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									                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                             Proposal for General Motors
                                              Dealer Site Enhancements

DATE CREATED                      February 22, 2007
CREATED BY                        Peter Cameron-Inglis, VP Marketing & Operations, ASL
CONTACT EMAIL           
CONTACT TELEPHONE                 (250) 314-1438 or Toll Free: 1-866-955-2255
CONTACT FACSIMILE                 (250) 314-1439
CONTACT ADDRESS                   201 – 925 McMaster Way, Kamloops, BC, V2C 6K2

Proposal Precepts:
Through discussions with GM Canada’s stakeholders, and statements made within the GM
Canada Business Requirements document for GM Dealer Site Enhancements, ASL
understands that GM Canada wishes to obtain a ‘market-leading’ solution that will:

   1) ultimately result in an increase in vehicle sales through providing consumers with the
      tools and information for making decisions towards the purchase of their next
      vehicle; and
   2) help to maintain and enhance the relationship between GM Canada and their

Through a consultative process and experimentation with GM dealers across Canada, over
the last five years, ASL has developed software systems, strategies, step-by-step turn-key
processes, and training for dealers to:

   1) increase consumer traffic to their websites;
   2) increase the percentage of “leads” or “ups” derived from website traffic; and
   3) increase the sales closing ratio on “leads” or “ups” from dealer websites

If implemented correctly dealers can now expect to convert from 1% to 7% of their traffic
into an “up” and increase their closing ratio on these Internet “ups” to a minimum of 25%.

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 1 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

This does not take into account those consumers who choose to remain anonymous and
visit the dealership directly resulting in an “offline” sale.

It is with this experience and understanding that ASL respectfully asserts the following
points with respect to pre-owned vehicle inventory:

   a) Internet “ups” increase dramatically when dealers include detailed options, and
      multiple photos within their inventory.
   b) Even with this knowledge dealers will not allocate the resources to effectively
      merchandise their inventory (with multiple photos and detailed options) without
      seeing additional significant benefit.
   c) Dealers desire to use one system to manage and merchandise their inventory
      effectively within all of their online advertising and marketing sources. Dealers
      require a solution to eliminate the need to perform time-consuming data entry of the
      same inventory into multiple points of presence (ie.,,,,,, their own websites, their
      dealer association websites, etc).
   d) Over the last three years there have been attempts by industry stakeholders to
      develop a single standard through which automotive dealers’ inventory data could be
      collected and shared (the Star Standard). Due to the competitive nature of the
      industry and technological deficiencies within many of the stakeholder organizations
      this goal for the industry has not been achieved.
   e) At the request of dealers across the country ASL has engineered and maintained a
      system to easily enter, update, merchandise and manage their vehicle inventory
      within every website where their inventory appears. This automated electronic data
      interchange (EDI) includes but is not limited to the websites detailed in Appendix A
      of this proposal. ASL is the only provider of such EDI services that has painstakingly
      matched and maintained all of the disparate data schemas with one single system
      allowing dealers to manage inventory with online forms or at their discretion software
      that installs on Windows Mobile 5 operating systems for handheld mobile computing

ASL also respectfully asserts the following points with respect to web enabled tools for site

      Considering the time constraints that have been outlined by GM Canada’s
       stakeholders, ASL is proposing that it recycles, enhances and integrates its existing
       technology versus starting “alpha” level development on this project. Building on
       existing technology from ASL (which has matured over several years through user
       feedback and continued improvement) would minimize the negative impact from a
       much longer development process, usability issues and unknown bugs.

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 2 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Web Site Builder & Content Management System
The Web Site Builder and Content Management System will be divided into three

   1) Template Setup (for layout & navigation)
   2) Skin Setup (for colours & themes)
   3) Content Management

Template Setup
The Template Setup component will permit dealers to choose from four (4) predefined site
formats for site layout and navigation.

Figure 1 - Template Layout Choices

Within the two choices to the left (in figure 1 above) the Navigation will include a Promotion
Area directly below and inline with the Navigational items while the two choices to the right
will have separate Promotion Areas.

The Promotion Area will contain items such as promotional badges/boxes, featured
vehicles and call-to-action items such as “live support/chat” or “click-to-call”. The order in
which these items appear will be controlled through the Content Management component.

The Navigation for all of the templates will be structured to have three levels. The first level
will display directly within the Navigation area while the second and third levels will display
as ‘fly-out’ menus and items (for Vertical Navigation) or ‘drop-down’ menus and items (for
Horizontal Navigation). Please see Figure 2 and Figure 3 below.

The Masthead Information area will contain the date and time, dealership logo(s),
dealership branded identity, and contact information.

The Promotion Areas and Vertical Navigation Areas will be a width of 188 pixels while the
Content Areas will be a width of 590 pixels. The total width of any Template Layout will be
778 pixels allowing each Web site to be viewed at a minimum of an 800 x 600 screen
resolution without the need to scroll from left to right.

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 3 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Figure 2- Side Navigation Three Level Fly-Out

Figure 3 - Top Navigation Three Level Drop-Down

Skin Setup
The Skin Setup component will allow dealers to choose from predefined skin themes or
create and edit their own custom skin theme. A skin theme will include the following

Non-Editable Skin Elements:

      Dealer Pole Sign

Editable Skin Elements:

      Dealer Logo Image
      Dealer Name (Text)

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 4 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Editable Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Elements:

       Site Background Image or Colour
       Navigation Background Image/Colour (allowing pattern or gradient filled images)
       Navigation Font *
       Navigation Font Colour
       Navigation Font Size
       Navigation Hover Background Colour
       Navigation Hover Font Colour
       Page Titles Font *
       Page Titles Font Colour
       Page Titles Font Size
       Content Font *
       Content Font Colour
       Content Font Size
       Non Visited Hypertext Link Colour
       Visited Hypertext Link Colour
       Hover Hypertext Link Colour
       H1 through H6 (Header) Fonts *
       H1 through H6 Font Colours                             Figure 4 - Colour Selection
       H1 through H6 Font Sizes

* denotes a limitation to font families that are included at the
time of purchase on most standard computers and will not
include fonts that are otherwise considered not part of the
original default set of fonts at the time of a standard
consumer computer purchase.

For all elements where Colour is to be chosen the dealer
may enter the Colour using the RGB value, the Hexadecimal
value, or choose a colour from a colour swatch chart as
shown in figure 4.

Content Management System (CMS)
The Content Management System (CMS) component is divided into 9 subsections:

   1)   Dealership & Departments
   2)   Navigation
   3)   Site Content
   4)   Promotion Area
   5)   Current Newspaper Ads & Flyers
   6)   Staff Directory
   7)   Employment Opportunities
   8)   Third Party Code
   9)   CMS Log & Reports

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 5 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Dealership & Departments:

This subsection will allow the dealership to edit basic information about the dealership and
its departments such as physical addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email
addresses, contact people and hours of operation for each department. This information is
then used through server-side “include” files for various content areas of each web site.


