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									 Monday April 18, Honor's Night at Broadmoor Baptist Church, 7 p.m. 

                  Career Day, Wednesday, April 20 

                    last day for seniors, May 11 

   Graduation Night, Thursday May 19, at Bethany-North in Baker 


ESTABLISHED IN 1961                                  BATON ROUGE, LA.                                                                         APRIL 2011

                                                                                                                                      At left: Senior Adonica
                                                                                                                                      Reed poses with
                                                                                                                                      Broadmoor High
                                                                                                                                      School Principal Dary
                                                                                                                                      Glueck and social
                                                                                                                                      studies teacher, Sue
                                                                                                                                      Potts, in the school
                                                                                                                                      library as one of 19
                                                                                                                                      students inducted into
                                                                                                                                      the National Honor
                                                                                                                                      Society's John Lay
                                                                     • • • *, ..
                                                                    ........ ;" . ".""
                                                                    . .. " .. .                                                       Chapter, March 11. For
                                                                                    ,    ",          f". .                 #          a list of all inductees,
                                                                       "     ..     •      "    . .          .         I        'II
                                                                                                                                      see the article at the
                                                                     .....   .

                                                                           . .
                                                                                  . . I ... '

                                                                                        . ","
                                                                                        .. , , '

                                                                                                      .. ..
                                                                                                      -­ .

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    2 Broadmoor band menlbers earn college scholarships;
         marching band still searching for drummers
                                                      By Angus Mastin
   Two Broadmoor High School students were recently honored for their outstanding musical abilities. Senior trumpet player
Philip Young and senior baritone player Stephan August earned scholarships to universities in Louisiana.
   Young earned a scholarship to perform in the Southern University marching band and August earned a full scholarship to
the Southeastern Louisiana University School of Music.
   Both August and Young participated in band while playing athletics and August made the East Baton Rouge Parish Honor
Band three consecutive years. Broadmoor band director Grant Hall refers to both as his "shin ing stars".
   The Broadmoor High School dlllm line is still searching for new members, no experience necessary. The band is trying to
cultivate new interest in percussion (drums). Anyone interested in joining see Hall in the baud-choir building.
   In January, nine new members joined the dlllm line and an additional 11 from the existing band joined in hopes to expand
their knowledge of music.
   Hall is still accepting applications for band membership. Two teacher's references are required.
    Percussion practice is held every Wednesday afternoon from 2:40 p.Jl1.-4 p.m. until the end of the year. No members will
be cut due to lack of musical knowledge. If students are willw·g to learn, Hall said he is willing to teach them.

        19 BHS students inducted in National Honor's Society
              Nineteen Broadmoor High School students were inducted as new members to the National Honor
     Society'S John Lay Chapter in a ceremony held in the school library, March 11. Those new members include:
     seniors Jesse Frazier, Chelsea Grimes and Adonica Reed. Juniors include: Keylo Allen, Tuven Bui, Tavla KelJv-Epps,
     Yesenia Figureredo, Damond Howard, Tyre Kenny, Chandni Patel, Jasmin Popillion, Roneshia Lewis, Inn a
     Limjoco, Briana Nelson, Kevin Risinger, Alejandro Rodriques, Bre'Ona Taylor, Jonathan Wiley, and Zana Williams.
                                                                                   All-district soccer
                                                                                  teams announced, 3
                                                                                   Bucs earn honors
                                                                                         The    Division-II,   all-
                                                                                 District 7-4A boy's soccer teams
                                                                                 were announced in February and
                                                                                 three Broadmoor High School
                                                                                 players earned honors on those
                                                                                         Senior mid fielder Josh
                                                                                 Knight and senior defender
                                                                                 Phillip Young made the first
                                                                                 team while senior wing man
                                                                                 Jeffery Tablada earned second
                                                                                 team honors.
Above: Work continues on the Broadmoo.· High School track and bleachers                  Six     high      schools
surroundi!Jg the football field. III recellt months, the wooden bleachers have   competed in district to assign
been removed and a new foundation of pilings are being prepared (at right)       only 14 players to both the first
for improved aluminum seating. The completion date was slated for April 1,
                                                                                 and second teams.
in time for track and field season, but weather problems may delay the

