorites" or "pocket listings" are allowed, and no office politics at all. In fact, we are known for applying best practices and
high ethical standards in all that we do. Plus we know it doesn’t hurt to have some fun now and then!
                                  During the interview process, I am often asked by agents
                                  interested in joining our company: "Do you charge any monthly
                                  fees"? "Do I have to pay for my own advertising"? "Are there
                                  any other one-time or recurring fees I would have to pay you
                                  for"? What I am asked, in other words, is the question: "What
                                  would be my out-of-pocket costs by joining your company"?
                                  This is a good question but it ignores, depending on the com-
                                  pany one decides to work with, the far greater expense an agent
                                  might incur: wasting his or her time by failing to earn any
                                  commissions for a prolonged period of time. What would be
                                  your cost if you join a company where your compensation is
                                  based on commission and you fail to earn a penny for several
                                  months or even for a year?

                                  Whether or not you succeed as a real estate sales professional in
                                  NYC primarily depends on the level of training and support,
                                  resources, and tools provided by the company you decide to
                                  work with. Joining a company where you have to generate your
                                  own listings and leads, or where you do not obtain the proper
                                  training and support, or not given the right tools and technology
                                  to work with, will be a huge waste of your time. Ideally, you
                                  want to join a company where all you need to bring to the table
                                  in order to succeed are your great interpersonal skills and thirst
                                  for success and that company is ARDOR NEW YORK REAL

                                  I would highly encourage you to read the "Guide to Selecting a
                                  Company - Key Questions" in our brochure. This information
                                  will provide you with the key questions to evaluate the strengths
                                  and weaknesses of each company you decide to interview with
                                  and make a wise choice as to which company to join. "The
                                  Ardor New York Advantage" section provides the answers to
                                  these same questions for Ardor New York Real Estate. I will be
                                  happy to personally meet with you and answer any other ques-
                                  tions you might have. Please feel free to contact me at 212-588-
 Chris Siamili, President & CEO   3030 or at

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