The Navigation subsection of the CMS will allow dealers to “turn on” and/or create new
navigational items in either the second or third level of Navigation. If a dealer is turning on a
predefined navigational item that is paired with approved content from General Motors then
the Navigational item and the related page will immediately appear within the dealer’s Web
site. Alternatively, if a dealer is creating a new second or third level Navigation item and
there is no pre-approved content paired with it then the item will appear within the dealer’s
Content Management System but will not appear live on the Web site until approved by
General Motors. Each Navigational Item in the list below will be paired with default pre-
approved content (see subsection on Site Content below).

Each Navigation item that is created as a new item by a dealer will require the dealer to first
create a page within the Site Content subsection to which it can be linked and targeted to
the same window. Alternatively they can specify an external URL where the Navigation
item can be linked and targeted to a new window. When this item is created GM Canada
will see it in a queue within an administrative interface. GM Canada can either approve the
item or decline approval on the item. If approved the item appears immediately live on the
dealer’s site. If declined GM Canada enters a reason why and the dealer is immediately
notified by email and through the CMS Log and Reports subsection (see below).

 Top Level Navigation                  Second Level Navigation                       Third Level Navigation
                                    Contact Us
                                    Departments & Hours
                                    Map & Directions
                                    About The Dealership
Home Page                           Staff Directory
                                    Employment Opportunities
                                    Privacy Policy
                                    Site Map
                                    Vehicle Showrooms (by Brand)                  Vehicle Showrooms >>
                                    Fleet & Commercial                            Vehicle Models (ie. Aveo,
                                    Search New Vehicle Inventory                  Cobalt, Corvette, Equinox,
New Vehicles
                                    Current Offers                                HHR, Impala, Malibu, Malibu
                                    Make A Request                                Maxx, etc.)
                                    Compare Vehicles
   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 6 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                    Build Your Own                                Make A Request >>
                                    Payment Estimator                             Request A Quote
                                    Affordability Calculator                      Request A Test Drive
                                    Kilometre Estimator                           Request An Appointment
                                    Lease or Buy                                  Request A Brochure
                                    Auto Insurance Quote                          Request Trade-in Value
                                    Warranty                                      Request Payment Info
                                    GM Programs                                   Apply For Credit
                                    New Vehicle Promotions
                                    Hot Deals on New
                                    Optimum Used Vehicles                         Make A Request >>
                                    Search Used Inventory                         Request A Quote
                                    List Used Inventory                           Request A Test Drive
Used Vehicles                       Make A Request                                Request An Appointment
                                    Locate A Vehicle                              Request Trade-in Value
                                    Compare Used Vehicles                         Request Payment Info
                                    Hot Deals on Used                             Apply For Credit
                                    Hot Deals on New
                                    Hot Deals on Used
                                    Current Offers
                                    GM Programs
                                    GMAC Express Credit
                                    GMAC Commercial Credit
                                    Lease or Buy
                                    Payment Estimator
                                    Affordability Calculator
                                    Credit Problems?
                                    Service Department
                                    Service Menu Board
                                    Parts Department
                                    Body Shop
                                    Express Lube

Site Content:

For the Site Content main menu dealers can see a site map of their Web site where they
can choose to create, edit or remove pages. When creating pages dealers can choose from
predefined pre-approved content which will appear immediately on their site or they can
choose to create new content requiring approval. For each page created or edited a form
will be submitted by the dealer. This form will contain form fields for the following items:

      Page Title
      Page Keywords
      Page Description
      Page URL (with no spaces but allowing hyphens)
      Navigational Item related to the page

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 7 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

      Pre-approved in-line content choices that will appear on the page along with the
       location within the page where they appear in relation to the custom content created
       by the dealer. These choices include items such as predefined inline forms and GM
       Canada promotional content.

The page content can be created and edited through a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor
(What You See Is What You Get) which is similar in functionality to Microsoft Word (see
Figure 4 below).

The WYSIWYG editor will allow for formatting of text, adding hyperlinks, tables, images,
lists, and multimedia content such as Macromedia Flash objects/presentations. The dealer
can also choose to switch the editor to HTML mode and enter HTML code directly.

When saving the completed page the CMS system will create copies of images that have
been submitted and automatically resample and resize these images in order to optimize
the load time for consumers when viewing the content on the dealer’s site.

Each newly created (or edited) page will be automatically queued for GM Canada approval.
Once GM Canada approves the page content the page will be displayed immediately on
the dealer’s site. If GM Canada declines approval on the page submitted by the dealer, the
dealer will be immediately notified by email and through the CMS Log & Reports subsection
(described below) along with the reason why the content was not approved.

                  Figure 4 - WYSIWYG Content Editor (What You See Is What You Get)

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 8 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Promotion Area:

This subsection will allow dealers to display and set the order of priority on a variety of
“approved” pre-hyperlinked promotional buttons and items.

These include but are not limited to items such as:

      GM Hot Button Event
      GM 160,000 km Warranty
      The GM Commitment
      Live Chat / Support
      Featured Used Vehicle
      Featured New Vehicle

Current Newspaper Ads & Flyers:

Dealers can use this subsection to load, title and delete their current newspaper
advertisements as images to be displayed in-line within the content area or as documents
which can be downloaded and viewed in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. GMCL will
need to determine whether they wish this section to go through an approval process. In
section B1 it was identified that Newspaper Advertisements needed to up-to-date and show
expiry date.

Staff Directory:

Due to complex requirements from dealerships, such as the order in which staff and
departments appear, the staff directory has been given additional functionality and placed
into its own subsection. This will allow dealers to easily add, edit, delete, and reorder
departments and staff while also allowing the editing of names, titles, contact numbers,
email addresses, photos, and descriptions without the need for approval through GM

By separating the email addresses from the content this also allows the email addresses to
be deobfuscated (encrypted using JavaScript). This permits the email address to be viewed
with the human eye and for the hypertext link to stay active but reduces the number of
email addresses that are stripped from the Web sites by automated “bots and spidering
systems” for purpose of spam email.

Employment Opportunities:

One of the largest “pain points” within the dealership setting is the recruitment of personnel.
By separating this subsection away from standard Site Content it allows dealers to act
quickly in posting employment opportunities on their websites without requiring approval
first from GM Canada.

   ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 9 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Third Party Code

This subsection will allow dealers to add recurring HTML code, common Meta Tags, and
recurring JavaScript to their Web site on a global basis. This feature can be used to add
items such as third party Web Analytics and statistical tracking as well as other popular
Web enabled tool sets from third party companies.

CMS Log & Reports:

The CMS Log and Reports will record and display all creations, edits and deletes made
within a dealer’s site navigation and Site Content, approved status on creations and edits,
and notes regarding approval status. It will also record and display the authors/editors,
approval personnel and dates of creations, edits and approvals.

Web Site Statistical Tracking & Reporting
Each Web site domain will have a password protected directory containing statistical
tracking reports drawn daily from the server log files through server side software such as
Webalyzer, Urchin, or WebTrends. The specific choice of server-side software is to be
determined at a later date.

These Web analytics reports will help dealers determine where they are seeing a return on
investment within their online advertising through organic search engine traffic, pay per
click campaigns and advertisements on other third party sites.

