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1    A Benchmark of Nonstop SQL Release 2 Demonstrating Near-Linear Speedup and Scaleup on Large Databases
2    A Case Study of File System Workload in a Large-Scale Distributed Environment
3    A Comparison of Techniques for Diagnosing Performance Problems In Information Systems
4    A Modeling Study of the TPC-C Benchmark
5    A New Approach to I/O Performance Evaluation— Self-Scaling I/O Benchmarks, Predicted I/O Performance
6    A Static and Dynamic Workload Characterization Study of the San Diego Supercomputer Center Cray X-MP
7    A Synthetic Workload Model for a Distributed System File Server
8    A Tool for the Design and Evaluation of Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks
9    An Analysis of Three Gigabit Networking Protocols for Storage Area Networks
10   An Analytic Model of Hierarchical Mass Storage Systems with Network-Attached Storage Devices
11   An Approach to Selecting Metrics for Detecting Performance Problems in Information Systems
12   An Architectural Evaluation of Java TPC-W
13   An Empirical Study of a Highly Available File System
14   Approximate Mean Value Analysis of Client-Server Systems with Multi-class Requests
15   Building High Availability Enterprise SANs Fibre Channel Directors vs Fibre Channel Switch Fabrics
16   Building Scalable Storage Networks
17   Comparison of Dataflow Control Techniques In Distributed Data-Intensive Systems
18   Comparison of High Power Short Time Flywheel Storage Systems
19   Database Performance in the Real World - TPC-D and SAP R/3
20   Design of P a r t i a l l y Replicated Distributed Database Systems: An Integrated Methodology
21   Design of the PRESTO Multimedia Storage Network
22   Detailed Characterization of a Quad Pentinum Pro Server Running TPC-D
23   Device Locks: Mutual Exclusion for Storage Area Networks
24   Distributed Path Selection for Storage Networks
25   Efficient, Distributed Data Placement Strategies for Storage Area Networks
26   Evaluation of a Data Communication Model for Switched Fibre Channel
27   Factors Affecting the Performance of Multiuser Database Management Systems
28   Failure Data Analysis of a LAN of Windows NT Based Computers
29   File Server Scaling with Network-Attached Secure Disks
30   Group-Guaranteed Channel Capacity in Multimedia Storage Servers
31   Highly concurrent shared storage
32   High-Speed Storage Area Networks Using a Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Interconnect
33   Improving Performance of Data Analysis in Data Warehouses: A Methodology and Case Study
34   Improving the Execution of Groups of Simulations on a Cluster of Workstations and its Application to Storage Area Networks
35   Loop Switch Technology Accelerates Next Phase of SAN Deployment
36   Managing a Fibre Channel Storage Area Network
37   Modeling a Fibre Channel Switch with Stochastic Petri Nets
38   Modeling and optimizing I/O throughput of multiple disks on a bus
39   Modeling and Performance of MEMS-Based Storage Devices
40   Modeling and Simulation of Storage Area Networks
41   Modeling RPC Performance
42   Myrinet: A Gigabit-per-Second Local Area Network
43   Network Attached Storage Architecture
44   New TPC Benchmarks for Decision Support and Web Commerce
45   On The Effect of Link Failures in Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks
46   Order-of-Magnitude Advantage on TPC-C Through Massive Parallelism
47   Performance Analysis of Storage Area Network Subsystems In Cluster Architectures
48   Performance Analysis of Storage Area Networks Using High-speed LAN Interconnects
49   Performance of a Storage System for Supporting Different Video Types and Qualities
50   Quantifying Loop Nest Locality Using SPEC'95 and the Perfect Benchmarks
51   Queueing-Based Analysis of Broadcast Optical Networks
52   Reducing Enterprise Backup Windows
53   RS/6000: S80 TPC-C Benchmark Analysis
54   SANs for High Availability Systems
55   Scalability Issues For Mass Multimedia Storage Systems
56   Self-Managing Network-Attached Storage
57   SimLab - A Simulation Environment for Storage Area Networks
58   Storage Systems for National Information Assets
59   Study of the Stochastic Method of Dynamic Programming for Optimizing the Storage Area Network (SAN)
60   Task Force On Network Storage Architecture: Internet-Attached Storage Devices
61   The Benefits of Loop Switches
62   The Design of COMPASS: An Execution Driven Simulator for Commercial Applications Running on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
63   The Evolution to Network Storage Architectures for Multimedia Applications
64   The Performance of SAN traffic over Wide Area Networks
65   Third Generation SANs Open 2 Gb Fabric
     Professional Benchmarks

