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									Manufactured/Mobile Homes
                 Legislative Solutions to
                    Address a Crisis

  Utah Housing Coalition’s 11th Annual Conference
   Manufactured/Mobile Homes in Utah
     Why the issue is important
     Threats to manufactured homeowners

 The Current Law and its Shortfall
 Legislative Solutions
       Two current bills and other possible solutions
 Response to the Bills
 Summary
Manufactured Homes in Utah

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        What are the benefits of
        manufactured housing?
   Provides an additional housing choice
       Over 84,000 Utahns live in 39,000 manufactured
        homes (based on 2000 Census)
       Many owners are on fixed incomes, seniors, and
        people with disabilities

   Good, high density housing

   Affordable, unsubsidized housing
       More individuals in manufactured housing than using
        Section 8 rental vouchers
         Threats to manufactured
   Their homes sit on prime-land which is appealing to
   No other similar affordable housing available
   No options on owning the land underneath the home
   Park closures (13 known parks since 2002)
       Cottonwood Heights                   Murray
       Heber                                Orem
       Huricane (2 parks)                   Salt Lake City (2 parks)
       Midvale                              Sandy (2 parks)
       Moab                                 Spanish Fork
       In the near future South Salt Lake - Ideal Park…
                      Current Law
        The Mobile Home Residency Act
   Tries to balance the dual ownership rights
   Allows optional lease terms - most parks have month-to-
    month leases
   Eviction only for cause
   Residents have the right to organize in resident associations
   Park closures are addressed only through a 90-days eviction
   No rent increase limitation after eviction notice
   Civil law - No enforcement agency in the state or at the local
          Mortgage Issues due to
              Park Closures
   Residents do not foresee park closures when
    borrowing money for their homes
   The high cost of relocation puts owners in the
    situation of asking for deferred payments
   Old homes, cannot be moved: residents abandons
    them and file for bankruptcy and end up with bad
   Banks become mobile home owners
    Current Legislative Solutions
   Rep. Phil Riesen’s Bill
     365-days notice of intent to close the park
     180 days eviction notice in case of park

   Sen. Scott McCoy’s Bill
       12 months lease term, unless park owner
        and resident agree on a greater or lesser
      Other legislative solutions
   Tax credit for manufactured homeowners due
    to involuntary relocation
   Notice of intent to sell the park
   Break on state capital gains tax to park owners
    ( currently 5%)
   Local governments should create their own
    ordinances to address park closures
    Why these types of solutions?
   Lying the ground for good comprehensive reform
       Better outcomes in case of park closure
       Preservation of mobile/manufactured home parks

   Other states have forged the way
       Utilizing their language in our political climate

   What have we learned from them
       Oregon incentive did not work
       Arizona relocation fund
       First Right of Refusal v. Opportunity to Purchase the Park
       Closure permit required by the local government
         Relocation funds
      Why are we not addressing a
           relocation fund?

We support a comprehensive leveraged
relocation fund where all parties involved
         are part of the process
      Legislative Solutions and the
          Lending Community
   Banks play a major role in preserving this type
    of affordable housing
   A longer lease term will bring more stability for
    home owners and lenders
   A longer eviction notice will allow owners more
    time to work with the lenders
   An option to purchase the park will keep the
    homes with mortgages stable
                    Next Steps
   Additional Forums based on the Taylorsville model

   Workshops for mobile/manufactured homeowners
    - VISTA

   Educational outreach and advocacy - elected officials
    and community partners

   Mobile Home Day on the Hill - January 31, 2008
Group Response

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