Web Standards, Usability, & Limitations
Consumer Web Browsing Software:

The consumer facing websites and website content that is managed through the Website
Builder and Content Management System will be compatible with the Web browsers
outlined in Appendix B. However, due to the complex inconsistencies between browsers
and browser versions the Website Builder and Content Management System interface will
be developed to be primarily compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.5 (or
later) and Mozilla Firefox Version 1.5 (or later).

Consumer Printing Peripherals:

Although the screen resolution of the consumer facing Web sites will be developed for an
800 x 600 screen resolution they will also be compatible with consumers’ printing peripheral
devices which typically only allow for less than 680 pixels in width. Each site will have a
Print Style Sheet (CSS) which eliminates the page background colours, Navigation and the
Promotion Areas when the page is sent to a printer.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 10 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Vehicle Merchandising / Inventory Search
For the purpose of this Vehicle Inventory section we will divide it into five areas:

   1) Improved Inventory Search
   2) Inventory Navigation
   3) Data Entry & Management
   4) Vehicle Merchandising
   5) Vehicle Reports

Unless stated otherwise, the functionality and features detailed below are applicable to both
new and pre-owned vehicle inventory.

Improved Inventory Search:
The inventory system will allow for both an inline display within the template GM website
and a plug-in display within a dealer’s independent website (if the dealer still finds it
necessary). Plug-in displays of inventory within independent dealer Web sites can be
configured to allow the display of several dealers’ inventory within one interface. This is
particularly useful for dealership groups where several dealerships are owned by one entity
or in the case of automotive malls. Leads generated through the inventory system are
directed to the dealership where the inventory resides. Examples of where this “group
inventory” approach is being used include:

    (displays all Carter Automotive Group Inventory)
    (displays all Ulmer Automotive Group inventory)
    (displays all Hyatt Automotive Group inventory)
    (all dealers in the Vancouver Northshore Auto Mall)

The inventory system has four modes for display and is highly configurable.

   a)   Advanced Search Mode
   b)   List & Search Results Mode
   c)   Vehicle Details Mode
   d)   Vehicle Comparison Mode

Advanced Search Mode:

The Advanced Search Mode can be configured to search inventory according to any
combination of the following criteria:

       New | Used | Both
       Year Range (used only)
       Make

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 11 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

      Model
      Trim (searchable text field)
      Hot Deals
      Price Range
      Odometer Range (used only)
      Body Type
      Exterior Colour
      GM Optimum Certified (used only)
      Transmission Type
      Engine
      Options: (eg. A/C | Cruise | On-Star | DVD Player )
      Stock Number (useful when customer is directed to site by salesperson)
      Results per page
      With or Without Thumbnail Image (With is Default)

   Important Notes:

   While many people feel it is desirable to have the most comprehensive search criteria
   possible it should be recognized that the more criteria a consumer specifies the more
   likely that the consumer will not find a vehicle match. This problem is even more
   pronounced when consumers specify criteria that are not possible such as a 2003
   (year) Convertible (body type) Chevrolet (make) Cavalier (model) or a 2005 Chevrolet
   Impala with a Standard Transmission (transmission type).

   Good automotive product knowledge is not necessarily common place even within our
   own industry. Another example of this can be found within the GM Dealer Web site
   Enhancements Business Requirements Document itself (page 10: B3 Features) when
   automatic is listed as a searchable criteria under options which would be redundant
   considering transmission criteria search is also shown. It is not our intention to be
   critical. These are common mistakes that even our staff can make from time to time. We
   simply want to caution GMCL about this challenging issue.

   A further issue that can compound the problem, especially with pre-owned inventory, is
   that dealers don’t always specify all of the options and details of a vehicle. So, even
   though the vehicle that the consumer desires does exist within a dealer’s inventory the
   consumer can not locate it with the search criteria they are specifying.

   For these reasons ASL recommends that the searchable criteria are limited to fewer
   items than exist within the entire criteria set shown above. In addition ASL can configure
   each dealer’s inventory display according to whether or not they wish to “merchandise”
   the complete details on their inventory.

List & Search Results Mode:

Both the “List All Inventory” results and the Search Results can be configured to different
defaults for the order in which vehicles display. It can be sorted by Year, Make, Model,
Price, Odometer (for used), stock number, and/or Hot Deals or Optimum Certified shown

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 12 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

first. The List and Search Results display can be configured to show the following

      Vehicle thumbnail
      Year
      Make
      Model
      Trim
      Stock Number
      Odometer (for used)
      Exterior Colour
      Price
      GM Optimum Badge (for used)
      Hot Buy Badge (for new or used)
      GM Factory Special Badge (for new RMAB only)

Vehicle Details Mode:

The Vehicle Details Mode is also highly configurable to each dealer’s specification. The
display’s sections can be displayed in any order with certain sections repeating for
emphasis to the consumer. The vehicle details sections are as follows:

      Navigation (ie back to search results or list all inventory)
      Hot Deal Banner (new or used) or GM Factory Special Banner (for RMAB)
      Vehicle Summary Details & Link to Vehicle Comparisons
      Interactive Vehicle Photo Gallery
      Attached Documents
      Attached Videos (Optional – see Vehicle Merchandising section below)
      Attached Canadian Auto Press Editorial (Optional – see Vehicle Merchandising)
      Consumer Hot Button Lead Generation (Calls to Action)
      Real-e-Live Audio/Video Chat & Web site Monitoring (Optional – see later section)
      Vehicle Details, Options and Marketing Comments
      Payment Calculator (Used Only)
      Vehicle Warranty & Optimum Certification Details (Used Only)
      Dealership Marketing Box (for recurring marketing messages)
      Dealership Contact Information
      Interactive Map & Hours of Operation

This Details view has been designed to create the maximum impact on the consumer for
gaining their interest within a vehicle and encouraging a consumer to proceed with
generating a request.

This system also records each consumer click through from the list, search results, hot list,
or featured vehicle display, to a vehicle’s detail view (see vehicle reports).

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 13 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Vehicle Comparison Mode:

This mode allows consumers to have side-by-side comparisons of multiple units within a
dealer’s inventory. This valuable tool provides the research ability that consumers seek
while providing the dealer with the ability to retain the customer during the research phase
of the consumer buying experience. In this scenario it may not matter which vehicle the
consumer purchases so long as the consumer purchases one because the entire inventory
shown belongs to the dealer.

The side-by-side comparisons display very detailed views of each and every option
available with direct links back to full vehicle details and call-to-action links to generate
consumer requests. See Figure 5 below:

Figure 5 - Side-By-Side Vehicle Inventory Comparisons

Inventory Navigation:
Consumers will find (and be drawn to) inventory easily with a simple “one click to inventory”
approach. New and used inventory is immediately identifiable within the site’s Navigation
with the ability for the consumer to bypass the search criteria page and proceed directly to
browse a dealer’s entire inventory. Consumers are also drawn quickly into inventory
through Featured Vehicle Displays and Top 10 Lists located on the Home Page and other
areas of the site.