1    TPC-C
2    TPC-H
3    TPC-R
4    TPC-W
5    TPC-A
6    TPC-B
7    TPC-D
8    SPECapc for 3D Studio MAX3.1
9    SPECapc for Pro/ENGINEER 2000i2
10   SPECapc for Solid Eged V9
11   SPECapc for Solid Works 99
12   SPECapc for Unigraphics V15
13   SPECopc

14   SPEC CPU 2000
15   SPEC JBB2000

16   SPEC MAIL2001
17   SPEC JVM98 Benchmark
18   SPEC SFS97 (2.0) Benchmark (and SPEC NFS)
19   SPEC web99 Benchmark
20   Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark
21   SAP APO Benchmark Suite
22   SAP ATO Benchmark
23   SAP MM Benchmark
24   SAP PP Benchmark
25   SAP WM Benchmark
26   BCA Benchmark
27   mySAP retail Benchmark
28   IS-U/CSS Benchmark
29   Online Store Benchmark
30   FI Benchmark
31   Project System Benchmark
32   Business Information Warehouse Benchmark
33   Cross Application Time Sheet Benchmark
34   HR Benchmark
35   WebMark 2001
36   SYSmark Bench Suite

37   SYSmark* 2001
38   3D WinBench* 2000 - Processor Test
39   TRADEX/Ariba e-Procurement Benchmark

40   SANmark TestSuite
41   SCD 2001/2002 Test Suite
42   SCD 2003
43   SCD 3001
44   FC-AL 4.5
45   PLDA 2.1 (v2)
46   FLA Parametric Test Suite
47   FC-PH
48   FC-1

49   Netperf Benchmark

50   Httperf
51   Gaussian Benchmark

52   NetBench 5.01 Benchmark
53   ServerBench 4.01 Benchmark
54   Various CAD & Automation Benchmarks
55   Vampire MP Benchmarks
56   Fortran 90 & Fortran 95 test suites

57   PostMark

58   NotesBench
59   EEMBC
60   LMbench
61   Bonnie
62   Bonnie++
63   Iozone File system Benchmark
64   Cache Benchmark
66   XBench
67   WebStone
68   Directory Mark
69   WebBench
70   Business Winstone
71   WinBench
72   3D WinBench
73   CD WinBench
74   Audio WinBench
75   Battery Mark 4.0
76   I-Bench
77   NetBench

79   GENESIS Benchmark Suite
81   CERN
82   NAS Parallel Benchmarks
83   ARC2D Benchmark
84   HPL
86   RAIDmark
87   LSPR Workloads
88   Linpack Benchmarks -- Java Version
89   PREP Benchmark
90   STKIO
91   Chariot
92   Pegasus Application Monitor

93   Endpoints
94    Application Scanner
95    Ocheck
96    PC-CONFIG V9.33
97    Real-Time Benchmark
98    C3I Parallel Benchmark Suite
99    PPST

100   LLCbench
101   dhrystone
102   21 Real NASA Benchmarks
103   AIPS Benchmarks
104   Bench++
105   BYTEmark
106   Caffeine Mark
107   Fhourstone
108   Neal Nelson & Associates
109   CMPmetrics
110   Agilent's QA Robot
111   iGrafx Process 2000
112   ABC Flowcharter

113   RASSP Benchmark
114   RealView

115   SPC-1

116   Iometer
117   SmartBits

118   SmartFabric test suite
119   Bluecurve Dynameasure
120   ZDBOp Benchmarks
121   CIFSBench
122   SPEC HPC Benchmark
123   RT_STAP
124   EXPAR
125   FIRE Benchmarks
126   GAMESS
127   Hanoi
128   Heapsort Benchmarks
129   Micro Benchmark
130   PPCM 2.1
131   PSTSWM
132   PABLO
133   RAW Benchmark Suite

134   Virtual Storage Portal Software
135   SANMaster
136   SAP SD Benchmark
137   Storage Alert
138   SANavigator
139   OLogic SANtrack
140   Inktomi's Large Scale Network Cache Test

141   CacheFlow's Performance Tool
142   University of Wisconsin Proxy Benchmark
143   Web Polygraph
144   tpmC

145   e-TEST Suite
146   SilkPerformer
147   Active Test
148   Astra LoadTest

149   TestSuite
150   XRunner
151   LoadRunner
152   StorCast SAM
153   PassMark BurnInTest V2.2
154   PassMark Performance Test
155   Porivo peerReview
156   Cilkchess
157   benchFFT
158   Pink Panther Environment
159   007 Benchmark
160   NAS benchmark suite
161   MemTach Benchmark
162   dkftpbench
163   iLoad MVP

