Cyber Stalkers Suck! Why I "Cleansed" My Friends List

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					Cyber Stalkers Suck! Why I “Cleansed” My
Friends List
Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

Today, I’m feeling a little creeped out.

I had to unfriend/delete some people from my social media circles for being lewd, offensive and

In other words...Cyber Stalkers.

I am talking about virtual strangers here....not people I know personally or who I have ever met.

These are random guys who hit me up on the social sites for one reason or another.

(obviously, it was the other)  

I figured “’s social media. I’m here to connect with new people.  Why not give everyone a

It sounds all nice and PC...but really, sometimes there are people out there who are just bad

you know... cyber stalkers. And they are looking for nice people to harass.

Just like bullies on the playground, cyber stalkers want to
see how far they can push...
And if you’re nice to them they keep coming back.

It’s unfortunate that you have to deal with these things sometimes. I guess this is what cyber
stalking is.

But I had to ask myself what I was doing to invite this drama into my reality?

You see, I really don’t believe in coincidences.

And it was no accident that these two cyber stalkers got scary inappropriate on the same
day...within hours of each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means suggesting that I am responsible for their behavior.

But what am I doing to attract this into my life?
It occurred to me that it could be because I actually never told it to go away.

I tried to “be nice” and tolerated way to much.

You see, these people had been crossing boundaries and acting inappropriate for weeks.

Yet, I was being nice.

But I also knew they were crazy.

And I knew this from day one.

My intuition is usually spot on.  The trouble comes in when I ignore it.

And so I let the craziness go on and on and on.


Not sure.  That is something I definitely have to examine.

But had I put an end to this nonsense on day one, I wouldn’t have invited all of this unnecessary
drama into my reality.

And I wouldn’t be feeling icky right now.

I must say, I really feel much lighter.

Without the burden of trying to avoid these dudes on Facebook and Skype.

Seriously, you should be able to log on in peace.

Just so that you know...some of the signs that you are dealing with a nut job are:

a) Every time you log on they are they...messaging you...calling you...waiting for you...

b) When they do message you they don’t actually have anything relevant to say.

c) Total disregard for the word “no.”

d) When you say “no,” that guy asks to meet your sister.

WTF... (yes this actually happened, and no he did not get an introduction to my sister.)

This was just the beginning.

It would be weeks before I hit the unfriend button.

Again, self-examination is needed here.
But what I will say is that it won’t happen again.

And that's how I cleansed my friends list of cyber stalkers.



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Description: The story of why I deleted a bunch of people from my social media circles.