Featured Vehicles Display

Dealers can specify a number of simultaneous Featured Vehicle boxes to be inserted and
displayed in the Vertical Promotion Areas or they can choose to insert 3 horizontal Feature
Vehicle Displays within the Page Content Area. A dealer could insert both a rotating display
of 3 featured vehicles in a row for new vehicles on his home page followed by another row
of 3 featured used vehicles. See Figure 6 below.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 14 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                  Figure 6 - Featured Vehicles on Home Page

Top 10 Lists:

Within both new and used inventory dealers can identify a rating level for vehicles that are
“Hot Buys” (vehicles that have both retail and sale pricing). Dealers can choose up to 10
vehicles for used and up to 10 vehicles for new to be on a “top 10” list using this rating
system. This is in addition to the vehicles being identified as a “Hot Buy” due to both the
retail and sale price being present. Within the Content Management System dealers can

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 15 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

insert “top 10” pages into the Navigation or they can insert Content for a “top 10” display
directly into a specific department page or onto the home page of the site.

                                               Figure 7- Top 10 List

Data Entry & Management:
Dealers will be able to enter inventory by using any of four separate methods (or by
combining more than one method). Inventory entered into the central system regardless of
the method of entry can be updated on other third party portal sites through the automated
Electronic Data Interchange system.

   1) Online forms
   2) Batch load of data and/or photos
   3) DMS data extraction
   4) Handheld devices with Windows Mobile 5 Operating Systems
   5) Integrating EDI to third Party sites.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 16 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Online Forms:

Online forms provide the most flexibility when adding additional marketing information for
effectively merchandising inventory. This method of initial data entry or subsequent editing
of inventory (regardless of the method of initial data entry) allows dealers to add marketing
content that surpasses the average consumer experience. Please see examples detailed
under Merchandising below. All fields and options for data and photos are accessible
through the online forms.

Batch Upload of Data and/or Photos:

As an alternative to manually creating, deleting or updating each vehicle for single items
such as price, a dealer may choose to batch upload a csv file to quickly purge or update
their inventory. This becomes especially useful when dealers have “off-site” or “special
invitation” sales where they need to quickly adjust their advertised pricing. Fields included
within the batch update process are:

      VIN                                                              Int. Color
      Stock Number                                                     Ext. Color
      Make                                                             Retail or MSRP Price
      Model                                                            Sale Price
      Trim                                                             Wholesale Price
      Year                                                             Addl. Options
      Body Type                                                        Damage
      Kilometres                                                       Marketing Remarks

During the batch upload process dealers can choose to:
   1) Completely replace all inventory with new batch upload details; or
   2) Purify their inventory by deleting units not in the batch upload and inserting units
      within the batch upload; or
   3) Update and insert the vehicles within the batch upload and ignore the ones that are
      not present.
Another process which creates additional efficiencies for dealers is the Photo Batch
Upload. Dealers simply prepare their photos to be imported into the system by naming
each photo according to stock number with an underscore and a number to indicate the
order of photos for each vehicle. All photos are placed into one file as ZIP format and the
ZIP file is then loaded into the system. The system will automatically UNZIP and insert
each photo into the appropriate place within each listing.

DMS Data Extraction:

Due to the minimalist nature of the data contained traditionally within a DMS we do not
recommend using DMS data as the only mechanism to update data. However, dealers can
generate csv files from most DMS programs and use the Batch Upload process detailed
above in order to “clean” their inventory of sold units or single items such as price changes.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 17 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

For Reynolds & Reynolds and ADP users ASL has done some work with automating the
process directly but this compares poorly when stacked against the quality of data through
Digital Motor Works (DMI). ASL is integrating DMI’s data schema specifications into its EDI
system in order to allow DMI to extract data on behalf of ASL from 17 different dealer DMS
programs. Before transferring the data daily to ASL DMI will, through its proprietary
process, “scrub” the data against three separate databases to add options and clarify
details. This is an optional process available to dealers who for whatever reason can not
find the time and resources to update inventory using one of the other three methods.

Handheld Devices:

ASL has created this all-in-one system to accurately merchandise dealer inventory while
saving dealers time and money. The Automotive Mobile Inventory Manager Software will
run on several devices using the Windows Mobile 5 Operating System, one of which is
shown below in Figure 8. The device below contains a 2 MP camera, VIN decoding
software, cell phone, and PDA. Automated hands-free uploads mean dealers no longer
have to create manual listings to merchandise their inventory well. The ruggedized
Bluetooth Bar Code Reader for VIN Scanning (also shown in Figure 8) helps to eliminate
incorrectly entered VIN data. The device works seamlessly with the ASL handheld through
a wireless bluetooth connection.

                           Figure 8 - Handheld Device with VIN Bar Code Scanner

Many dealerships have become dissatisfied with third-party inventory updating services
that charge a fee for every vehicle's data transfer any time that vehicle is updated on each
portal or website. This solution ensures a dealer’s vehicles are updated frequently, more
accurately and at less expense.

The Mobile Inventory Manager system takes all the pain away from inventory data and
photo collection with its fast and easy process and the robust and simple interface. With the
Mobile Inventory Manager, online inventory merchandising is as easy as:

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 18 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

   1) Type in the VIN using the Mobile Inventory Manager handheld or scan the VIN
      barcode using the optional bluetooth rugged VIN bar code reader. The system
      automatically decodes the VIN.
   2) Complete the details section on the handheld for exterior & interior information using
      the step-by-step drop-down select boxes, check boxes, and text fields on each
   3) Take up to 36 photos using the built-in 2 mega-pixel camera.
   4) Complete the pricing, certification, warranty, payment and marketing note details.
   5) Mark the vehicle as complete and continue on to the next vehicle.
   6) Connect the handheld device to the Internet using a bluetooth, USB, or Wireless
      (WiFi) connection and click on the "send/receive" button.
   7) The handheld automatically uploads the completed vehicle inventory (data & photos)
      while simultaneously downloading the latest software and VIN decoding updates.
   8) That's it! Inventory is displayed for sale instantly!

                            Figure 9 - Mobile Inventory Manager Software Steps

Integrating EDI To Third Party Sites:

Regardless of the method of inventory entry that is used by dealers, they can save even
more time and considerable expense by eliminating the need to enter their inventory into
more than one inventory system. Now they can spend more time enhancing the quality of
their inventory merchandising rather than entering the same inventory over and over again.
The electronic data and photos from online forms, batch uploads, DMS extractions or the
handheld can be automatically sent to many sources of advertising and marketing for each
dealership. Each photo when transferred is watermarked with the dealership’s website
address to encourage visitors at portal Web sites to return to the dealership’s own site.

Through ASL’s proprietary software the EDI system does not rely on a formalized
relationship with a third party portal in order to update inventory on behalf of a dealer. Even
though ASL has painstakingly fostered positive relationships in the marketplace with the
industry’s advertising portal sites, because of fierce competition, the market can be volatile.
To protect dealers from potential interruptions in service ASL has developed a unique

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 19 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

artificially intelligent software approach that enters and updates the inventory as the dealer
would through that portals online forms rather than through the portals “back door”. This
effectively eliminates the portal from interrupting access unless access for the dealer to
directly login to the portal is halted. In addition, most portals limit dealer’s inventory
information when it is imported from a third party versus dealers who enter inventory
directly into the portal systems. ASL’s approach bypasses this limitation allowing ASL to
more effectively merchandise a dealer’s inventory on third party portals.

