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									Broad Sky Networks is reinventing the way your business communicates with Polycom HD Voice.
What is SimpleVoIP?
SimpleVoIP is our business-class Hosted PBX solution with the flexibility and
scalability of Internet communications. It’s all part of our converged voice and
data service, which consolidates your communication network, increases
employee productivity, reduces your costs, and basically just makes your life a
whole lot simpler. And with our enterprise-grade Quality of Service (QoS), and
managed IP network services, you're assured of the most reliable
communication solution available anywhere today.
What is Hosted VoIP?
VoIP allows businesses to move away from traditional PBX systems and
integrate their voice and data communication into a single converged IP
network. The popularity of Hosted VoIP service is especially on the rise because
of its cost-saving attributes and advanced calling features.
      •   No equipment leases and maintenance agreements.

      •   Administration is web-based which greatly reduces IT time.

      •   Businesses enjoy nationwide access between its offices without dedicated circuits.

      •   Unlimited long-distance calling.
Benefits of Hosted VoIP
• Ultimate flexibility - Nothing matches Hosted PBX for companies with an outside salesforce, multiple
  locations, remote workers or work from home employees.100% scalable as big as you want to grow!
  - Scale your business simply and cost effectively by ordering exactly the number of phone extensions
  you need with the features you need now. Security and Reliability - Fully redundant geographic
  hosted server locations in Denver, Co and Irvine, CA, and carrier-class equipment with backup power
  systems and secure co-lo facilities.

• Simplify Communications Management - Provides full support from your desktop to your final calling
  destination, you can rest assured that you’ve simplified at least one area of your business.Get the best
  calling features without purchasing equipment - There are breakthrough calling features being
  added to our service on a regular basis. Keep up with the latest productivity enhancing solutions and
  applications without buying any equipment. No Capital Expense! No depreciation, no financing of
  equipment. There is no need for customer premise equipment (CPE), dedicated telephone equipment
  that resides at your office – as is necessary with traditional PBX systems.

• Lower ongoing maintenance costs - Moves, adds and changes are easily accomplished through an
  administrator interface or a quick phone call to SimpleSignal customer support.

• Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location - All employees can access the full
  features of your phone system whether in satellite offices or home offices, anywhere, any time. Save
  money with free on-net calling. All calls between your SimpleSignal-connected offices and remote
  workers are free. (See Calling Features for Remote Office and SimpleSignal Anywhere)
Key Features - Visual Voicemail

 • All your messages in one place
 • No more calling multiple voicemail
 • Converts voicemails to email
 • Visually displayed in your inbox
 • Save your messages for life
 • Forward them to friends or associates
 • Prioritize or search for them with ease

 • The intercom for the 21st Century
 • Instant communication between
 • Perfect for executive to assistant
Call Swap

 • Change phones in the middle of a call-
  just press the star button without caller
  hearing the switch
 • Transfer a call to your cell or move the call
  from your cell to a landline
 • Having issues with your cell signal? Switch to
  a landline by hitting the star button.
 • Deliver mobile solutions to customers today

• Just highlight a number on any
 screen on your computer and click
• Click on contacts in Outlook and
 that number rings
• Easily return Visual Voicemail calls
 with a click
• Call numbers displayed on any web
Disaster Recovery

• If your phone line is damaged your call
 can automatically be re-directed by
 SimpleSignal’s switch to your
 cell phone or alternate landline
•You’ll never miss a call
Receptionist Console

• A-class IP Attendant Console w/ icons
 appears on computer screen
• For receptionists or attendants who
 screen inbound calls for enterprises
• Accurate delivery of messages via a one
 step process when people are unavailable
• Intuitive design follows natural workflow of
 a call from the top of the screen
Anywhere Solution

                                  Seamless Productivity…
                                            …In the Office…
 One Business Number
  - One Number for all Phones

 Universal Features
                                            …On the Road…
  - All business features work
    across all phones

 Independent of Mobile Network
                                            …In the
  - No Relationship with Mobile
    Operator required                         Conference Room…

 Huge Leaps in Business
 Productivity                               …In the Hotel…
                    Anywhere Functionality
                     More than Find Me/Follow Me…

  One Number -
                       Calls to your One Number Ring all your
 Multiple Devices
   One Mailbox         One Mailbox Works

                       Control When and How you are Reachable
Reachability Rules

Configurable CLID      Tag calls from your mobile as “Business” or
                       “Personal” Calls

Swap Calls Between Swap active calls between Devices -
     Devices       with no call Call Interruption
Universal Business     Remain active in Hunt Groups, Call
 Group Features        Centers, Group Calls, Conferences - even
                       when out of the office
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Problem: operating a business entails lots of costs, historically including maintaining a PBX,
broadband connection and PSTN access, plus email, website hosting and other services. The
problem is worse for distributed organizations because each site has to contract for its own
services. This creates additional capital and manpower expenses.

Solution: Our solution allows you to outsource the service and treat it like a utility with a
known recurring monthly bill and no extra or unanticipated capital cost. We allow a business to
push the operation and expense of their communications to us. We bundle together all the
services you need on a single bill- including phones, broadband service, long distance, and
integrate voice service into other web services such as outlook contacts, email, calendar,
CRM, and other software apps.

Easy Administration - Users have access to intuitive web portals to perform moves adds
and changes, greatly simplifying the effort required to operate/manage the service.

Reduced Capital Costs - The capital for a phone system is greatly reduced and the
normally large upfront cost is changed to a low known monthly cost. Capital is used as op-ex
rather than cap-ex.
Dramatic savings for distributed organizations. Our solutions are perfectly suited for
businesses with multiple offices. All calls between offices are free because they are in our
Contact Information

               Broad Sky Networks
             Phone: (877)-291-9575
             E-Mail: sales@broadskynetworks.net

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