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            AT TEN O’CLOCK A.M.
Professional photographs by Jolesch Photography will be available a week
after the ceremony. To purchase photographs, please follow the link to their
           website at
               Commencement Exercises
Processional - Pomp and Circumstance, by Elgar............ Dr. Larry B. Schou
                                                                           Professor of Music

The Star-Spangled Banner, arr. by Lloyd Pfautsch.......USD Chamber Singers
                                           directed by Dr. David Holdhusen
      The audience is invited to sing. Gentlemen, please remove your hats.

Welcome................................................................Professor Kaius Helenurm
                                                                   Chair, USD Faculty Senate
                                                             President James W. Abbott

Commencement Address..............................................Mr. Charles E. Trimble
                         “The Challenge Ahead: Rebuilding America”

Salvation, arr. by Pavel Tschesnokoff..........................USD Chamber Singers
                                                 directed by Dr. David Holdhusen

Conferring of Degrees....................................................Regent Dean Krogman
                                                                 President James W. Abbott

Honorary Degree....................................................President James W. Abbott
                      Mr. Charles E. Trimble, Doctor of Humane Letters

Alumni Welcome.............................................................Mr. Clayton Cudmore
                                                           Alumni Association Representative

University Hymn, Alma Mater......................................USD Chamber Singers
                                                 directed by Dr. David Holdhusen
      The audience is invited to sing. Gentlemen, please remove your hats.

Recessional - Grand Choeur, by Salome................................ Dr. Larry B. Schou
Alma Mater
                                              Where the slant summer sunshine so
Words by Mabel Kingsley Richardson             lavishly spills
Music by Winfred R. Colton                    Over prairie and pasture and grain.
South Dakota! How dear to thy children        Alma Mater, Dakota, we drink thee a health
thy name,                                     As we go from thy sheltering walls;
How daring the tales oft retold               Younger feet shall come trouping to gather
Of thy builders who first to thy               thy wealth,
  wilderness came,                            Younger voices shall ring through thy halls.
Theirs a glory that never grows old.          Keep us true to the type of the brave pioneer,
O the pine crested peaks of the storied       No hardship e’er daunted his quest;
 Black Hills,                                 Alma Mater, lead on to the untried frontier,
The Missouri that ribbons thy plain.          We follow the trail to the west.
Stage Party
James W. Abbott, President
Dean Krogman, Board of Regents Representative
Charles E. Trimble, Speaker
Clayton Cudmore, Alumni Association Representative
Kaius Helenurm, Chair, USD Faculty Senate
Charles Staben, Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs
Barbara Yutrzenka, Interim Dean, Graduate School
Rodney R. Parry, Vice President, Health Affairs and Dean, Sanford School of Medicine
Barry R. Vickrey, Dean, School of Law
Christina Keller, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Michael J. Keller, Dean, Beacom School of Business
Rick Melmer, Dean, School of Education
Daniel G. Guyette, Dean, College of Fine Arts
Brian Kaatz, Dean, School of Health Sciences
Laurie J. Becvar, Dean, Division of Continuing Education
Kirsten Compary, Acting Dean of Students
Laura J. Jenski, Vice President, Research
Thomas Sorensen, Associate Dean, School of Law
Jenifer Jost, Acting University Registrar
Ceason Hunter, Interpreter

Board of Regents
Terry Baloun
Richard G. Belatti
James O. Hansen
Harvey C. Jewett, IV
Kathryn Johnson
Dean Krogman
Randall K. Morris
Carole Pagones
Melanie J. Satchell

Honorary Marshals

Emeritus Professor Jack Noble
Emeritus Professor Dean Spader

Lead Marshals
Professor Leon Korte
Professor Emily A. Haddad

Professor   David Carr                     Professor James Richardson
Professor   Solveig Korte                  Professor Lee Ann Roripaugh
Professor   Kurt Hackemer                  Professor Timothy Schorn
Professor   Dave Moen                      Professor Michelle Van Maanen
Professor   Doug Peterson                  Professor Gerald Yutrzenka
Professor   Kristine Reed
Faculty in Attendance
Professor Mejai Bola Avoseh                  Professor Anthony Molina
Professor Mark Baron                         Professor Anne Moore
Professor Teri Bellis                        Professor John Nichols
Professor Debra Boerner                      Professor Wade Nilson
Professor Larry Bradley                      Professor Alicia Paulson
Professor Karen Card                         Professor Carolyn Prentice
Professor Michael Card                       Professor Randy Quevillon
Professor Hee-sook Choi                      Professor Kenneth Renner
Professor Tom Davies                         Professor Maurine Richardson
Professor Marvin Gamble                      Professor Raymond Ring
Professor Doreen Gosmire                     Professor Christopher Roseman
Professor Timothy Heaton                     Professor William Schweinle
Professor Gregory Huckabee                   Professor Amy Schweinle
Professor Moses Ikiugu                       Professor Stacy Smallfield
Professor Gera Jacobs                        Professor William Sweeney
Professor Roberta Kaufman                    Professor Joanne Van Osdel
Professor Bruce Kelley                       Professor Dan Van Peursem
Professor Dona Kennealley                    Professor Xiao-Tian Wang
Professor Angie Koppang                      Professor Xuejun Wang
Professor James Korcuska                     Professor Robert Weber
Professor Clayton Lehmann                    Professor Robert Wharton
Professor Yuhlong Lio                        Professor Mandy Williams
Professor Cassandra McKeown                  Professor Jean Yockey
Professor Timothy Mirtz                      Professor Gary Zalud