Vehicle Merchandising:
In today’s market consumers look to make well-researched and informed decisions about
their purchases. With over 80% of consumers researching their new and pre-owned vehicle
choices on the Internet prior to entering a dealership facility the gap between the dealers
who attract the consumers’ attention and those who do not is increasing. In many cases
consumers have far more product knowledge than the salesperson who serves them.

Considering that dealers are 50% more likely to close a sale from a request directed
through their website versus third party portals it is imperative that dealers start to attract
and retain more consumers to their sites. ASL continues to research the type of information
that consumers seek and equip dealerships with the tools to provide that information
directly from their sites versus risking the loss of consumers to other dealerships through
their research on consumer portals.

In addition to tools such as side-by-side vehicle comparisons, automated payment
calculators, integrated GM Optimum details, and easier methods of entry for multiple
vehicle photos ASL can provide GMCL with the following additional merchandising features
for its template dealer websites.

                                                               Figure 10 - Document Attachments for Inventory
Attaching Multiple Documents

Dealers can choose to upload and
attach many types of documents to any
vehicle in inventory including Microsoft
Word documents, Microsoft Excel
Spreadsheets and Adobe Acrobat PDF

Uses for such attachments include Car
Proof reports, Car Fax Reports,
warranty details, certification details,
service records, etc.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 20 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Canadian Auto Press Editorial Reviews

Through its technology provider / partner relationship, with Canadian Auto Press and
American Auto Press, ASL is the exclusive provider of electronic syndicated editorial and
test drive reviews to dealer websites and third party portals.

This relationship with over 150 nationally syndicated automotive journalists, who enter their
articles directly into ASL’s Editorial Article and Photo Gallery System, allows ASL to
dynamically link editorial and test drive review content to dealer’s vehicle inventory.

When entering inventory dealers can click on, and read, articles that review the particular
vehicle they are entering. Multiple articles can be chosen to display inline within the
detailed display of the vehicle (see Figure 11 below). An additional license is available for
each dealer who wishes to activate this vehicle merchandising feature.

      Figure 11 - Canadian Auto Press (& American Auto Press) Editorial & Test Drive Reviews

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 21 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Auto Spot TV Test Drive Video Reviews

Over 50% of Web site visitors are initially visually stimulated. Most Web sites feature only
manufacturer press kit images or single photos. Through ASL's relationship with Auto Spot
TV, to exclusively syndicate content at the dealer Web site level, dealers can use these
Test Drive Videos to stand out and get noticed.

AutoSpot TV vehicle reviews include "In-car Analysis" with Racing's Best as well as
perspective and driving impressions from popular auto journalists Trevor Hofmann, Justin
Couture, Jonathan Yarkony, Alexandra Straub, and Rob Rothwell. What makes these
videos unique is that the review team is made up of knowledgeable auto journalists,
professional drivers, and everyday consumers so that viewers can count on an unbiased
approach. The vehicles are shot in scenic locations throughout the world, including British
Columbia (home to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games), Washington State, Oregon, and

These Test Drive Videos combine custom dealership intros, professional journalist test
drives, and manufacturers’ B-Roll video material. Each video finishes with a call to action
screen customized for the dealer

                 Figure 12 - Streaming Video Player for Auto Spot TV Video Test Drives:

The Streaming Media Player with customized Test Drive videos for each dealer can be
easily installed by the dealer into the home page or other pages throughout the Website
using the Content Management System. Videos are also available to dealers on HDTV
quality DVDs for play within the showroom setting.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 22 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Dealer Recorded Test Drive & Demonstration Videos

Many dealers find it beneficial to record vehicle demonstration videos themselves using
standard video cameras or digital cameras with video recording capabilities. Traditionally
these videos would be too large in file size to play from dealers’ Web sites. ASL offers an
additional service to dealers by providing a simple client-side software interface to convert
these videos into Flash Media streaming video which can be easily attached and displayed
within a vehicle’s inventory detail. The software will typically reduce a file of more than
90MB (non-streaming) to less than 3MB (streaming video). Additional setup is required for
each dealer that wishes to use this feature.

                                Figure 13 - Dealer Recorded Inventory Videos

Vehicle Reports:
Through the CMS Logs & Report Section dealers can produce reports in "real-time" for
customizable inventory stock lists, and the number of vehicle views (click-throughs) on
each vehicle. This information helps dealers to identify popular trends, which vehicles to
advertise and which vehicles may be presenting a problem when the views are compared
with the number of “ups” (leads) generated on each vehicle.

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                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Lead Generation & Lead Management
Through the Business Requirements Document GMCL has identified that the “Request a
Quote form itself does not facilitate the clear intention of the requestor; e.g. is the consumer
only scouting for information or are they truly in the market?”

This problem brings us back to merchandising. In our experience this problem is derived
from three separate areas.

   1) Has the dealer done an effective job of qualifying the customer by properly
      merchandising inventory?
   2) Has the consumer been presented with the right question?
   3) Is the dealer communicating properly with the consumer?

Let’s start with the question, “has the dealer properly merchandised their inventory?”

What would proper inventory merchandising have to do with reducing the number of
requests from “tire-kickers”? The answer is details and trust. Consumers will not ask if the
vehicle has a feature if all the vehicle’s features are fully displayed. That’s the details part.
The second part is more about building the relationship. It’s human nature to be skeptical.
Dealers who make the extra effort of photographing the vehicle from every angle, inside
and out, start to gain the consumer’s confidence. Things that are potentially missed in the
vehicle’s detailed information and options are quite often explained by the photos. Trust is
built in the dealership when the consumer sees that the detailed odometer record is the
same as the photo of the odometer. When the customer sees the depth of the tire tread
and the immaculate shape of the vehicle the skepticism starts to pass.

This is important because consumers are less likely to give up their anonymity and submit
a lead in the first place if there are doubts in their minds.

Now, we need to ask, has the consumer been asked the right question? If the price is
shown on the vehicle (which it should be), why would they need to request a quote? You
immediately introduce another doubt. Does this mean that the price is not the real price? It
is far more effective to push a consumers “hot buttons” and ask value-ad questions which
can further define the requests so that the dealership can respond to the consumer in a
way that will build on the relationship rather than introduce further doubts.

Value-ad questions and consumer “hot buttons” include:

   a)   What’s my trade-in worth against this vehicle?
   b)   Can you confirm what my payments would be on this vehicle?
   c)   Can I apply for pre-approved credit on this vehicle?
   d)   Can I schedule this vehicle for a test drive?
   e)   Can I email this vehicle to a friend?

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 24 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

These questions generate a higher conversion rate of visitors to “ups” (leads) by offering
value in exchange for the consumer disclosing their contact information.

When you combine both effective merchandising and asking the right questions you
dramatically increase the volume of “leads” while at the same time reduce the number of

Through ASL’s consumer focus groups, on-site dealership sessions, and experimentation
over the last 5 years, ASL has developed an extensive training program for dealers to
significantly increase traffic, leads, and sales. ASL not only focuses on dealers achieving a
higher volume of sales but also higher gross margins and higher penetration of F&I
product. No other Canadian Internet marketing provider to auto dealers provides this.

