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									                     DIRECT DEPOSIT PAYROLL
                 Direct Deposit Bank Account with
                        ATM/MasterCard Debit Card Access

                 Serious Business
                  Serious Money
Gochecking.com is looking for people just like you to help us launch our Second Chance
Bank Account or Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard in your area. Become a
Gochecking.com Sub-Agent and you'll soon be earning the serious money you deserve.

This Is Your Opportunity!
Become Your Own Boss!
Live a lifestyle that you always dreamed of by discovering what thousands already have.
Icon Resources offers a unique opportunity to earn immediate and long lasting income, while
helping others.
No experience necessary
No inventory
Great income potential
No start up cost
Full time or Part time

Product Description:

Gochecking.com utilizes its proven technology, operations and marketing expertise to offer its
Direct Deposit Bank Account or Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard to the more than 55 million
unbanked individuals. We focus on this customer base to provide a banking relationship to those
individuals who may not, for various reasons, have a traditional banking relationship.
Gochecking.com has become a viable option for many individuals to enter or re-enter the banking
system. Gochecking.com focuses on specific markets that historically have been underserved by
the banking industry.

Gochecking.com targets markets consisting of un-banked individuals as well as the
companies that employ them. Generally, Icon targets employers who have a high percentage
and/or high number of low to moderate income, hourly employees. The un-banked population
includes those who receive government benefits, payroll checks, and other types of payments, but
currently have no banking relationship. Companies are seeking to move all employees to direct
deposit as a means of providing additional employee benefits while reducing payroll costs and
increasing employee productivity. It is estimated that 25% to 30% of the U.S. work force is un-
banked. Banks have not focused on this customer base due to increased costs and risks associated
with them. It is very expensive to service customers via a branch teller which is where this
customer would go if they had a problem. Because this consumer could not qualify for credit
cards, mortgages, and CDs, a bank has very little opportunity to turn this consumer into a
profitable customer. Traditional banks charge $8 -$15 per month for a zero balance checking
Additionally, many immigrant workers transfer funds each pay period to support relatives in their
native country via check cashers or other wire transfer companies at a cost of up to $60 per
transfer. Due to increased credit requirements and security measures at banks, the only alternative
for many unbanked individuals is to utilize expensive check cashers. A typical check casher
charges 2% - 5% to cash a payroll check. The Direct Deposit account is a cost effective solution
for un-banked individuals to obtain the safety and convenience of an FDIC insured bank account.

Product Description:

1) Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard Program
The Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard provides employers an alternative way to pay their
employees with direct deposit even if the employees currently do not have a bank

2) Direct Deposit Bank Account
We offer everyday people the opportunity to look beyond their past, and give them the
opportunity to open a direct deposit checking account even if they currently have a
problem with Telecheck or Chexsystems. The Direct Deposit Bank Account gives your
customer his or her own personal bank account with ATM/MasterCard debit card access.

Cash Advance, Overdraft Shield (Coming Soon Optional Feature)
Overdraft Shield lets your customer use ATM machines or point-of-sale terminals
worldwide to withdraw up to $200 more than they have in their account. The customer
qualifies for Overdraft Shield with consecutive recurring direct deposits totaling at least
$400 per cycle into their Direct Deposit Bank or Card account. Subsequent deposits are
applied against any outstanding balance and restore Overdraft Shield for future use.
Overdraft Shield will remain active so long as the account continues to receive direct
deposits. No Credit Check/ Bad Credit Ok.

Direct Deposit Bank Account & Payroll MasterCard vs.
a Traditional Bank Account or a Secured Credit Card
The Direct Deposit MasterCard is better than a traditional bank account:
    No Credit Verification.
    No Checks to Bounce.
    No minimum balance is required.
    No need to ever visit the bank.
    Cash advance, Overdraft Shield Availability (Optional).
    Overdraft fee determined as a percentage of the overdraft amount. Traditional
       banks will charge a flat fee regardless of the overdraft amount (typically $25 to
    Additional cash deposits may be made at any MoneyGram ® location Nationwide to
       the Direct Deposit MasterCard Account.