Administration in Attendance

Roberta S. Ambur, Vice President, Information Technology


Ceason Hunter


Diane Orr, Lead Usher
Laurie Miiller, Lead Usher
Olivia Kastengren
Dominique Lyon
Lloyd Rowland
Clarence Shoemaker
Susan Wasley
Deb Wiemers
                     Candidates for Degree
                                 GRADUATE SCHOOL
Doctor of Philosophy
Eldon S. Clifford                                      Elizabeth McKay Freeburg, Naperville, IL/ Volin,SD
   A.S., Casper College                                   B.S., University of Notre Dame
   B.S.Ed., Black Hills State University                  M.A., The University of South Dakota
   M.S., South Dakota State University                    Dissertation: Effect of Mifepristone Used Alone
   Dissertation: Visual-Spatial Processing and            or with Cisplatin Chemotherapy on Human
   Mathematics Achievement: The Predictive                Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth
   Ability of the Visual-Spatial Measures of              Biomedical Sciences
   Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition   Marie-Jo Halaby, Beirut, Lebanon
   and the Wechsler Intellegence Scale for                B.S., American University of Beirut
   Children-Fourth Edition                                M.S., The Lebanese American University
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                   Dissertation: Regulation of p53 Translation in
Amber Elizabeth Ehrlich, Indianapolis, IN                 Response to DNA Damage by the p53 Internal
   B.A., Arizona State University                         Ribosome Entry Site and its Trans-Activating
   M.A., The University of South Dakota                   Factors, TCP80 and RHA
   Dissertation: Maternal Help-Seeking                    Biomedical Sciences
   Predicted by Knowledge of Resources,                Jie Li, Longkou, Shandong Provience, China
   Parental Stress, and Child’s Feeding Difficulties      Bachelor of Medicine, Taishan Medical College
   Psychology                                             Master of Medicine, Fudan University
Michael Fendt                                             Dissertation: A Transgenic Mouse Model of
   B.S., Wisconsin State University                       Benign Enhancement of Cardiac Proteasomal
   M.S.Ed., University of Wisconsin, River Falls          Function
   Dissertation: Can the Five Domain Factors of           Biomedical Sciences
   the Revised NEO Personality Inventory Predict       Brenda M. Lindsay Nour, Madison, SD
   Short-Term Individual Psychotherapy Outcome            B.A., University of Nebraska - Lincoln
   for Depressed Subjects?                                M.A., The University of South Dakota
   Psychology                                             Dissertation: Predictors of Mental Health Care
Na Feng, Tian Jin, P.R. China                             Use in Adult Primary Care Patients
   B.S., Nankai University, P.R. China                    Psychology
   Dissertation: The Role of Corticosterone-           Noel Edward Schaeffer, Sioux Falls, SD
   Sensitive Organic Cation Transporters in               B.S., M.A., M.S., The University of
   Stress-Mediated Serotonergic Signaling in the          South Dakota
   Rat Medial Hypothalamus                                Dissertation: Models of Risk Perception and
   Biological Sciences                                    Risky Choice: Theoretical Modeling and
                                                          Empirical Testing in Hypothetical and Real-Life

Doctor of Education
Norene A. Bunt, Marcus, IA                       James Francis Ghents, Rapid City, SD
  B.A., Morningside College                        B.S.Ed., Black Hills State University
  M.A., Northwestern College                       M.Ed., South Dakota State University
  Ed.S., Drake University                          Dissertation: Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding
  Dissertation: Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions   the Impact of Federal No Child Left Behind
  Regarding Research-Based Components of           Legislation on High School Instruction as
  Reading Instruction and Their Relationship to    Catalyzed by a Professional Learning
  Classroom Practice                               Community
  Educational Administration                       Educational Administration
Sally Marie Crowser, Lingle, WY                  Jennifer Suzanne Heath, Sisseton, SD
  B.A.A&S., M.A., South Dakota State University B.A., University of Minnesota, Morris
  Dissertation: Rural Educators’ Perceptions of    M.A., The University of South Dakota
  the Qualities of Rural Schools                   Dissertation: Improving Oral Reading Fluency in
  Educational Administration                       Elementary Students of American Indian
                                                   Heritage with Learning Disabilities using the
                                                   Repeated Readings Method
                                                   Curriculum & Instruction
Beth A. Johnsen, Friend, NE                          Roy Thomas John Kammer, Bloomfield, NE
  B.S., Dana College                                   B.S.AH., M.A., The University of
  M.S.E., Drake University                             South Dakota
  Ed.S., Wayne State College                           M.A., Mount Marty College
  Dissertation: A Naturalistic Study of                Dissertation: Chief Student Affairs and
  Experienced Female Superintendents in                Academic Affairs Officers’ Perceptions of
  Nebraska                                             Counseling Centers’ Value in Fulfilling
  Educational Administration                           Institutional Mission
Donna M. Johnson, Windom, MN                           Educational Administration
  B.A., Southwest Minnesota State University         Scott Wayne Klungseth, Beresford, SD
  M.S., Minnesota State University Mankato             B.A., Augustana College
  Dissertation: The Effects of Substituting            M.S.Ed., Northern State University
  Retelling for Basal Reader Comprehension             Dissertation: A Comparison Between Public
  Instruction on Students in a Sixth Grade             Elementary Physical Education Programs in
  Reading Program                                      South Dakota and the STARS Criteria for
  Curriculum & Instruction                             High Quality Physical Education Programs
Michelle Lee Johnson, Pierre, SD                       Curriculum & Instruction
  B.S., University of Central Oklahoma               Shannon D. Waysman
  M.S., South Dakota State University                  B.S.Ed., M.A., Ed.S., The University
  Dissertation: Special Education Teachers’ Intent     of South Dakota
  to Remain in the Teaching Profession:                Dissertation: The Effectiveness of a Group
  Perceptions of Special Educators in                  Discrimination Training Approach in Teaching
  South Dakota                                         Discrete Language Skills to Five-Year-Olds
  Educational Administration                           with Developmental Disabilities
                                                       Curriculum & Instruction

                    SANFORD SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
Doctor of Medicine
Hillary Lea Thronson, Watertown, SD
    B.A., Minnesota State University, Moorehead

                                   SCHOOL OF LAW
Juris Doctor
Tucker Gary Hansen, Sioux Falls, SD                  Kristi Lyn Loose, Lamberton, MN
  B.A., Augustana College                               B.A., Hamline University