ASL’s proven approach not only increases traffic dramatically to dealership Web sites but
more importantly increases both conversion of traffic-to-leads and leads-to-sales. Many
dealers have seen their traffic-to-leads increase from less then 1% to more than 7%. The
most significant change has been seen in leads-to-sales conversion with dealers going
from less than 5% to more than 35% of Internet “ups” becoming sales.

This brings us to the third question; is the dealership’s staff communicating properly with
the consumer? Asking this question can often be interpreted by some industry
professionals as asking; is the emperor not wearing any clothes?

People are often resistant to both change and processes that require effort.

As consumers we ask questions and have an expectation for an accurate answer. In the
sales profession we typically like to avoid giving direct answers. This is why we often see
dealers making grave mistakes with their Internet “ups”.

Many dealership personnel either respond to consumers’ requests very late or not at all.
When they do respond to requests it’s not in a manner that the consumer expects. For
example if the consumer requests, what’s my trade worth? They tell the consumer that they
must come down to the dealership because they don’t give quotes over the phone or by
email. When the sales manager asks the “salesperson” what happened with the lead? The
salesperson says, the person wasn’t really in the market.

To increase the traffic-to-leads and leads-to-sales conversion ratios the following enhanced
lead generation features exist for dealer inventory and other areas of Dealer Web sites.

   1)   Instant SMS Text Messaging
   2)   Lead Generation Emails
   3)   Lead Generation Reports Database
   4)   Auto-Reply Emails
   5)   Secure Credit Application Centre
   6)   Real-e-Live People Pro Service

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                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Instant SMS Text Messaging
When consumers become ready to provide their contact details and
submit requests they typically are submitting requests to as many
as 5 or 6 dealerships with a short time frame.

Dealerships who respond quickly and start to build rapport with the
consumer are the most likely to win the business. At this stage the
consumer is shopping not only for the right vehicle but also the right
dealership and salesperson to deal with.

For dealership personnel to be in front of a computer constantly is
difficult and thus they can not be expected to be checking their    Figure 14 - SMS Message
email every 3 or 4 minutes.

With the proposed system every lead has a SMS formatted text message notification for
cellular telephones. This gives salespeople the opportunity to respond immediately while
the customer is still on the dealerships site with a first contact phone call to create an
instant customer service experience that can take the customer out of the market. By
responding personally and quickly the dealership has the opportunity to make an
impression on the customer before they have time to talk to the competition.

The purpose of the quick response is to start with the relationship building and reassure the
customer that their request has been received and will be seen to shortly.

Lead Generation Emails
For every lead, with the exception of a Credit application, the complete details of the
request are emailed automatically to the correct departmental person. The email forwarding
of the lead details is managed through a Web enabled messaging centre that allows the
dealership to specify which people in each department receive each type of lead. In the
case of the credit application the correct people are notified by email of the requestor’s
contact details, vehicle of interest, and that a credit application has been submitted.

Each lead has a standard format and structure that can be read by many automated lead
management and desking solutions such as CT Wizard and the Advent CRM system.

Lead Generation Reports Database
GMCL, dealer principles, managers, administrators and salespeople responsible for the
Internet can login and produce detailed reports for any date range detailing any
combination of the following:

      Leads by request type (trade-in request, credit application, etc)
      Leads by department
      Leads by advertising source (Google, Yahoo, Auto Trader, Radio, etc)
      Complete individual lead details

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 26 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

All lead reports can be exported and saved in CSV format for importing into other
applications for lead management.

Additional (RaQ) types of forms can be created for dealers to use within their sites as
required by GMCL.

From the consumers’ perspective, once they have filled out a form within a GMCL dealer’s
website future forms will make use of previously entered details to speed the ease of
completing forms for the consumer.

This feature uses a combination of Web browser “cookies” and Macromedia Flash enabled
objects. In the rare case where these technologies can not be utilized with a particular Web
visitor the system will not automatically call in the consumer’s previously recorded details.

Auto-reply email to Consumer
ASL will enhance the system for dealerships to customize/configure auto-responder email
replies to the consumer in simultaneous plain text and HTML format for each type of lead.
Both custom and default messages will make use of data from consumer requests by
merging the customers information to make the auto-reply personalized to the consumer.
Default messages will be created that acknowledge the request has been received.

Secure Credit Application Centre
The built-in Secure Credit Application Centre can be replaced by the GMCL Express Credit
Application and other tools; however, GMCL may wish to integrate the existing ASL forms.

ASL has divided the credit application into a two-step process. The first step gathers
minimal information in a non-threatening format including first name, last name, phone
number, email address, and the acceptance of the credit application terms. The second
step gathers the balance of the credit application details.

Using this approach ASL’s Credit Application Centre is the only application that presently
captures abandoned credit applications. Dealers can pull reports that detail the date and
time of the abandoned credit application along with the person’s contact details for follow-
up. The dealer can then contact the customer and offer support for completing the process.

The Secure Credit Applications Centre is fully integrated with both the Curomax and Dealer
Access finance portals allowing dealers to push credit applications into the appropriate
lending institution without the requirement of entering all of the credit application data.
Development is also underway for integration directly into RouteOne. The aforementioned
finance portals provide a dramatic increase in credit application approvals for consumers
with sub-prime special finance requirements. These people who represent over 50% of the
automotive marketplace would otherwise be traditionally declined through GMCL as a high
credit risk.

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 27 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Further R&D is also underway to allow dealerships to co-browse with their customers and
provide live assistance in completing the credit application details while in the comfort of
their own home or workplace. The co-browsing capability is already in beta mode as a
future feature addition to the Real-e-Live Pro Service identified below.

Real-e-Live People (ReLP) Pro Service
The ReLP Pro service capabilities have already far surpassed
the visions that both auto dealers and consumers have
expressed regarding live support through a Web site.

ReLP is a Website chat application that can be plugged into
any Web site. Unlike other chat programs ReLP is not
confined to just text chat. ReLP contains a feature rich live
streaming video component and requires no download or
configuration by the consumer. Now, customers can speak
live with someone at the dealership through an instant video &
text chat on the dealership’s website. The consumer is not required to have a video camera
or microphone but they can use two-way video with the dealership if the capabilities are
present on their home or work computers.

Increase sales:

Web site visitors who chat, purchase at a significantly higher rate than those who don't.
Providing immediate answers to questions about vehicles and other dealership services
eliminates customers' barriers to purchasing.

Shorten the sales cycle:

Dealers who talk to visitors about their needs online are able to push relevant product
information, answer questions immediately and take their customers to the next step
quickly (such as a credit application or other type of online request) dramatically reducing
the number of people who abandon their website.

Increase customer loyalty:

The application can build customer confidence and trust by showing them that a Really Live
Person (Real-e-Live Person) is just a click away.