164   AuthMark
165   Paradyn
166   ChannelTrack
167   FCT-5500 Fibre Traffic Generator
168   Bench++
169   Testify
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Simulates a complete environment where transactions are executed against the database
A decision support benchmark.
Like TPC-H, but allows optimizations based on advanced knowledge of the queries
A transactional web benchmark
Exercises system components needed to perform tasks associated with class of OLTP environments with update-intensive database services
Targeted at database management systems (DBMS), batch applications and backend database server market segment.
Focuses on light and mid-weight customer oriented transactions.Decision support, long-running queries against large complex data structures.
Four scenes reflecting typical uses of the application in animation studio environment.
Model is a realistic rendering of a complete photocopy machine. Approximately 370,000 triangles.
Represents typical user operations for systems running solid edge
Represents a day in the life of a typical Solid Works 99 user.
Based on an aircraft model which covers a wide spectrum of Unigraphics functionality.
Measure OpenGL performance.
An industry standard CPU-intensive benchmark suite. Provides a comparative measure of computational intensive performance across a wide range of
Java Business Benchmark for evaluating the performance of server-side Java.

Standardized mail server benchmark to measure a system's ability to act as a mail server servicing email requests.
Measures the performance of Java Virtual Machines.
Measures results for NFS versions 3 and 2. Supports TCP or UDP and network transport. This one is very widely used.
Evaluates performance of World Wide Web Servers. Measures systems ability to act as a web server
Demonstrates performance and scalability of Oracle applications.
The Demand planning benchmark simulates customer demand. The supply network planning benchmark models the supply network.
Assemble to Order benchmark scenario that has high volume sales, short production times, and individual assembly for each order.
Materials management benchmark that creates a purchase requisition for five materials
Production planning benchmark to create production order, change the order, print the order, create completion confirmations, post goods receipt, and
Warehouse management benchmark
Reflects online usage and accounts balancing.
Measures throughput of Point of Sale interface. In bound for aggregated sales data.
Simulates typical processes in a utilities company.
No information available.
Financial accounting benchmark using 4 financial documents.
No information available.
Load phase, realignment, and query phase.
Employee-related recording of working times.
A report with variants that is planned as a batch job on the basis of events.
A benchmark for evaluating internet performance from a user's perspective
Suite for measuring performance of desk top, and notebook computers running on Microsoft Windows 2000, NT 4.0, 98, 95, and JDK 1.1.
A suite of application software and associated benchmark workloads. Contains 14 application workloads that are either Office Productivity or Internet
Content Creation.
Measures system – level 3D performance, including CPU and graphics subsystem performance.
Designed to be a generic tool to measure the performance of a multi-tiered procurement system.
Provide an indication of how Fibre Channel products perform against reasonable standards. Ensure that the shared Fibre Channel media is used in a non-
disruptive manner.
Designed to verify proper behavior of a device on a loop.
Verifies connect-ability between an nx_port and an f_port or fl_port. Tests are designed around the fabric.
Related to e-port and switch interoperability.
A conformance like test suite that is designed for testing the Loop Port State Machine of an FC-AL device
Extended PLDA test suite.
Designed to check the switches, initiators, and targets on Fibre Channel Fabrics.
Designed to cover items related to the FC-2 and higher layers of Fibre Channel standards
This one is not yet developed
This is used to measure various aspects of networking performance. Primary focus is on bulk data transfer and request/response performance using
either TCP or UDP and the Berkeley Sockets interface.
Goal is not on implementing one particular benchmark, but on providing a robust, high-performance tool that facilitates construction of both micro- and
macro-level benchmarks
A frequency calculation on a 34-atom molecule (191 basis function) using Gaussian 94 rev. E20
A portable benchmark program that measures how well a file server handles file I/O requests from one of four different client types: DOS, 32-bit Windows,
16-bit Windows, and/or Mac OS systems.
Measures performance of application servers in a client/server environment
No information available.
Enables distributed processing of rule-sets across multiple CPUs.
Test all aspects of the standard Fortran languages