                                GRADUATE SCHOOL
Specialist in Education
Brian Alan Field, Beresford, SD                      Alexa M. Musto
   B.S.Ed., The University of South Dakota              B.S.Ed., University of North Dakota
   M.Ed., South Dakota State University                 M.Ed., Coppin State University
   Educational Administration                           Educational Administration
Maria A. Meyer, Aberdeen, SD                         Robert M. Wiersma
   B.S., M.S.Ed., Northern State University             B.A., Dordt College
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                 M.A.T., Morningside College
                                                        Counseling & Psychology in Education
Master of Arts
Luralyn May Bailey, Upland, CA                         Sean Michael Johnson, Sioux Falls, SD
   B.S., Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo                        B.S., The University of South Dakota
   Thesis: Teacher Effects on Motivation in Ability       Biology
   Grouped Fifth Grade Mathematics Classes             Linda S. Keech, Valentine, NE
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                   B.A., Simpson College
Debra Rae Boerner, Winner, SD                             Elementary Education
   B.S.Ed., Black Hills State University               Kyle Von Koeppen, Marion, IA
   Elementary Education                                   B.S.S., Cornell College
Pamela Marie Bowen, River Falls, WI                       Educational Administration
   B.S., University of Wisconsin - River Falls         Kaye L. Lehmann, Mundelein, IL
   Educational Administration                             B.S., Northern Illinois University
Bev Brown                                                 Speech-Language Pathology
   B.A., The University of South Dakota                Linda M. Love, Omaha, NE
   Thesis: Terms of Exile, A Collection of Poetry         B.S.Ed., University of Nebraska - Lincoln
   English                                                Educational Administration
Kristin Lee Bruns, Spencer, SD                         RoseMary Mooney, Magnolia, TX
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                   B.A., Our Lady of the Lake University
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                   Educational Administration
Scott Robert Bruns, Spirit Lake, IA                    Douglas F.R. Murano, Jr., Huron, SD
   B.S., Wayne State College                              B.A., The University of South Dakota
   Thesis: Benjamin Franklin and the Social               Thesis: The Revolving Doors of Norah: Two
   Influences of Religion                                 Sons of the Same Earth (and other stories)
   History                                                English
Julie M. Clifford                                      Troy D. Pederson
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                   B.S.B.A., The University of South Dakota
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                   Interdisciplinary Studies
Heather E. Dimitt                                      Joleen Louise Pietrzak, Yankton, SD
   B.E.S., University of Missouri, Columbia               B.S., The University of South Dakota
   Educational Administration                             Thesis: Canned Lives: Missionary
Mary Arlene Dodson, Spearfish, SD                         Photography in South Africa
   B.S.Ed., Northern State University                     Interdisciplinary Studies
   English                                             Berit Leigh Preston, Rapid City, SD
Jessica Rae Epp, Yankton, SD                              B.A., Augustana College
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                   Thesis: Beauty, Comfort, and Enlightenment
   Counseling & Psychology in Education                   at Top Speed: Postmodern Parody in Kurt
Timothy Eric Ferber, Rapid City, SD                       Vonnegut
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                   English
   Speech-Language Pathology                           Erin M. Seiner
Kelene A. Fercho                                          B.A., Minnesota State University - Moorhead
   B.A., The University of South Dakota                   Counseling & Psychology in Education
   Thesis: Geographic Familiarity, Map                 Christina Elizabeth Stark, Utica, SD
   Complexity, and Map Orientation Effects on             B.S.Ed., Northern State University
   Mental Rotation                                        Elementary Education
   Psychology                                          Jamie Elizabeth Stech, Osmond, NE
Beth Ann Fuhrman, Mobridge, SD                            B.A., Wayne State College
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                   Communication Studies
   Speech-Language Pathology                           Ernest W. Valentine, Wagner, SD
Erica Christine Hall, Worland, WY                         B.S.Ed., Valley City State University
   B.S., University of Wyoming                            Educational Administration
   Speech-Language Pathology                           Anessa Marie Van Osdel, Yankton, SD
Christopher J. Hemmelman                                  B.S., Mount Marty College
   B.A., York College                                     Educational Administration
   Thesis: Cult of Celebrity: Cultural and Political   Mary Green Vickrey, Vermillion, SD
   Ideology in Arthurian Legend                           B.A., Vanderbilt University
   English                                                Thesis: James Hook (1746-1827): The Early
Mona Frances Henderson, Tyler, TX                         Life of a Preeminent Craftsman of
   B.S., University of Southern Mississippi               Eighteenth-century English Popular Songs
   Educational Administration                             Interdisciplinary Studies
Zackary John Hood, Creston, IA
   B.G.S., University of Kansas
   Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Sara Elizabeth Vollmer, Wing, ND              Mingli Yang
  B.S., North Dakota State University           B.A., B.S., Jiangxi University of Finance &
  Educational Administration                    Economics, China
                                                M.B.A., The University of South Dakota
                                                Thesis: Visual, Vocal Cues and Verbal
                                                Framing Used in Risk Communication and
                                                Risky Choice

Master of Business Administration
Paul D. Barnes, Sioux City, IA                Jessica K. Preister, Vermillion, SD
   B.S., Iowa State University                   B.A., Mount Marty College
Richard A. Bitterman, Parkston, SD            Daniel James Schiltz, Sioux Falls, SD
   B.B.A., The University of South Dakota        B.S., South Dakota State University
Dereck Allen Budahl, Rapid City, SD           Lori K. Shaffer, Sioux City, IA
   B.S.B.A., The University of South Dakota      B.S., Iowa State University
Tory H. Haggerty, Sisseton, SD                Susan E. Simko
   B.S., South Dakota State University           B.B.A., The University of Iowa
Robyn L. Helland                              Bryan Gene Slaba, Mitchell, SD
   B.S., Milwaukee School of Engineering         B.S.B.A., The University of South Dakota
Jodi A. Jensen                                Joshua Axel Swanstrom, Beresford, SD
   B.S.A&S., South Dakota State University       B.B.A., The University of South Dakota
Brandt C. Kreyger                             Justin M. Tiffany
   B.S., Metropolitan State University           B.A., Augustana College
Mike Logue                                    Van Tran, Vietnam
   B.S.T., South Dakota State University         Bachelor of Economics, Bant Tot Nghiep Dai
Kristin Marie Munger, Milroy, MN                 Hoc, University of Foreign Trade, Vietnam
   B.A.A&S., South Dakota State University    Sheri R. Valdez, Sioux Falls, SD
Jordan R. Murphy, Aberdeen, SD                   B.B.A., Dakota State University
   B.B.A., The University of South Dakota     Russel D. Van Der Werff, Sioux Falls, SD
Emily Ann Neville-Nelson, Madison, SD            B.S., South Dakota State University
   B.B.A., Dakota State University            Jessica J. Weldon
Daniel J. Park, Luverne, MN                      B.S.HA., The University of South Dakota
   B.A., Augustana College                    Julie Lynn Williams, Sioux Falls, SD
Rodney Duane Pierson, Dell Rapids, SD            B.A., B.S., St. Cloud State University
   B.S.AE., South Dakota State University     Yulia Willmore, Sioux Falls, SD
Crystal A. Preister, Humphrey, NE                B.S., Dakota State University
   B.S.B.A., University of Nebraska - Omaha

Master of Music

Shannon K. Abels, Sioux Falls, SD             Daniel Dean Duffield, Taylor Ridge, IL
  B.A., Augustana College                       B.M., University of Iowa
  Music                                         Music