Improve service & customer satisfaction:

Dealers can provide immediate, face to face customer service as soon as customers hit
their Web sites. The service helps dealers to solve problems and make their customers
happy without leaving the home or office! Real-e-Live People breaks-through electronic and
corporate barriers to give customers the personal service they would expect from a local

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 28 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Be everywhere at once:

Web site visitors don’t just come from all around a dealership’s city; they also come from all
around their province. By meeting them face to face when they arrive at the Web site, and
building strong relationships with customers, they provide a service that can’t be matched
by the competition. The Real-e-Live People interface lets dealers hold audio/video/text
conversations with up to 8 visitors simultaneously, while monitoring individual Web site
visitors in real time. With Real-e-Live People, dealer Web sites are transformed from an
impersonal brochure to a full service storefront!

This application provides dealerships with an opportunity to make a dramatic customer
service impact on their customers. They can take a consultative roll with their customers
and push pages directly to the customers screen such as vehicle comparisons, specific
vehicle details, credit applications, test-drive requests and more. In fact the dealership can
take the customer to any page within their Web site, GM Canada’s Web site, or their
competitor’s Web site (if beneficial).

Dealerships can connect with customers on their Web sites in two distinct ways:

   1) Customers can click on a button for live support; or
   2) Dealerships can watch a live customer surfing from page-to-page and push an
      invitation directly onto the screen of the consumer to have a chat.

In this way dealerships can now meet and greet their customers directly on their Websites
as they do now on their physical dealership lots (see Figure 15 below).

                                      Figure 15 - ReLP Pro Chat Invitation

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 29 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

The ReLP Pro service can be staffed at the dealership by their Internet Salespeople, sale
managers, business development centre, or a third party to which they wish to contract the
service requirements (such as a call centre). Click-to-Call telephone technology can also be
integrated easily into ReLP Pro if required. Please see Appendix C for a complete list of
ReLP Pro features.

                                      Figure 16 - ReLP Pro Agent Interface

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 30 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Dealership Sales Support & Training
ASL has been helping automotive dealerships make every website visitor count with
Internet sales systems and customized automotive Internet sales training programs since
2002. Dealers find we have the most knowledgeable, energetic and inspiring trainers in the
business, along with proven techniques that help their employees enjoy their jobs and sell
more effectively to prospects on their very next lead from their Web site. Put all of this
together, and we'll put an end to the notion that learning has to be dull. We show dealers in
a fun, exciting and easy way how to put every visitor on the right road. Welcome to a new
type of sales training that works!

ASL offers Advanced Internet Sales Training through its intensive 2 day boot camps. Boot
camps are held in different cities across Canada every month from coast-to-coast. Here
dealers learn a systematic approach towards more sales with less stress. ASL has
developed step-by-step systems that are the foundation of producing consistent and ever
improving results.

ASL has assembled a proven team of trainers that have been actively altering the Internet
Automotive Sales landscape. When ASL put their basic knowledge together they actively
sought people with cutting-edge ideas and proven approaches.

Tim Driedger - Mr. Driedger spent over 17 years as a General Manager, operating Toyota
and Hyundai franchises for The Jim Pattison Group. He is well known for heading up the
Toyota advertising initiative from the dealer perspective for the Toyota Access program. He
has delivered above average financial results, prudent expense control and above average
employee retention. He has been recognized on many occasions for outstanding
management and performance by many automotive manufacturers.

Vic Kovacs - President and co-founder of ASL, has over 30 years experience in automotive
sales with over 15 years with General Motors as both a trainer for GMAC and as a
business office manager and general manager. Vic is a recognized industry leader and
specialist in the automotive fields of F&I, subprime, sales and sales management.

Barry Baker - ASL's Training Programs Manager, has over 20 years in sales and
management including 8 years of training and speaking engagements providing
inspirational and motivational instruction on how to utilize technology for practical business
results. Barry's diverse expertise as both an internationally recognized software engineer
and as an equally successful sales and marketing professional, a rare combination.

Peter Cameron-Inglis - ASL's VP of Operations & Marketing and co-founder has worked
with automotive dealers throughout Canada since 1989. With a strong academic and
business background Peter has been an innovator in the Canadian software industry, a
keynote speaker & sales trainer, and a columnist for several industry publications.

Here is what a few General Motors Dealerships have to say about the training:

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 31 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

"Very informative, it will change the way you think and handle the Internet. The facilitator
was extremely effective and informative. He did a great job explaining and demonstrating
the material."
                                                        Craig Marsh, General Sales Manager
                                                          Terra Nova Motors, St. John's, Nfld

"The training was enlightening and was a real motivator in helping us bring our dealership
into the future of the automobile industry. We can't allow ourselves to be stagnant and still
expect to be successful. You have a great presence and knowledge about this subject
matter. Our store will be participating in more upcoming sessions."

                                                        Glenn Roberts, Business Development Manager
                                                               Pye Chevrolet & Truro Toyota, Truro, NS

"Your 5 minute rule is an amazing WOW factor that will drive customer sales. The WOW
factor will go a long way. We've gained a lot of information and knowledge that is sure to
lead to definite success once implemented. Times are changing and it is time for the auto
business and dealers to move forward. Awesome 2 days!"

                                                 Jacqueline Lahey, Business Development Centre Mgr
                                                        MacPhee Pontiac Buick GMC, Dartmouth, NS

"I took several concepts away that will be implemented to make Niagara Motors more
profitable and productive. This is a cutting edge approach that breaks the mould and we'll
be getting all dealership personnel on the same page."
                                                             David Dick Jr., Dealer Principal
                                                                   Niagara Motors, Virgil, ON

"The most important concepts I took away were about the actual process and how
important an Internet lead really is. It was a reality check on how to handle the email and
other aspects. Great job!"
                                                           Shah Khan, General Sales Manager
                                                     Plaza Pontiac Buick GMC, North York, ON

"The most important concepts I learned were about full disclosure and getting back to
customers within 5-10mins. I took away great tools for staying in touch with customers and
following up. I rate the program 10 out of 10. I would recommend this program to my
colleagues for certain. I will be telling everyone that this is the best course out there. Tim
was very effective and helpful."
                                                                  Rashid Wahed, Sales Manager
                                                              Carter Auto Group, Vancouver, BC

"I'm spending less money on traditional advertising and getting better results using ASL.
Our Internet sales rep has been using the ASL Internet sales methods for the last four
months and he was the top dealership salesman for January and February without relying
on 'ups' from the floor."
                                                         Anthony Muzzillo, Dealer Principal
                                                                  Smith GM, Kamloops, BC
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                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

ASL Service & Support Commitment
For dealer support purposes ASL will dedicate 1 dealer support technician for every 100
dealerships and 1 dealer support & service representative for every 40 dealerships. Where
required ASL will provide bilingual dealer support representatives. ASL will also provide a
dedicated bilingual Technical Support Manager and a dedicated bilingual Dealer Services
Manager to manage all personnel responsible for servicing GMCL dealers.

Systems will service both consumers and dealerships with bilingual capabilities.

ASL will recycle, enhance and implement its current technology for GMCL. The applications
and databases pertaining to this proposal will include the servicing and administration of
dedicated servers specifically for GMCL at ASL’s Kamloops, British Columbia server
facility. The data and applications will be run from servers with Raid 6 redundancy on a
GigE fibre connection directly to the Internet backbone. Further single-points of failure will
be eliminated through dual server power supplies; dual UPS power backup systems;
backup power diesel generators; and dual connectivity providers.

