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									A presentation from
In the business of tourism we have created a
niche as specialist tour planners on exotic
We believe, in an age of distinctive travel
objectives, options in alternative destination
tours should invigorate tour facilitation .
Which is why we steer clear of the
conventional-fixed-plan ‘me too’ tours and
present places that are least invaded. Each
tour is flexibly tailored to accommodate the
pace that suits the discerning traveller.
                                                 Bhutan – the land of the dragon
In this presentation on Himalayas we bring       Sikkim – the hidden Eden
you destination alternatives that can fit your
wish of ‘precious getaway in serene nature’      Darjeeling – places extraordinaire
with options in leisure, honeymoon,
adventure or simply discovery of the             Nepal – the picturesque place
                                                 Uttaranchal – divine attractions
None who have been to these Himalayan
coves can fail to be impressed, overawed         Himachal – strikingly beautiful
and enriched by its incredible beauty, its
magnificent ambience and its cultural            Kashmir – paradise on earth
mysteries and delights.
We bring you these lovely options beginning
from Bhutan in the east …
The 2500 km long Himalayas is a wonderful eco region of rich green
valleys and snow white crescents. The ambience in misty sylvan
surroundings is charmingly vivid with a rich blue sky against which the
highest peaks in the world stand out sharply.

And in the folds of these mountains live indigenous hill communities of
Hidden Eden insulated from urban influence. India Dreams Speciality
Tours offer customised tours in this impressive eco region especially in
those areas that have not been transformed into urban jungles and
retain its virgin charms showcasing the Himalayan grandeur in awe
inspiring spectacle.

       www.indiadreamtours.com Cell: [+91] 98309 33117
Bhutan continues to intrigue every visitor for its insulated, conserved and
enchanting culture and scenic beauty.
This country has everything delightfully refreshing in its domain... things
hardly seen or experienced by the outside world. The ubiquitous Dzongs
& Lakhangs reflect the ascetic spirits of the Bhutanese people. While their
sportive side is adequately reflected in their love for horse riding and
Thimpu, the capital city makes a wonderful
picture of traditions in lifestyle, culture,
costumes, architecture etc., set against
modern luxurious hotels, restaurants and
shopping marts.
If you have visited Sikkim once, you haven’t seen enough! And if you have never been there you
have missed its incredible enchantments!

Sikkim is Rhododendron country and nature’s Orchid garden. The two romantic rivers Rangeet and
Teesta with their many streams add flavour to the heavenly scenario with emerald green rapids
flowing through the land. Sikkim has the second highest suspension bridge in the world, and one of
the highest mountain pass in the world, the Nathula pass leading to Tibet.

Beyond the regular circuit along capital Gangtok, there is a huge reserve of fascinating locales in
west Sikkim, the area that continues to be discovered by ardent travellers. India Dreams have
pioneered discoveries of few such locales for visitors to explore the enchantment of these splendid
places. Virgin locales like Uttarey, Biksthang, Kaluk have just made their entries in the tourist map
for their unspoiled natural ambience and scenery. And India Dreams facilitates exotic holiday
tours to these quiet places with the closest and most striking view of the snow peaks.

On another end is the Tsomgo Lake and Yumthang valley, and the serenity of these places
electrifies the sensory of every visitor. For the adventurers there are options in trekking, river rafting,
and ornithological explorations and for the spiritual, Sikkim beckons the believer to its many sacred
lakes and to its strikingly beautiful monasteries that are a part of every settlement in the land.
                                                            The Himalayas in the state of West Bengal present
                                                            abundance of exotic locales. From the tea gardens
                                                            in the foothills to sleepy yet serene hamlets of
                                                            Tumling, Lepchajagat, St. Mary’s, Pedong, Lava,
                                                            Lolegaon, Samsing — all most luring destinations.
                                                            The marvellous Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, now
                                                            accorded World Heritage Status Chugs you through
                                                            a spectacular landscape up the hills to make an
                                                            engrossing and memorable passage reminiscent of
                                                            the erstwhile Raj.

The second only World Heritage Railway on earth celebrates its 150 years
Nepal the land of Buddha and the domain of Shiva stands sheathed in the splendour of
majestic Himalayas.
Natural wonders is a constant companion here, and heritage culture make its signature
This unique space enchants the world traveler in many ways to make the visit most
memorable and seed fervent longing to come back for more!
The country has host of tourist
attractions… from majestic Himalayan
peaks, enchanting nature to local
customs, articulated in its glorious
monasteries, rituals festivities &

 The Kathmandu Valley is adorned with
 charms of the old world and the
 progressive shades of development.
 Tourists love the place for its sights,
 feel and unending shopping options —
 from collector’s items to traditional
 artifacts, costumes and everything

Tours for Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Chitwan, Pokhara, Lumbini and Kailash-Mansarovar
Elsewhere, the country has other
attractions in the backdrop of the
towering snow clad        Himalayas.
Lakeside sojourn, hillside getaways,
trekking and adventure… the lure is