Master of Professional Accountancy

Alex Cesar Arobba, Vermillion, SD             Darin Lee Palmer, Sioux Falls, SD
Kyle Adam Bohms, Sioux Falls, SD                B.S., Huron University
Megan M. Dahle                                Michael Lee Schelling, Brandon, SD
   B.A., South Dakota State University        Benjamin Odell Temple, Mt. Vernon, SD
Joseph Andrew Hegge, Watertown, SD            Mengfan Yan, Beijing, China
Jerry Lee Kyte, Sioux Falls, SD                 B.A., University of Luton
Master of Science
Kyle Cabot Bartz, Tyler, MN                            Brandi S. Hansen, Correctionville, IA
   A.A., Riverland Community College                       B.S.HA., The University of South Dakota
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                    Administrative Studies
   Occupational Therapy                                Tabitha Marie Hass
Nathan James Benn, Johnston, IA                            B.A., Minnesota State University - Moorhead
   B.A., University of Iowa                                Physician Assistant
   Physician Assistant                                 Rachell Lynn Henning, Luverne, MN
Andrea Katherine Benson, Sioux Falls, SD                   B.S., South Dakota State University
   B.A., Concordia College, Moorhead                       Administrative Studies
   Occupational Therapy                                Kee Her, Marshall, MN
Kelly Jean Bierwerth, Shoreview, MN                        B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College
   B.A., University of Minnesota - Morris                  Physician Assistant
   Physician Assistant                                 Victoria Anne Hinek, Summerset, SD
Brooke Renee Bullerman, Adrian, MN                         B.S., Black Hills State University
   B.S., Minnesota State University, Mankato               Administrative Studies
   Physician Assistant                                 Jacob C. Holm, Stockton, UT
Anthony Robert Burbach, Vermillion, SD                     B.S., Southern Utah University
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                    Occupational Therapy
   Physician Assistant                                 Megan J. Horacek, Hartford, SD
Lori Lynn Burmeister, Rapid City, SD                       B.S.Ed., Northern State University
   B.S., University of Nebraska at Kearney                 Occupational Therapy
   Administrative Studies                              Annette M. Johnson, Hawarden, IA
Beth A. Bury, Spearfish, SD                                B.A., Teikyo-Westmar University
   B.S.Ed., Black Hills State University                   Administrative Studies
   Technology for Education & Training                 Dorothy B. Keller
Abha J. Chalpe, Nagpur, India                              B.S.N., The University of Tulsa
   B.S., Shivaji Science College                           M.S., South Dakota State University
   M.S., Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, India               Administrative Studies
   Thesis: Regulation of Cadherin Expression in        Valissa Joy Kraft, Mobridge, SD
   the Chicken Neural Crest by the Wnt/B-catenin           B.S., South Dakota State University
   Signaling Pathway                                       Occupational Therapy
   Biology                                             Joshua John Lamers, Browns Valley, MN
Michelle Ann Chaussee, Vermillion, SD                      B.S., The University of South Dakota
   B.S., Missouri Southern State University - Joplin       Occupational Therapy
   Physician Assistant                                 Karen Marie Maier, Aberdeen, SD
Charity Lyn Condit, Whittier, IA                           B.S., Presentation College
   B.A., Luther College, Decorah                           Technology for Education & Training
   Occupational Therapy                                Diane E. Manas, Utica, SD
David Ernest Erickson, Sioux Falls, SD                     B.S., The University of South Dakota
   B.S., South Dakota State University                     Occupational Therapy
   B.S., Sioux Falls College                           Brenda Lee McGlynn, Rapid City, SD
   Administrative Studies                                  A.A.S., B.S.B.A., Oglala Lakota College
Dustin Michael Evans, Hartford, SD                         Technology for Education & Training
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                Jessica J. McHugh, Inwood, IA
   Occupational Therapy                                    B.A., University of Iowa
Lindsey Marie Ferber, Pierre, SD                           Occupational Therapy
   B.S.A&S., South Dakota State University             Amanda Lynn McMillin, Ottumwa, IA
   Occupational Therapy                                    B.A., Cornell College
Michelle Anne Frazee, Colorado Springs, CO                 Occupational Therapy
   B.S.Ed., University of Georgia                      Lisa B. Mewshaw, Yankton, SD
   Occupational Therapy                                    A.A., B.S., The University of South Dakota
Kelley Renee Garrett, Colbert, GA                          Occupational Therapy
   B.S., Emmanuel College                              Tiffany Jeanne Murtha, Bridgewater, SD
   Technology for Education & Training                     B.A., Augustana College
Sally R. Gruenhagen, North St. Paul, MN                    Occupational Therapy
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                Beth A. Nelson
   Occupational Therapy                                    B.S.NUR., University of Wyoming
Marla Jean Gustafson, Custer, SD                           Administrative Studies
   B.S., Black Hills State University                  Jeffrey Allen Norris, Rapid City, SD
   Occupational Therapy                                    B.S., Black Hills State University
                                                           Administrative Studies
Lyndsey Ann Ochsner, Aberdeen, SD                    Janell Scardino
   B.S., North Dakota State University                  B.A., Clarke College
   Physician Assistant                                  Computer Science
Kristine J. Pederson, Volin, SD                      Jennifer Marie Schaefer, Sioux Falls, SD
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                 B.S.FCS., South Dakota State University
   Administrative Studies                               Administrative Studies
Emily Michelle Pieper, Omaha, NE                     Jamie L. Schaeffer
   B.S., The University of South Dakota                 B.S., South Dakota State University
   Physician Assistant                                  Mathematics
Kaushalkumar G. Purohit                              Sara Louise Schneiders, Sioux City, IA
   B.S., Shri J P Arts & Science College,               B.S., The University of South Dakota
   Bharuch;                                             Physician Assistant
   M.S., Dept of Chemistry, Surat, South Gujarat     Kathryn Therese Schwartz, Colome, SD
   University                                           B.S., The University of South Dakota
   Thesis: Synthesis of Functionalized Bicyclic         Physician Assistant
   Quinones and their Conjugation with               Jean Ann Skonhovd
   Photoelectron Donors                                 A.A., The University of South Dakota
   Chemistry                                            B.S.N., Presentation College
Kyrstin Lee Reimann, Granite Falls, MN                  Administrative Studies
   B.S., University of Minnesota - Twin Cities       Kimberly Lynne Sowinski, Fayetteville, GA
   Physician Assistant                                  B.B.A., Mercer University
Heather Lynn Rennerfeldt, Rosholt, SD                   Administrative Studies
   B.S., University of Sioux Falls                   Sadie Jean Stripling, Minneota, MN
   Occupational Therapy                                 B.A., Southwest Minnesota State University
Joleen Varie Reule, Rapid City, SD                      Physician Assistant
   B.S., The University of South Dakota              Smitha Rani Sumangala Appukuttan, Hyderabad,
   Physician Assistant                                  India
Danette Rae Ronnfeldt, Redfield, SD                     B.Tech., Jawaharlal Nehru
   B.S.A&S., South Dakota State University              Technological University
   B.A., Augustana College                              Computer Science
   Physician Assistant                               Thanh Dac Tran, Sioux Falls, SD
Satya Sai Sadhu, Hyderabad, India                       B.S.MT., The University of South Dakota
   Bachelor of Pharmacy, Osmania University,            Physician Assistant
   Hyderabad, India                                  Elizabeth Ann Van Bruggen, Sioux Center, IA
   Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of            B.A., Dordt College
   AL-MCM-48: Applications Towards the                  Occupational Therapy
   Immobilization of Cytochrome c                    Molly Brown Wagoner, Watertown, SD
   Chemistry                                            B.S., University of Mary
Colleen Doyle Satyshur, Madison, WI                     Physician Assistant
   B.S., Cornell University                          Joni Anne Wipf, Howard, SD
   Thesis: Does Intraguild Predatron Influence the      B.S., The University of South Dakota
   Local Distribution of the Endangered Hine’s          Physician Assistant
   Emerald Dragonfly (Somatochlora hineana)?         Catherine Ellen Zortman, Vermillion, SD
   Biology                                              B.A., South Dakota State University
                                                        Technology for Education & Training

