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					                       HAULING EQUIPMENTS

 These are engaged only for hauling or conveyance
 of excavated earth or materials ,holding capacity
 and speed of movement are essential

 Engine of adequate hauling power will have to be

 They include, Tractors, Trucks, Dumpers,
 Trolleys, Wagons and Conveyers.

                     Trucks and Dumpers
These help in conveyance of material excavated by shovels and loaded into them.
Trucks only carry the material, while the dumpers have also the facility for self
dumping of the material at a specified place. relatively low hauling costs because of
their high travel speeds.
     hydraulically operated rear                      driving cab
     tipping skip with a heaped
     capacity of 10 m3-

                                                            diesel 'engine giving a
                                                            maximum forward
                                                            speed of 50 km/h

2 or 4 wheel
drive versions

                   HIGHWAY DUMPER

   . Very broadly, dump trucks may be said to be general-purpose vehicles,
   used to haul earth, gravel, sand, relatively small rock or ore, and mixed
 The weight capacity of a truck may limit the volume of the
  load that a unit may haul.
• The productive capacity of a truck depends on the size of its
  load and the number of trips it can make in an hour.
• the number of trips completed per hour is a function of cycle
• truck cycle time has four components:
1) Load time
2) Haul time
3) Dump time
4) Return time
  The varieties are:
  (1) Ordinary trucks.
  (2) Dumper trucks-with rear dump facility.
  (3) Dumper trucks with side dump facilities.
  (4) Bottom-dump tractor-trailer units.
  (5) Side dump tractor-trailer unit.
                                               Hydraulically operated rear-dump truck.
  (6) Rear dump tractor-trailer unit.

100-cu-yd struck capacity rear dump truck      Dragline, loading a bottom-dump wagon
 Capacities. The capacity of a dump truck (or similar hauling
 equipment) may be expressed in at least three ways:
 1. The rated capacity, expressed in tons
 2. The truck volume, expressed in cubic yards
 3. The heaped capacity, expressed in cubic yards
The ranges of sizes and capacities
Widths-2.44 m to 4.20 m (8'.0" to 13'.8")
Axle weight (loaded}-18,000 - 22,000 lbs (8167 to 9982 kg)
Gross vehicle weight-Normal 13600 - 20400 kg (30,000 - 45,000
Modified designs 31800 to 40,800 kg (70,000 - 90,000 Lbs)
Loading capacities 2.833 to 15 cum (100 to 530 cuft)
 (Higher capacities are also coming into use now-a-days)
Side dump trucks-dump angle 55° (In some 90° can also be
The activities and conditions which control the efficiency and
capacity of the trucks and dumpers may be listed as :

 1.Loading. Size and type of loading frame.
 2.Type and condition of material to be loaded.
 3.Capacity of hauling unit.
 4.Skill of operator.
 5.Forward Haul. Performance of haul unit; Haul distance;
 Haul-Road condition. Grades ,other conditions which
 affect haul speed.   .
6.Dumping. Destination, maneuverability of unit, type and
condition of material, moving facilities in dumping area.
7.Return Haul. Ability of hauling unit.
8.Return distance.
9.Condition of haul road; grades, other affecting conditions.
10.Loading equipment type and place or location of loading

          Truck capacity        Body size
                     10            6.6 cu yds
                     15            10
                     22            15
                     34            25
                     50            32
Calculation truck production

1. Number of bucket loads
  Balanced no. of bucket loads= truck capacity/bucket capacity
2. Load time

       Load time= number of bucket swings X bucket cycle time

       Truck load=number of bucket swings X volume of the bucket

  3. Haul time

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