                                                                                 4 BHS volleyball players
                                                                                  selected to post season
   BHS ceramics class chosen to design                                           honors; spring volleyball
    artistic pieces for local foundation                                              begins in May
                                By Staff
         The Broadmoor High School ceramics class was chosen to design                   Senior volleyball star
30 artistic centerpieces, mostly of oak trees, for the George Rodrigue           Ebony Gary was selected all­
Foundation luncheon held in late March.                                          Metro Most Valuable Player and
        "Making the oak tree sculptures for the Rodrigue Foundation
                                                                                 senior Nygia Brazier made the
is a great opportunity to show off the creative and talented students at
                                                                                 all-Metro Team. Seniors Laina
Broadmoor," school ceramics teacher Laurie Johnson said. "{ am very
impressed with the wonderful ideas my students aloe presenting with              Spencer and KeHi Kedroskc
their sculptures,"                                                               made      all-Metro     Honorable
        George Rodrigue, creator of the Blue Dog painting series, annually       Mention.
hosts a luncheon for students who receive the scholarships. Students can                 Spring      volleyball will
receive up to $50,000, which is divided among the recipients. The Blue           begin May 16. Any players
Dog tale was an original Louisiana folk story that was told to younger           interested should contact coach
generations as a form of the "Boogie Man".                                       Maria Gonzalez.

   Tampa, Florida, mother gets praise and criticism for punishing her child
          A Tampa, Fla., mother angry her son refused to work harder to improve his 1.2 grade point
  average, forced him to stand four hours on a street corner in late February wearing a sign reading,
  "GPA 1.22...honk if I need education". The mother said she tried everything to get her son to take
  school seriously, including lectures, confiscating his cell phone, and many other assorted punishments
  that failed to get his attention. Media and parents around the nation have praised her tactics while
  others have scorned her as unfit to raise a child.
 At right: Broadmoor High
 School sophomore pitchel'
 Oni Robertson took the
 mound in the Buccaneer's
 game against Loranger High
 School, March 19. A close
 game in the early innings,
 Loranger broke the game
 open      late    and     beat
 Broadmoor, who is 3-10
 overall at pl'ess time. Head
 coach Paul Greer said the
 team lost five starters before
 the season began, three to
 injuries. "This team has had
 to overcome a lot," Greer
 said, "but they have battled
 in each game."

     Spring football 

                                                                  Calif. school system getting
   scheduled for May 2 
                                          tough on truants; students
         Broadmoor High School spring football practice is
scheduled to begin Monday May 2. Any student-athlete                   tracked with GPS
interested in participating must meet the following
requirements to play in the fall:
                                                                                    By Calvin Allen
*one must have a 2.0 overall grade point average
                                                                           In California's Anaheim Union High
*must have passed six classes in fall 2010
*must have passed a physical examination and have                 School District, two middle schools started a six­
properly filled out all Louisiana High School Athletic            week pilot program in late February using a GPS
Association paperwork as required.                                (Global Positioning System) to track students
        Interested student-athletes should see head football      and prevent them from constantly cutting class
coach Rusty Price prior to spring practice for further details.   or misSing school. Students with four unexcused
        Broadmoor is coming off a 5-5 season in which the         absences or more are assigned to carry a
team narrowly missed the playoffs.                                handheld GPS.
                                                                           Students are given a GPS about the size
                                                                  of a cell phone to verify their location by
      Good news and bad in                                        entering a specific code and are required to
      teaching U.S. history                                       check in electronically five times a day with an
                                                                  "adult coach" using text messages. Students
A national study has given Louisiana public
                                                                  also get an automated phone call in the
school students a grade of C on how well they
                                                                  morning reminding them to get to school on
understand concepts of American history.
                                                                  time. They are tracked from the time they leave
Nationally, U.S. public school students received a
                                                                  school to as late as 8 p.m.
D and 18 states were given a failing grade,
                                                                           Students volunteer for monitoring to
according to a study from New York's Fordham                      stay out of Juvenile Ha" and parents volunteer
University. Louisiana raised its grade from a D in                their children to avoid prosecution.
2003, the last time such grades were issued. In the                        The plan has been used successfully in
same study, Texas and Arkansas received D' s and                  places like San Antonio, Texas, and Baltimore,
Mississippi earned an F. Alabama earned an A.                     Maryland .
  BHS cheerleading tryouts slated for April 5-8 