University Scholar
The designation of University Scholar
is a unique and significant honor                    Lindsey Clara Davies
                                                        Search Strategies On the Web, Across Age
granted to an undergraduate student
                                                        and Interface Conditions
by The University. In addition to high               Daniel Patrick Johnson, Jr.
level scholarship, it requires partici-                 U.S. Farm Policy: A History Of Subsidizing
pation in the University Honors                         Poor Health?
Program culminating in successful
completion of a substantial senior
Thesis Scholar
The designation of Thesis Scholar
is an honor granted to                            Aleisha Ann Fuhrman
undergraduate students by The                        Photographing Phobias
University. As well as the
successful completion of general
education core and discipline
requirements, it entails that the
student complete two honors
seminars and a substantial senior

Bachelor of Arts
William Scott Albertson, Naples, FL               Jordan Cody Helming, Bellevue, NE
   Political Science                                 Spanish, Sociology
Mollie Jeane Anderson, Sioux Falls, SD            Sarah Marie Hoffman, Brandon, SD
   Contemporary Media and Journalism                 English
Desiree Arbo, Sioux Falls, SD                     Daniel Patrick Johnson, Jr., Washington, DC
   History                                           Political Science, Economics
Immanuel Bruce Bahlmann, Waseca, MN                  University Scholar, Magna Cum Laude
   Contemporary Media and Journalism              Jessica Rose Jungers, Hospers, IA
   Cum Laude                                         Psychology
Corianne Marie Bazemore, Vermillion, SD              Summa Cum Laude
   Psychology                                     Garett Michael Lohff, Yankton, SD
   Cum Laude                                         History
Trina Claire Borchardt, Sioux Falls, SD           Jordan B. McCaskill
   English                                           Criminal Justice
   Magna Cum Laude                                Megan Marie Moffitt, Emmetsburg, IA
Douglas L. Bryenldson, Centerville, SD               English
   English                                        Ginger Lee Mudlin, Rapid City, SD
Lindsey Clara Davies, Vermillion, SD                 Contemporary Media and Journalism
   Psychology                                     Elizabeth Amelia Nelson, Watertown, SD
   University Scholar, Summa Cum Laude               Contemporary Media and Journalism
Emma K. Fikkert, Storm Lake, IA                   Jennifer Marie Newton, Dakota Dunes, SD
   History                                           Contemporary Media and Journalism
   Summa Cum Laude                                Jack Joseph Nichols, Sioux Falls, SD
Alyssa Alexandra Floyd, Sioux Falls, SD              History
   Criminal Justice, Spanish                         Summa Cum Laude
Kelsey Rae Freidel, Humboldt, SD/Vermillion, SD   Gerit P. Sjolie, Vermillion, SD
   Contemporary Media and Journalism                 History
Emily J. Lord Garber, Sioux City, IA              April K. Stiver
   Political Science                                 Contemporary Media and Journalism
Autumn Rose Hausman, Yankton, SD                  Bridget A. Welch, Yankton, SD
   English                                           English, Spanish

