Breastfeeding Resources for Snohomish County

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					                                                                Breastfeeding Resources for
                                                                         Snohomish County

Breastfeeding Services
Bestfeeding/Judy Hulse, RN, IBCLC                        Navy/Marine Relief Society Nurse
Bothell/Snohomish                                        Everett/Smokey Point
425.329.4079 or                                          425.304.3208
425.780.0079                                             Prenatal/postpartum home, office and
Telephone and home consultations.                        telephone consultations; breastfeeding
                                                         classes; military members/dependants only.

Birth and Beyond
206.615.8078                                             Pacific Association for Labor Support
RN/IBCLC/ Breastfeeding Specialists offer                206.329.7257
free telephone consultations; home or office             Doula support during labor and postpartum.
consultations for fee.
                                                         Pacific Mothers Support, Inc.-Bellevue
Family Health Hotline (WithinReach)                      425.462.0577 or 800.578.2260
800.322.2588                                             Office/telephone consultations/IBCLC.
An information and referral line.
                                                         Pregnancy Aid/WIC of Snohomish
Heartfelt Center/Marcia David, LMP, CD,                  County-Arlington, Granite Falls,
IBCLC-South Snohomish County,                            Marysville, Monroe, Snohomish
North/East King County                                   Arlington: 360.435.3735
206.353.7255                                             Everett: 425.339.2606
Telephone and home consultations and infant              Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, IBCLC and
massage classes.                                         CLEs offer office visits and consultations.
                                                         Emergency 24/7 available for current clients.
La Leche League of Snohomish County
425.303.0311                                             Snohomish Health District
Free telephone/home consultations days,                  WIC/First Steps:
weekends and evenings; weekly and monthly                Everett: 425.252.5303
parent meetings throughout the county; lending           Lynnwood: 425.258.8400
library; breastfeeding and parenting                     Clinic based Public Health Nurses;
conferences, information for contacts in other           breastfeeding classes for current clients.
La Leche League International-resources                  Swedish Visiting Nurse Services
online at:
                                                         Home visits with community health nurses and
                                                         registered dietitians.

     The information for this resource was originally prepared in 2006 by the Breastfeeding Coalition of
   Snohomish County with permission granted to reproduce and/or redesign for educational purposes only.
                           This material may not be considered as medical advice.

                        WIC & First Steps - Community Health Division
                         3020 Rucker Ave, Suite 100 ■ Everett WA 98201-3900
                                fax: 425.252.5306 ■ tel: 425.252.5303
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Hospital Based Services                               Breastfeeding Supplies/Pumps, cont.

Cascade Valley Hospital-Arlington                     Bestfeeding- Judy Hulse, RN, IBCLC
360.435.2133 ext. 3326                                Bothell/Snohomish
Limited inpatient consultations (no on staff          425.329.4079      425.780.0079
IBCLC) and outpatient local referrals.                Breastfeeding aids, electronic scale, Medela
                                                      and Whittlestone breast pump rentals & sales.
Evergreen Hospital-Kirkland
25.866.3494                                           Family Resources-Providence Pavilion
Inpatient/outpatient assessments, phone               for Women and Children-Everett
consultations, IBCLC available 7 days a week.         425.304.6000
                                                      Breastfeeding aids (bras, clothing, shells,
Providence Everett Medical Center-                    Gentian Violet, etc.) breast pump sales and
Everett                                               rentals.
Inpatient/outpatient assessments, phone               J&J Pharmacy-Edmonds
consultations and breastfeeding classes.              425.670.8912
IBCLC available 7 days a week.                        Medela Rentals. No insurance.

Swedish/Edmonds                                       Pacific Mother’s Support Inc (PMSI)
(Formerly Stevens Hospital-Edmonds)                   Bellevue
425.640.4072                                          800.578.2260
Inpatient and outpatient consultations, phone         Pregnancy and breastfeeding aids, breast
consultations and breastfeeding classes.              pump sales and rentals. Medela and Bailey
IBCLC available 7 days a week.                        products. DSHS Medical Coupon providers.

University of Washington Hospital-                    Snohomish Health District
Seattle                                               WIC/First Steps
206.598.4628                                          425.252.5393
UW hospital or UW Clinic staff patients only,         Free manual Medela breast pumps and
IBCLC available 7 days a week.                        Medela Lactina loans to current clients.

Valley General Hospital-Monroe                        Stork Shop-Swedish/Edmonds
360.794.1488, Ext. 167                                (Formerly Stevens Hospital-Edmonds)
Inpatient services, outpatient telephone              425.640.4776
consultations, breastfeeding classes. IBCLC           Breastfeeding supplies (bras, lanolin, etc.),
available 3-4 days a week.                            Medela breast pump sales and rentals.

                                                      Valley View Clinical Pharmacy-Monroe
Breastfeeding Supplies/Pumps                          360.794.5555
                                                      Medela pump rentals.
Baby & Family Boutique
Evergreen Hospital-Kirkland
Breastfeeding aids and Medela pumps, rental
and sales.

                          WIC & First Steps - Community Health Division
                           3020 Rucker Ave, Suite 100 ■ Everett WA 98201-3900
                                  fax: 425.252.5306 ■ tel: 425.252.5303

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