                                       …and of course
                                       Nepal is also the
                                       birth place of Lord
                       Uttaranchal is best known as the abode of the Gods. Some
of the most famous Hindu shrines are located here at difficult altitudes and visited by
thousands each year. Holy Ganges originate here and is the single largest attraction
for most ascetic and others spiritually oriented.
Nonetheless this is one of the most striking Himalayan land that evokes a sense of
tranquil in serenity. Some of the great Himalayan peaks stand out over the numerous
beautiful resorts and hideouts mesmerizing the visitor with the stunning ambience.
            Indeed      it   is   the
unparallel beauty of this ‘snowy
land’ that beckons the intrepid
traveler as also leisure holiday
makers. Where else would one find
every cove in the mountains spring
up a strikingly picturesque look?
This aside, Himachal Pradesh is
ever popular destination for hill
adventure seekers, honeymooners,
heritage hunters and expeditions.
This is a wonderful place to live
your travel dreams in the most
eloquent way. And opportunities
are abundant…
If there is paradise on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here… so
was the eloquence of the Mughal Emperor who found an instant
fondness for picturesque Kashmir.
It continues to hold its heavenly charms ever so assuringly.
Kashmir is nature’s creative statement in its sights, sounds and feel.
The welcoming people of Kashmir endorse this statement by their
hearty hospitality.
                  Some Exotic Himalayan Destinations
KASHMIR                                                  NEPAL
PATNITOP [Hill Hideout @ 6638 ft.]                       KATHMANDU [Cultural Discovery @ 4600 ft.]
MANTALAI [Hill Getaway @ 4000 ft.]                       POKHRA [Lakeside retreat @2950 ft.]
SRINAGAR [Picturesque Capital City @ 5700 ft.]           CHITWAN [Wildlife safari in the Himalayas]
GULMARG [Exotic Tourism spot @ 8700 ft.]                 LUMBINI [the birthplace of Lord Buddha]
PAHALGAM [Popular Tourism spot @ 7000 ft.]               SIKKIM
HIMACHAL PRADESH                                         GANGTOK [Gateway to east Sikkim @ 5500 ft.]
SHIMLA [State Capital @ 7000 ft.]                        BIKSTHANG [Nature Hideout @ 5000 ft.]
KASAULI [Nature Hideout @ 6300 ft.]                      RINCHENPONG [Nature Hideout @ 5500 ft.]
NALDERA [Nature Retreat @ 6700 ft.]                      UTTAREY [Eco Tourism Hot spot @ 6600 ft.]
CHAIL [Nature Retreat of erstwhile Royals @ 7200 ft.]    YUMTHANG [High Altitude Nature Hot spot @ 11800 ft.]
KALPA/SANGLA [High Altitude Nature Tourism @ 9700 ft.]   BENGAL HIMALAYAS
DALHOUSIE [Colonial Hill Retreat @ 6500 ft.]             BARAMONGOA [Eco Tourism Hot spot @ 4800 ft.]
DHARMASHALA [Seat of Dalai Lama @ 5000 ft.]              LAVA [Nature Hideout @ 6900 ft.]
MANALI [Hill Retreat @6700 ft.]                          LOLEYGAON [Nature Retreat @ 7200 ft.]
UTTARANCHAL                                              LEPCHA JAGAT [Scenic Getaway @ 7800 ft.]
SITALAKHET [Nature Hideout @ 6500 ft.]                   ST. MARIES [Exotic Hill Retreat @ 5400 ft.]
ALMORA [Picturesque getaway @ 5400 ft.]                  MIRIK [Nature Resort @ 5800 ft.]
KAUSANI [Exotic Hideout @ 6200 ft.]                      TUMLING [Sangalila Range Hideout @ 10,000 ft]
CHOUKARI [Eco Tourism @ 6000 ft.]                        BHUTAN
NAINITAL [Lake side Hill Getaway @ 5800 ft.]             THIMPU, PARO & PUNAKHA
RANIKHET [Hill Retreat @ 6000 ft.]                       [The heart of Bhutan]
BINSAR [Exotic Hill Retreat @ 7911 ft.]
When you make up your mind to visit the Himalayan
region of your preference, tell us your, or your group’s
travel objectives. We will design the tour that fits your   The facilities we offer on customised tours, on request
aspiration and travel dreams.                                Airport / Train station transfers.
Every tour plan will be customised to your need by           Hotel bookings
destinations, travel mode, accommodation and activity.       Destination travel mode and local transport
This is what sets apart our tours from the conventional
                                                             Logistical support and arrangement on specialty         tour
Sit together, stimulate your imagination and dream a         Entry permits in restricted areas of Himalayan states
delightful holiday. And we’ll make it happen!
                                                             Travel insurance

                                                             Tour Escorts

Write to us: info@indiadreamtours.com


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