Bachelor of Science
Philip O. Akurienne, Sioux Falls, SD              Matthew James Brandsrud
   Psychology                                        Biology
Janna Lynn Almeda-Carpenter                       Kyle Robert Brewer, Lennox, SD
   Earth Science                                     Biology
Nicholas A. Anson                                    Summa Cum Laude
   Contemporary Media and Journalism              John Gregory Bucknell, Chester, SD
Nicholas Lee Baird, Sturgis, SD                      Political Science
   Criminal Justice                               Walter William Byrne, Spearfish, SD
Paul Henry Billion, Sioux Falls, SD                  Criminal Justice
   History                                        Guthrie W Capossela
Ben Boskey                                           History
   Political Science
Rebecca May Chamberlin, Homer, NE            Daniel Lee Knight, North Sioux City, SD
   Communication Disorders                      Psychology
Summer Lynn Chambers, Sioux Falls, SD        Douglas R. Kokesh II, Yankton, SD
   Psychology                                   Psychology
Wesley Peter Christensen, Vermillion, SD     Robert Adam Konrady, Los Angeles, CA
   Earth Science                                Psychology
Krystal Leslie Clark, Vermillion, SD         Daniel Jay Kroeze, Sioux Falls, SD
   Psychology                                   Communication Disorders
Jessica Miriam Classen, Bellevue, NE         Blair A. Lakner, Wessington, SD
   Criminal Justice, Psychology                 Communication Disorders
Chad Clites, Centerville, SD                 Luke David Loving, Sioux Falls, SD
   Computer Science                             Psychology
   Cum Laude                                 Ryan John Lowe, Newcastle, NE
Eran James Collins, Sergeant Bluff, IA          Criminal Justice
   History                                   Katrina Lynn Meidinger
Meghan Jo Cook, McCook Lake, SD                 Computer Science, Music
   Biology                                      Cum Laude
Erin Nicole Corner, Hope Mills, NC           Laura L. Meyer, McCook Lake, SD
   Communication Disorders                      Criminal Justice
Courtney Rashel Decker, Orange City, IA      Brittany A. Moore
   Communication Disorders                      Psychology
Adam Lee DeZotell, Sioux Falls, SD           Andrea Nelson, Sioux Falls, SD
   Biology                                      Psychology
Sara Ann Dvorak, Pierre, SD                  Carl N Nelson
   History                                      Political Science
   Cum Laude                                 Zachary R. Niemann, Rapid City, SD
Paul L. Floren                                  Chemistry
   Psychology                                Shelby Kristin Norton, Sioux Falls, SD
Kyle E. Freeman                                 Contemporary Media and Journalism
   Biology                                   Andrew John Paulsen, Beresford, SD
Alisha Marie Fulker, Sioux Falls, SD            Criminal Justice
   Psychology                                Andrea Ruth Petersen, Austin, MN
   Cum Laude                                    Psychology
Toby Gall                                    Christopher Richard Phillips, Yankton, SD
   Psychology                                   Criminal Justice
Daniel Allen Gehlsen, Dell Rapids, SD        Rebecca Marie Ryan, Correctionville, IA
   Philosophy, History                          Biology
Gina Ann Gloede, North Sioux City, SD        Amy Elizabeth Smith, Akron, IA
   Communication Disorders                      Psychology
Marissa Opal Gunderson, Sioux Falls, SD         Cum Laude
   Contemporary Media and Journalism         Ashley Elizabeth Smith, Milbank, SD
Ashley J. Halseth                               Contemporary Media and Journalism
   Psychology                                Keith Smith, Omaha, NE
Sean Gayle Halverson, Scotland, SD              Criminal Justice
   Mathematics                               Jamie Lee Soukup, Wagner, SD
Abbigail Gabrielle Harbaugh, Newcastle, NE      Political Science
   Biology                                   Neysa Eden Thomas, Indiana, PA
Lyndsey Victoria Henning, Huron, SD             Psychology
   Psychology                                Nick Allen Gogue Thome, Rapid City, SD
Cleo E. Hilding                                 Biology
   Psychology, Biology                          Magna Cum Laude
Nathan Jaiharn Jamison, Sioux Falls, SD      Mike Thomson
   Psychology                                   Psychology
Sara Ashley Jares, Yankton, SD               Jeffrey Allen Tobey, Norfolk, NE
   Psychology                                   Anthropology, History
Jennifer L. Jensen, Fort Pierre, SD          Jeff Tonkyn, Rapid City, SD
   Communication Disorders                      Psychology
   Cum Laude                                 Joseph Verdoorn
Ellyn Kennedy                                   Criminal Justice
   Political Science                         Amy L. Wellner, Springfield, MN
Fares Khoury, Israel                            Contemporary Media and Journalism
   Communication Disorders                   Caleb Jon Wiegmann, Parkersburg, IA
                                                Communication Disorders
Associate of Arts
Julie Ann Fallan, Vermillion, SD              Jordan D. Wilson
Nicolette Jeanne Wellenstein, Yankton, SD

                   BEACOM SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Bachelor of Business Administration
Alex Cesar Arobba , Vermillion, SD            Jenna Marie Hoffman, Mitchell, SD
   Accounting                                    Health Service Administration
Amanda Jean Becvar, Sergeant Bluff, IA           Cum Laude
   Marketing                                  Eric James Horpedahl, St. Michael, MN
Erica K. Bjerrum, Mitchell, SD                   Marketing
   Accounting                                 Matthew David Huber, Mitchell, SD
   Cum Laude                                     Management
Kyle Adam Bohms, Sioux Falls, SD              Danica DeAnn Johnsen, Sioux Falls, SD
   Accounting                                    Marketing
Brandon Patrick Bruder, Yankton, SD           Abby Marie Johnson, Milbank, SD
   Economics                                     Marketing
   Cum Laude                                  Brian Robert Kaiser, Sioux Falls, SD
Ashleigh Brooke Cook, Thief River Falls, MN      Health Service Administration
   Management                                 Derrick Joseph Karsky, Sioux Falls, SD
Gregory Allen Cronin, Sergeant Bluff, IA         Health Service Administration
   Finance                                    Bryce William Kauer
Brian Anthony Dewald, Yankton, SD                Marketing
   Management                                    Magna Cum Laude
Martin Alexander Farrell, Rapid City, SD      Chad D. Ketcham, Lennox,SD
   Management                                    Accounting
Jessica Erin Ferguson, Heron Lake, MN         John Kyle Kreber
   Marketing                                     Marketing
   Magna Cum Laude                            Brooke A. Kuhlmann
Michelle Lea Ferrin, Sioux Falls, SD             Accounting
   Health Service Administration              Jerry Lee Kyte, Sioux Falls, SD
Claire V. Finn                                   Accounting
   Accounting                                    Cum Laude
   Cum Laude                                  Megan M. Lees, Brandon, SD
Christopher Gordon Fraser, Dakota Dunes, SD      Marketing
   Finance                                    Kenny G. Lipetzky
Michael William Fuchs, Pierre, SD                Management
   Health Services Administration             Justin M. Lipp
Bryce Dominic Gillen, White Lake, SD             Management
   Management                                 Alexander C. Lowry, Sioux Falls, SD
Adam Richard Grote, Brandon, SD                  Accounting
   Finance                                    Jeremy Maxfield, Missouri Valley, IA
Luke Lyndon Groth, Lawton, IA                    Accounting
   Management                                 Tim Murman
Christopher G. Hamze, Hartford, SD               Management
   Management                                 Troy John Noonan
Nicholas N. Hamze, Hartford, SD                  Economics
   Management                                 Michael Olson, Mitchell, SD
Scott James Hargens, Sioux Falls, SD             Finance
   Marketing                                  Enoch Wesley Parry, III, Brandon, SD
Lindsey J. Hauger, Viborg, SD                    Management
   Management                                 Nathan Charles Pease, Sioux Falls, SD
Joseph A. Hegge                                  Economics
   Accounting                                 Nicholas J. Radigan, Sioux Falls, SD
Grant Henry Hoefert, Salem, SD                   Finance
   Finance                                       Magna Cum Laude
Jackie Marie Hoerner, Bowdle, SD              Bradley James Rezac, Avon, SD
   Management                                    Management
Andrea Lea Rollins, Akron, IA                 Benjamin Odell Temple, Mount Vernon, SD
   Management                                   Accounting
Jenna Suzanne Sanchez, Sioux Falls, SD        Gabrielle Marie Totton, Chamberlain, SD
   Management                                   Health Service Administration
Michael Lee Schelling, Brandon, SD            Gavin Lee Van Zee, Highmore, SD
   Accounting                                   Management
Melissa J. Sievert                            Patrick Kelly Vaughan, Sioux City, IA
   Marketing, Contemporary Media and            Management
   Journalism                                 Amy L. Wellner, Springfield, MN
   Cum Laude                                    Management
Michelle Lynne Sparagon, Rapid City, SD       Chad Richard Wilde, Huron, SD
   Management                                   Management
Nicholas Shawn Stanek, Sioux City, IA         Sarah Fay Zautke, Yankton, SD
   Health Service Administration                Management
Andrew Michael Strandell, Watertown, SD         Magna Cum Laude