A file system benchmark. Unlike others, this benchmark portrays performance in small-file regime including email, netnews, and web-based commerce.
Contains several different workloads. Web buyer, web walker, calandar & scheduling, shared discussion data base, Groupware #1, mail, mail and shared
database, mail routing hub, and replication hub are work loads represented by this benchmark.
The embedded microprocessor benchmark consortium. Measure performance of embedded microprocessors. Boasts of 5 different test suites.
A suite of simple, portable benchmarks for comparing UNIX systems.Âparing UNIX systems. Includes bandwidth and latency benchmarks
A simple tool to determine speed of the file system, OS caching, and the underlying devices
Benchmark suite aimed at performing a number of simple test of hard drive and file system performance.
Generates and measures a variety of file operations.
Empirically determines some paramet3ers about an architecture's memory subsystem. Machine must be quiet to produce accurate results.
Measures sustainable memory bandwidth in high performance computers
A graphical benchmarking program for measuring, tuning and comparing windows server performance.
Developed to measure the performance of Web server software and hardware products
Measure LDAP performance of different server platforms and implementations under real world situations.
Lets you measure web server software performance by running different web server packages on the same server hardware.
A system level application based benchmark that measures a PC's overall performance when running windows 32-bit applications
Subsystem-level benchmark that measure the performance of a PC's graphics disk, and video subsystems in a Windows environment.
Measures performance of a PC's 3D subsystem.
Measures the performance off a PC's CD-ROM subsystem
Measures performance of a PC's audio subsystem
Measures battery life on notebook computers running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, or 2000
A series of tests that measure both how well the client handles features and the degree to which network access speed affects performance.
Portable benchmark that measure how well a file server handles file I/O requests from 32-bit Windows clients.

A molecular dynamics benchmark. The standard computational technique used in condensed matter physics, material science, chemistry, and other fields.
Distributed-memory suite assembled to fulfill a need for evaluating the performance of distributed memory MIMD systems.
A comprehensive set of parallel benchmarks. Parallel kernels and benchmarks.
A small set of Fortran programs and kernels used to measure and compare CPU performance of HEP applications.
A set of 8 programs designed to evaluate the performance of parallel supercomputers
Solving inviscid transonic flow past a thin air foil biconvex.
High Performance Linpack Benchmark is a software package that solves a (random) dense linear system in double precision arithmetic on distributed
A diagnostics and benchmarking tool for SCSI storage devices.
Measures the performance of RAID arrays.
An engineering and manufacturing batch job stream, representative of scientific data development work.
A numerically intensive test to measure floating point performance of computers
A suite for comparing various FPGA's
Automated disk benchmark tool, for UNIX platforms that generates either random or sequential I/O reference patterns.
Benchmark network performance among many operating systems.
Passively monitors the performance of application transactions at the desktop as they occur, breaking out response time by client, network, and server.
Multifunctional benchmark. Test the load of a new application on the network, monitor performance of application traffic on the network, measure
performance of actual transactions on a client, measure key system statistics, and measure output of both active and passive technologies.
Traces an application transaction through the network, then generates a script of the application. Measures response time of an application transaction
across the network
Checks network response time, throughput, and streamlining performance. Runs anywhere-to-anywhere trace route.
Sysinfo benchmark
No information available.
Contains 10 non-real time C3I functions selected for being diverse, computationally challenging, and representative of C3I systems.
An advanced technical benchmarking program for PostScript printers and other devices
Consists of MPBench (measures MPI function performance), Cachebench (for empirically determining parameters about architectures and memory
subsystems), and BLASbench (for benchmarking the BLAS library in relation to the memory subsystem).
Short synthetic benchmark program representative for system (integer) programming
Various NASA-related benchmarks.
Checks if AIPS installation gives accurate results and sees how fast it does this.
Suite designed to test individual language factors.
Rates products based on technology, implementation, performance, features, and value
A series of tests that measure the speed of Java Programs running in various hardware and software configurations.
Solves positions in connect-r (the game).
-Business benchmark, automatically finds bottlenecks, reports throughput
Benchmark for VPN's.
Comprehensive test system that combines router protocol conformance validation and stress testing with superior intelligent traffic generation capabilities.
For the mapping, modeling, simulation, and "what if" analysis of a business process.
Diagramming, modeling, analyzing, and auditing a business process
Measures cycle time, non-recurring cost, ease of use, and supportability of RASSP process. RASSP = Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal
A suite of debugging tools for system-on-chip devices
Released by the Storage Performance Council. Performance benchmark for computer data storage industry. Random access environment for server class
computer systems. Modeled after a mail server.
Workload generator and performance analysis tool for single and clustered servers. Can be configured to simulate the workload for any real-world
application or benchmark. Used by Agilent to compare HBA's. Very widely used.
Measures the performance of content switching network devices by generating millions of user transactions to simulate a mix of internet conditions

