Understanding The Benefits of Load Balancers by arraynetworks


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									Understanding the Benefits of Load Balancers

Being able to balance workload evenly all through various servers is crucial for resolving time-sensitive scanning
issues and challenges. With a gateway HTTP scanning solution, all the internal endpoints that request for external
Web content are more probable to have a positive experience in case both their request and the final content are
allowed to transparently pass through the network’s web scanning or caching infrastructure.

Importance of Load Balancing in Web Security
Load balancing can be defined as the practice of evenly disseminating work across various computers. The method
offers numerous benefits, such as:

       It brings down the load on individual system and reduces the response time
       It maximizes the network utilization and increased throughput
       It enhances reliability
       It facilitates scaling
       It enhances user satisfaction

Load balancing or load balancers pertaining to web security products and solution is the discipline of intelligently
routing the incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic to any one of the various servers that are accountable for
controlling the access to websites. It is also responsible for scanning the traffic for spyware, malware, Phishing
attacks and other unwarranted and harmful content.

Advanced Load Balancers and Their Benefits
Setting up an efficient HTTP scanning environment is a complicated task. There are enterprises that consider an
efficient HTTP access essential to business productivity. Furthermore, keeping in mind the industry vertical they
might also attach greater importance to it than email. However, contrary to email scanning HTTP scanning has
better visible metrics and is considered to be “real time”. Keeping all these aspects in mind solution providers of
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol Access has introduced advanced load balancers with a multi-unit clustering for
99.999% application uptime and data center scalability. Other unique features and benefits include the following:

       Offers innovative application-fluent traffic management for optimized delivery of business critical
        applications and IP services
       Enables offloading of Web and application servers for maximized efficiency, capacity and return on
       A well incorporated TCP connection multiplexing, high-speed HTTP processing, compression and caching
        for enhanced application performance
       There is SSL acceleration for safeguarding data in transit, offloading compute-intensive processes from
        servers and enhancing application performance
       There are application-specific certifications and configuration guides for quick implementation of
        optimized configurations
       Offers VMware integration for intelligent command and controlling virtualized application architecture
        comprising dynamic resource allocation and deallocation

Load balancer service providers with their fault-tolerant solutions offer consistent performance and is time-saving.
The applications are up and operating safely with lesser downtime issues.

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