                           SCHOOL OF EDUCATION

Bachelor of Science in Education
Derek A. Alarie                               Benjamin Robert Jacobs, Sioux Falls, SD
   Spanish Education                             History Education
Hannah Renae Baily, Dell Rapids, SD           Zachary James Johnson
   Elementary Education, Special Education       Elementary Education
Randi J. Barge, Wakefield, NE                 Rachel Kay Kludt, Huron, SD
   Physical Education                            Biology Education
Kimberly Grace Bartholomaus, Pipestone, MN    Heather Marie Lander, Sergeant Bluff, IA
   Elementary Education                          Math Education
Jevon N. Bowman, Rapid City, SD               Abby Danielle Meyer, Watertown, SD
   Physical Education                            English Education
   Cum Laude                                  Bart Robert Miller, Vermillion, SD
Andrea Sharon Broderson, Volin, SD               Physical Education
   Elementary Education                       Ashley Ann Robinette, South Sioux City, NE
   Summa Cum Laude                               Physical Education
Caitlin Elizabeth Brusseau, Pierre, SD           Cum Laude
   Elementary Education                       Leita Ashley Rolfe, Newcastle, WY
   Magna Cum Laude                               English Education
Kristina Anne Charlson, Brookings, SD         Amber Marie Ross, South Sioux City, NE
   Elementary Education                          Elementary Education
Shannon L. Daly                               Tia Michelle Schuster, Sioux Falls, SD
   Elementary Education                          Elementary Education
Nicole Anna Lynne Daniel, Norfolk, NE         Deanna Sue Smith, Primghar, IA
   English Education                             Elementary Education
Zachary T. DeShazer, Huron, SD                Lauren Anne Swann, Sioux Falls, SD
   Physical Education                            Elementary Education
Kenneth Michael Doyle, Sioux Falls, SD           Cum Laude
   History Education                          Paige Elizabeth Thompson, Sioux Falls, SD
Richard A. Fisher, Parkersburg, IA               Elementary Education, Special Education
   Elementary Education, Special Education    Nicholas Dale Walters, Parkersburg, IA
Jessica Ann Gebel, Mitchell, SD                  Physical Education
   Elementary Education                       Sarah Jane Watts, Worthing, SD
Ashley Jenae Gross, Norfolk, NE                  Elementary Education
   Elementary Education, Special Education    David John White, Omaha, NE
   Cum Laude                                     English Education
Steven Allan Hale, Tripp, SD                  William Paul Yost, Beresford, SD
   Elementary Education                          English Education
Jordan Robert Hamman, Sioux City, IA             Cum Laude
   Biology Education
Thomasine Lindsey Herrmann, Sioux Falls, SD
   Math Education
Bachelor of Science in Recreation
Sara Vanessa Eiler, Ponca, NE                Blake Alan Hojer, DeSmet, SD
Joel G. Gentile                              Timothy John Rust, Luverne, MN
Charlotte Nichole Henning, Saint Cloud, MN   Brittany Elizabeth Sand, Vermillion, SD
  Magna Cum Laude                            Michael Tobin, Sioux Falls, SD

                            COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Marcie Elizabeth Brenden, Sioux Falls, SD    Monica Noelle Mayer, Bloomington, MN
   Theatre                                       Art
   Cum Laude                                 Tony Millette
Desirae F. Carson, Yankton, SD                   Art
   Art                                       Eli M. Show, Sioux Falls, SD
Aleisha Ann Fuhrman, Norfolk, NE                 Art
   Art                                       Lindsey Nicole Straw, Ralston, NE
   Thesis Scholar, Cum Laude                     Theatre
Nicholas Lee Hruby, Marion, SD               Kathryn M. Vermillion, Northfield, MA
   Art                                           Art
Cristina A. Kauffman                         Masahiro Wadayama, Osaka-sayama City,
   Art                                           Osaka, Japan
Debra Ann Kindelspire, Sioux Falls, SD           Art

Bachelor of Music
Suzannah R. Bryan                            Deborah Diane Passick, Peterson, IA
   Music Education                             Music Education
   Cum Laude                                   Cum Laude
Kristi Elizabeth Linn, Spencer, IA           Lee Nicole Schneider, Sheldon, IA
   Music Education                             Music Education
   Magna Cum Laude                             Cum Laude
Rebecca Lynn McDowell, Middletown, RI
   Music Education
   Cum Laude

                     SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES
Bachelor of Science
Lesley Margaret Andringa, Sheldon, IA        Jacquelyn Marie Flaugh, South Sioux City, NE
   Dental Hygiene                               Alcohol & Drug Studies
   Summa Cum Laude                           Tasha Lorraine Eva Hoeltzner, Aberdeen, SD
Melanie Faye Bartow, Wilton, ND                 Social Work
   Dental Hygiene                            Melanie Louise Kettler, Norfolk, NE
Mischa’ Beth Brown, Vermillion, SD              Social Work
   Alcohol & Drug Studies, Psychology        Emily Jo Logue, Wakonda, SD
   Cum Laude                                    Dental Hygiene
Angela Dawn Brownfield                          Summa Cum Laude
   Alcohol & Drug Studies                    Crystal Marie Lubben, LeMars, IA
Jodi Jeanette Bruegman, Bloomfield, NE          Dental Hygiene
   Social Work                                  Cum Laude
   Magna Cum Laude                           Jacey LaRay Mohr, Watertown, SD
Agnes C. Clement, Mitchell, SD                  Social Work
   Alcohol & Drug Studies, Social Work       Nicole Elizabeth Post, Sioux Falls, SD
Elisha Jolene Daum, Yankton, SD                 Alcohol & Drug Studies
   Social Work
Brooke Ann Riedemann, Sutherland, IA        Heather Lynn Swensen, Vermillion, SD
   Alcohol & Drug Studies                     Social Work
Kendal Marie Schuurmans, Tyndall, SD        Chris Turbak
   Social Work                                Alcohol & Drug Studies, Psychology
Amy Elizabeth Smith, Akron, IA
   Alcohol & Drug Studies
   Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
Matthew J. Sees