The Direct Deposit MasterCard is better than a secured credit card:
Secured credit cards require a reserve that must remain on deposit. In some cases, one
may only borrow against a portion of the reserve. The Direct Deposit MasterCard gives
the cardholder access to all of their money plus the availability of Overdraft Shield.

Who can use the Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard or Direct Deposit Bank
Anyone can use the card. No credit verification is needed. No minimum balance is
required. People without bank accounts, bad credit, or no credit at all find it especially
useful. Any deposits to the card are available on the day that they are effective.
Cardholders can electronically receive funds from any direct deposit source, including
payroll, pension, child support and government benefits.

How can the customer use the Direct Deposit MasterCard?

 To make deposits
  The Direct Deposit MasterCard accepts direct deposits from any source, including
  payroll and pension as well as Social Security (SSA), Disability (SSI), Veterans (VA),
  Civil Service Annuity (CS), and Railroad Retirement (RR). In addition to direct
  deposits, cash deposits can also be made at any MoneyGram ® location,
  nationwide, to the Direct Deposit MasterCard Account.
 To make withdrawals
  Money can be withdrawn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any of the hundreds of
  thousands of ATM machines or point-of-sale terminals in the MAC, PLUS, NYCE,
  STAR, PULSE and INTERLINK networks.
 To make purchases
  Buy gas, groceries or other items from retailers that accept debit purchases. At most
  locations, they can get cash back, if desired.

Cardholder Benefits:
 Cash Advance, Overdraft Shield permits withdrawals of up to $200 more than is in the
   account. (A recurring direct deposit is needed to keep Overdraft Shield active.)
 Helps establish or rebuild one’s credit standing
 No need to carry around all your cash
 Online Banking
 Online Bill Pay
 Auto Debit Capability
 Domestic or International money transfer
 Brings the un-banked individual back into the banking mainstream
 Monthly statements provided by the bank to verify account activity
 Portability: Account can be easily “transferred” if the cardholder is receiving payroll
   direct deposits and switches jobs.

Provider Benefits:
 There are no up-front costs to purchase the card
 No new software to purchase or learn. Customer enrollment is done through a fax
 Guaranteed earnings as long as the customer continues to use the account*
 Generates revenue regardless of where the customer accesses his or her funds
 Provides the perfect complement to any investment in ATM machines

Offering the Direct Deposit MasterCard Program:
As a provider, you have the opportunity to earn commissions on every active card:

                     Annual Income   Monthly      ATM        ATM       POS        Regular      Current
                      Per Account*    Fee         DOM       INTL       DOM     Start Up Cost   Special
Fee to cardholder                    $ 10.00      $ 2.00    $ 4.00    $ 1.00
Sub Agent               $50.00       $2.00        $0.35     $0.35     $0.12      $499.00       $0.00

      Account is opened immediately but is not activated until receiving first direct deposit
      Active Account: Account which is receiving recurring direct deposits at least every 30 days
      Income Per Account is accumulated and paid on monthly basis on each active account
      If an account is canceled or stops receiving deposits, you will only receive a pro-rated portion of the
       commission up to the date when the last deposit was received.
      In order to receive a recurring income on each account as mentioned in Annual Income Per
       Account Column, you must maintain a minimum of 30 active accounts or pay an annual accounting
       fee equal to the start up fee at the level you signed up for.
      Annual Income Per Account is not guaranteed and might vary based on the usage and length of
       time account stays active.
      All income calculations are based on the Monthly Fee + an average of 1.1 ATM Transactions
       Weekly + an average of 1 and 1/3 POS Transactions Weekly.
      Terms, Conditions & fees are subject to change without notice.

Promoting The Direct Deposit Bank Account or Card Program:

If you have a Office or a store: Marketing the Direct Deposit Bank account Plus Cash
Advance will be especially effective for insurance companies, mortgage companies, rent
to own, pre-paid cell phones or any place that deals with bad credit. As you know having
a bank account will usually improve credit.

 We provide in-store signage and a customer flyer that can be distributed to each
customer that comes into your store. Sell your customers on the convenience and safety
of direct deposit and the Cash Advance/Overdraft feature. Emphasize that there is no
credit requirement to open the account or to qualify for Overdraft Shield. Impress upon
your un-banked customers the value of a good bank referral when they want to buy a
home, get a job or establish credit.