An initial investment of $450,000.00 CAD is required with 50% due prior to the
commencement of development. The 50% balance is due prior to the hiring phase of
support personnel which is outlined in the project Milestones and Timelines. Monthly fees
as outlined below commence at the staged implementation phase of the timeline.

Assuming all Canadian dealers are being serviced (approx 750)                                     Monthly/Dealer

GMCL Template Web Site Services & Support (on a per dealer basis)                                 $300.00
Includes Content Management System, Inventory Systems, Lead
Generation Systems, Reporting Systems & Interfaces, and Electronic
Data Interchange to Third Party Portals.

Bandwidth                                                                                         Monthly Fee
Bandwidth Usage                                                                                   $1.15 / GB

Optional Items (can be chosen on a dealer-by-dealer basis)                                        Monthly/Dealer

   1)   ReLP Pro Service for a minimum of 10% (75 dealers)                                        $150.00
   2)   Mobile Inventory Manager Handheld Systems                                                 TBD
   3)   Self-Administered Inventory Flash Video Attachments                                       $ 50.00
   4)   Canadian Auto Press Editorial Content                                                     $100.00
   5)   Auto Spot TV Test Drive Videos                                                            $200.00
   6)   Digital Motorworks DMS Data Scrub                                                         TBD

Training                                                                                          Session/Person
Advanced 2 Day Internet Sales Training Boot Camp                                                  TBD
(step-by-step process for increasing traffic/leads/sales)

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                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

Project Milestones & Timelines

MILESTONES                                                            START DATE                  COMPLETION

Contractual Commitment by ASL and GMCL                                                           March 15, 2007

Project Details & Requirements Finalized                             March 15, 2007              March 30, 2007

Initial Hire of Technical & Service Managers                         March 15, 2007               April 13, 2007

Dedicated Server Setup                                               March 15, 2007               April 13, 2007

Inventory System Enhancements                                          April 2, 2007              April 30, 2007

Lead Generation & Management Enhancements                              April 2, 2007              May 15, 2007

Consumer Facing Code                                                  April 13, 2007              May 31, 2007

GMCL / Dealer CMS Code                                                April 13, 2007               July 31, 2007

Bilingual Enhancements                                                 May 15, 2007              August 31, 2007

GMCL Beta Test                                                         Sept.4, 2007                Sept. 7, 2007

Recruitment/Training for Tech & Service Support                       August 1, 2007              Sept. 18, 2007

Final Revision of Systems                                              Sept 7, 2007              October 1, 2007

Training of GMCL Personnel                                           October 2, 2007             October 5, 2007

Staged Implementation of Dealer Sites                               October 10, 2007                     TBD

Training of Dealership Personnel                                    October 15, 2007                     TBD

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 34 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                              APPENDIX A

                     ASL Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
ASL’s Automated EDI system includes but is not limited to the following websites:

   a) (.jar file prepped by ASL uploaded through GM InfoNet)
   b) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   c)   AOL Canada (data & photos transferred nightly)
   d) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   e) (data & photos transferred several times per day)
   f) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   g) (data & photos transferred several times per day)
   h) (data & photos transferred live)
   i)   BC New Car Dealers Association (data & photos transferred nightly)
   j) (data & photos transferred several times per day)
   k) (data & photos transferred several times per day)
   l) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   m) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   n) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   o)   Digital Motor Works (data & photos transferred nightly)
   p) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   q) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   r)   Megawheels (data & photos transferred nightly)
   s)   Metroland Publishing (data & photos transferred nightly)
   t)   Motor Dealers Association of Alberta (data & photos transferred nightly)
   u)   Nova Scotia Auto Dealers Association (data & photos transferred nightly)
   v) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   w)   Toronto Auto Dealers Association (data & photos transferred nightly)
   x) (data & photos transferred nightly)
   y)   Torstar Digital (data & photos transferred nightly)
   z) (data & photos transferred nightly)

All EDI data and photos are managed and queued for updating through ASL’s EDI facilities
in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada using multiple servers. Each EDI server is
configured with 4 terabytes of storage with Raid 6 for eliminating single points of failure and
data loss. Servers are comprised of Tyan Thunder K8WE motherboards with dual
redundant power supplies and Dual AMD Opteron 265 Dual Core 940 processors powered
through 6800 VA APC redundant UPS systems. Each server has GbE (gigabit per second -
IEEE 802.3-2005 standard) connectivity directly through a main trunk connection of the

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 35 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                              APPENDIX B

          Consumer Facing Web Site Content Compatibility
The Web Site Builder and Content Management System will format and assemble the
database content server-side and on demand for the following browser versions and

User Agent (Browser & Version)                                                  Platform

   1)   Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above                                Win / Mac
   2)   Mozilla Firefox (All versions)                                          Win / Mac / Linux
   3)   Netscape Navigator 7.0 or above                                         Win / Mac
   4)   Safari (All versions)                                                   Mac
   5)   Mozilla (All versions)                                                  Win / Mac / Linux
   6)   Opera 7.0 or above                                                      Win / Mac / Linux

As of February 22, 2007 these browsers represent over 99% of the Market Share according
to Market Share by Net Applications:

  ASL Internet • 201 – 925 McMaster Way • Kamloops, BC Canada, V2C 6K2 • T:250.314.1438 • TF:866.955.2255 • Page 36 of 37
                                                          GM Dealer Web Site Enhancements: Proposal - February 22, 2007

                                              APPENDIX C

                   Real-e-Live People (ReLP) Pro Features
ReLP Public Chat Features

      Real-time audio only, full video or text only chats
      Resize chat text
      Keystroke Indicator
      Automated email delivery of chat transcripts
      No downloads, special extensions or installations required
      Specific agent site buttons with online status
      Any agent chat site buttons

ReLP Agent Chat Features

      Use From Anywhere                                                No Page Refresh for Visitors
      Unlimited Chats                                                  Integrated Reporting & User Admin
      Website Page Push                                                Customer Chat History
      Call-in Agent Alert                                              Agent Performance Logs
      Call-in Group Alert                                              Missed Calls Log
      Do Not Disturb                                                   Simple Tabbed Interface
      Email Integration                                                Integrated Help
      Custom Automated Text                                            Admin Control Panel for Dealer
      Auto-Text Merge Fields                                            Management
      Visitor Queue/Wait Times                                         Super Admin Control Panel For
      Custom On-Hold Commercials                                        GMCL
      Multi-Line Support
      Agent-to-Agent Chat
      Chat Transfer
      Live Visitor Site Monitoring
      Monitored Alerts for Specific Web
       Pages or Vehicles
      Monitored Alerts for Specific
       Return Visitors
      Automated Visitor City Geo-locator
      Visitor Page Viewer
      Proactive Chat Invitation
      Search Engine Keyword Tracking
      Customizable Skins
      Automated Bandwidth Detection &
      Use Snapshots or Live Video
      Answering/Message Center

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