Associate of Science
Noelle M. Bouavichith                       Michelle L. McAuliffe
   Nursing                                     Nursing
Christine Jennifer Carey, Bismark, ND       Katie Ahrends Millar, Sioux Falls, SD
   Nursing                                     Nursing
Michelle Jo Cazer, Hot Springs, SD             With Honor
   Nursing                                  Lisa Osborne
Russ Christensen                               Nursing
   Nursing                                  Stacey Lynn Paradise, Flat Rock, MI
Kelly Dawn DeGrote, Montevideo, MN             Nursing
   Nursing                                  Emilie Perkins, Sioux Falls, SD
Dawn Marie Doud, Midland, SD/Pierre, SD        Nursing
   Nursing                                  Cozette L. Petersen, Gering, NE
Kerianna K. Fettig, Sioux Falls, SD            Nursing
   Nursing                                  Calista Ann Peterson, Rapid City, SD
Rebecca L. Fossen , Pierre, SD                 Nursing
   Nursing                                  Tracy A. Pick, Edgerton, MN
Jennifer Garro, Rapid City, SD                 Nursing
   Nursing                                  Hannah Christine Plucker, Sioux Falls, SD
Tyler Joseph Geitz, Rapid City, SD             Nursing
   Nursing                                  Melissa Marie Poppen, Clear Lake, SD
Christine M. George                            Nursing
   Nursing                                  Kristin Noel Rozeboom, Luverne, MN
Jeffrey Jon Gilchrist, Sioux Falls, SD         Nursing
   Nursing                                  Jodi K. Salzman
Michelle L. Gray, Rapid City, SD               Nursing
   Nursing                                  Melanie L. Sargeant, Rapid City, SD
Jennifer Catharina Hamilton, Canton, SD        Nursing
   Nursing                                  Elizabeth Rachel Sivertsen, Huron, SD
Elisabeth Ann Harding, Rapid City, SD          Nursing
   Nursing                                  Shawna Linsley Tagler, Rapid City, SD
Tricia Ann Henning, Brookings, SD              Nursing
   Nursing                                  Rudi Lee Thomas, Rapid City, SD
   With Honor                                  Nursing
Janelle Marie Kittelson, Sioux Falls, SD    Julie J. Vikhorev
   Nursing                                     Nursing
Andy Kline                                     With High Honor
   Nursing                                  Danielle D. Vis, Beaver Creek, MN
Luke L. Kretschmar                             Nursing
   Nursing                                  Jessica Ann Wagner, Rapid City, SD
Kristin Jean Leader, Crofton, NE               Nursing
   Nursing                                  Julie Anne Watson, Montrose, SD
Carla Renita Lindsey, Fieldale, VA             Nursing
   Nursing                                  Andrea Rose Williams, Saint Onge, SD
Lori Ann Lubben, Dell Rapids, SD                 Nursing
   Nursing                                  Angela Marie Wilson, Valley Springs, SD
Joseph Michael Marquardt, Grand Forks, ND      Nursing
To earn an honors designation at graduation, the baccalaureate-level graduate must have
completed at least 64 hours of USD credit and must meet the following USD and
cumulative grade point averages:

         Summa Cum Laude                         equal to or greater than 3.9
         Magna Cum Laude                         equal to or greater than 3.7
         Cum Laude                               equal to or greater than 3.5

To earn an honors designation at graduation, the associate-level graduate must have
completed at least 32 hours of USD credit and must meet the following USD and
cumulative grade point averages:

         With Highest Honor                      equal to or greater than 3.9
         With High Honor                         equal to or greater than 3.7
         With Honor                              equal to or greater than 3.5

An academics and research leader in South Dakota and the region since 1862, The U. is
                     the state’s flagship liberal arts institution.

  This document is available in alternative formats upon request. For assistance, call
      Disability Services at The U. at: 605-677-6389 or E-mail

   The University of South Dakota is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution
         committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, staff and students.

             The commencement program is a list of candidates for degree.
                    It is not an official listing of degrees conferred.

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                                             ACADEMIC DRESS
The tradition of academic costume has a history of nearly eight centuries. In medieval
Europe, all townsmen wore long flowing robes or gowns. The materials and colors
varied greatly, according to wealth and rank of the individual, and were governed by
royal decree. Gradually there developed distinctive gowns for the various professions,
trades and guilds. They survive today in the gowns of religious orders, the judiciary and
the academic regalia.

The gowns worn by the recipients of the various degrees vary somewhat in design. The
sleeves of the gown worn by recipients of the baccalaureate degree are long and
pointed, while the sleeves of the gown worn by the master’s degree recipients are
square at one end with a slit at the elbow. The doctor’s gown has flowing sleeves with
three bars of velvet and facing of velvet down the front of the gown.

Most distinctive of the academic regalia is the hood, which serves as identification of the
graduate degree and the institution where the degree was awarded. The hood is lined
with silk in the official colors of the institution. Thus, the hood of The University of South
Dakota is lined in red. The trim is velvet, three inches wide for the master’s degree and
five inches wide for the doctor’s degree. The color of the velvet border indicates the

The academic cap was developed in the fifteenth century. Some caps were stiff, some
soft, some square, some round, with a tuft in the center. The tassel used today is an
elaboration of the tuft. While some institutions still use the round caps, most institutions
have adopted the “mortar board” style which comes from Oxford. The tassel for
graduate degrees may be black, except that a gold bullion tassel may be worn by
recipients of the doctorate. The tassel’s color indicates the discipline in which the degree
has been earned. The tassel colors are shown below:

Arts and Sciences.........................................................................................................White
Business..........................................................................................................Sapphire Blue
Education................................................................................................................Light Blue
Fine Arts (Art and Theatre).........................................................................................Brown
Fine Arts (Music)..............................................................................................................Pink
Health Sciences............................................................................................................Green

Honors societies wear specially designed stoles, cords or medallions. The
designations are listed below.

Beta Gamma Sigma.......................................................................Blue ribbon with medallion
Chi Sigma Iota................................................................................Blue & white honor cords
Golden Key International Honour Society.........................................Blue & gold honor cords
Mortar Board.................................................................Gold & silver interlaced honor cords
Omicron Delta Kappa...........................................White, black & blue twisted cords
Order of Omega.........................................................White & gold double cords
Phi Beta Kappa Society........................................Light blue & light pink honor cords
Psi-Chi Psychology Club...............................Double gold cord with blue & gold tassels
University Honors Program.....................................................................................Gold stole

Faculty wearing medals with a red ribbon are recipients of a Belbas-Larson Award,
given as the university’s highest honor for teaching excellence; faculty wearing a red/
white ribbon are recipients of Richard and Sharon Cutler Awards, given by the College of
Arts and Sciences for promoting liberal arts education through teaching and research.

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