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									Salaried Appointment:-
  1.   Purpose
  2.   Basic Guidelines
  3.   Completing the Form
  4.   Routing Guidelines

  1. Hire a new regular (overall apointment duration of seven months or more) full- or part-time
     salaried professional employee, or
  2. Renew a professional salaried Fixed Length Term assignment.

 Do not use for temporary salaried professional hires.

 Note:- This form is preceded by steps included in the hiring process including submission and
 approval of the Request to Fill form, the approval of the search process by Equal Opportunity, and the
 completion of a PDQ submitted (for eligible positions) to Human Resources. The PDQ results in the
 assignment of a Job Family and placement in a wage band within the Salaried Employee Classification
 and Compensation Program. Before initiating the appointment paperwork, the supervisor should also
 complete a Safety Checklist for review by Safety and Environmental Management.

Basic Guidelines
  1. The appointment materials, title, nature of appointment, salary, work year, and other applicable
     terms and conditions should be consistent with the posted job vacancy announcement.
  2. Salaried appointments must be approved by the President, Chancellor and/or BOT if appropriate,
     before the effective date of the hire.
         a. President approval is required for an appointment at a salary of $65,000 or above,
         b. Chancellor approval is required for an appointment at a salary of $90,000 or above,
         c. President and UMS approval is required if the hire represents an exception to the SECCP
              program, ex. hiring salary in the 4th quartile of the salary band.
  3. Completed paperwork, approved through the Provost level, should be delivered to OHR at least
     two weeks prior to the hire date. A department submitting an appointment that will require
     approval beyond the campus should plan accordingly. Employment Letter Coordinator, at 581-
     1640 for more information.
  4. An employe's pay will continue unless a subsequent action such as a leave or separation action is
     received by Payroll regardless of the nature of the appointment (ongoing, soft money, or fixed
  5. Departments are expected to monitor and extend Accounting ID end dates as appropriate.
  6. If not typed, use black or blue ink on white paper only.

Materials to Accompany Appointment
  1. Employee's Resume
  2. Information Relating to Search and Selection:
         a. Comparative Applicant Rating Sheet and Professional Recruitment Form; or
         b. Copy of approved grant budget page for named individual, or
         c. Postdoctoral Research Associate Appointment Form
             (, or
         d. Approved Search Waiver form.
  3. Departmental recommendation outlining terms, conditions and understandings under which the
     tentative offer of employment has been made.
The Employee Will Need to Complete the Following Documents:
1.   Individual Data Sheet (IDS)
2. Completed I-9
3. W-4/W-4 ME
4. EEO Form
5. Benefits Forms - Contact the Benefits Office (581-2366) for forms and to schedule a new
   employee orientation.
6. Direct Deposit (required for all salaried hires)
Completing the Form
       The following describes parts of the form that may not be self-explanatory. The fields included in
       the Salaried Appointment Form directly relate to the information required by Payroll to create the
       employee’s record in MaineStreet. Based on the specific nature of the appointment, some areas
       may be marked as N/A (not applicable).

Line 1
MaineStreet ID :-
      Completed IDS, I-9, W-4 and applicable benefit forms are required before this number can be
      Please do not delay this form while waiting for a Maine Street ID.

Line 3
Planned Exit Date :-
       This is the date the initial appointment will end. The end of the pay cycle should always be used
       for non fiscal year employees, ex. August 31 for a student calendar year appointment. To avoid
       the employee being overpaid, the department is responsible for processing the appropriate
       paperwork for a leave of absence or to sever employment.

Line 5
Employee Supervision Level :-
      The level of supervisory responsibility assigned to the employee:
        A = Academic Director              R = Coordinator
        B = Associate Director             S = Associate Dean
        D = Director                       T = Assistant Dean
        H = Department Head                V = Vice President
        Z = Supervisor

Line 6
Monthly Rate
BOT policy requires that non fiscal year employees be paid in 12 installments. Therefore, non-fiscal year
salaried employees who are hired after the beginning of their work year must have their pay spread over
the normal pay cycle. The monthly rate of pay beginning the following September would be one twelfth
of the employee’s base pay. Excepting Management Group employees, salaried professional positions are
assigned to a salary band in accordance with SECCP procedures.

Earnings Distribution
Percent :

The breakdown between Accounting ID’s may be expressed to 3 decimal places.
Comments Section
Include other relevant information about the appointment here including:

   1. Stipend amount and duration of stipend appointment, if applicable,
   2. Other stipulations or conditions of appointment.

Form Routing and Approvals
   1. If a joint appointment, department head of second unit
   2. Research director (if a Joint Appointment/member of a Research Unit)
   3. Academic dean
   4. Jennifer Baker, Financial Manager, Sponsored Programs, if the action includes a Fund 23
      chartfield combo (MEIF)
   5. VP for Research (if a Joint Appointment/member of a Research Unit OR the increase is funded by
      MEIF monies);
   6. VP Academic Affairs and Provost
   7. Human Resources will then prepare the appointment materials for review/approval, at the VP and
      Provost and/or President level. Human Resources will also prepare any necessary transmittal
      documents if further approval at the Chancellor/BOT level is required.
Salaried Appointment

                        Submitted By.:

                            Akshat Jain
                       Zoheb Ali Khan
                 B.Arch 5th yr. 10th Sem

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