If you do not have a store: You can market the Direct Deposit MasterCard or Bank
account in several ways:

Method 1): You can reach potential customers through newspaper advertisements,
classified ads and/or a direct mail marketing campaign. Local television spots, placing
brochure displays around town or the Internet might also be options to consider.

  Reasons customers will sign up:

  a. Direct Deposit Bank Account: We will provide each one of your customers
     regardless of their past banking history an FDIC insured Bank account.

  b. Cash Advance /Overdraft Shield (Coming Soon): Overdraft Shield lets your
     customer use ATM machines or point-of-sale terminals worldwide to withdraw up to
     $200 more than they have in their account. The customer qualifies for Overdraft
     Shield with consecutive recurring direct deposits totaling at least $400 per cycle into
     their account. Subsequent deposits are applied against any outstanding balance
     and restores Overdraft Shield for future use. There is No Credit Check/ Bad Credit
     is Ok.

Method 2): Marketing the Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard to employers who offer
direct deposit to their employees.

Most companies would like to have 100% employee participation in direct deposit, but
many employees do not take advantage of the benefits of direct deposit because they are
not able to open a bank account. Traditionally, direct deposit pay is deposited in a
checking or savings account. Our Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard provides a third
alternative. The Direct Deposit Payroll MasterCard provides a quick, safe, and convenient
way to pay, while adding the benefits of a debit card. With the Direct Deposit Payroll
MasterCard, there's no reason why companies cannot have 100% direct deposit
participation in their payroll.

Your main target market will be an employer who is currently offering direct deposit to
their employees. Look especially for companies who have a great number of hourly
waged employees. These companies usually only have 65% of their employees
participating in direct deposit.

Enrolling Your Customers:
Through A Store Location: Have your customers complete and sign the Direct Deposit
MasterCard Enrollment Form and Agreement. The form, along with proper ID can be
submitted either by fax to: 1-949-305-6658 or by mail to:
                                                          26851 La Alameda #834
                                                          Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Through the Marketing Relations Program: If you are fielding your own customer
calls, you should follow the enrollment instructions above for a store location.

Issuing the Cards:
The bank will issue the Direct Deposit MasterCard directly to your customer. You have
no card inventory to buy. No capital investment to risk. All customer service issues are
handled directly by the bank and us

Upon receipt of the Direct Deposit MasterCard Enrollment Form and Agreement, a new
bank account will be established for your customer. The customer will be mailed a
Welcome Kit containing (i) a welcome brochure, including the account number and bank’s
routing number, (ii) the Direct Deposit MasterCard and, (iii) instructions on how to use the
card. The customer calls a toll-free number to activate the card and to receive a PIN
number. Within seven days of enrollment, the customer should have their new Direct
Deposit MasterCard and PIN ready for use.


Eric Baum
26851 La Alameda #834
Mission Viejo, Ca 92691
P: 949-297-4515
M: 949-204-7526
E: ekellink@aol.com
Here is a picture of the Card:

                            Potential Earning Examples:

 Monthly Fee Per Card                            $                 2.00
ATM Fee Per Transaction                          $                 0.35
   Pos Transaction                               $                 0.12

  Approximate Monthly Fee Income Per Card                 FEES
      Monthly Fee                                 $                2.00
 ATM Cash Withdraw Fee 5 Transactions Per Month $                  1.75
    Pos Transaction      6 Transactions Per Month $                 .72
                                                 $                 4.47
 Annual Income Per Card                          $                53.64

# Of Cards Signed Up Daily                                   3
 Working 5 Days per Week                                    15
       # Of Active Cards After One Year                    780

        Monthly Income After Year One           $              3,486.60
 Annual Income Year One                         $             41,839.20

                                                        Estimated              Estimated
                                                      Annual Income          Monthly Income
       Year One                                 $              41,839.20   $         3,486.60
       Year Two                                 $              83,678.40   $         6,972.00
      Year Three                                $            125,517.76    $         9,896.64
 Year Four keep adding
$41,830.20 per year 4,5,6


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