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									Allegory Vine
                                                                                             Allegory Vine(wall coverings)

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Innovations   150 Varick St., New York, NY 10013 800.227.8053

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        •Textile WC
                                                                Content:            Spun-woven polyester fibers/wood
     •Commercial                                                                         pulp backing: single ply
     •Residential                                               Width:                            52/54"
     •Global                                                    Repeat:                         Non-match
                                                                Test(s):             Astm e 84 class a; flame spread 5,
     •High Performance                                                                     smoke developed 0

•High Performance
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  •Innvironments    Content:           Mulberry bark/metallic leaf
  •Metalessence                           backing: non-woven
  •Textile WC                             (polyester/cellulose)
•Commercial         Width:                       37/38"
•Residential        Repeat:                    Non-match
•Global             Test(s):            Astm e 84 class a; flame
                                      spread 10, smoke developed
ECOshapes                                                                     22" 45˚      24"  12" •Available
                                                                             diamond     frame squa in 3 shapes
Introducing the latest addition to ECOsurfaces!                                           with   re •22" 45˚
These new shapes and patterns give designers a myriad of choices with                      12"      diamond
out-of-the-box options for beautiful floor creations that are anything but              square      •24" frame
                                                                                        cut out     with 12"
ordinary.                                                                                           square cut
ECOshapes is available in 3 versatile shapes that work well together or                             •12" square
alone. With 6 vibrant color options to choose from, ECOshapes makes                                 •All three
                                                                                                    shapes may
creating dynamic patterns and floor statements easier than ever. Now                                be used
you can achieve the look of a custom floor design with half the effort.                             together to
Cover the entire floor with ECOshapes as a border, as an accent or as a                             create
                                                                                                    custom and
dramatic focal point. From bold and daring to subtle and refined, the                               unique
shapes and colors of ECOshapes are guaranteed to compliment any                                     patterns
interior. So go ahead, mix patterns, match patterns, with ECOshapes                                 •Sold in
you're sure to create the perfect effect for your next design project.                              cartons

                                                                                                    in all colors
                                                                                                    - patterns
                                                                                                    (i.e. sand
                                                                                                    with sand,
                                                                                                    nights with
                                                                                                    nights, etc.)
   Standing for hours on hard floors can take its toll on legs, feet and spines, but the
     cushioning properties of ECOcomfort’s ergonomic underlayment makes those
concerns a thing of the past. ECOcomfort provides the perfect blend of cushioning and
 support beneath practically any flooring surface. Plus, our exclusive technology keeps
its resilience year after year, unlike ordinary foam cushions. ECOcomfort is the perfect
              solution for retail, office, institutional and healthcare spaces.
• Style #:2756 102Color:EARTH
  H:13.000Contents:28.00% VISCOSE
  72.00% POLYESTER

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