Categorizes true performance, reliability, and quality of Fibre Channel based SAN equipment and fabrics. Emmulates hundreds of SAN-attached devices.
Test any combination of exchange, SQL and file services. Several thousand simulated users running on Windows PC clients.
Industry standard benchmarks for internet and network servers, desktop PC's, and Mac OS machines (contains many previously listed).
Client-server benchmark. Reports individual and overall response time and throughput
Represents high performance, industrial applications. Evaluates workstations as well as high-performance computer systems.
Evaluate the application of scalable high performance computers to the real-time implementation of space-time adaptive processing techniques.
Various experimental parallel algorithms @ UMIACS
A general purpose software package developed for computing compressible and incompressible turbulent (laminar) or (non-) reacting fluid flows in
complex 3D geometries with highly transient boundary conditions.
A general ab initio quantum chemistry package.
Solves the Towers of Hanoi puzzle using integer recursive functions.
Integer program using "heap sort" method of sorting a random array of long integers up to 2 MB in size.
Characterizes the performance space of the memory hierarchy and the interconnection networks of different shared memory machines.
A parallel version of NCAR Community Climate Model, implemented for massively parallel computers using a message-passing programming paradigm
Message-passing code and parallel algorithm that solves non-linear shallow water equations on a rotating sphere.
Measures performance of input/output operations for parallel and distributed systems.
For comparing re-configurable computing systems
A web-based application that gives you greater control over data storage management, and the ability to analyze the resources. Can analyze performance
of individual systems, see usage patterns, and identify bottlenecks.
Provides complete remote monitoring. Intelligent agents query health and configuration information across all network storage components.
Performs the transactions of creating an order with 5 line items, create a delivery, display order, change delivery and post goods issue, list 40 orders, and
A suite of products that provide centralized storage monitoring, alerting, and reporting.
Directs each stage of SAN development. Monitoring SAN status is one of these stages
Comprehensive suite of testing to ensure compatibility and performance.
A large scale performance test on network cache
Tool for measuring real-world performance of network caches. Measures average web page response time delivered by network caches deployed on
networks with live internet connections
Benchmark to compare performance of different proxy servers and predict their performance in practice.
Benchmarking tool for caching proxies, orgin server accelerators, L4/7 switches, content filters, and other Web intermediaries.
Compares price/performance in on-line transaction processing capability
Provides tools to ensure scalability and reliability of business-critical applications. Scalability, performance, functionality, and 7x24 quality monitoring of
deployed applications.
Can generate over 12 million hits/day to simulate traffic patterns of an e-business
Web-based testing service that conducts a full-scale stress testing of web applications in e-businesses.
Tests scalability and performance of web applications in e-businesses. Emulates traffic of thousands of users to identify bottlenecks.
Test Director is an integrated management solution that does comprehensive testing for enterprise business systems. WinRunner is a functional based
tool to verify correct application operation.
Automates functional testing to ensure that X window-based applications work as expected.
Emulates 1000's of users and employs performance monitors to identify and isolate problems in an enterprise network.
Monitors performance, detects processor overuse, memory shortages, low disk I/O rates, and low disk free space.
Allows all major subsystems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability, and stability.
Tests PC speed
Web performance testing service that collects performance metrics from your site from the end-points of the internet.
A good test bed for understanding dynamic multithreaded computations.
For benchmarking FFT software
A complete environment for automatic benchmarking of document page segmentation.
Comprehensive test of OODBMS performance. OODBMS = Object Oriented Data Base Management System?
Various techniques to benchmark multiprocessor systems.
Designed to analytically determine the performance of memory subsystems
Like SPECweb99, which evaluates performance of world wide web servers, and measures a system's ability to act as a web server, but for ftp instead of
General-purpose, script-driven capacity planning, benchmarking, and regression testing tool. Has multi-threaded client load generators.
Test performance of products that provide authentication and authorization services in support of Web servers. Simulates a large number of users
accessing web servers via their browsers.
A tool for measuring and analyzing the performance of sequential, parallel, and distributed programs
System for monitoring Fibre Channel system performance in real time. Utilization, bytes per second, and more.
Protocol debugging tool and programmable traffic and error generator for Fibre Channel systems.
A suite of C++ benchmarks.
Choreographs the distribution, configuration, and execution of automated testing across different platforms and collects results into a single comprehensive
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