         Broadmoor High School cheerleader tryouts are scheduled for April 5-8, according to school sponsor and
 science teacher Martha Baggett. After fielding such a strong squad this year, Baggett said next year's cheerleaders
 will have a lot to live up to.
         " We are looking for the very best Broadmoor has to offer," Baggett said. " Honor students and nerds are
 strongly encouraged to try out. This year's squad was amazing to work with, so the ' newbies ' have a lot to Jive up
         Baggett said she expects to select 16 cheerleaders and urges young men to try out. Last year, Broadmoor
 had four boys on the squad, a trend noticed by many schools throughout the sports year.
         No cheerleader or dance experience is needed to tryout, but students cannot be pregnant, must have a 2.5
 grade point average, and cannot have been suspended during the entire 2010-11 school year. Baggett also said 50
 percent of evaluations for selecting cheerleaders will come from teacher recommendations. If chosen, cheerleaders
 must understand they will attend all home and away football games and all home basketball games .
         For more details see Baggett in room 109-B.

   Girls basketball makes playoffs, but                                             Horticulture classes open to
                                                                                       students interested in
          disappointment lingers                                                        landscaping, plants;
                             By lauren Johnson                                     carpentry class also available
           The Broadmoor High School girl's basketball team end ed th e regular
season with a 18-13 overall record and lost in the first-round of the state                     By An gus Mastin
playoffs by six pOints at Beau Chene High School. The team started the sea son         Broadmoor Hi gh School offers a
with 14 players and fini shed with only nine. Head coach Terrence Gillette         horticu Iture class to students where
indicated the lack of numbers may have been the cause behind some of the           they will be taught basics such as
team's struggles.                                                                  growth, maintenance and usage of
           "Hey, we made the playoffs, we had a winning record," Gillette said.    most pJ ant types. They will also learn
"But that's not what we're about. Making the playoffs has been the norm now.       about       greenhouse      use     and
At this point nothing short of a legitimate shot at winning the district, a        landscaping techniques. See Milton
tou rnament and making state champion ship appearances will suffice."              W all in agriculture for more details.
           Junior center Rhonda Nelson said it hurt to lose 10 games by seven           Wall al so offers a carpentry class
                                                                                   to stud ents, which includes a one
pOints or less because with such a small t eam "it only takes one person not to
                                                                                    semester saf ety course and a one
be committed to hurt the whole team and that happened at times."
                                                                                    se mester building and carpentry
           Outstanding players includ ed senior Manasha Vick, who made the all ­
                                                                                    cow-se. T he second semester w ill also
 District team . Sophomore Shantrell Lumar and junior Royneccia Abbott both
                                                                                    include personal projects students call
averaged nine points per game. Lumar also made the all-Di strict team and           work on , provided the y pay f ees for
Abbott received honorable mention .                                                 personal items.

The Broadmoor High                            Want to see your name in print?
 School power-lifting
   team raised $475                           Discover the power of the media
washing vehicles at an                              For Broadmoor students who enjoy writing and can meet
Auto Zone location on                              deadlines, consider signing up for journalism classes in fall
  Florida Boulevard,
                                                     This course offers students real-life examples of how the
  Saturday Feb. 26.                           media works; profiles the life and style of modern-day reporters;
  Money raised was                            teaches the history, law and ethics of the mass media; and how to
 used to finance their                        write and design articles and ads for a magazine or newspaper.
                                              Student work will be displayed in three Broadmoor Blade student
    trip to the state
                                              newspapers as well as the Lagniappe, a newsletter mailed home to
championship meet in                          over 1,000 Broadmoor parents. See Dean Caputa in room 109-A for
    Alexandria, La.                           more details.
   Remaining Broadmoor High 
                                                     Science teacher Paul
     School track schedule 
                                                     Tauzin returns to BHS
   Thursday April 7, at Woodlawn High School                                       following surgery
                                                                                         By Kayla Thomas
   Thursday April 14, at Catholic High School
   Wednesday April 20, District Meet at Woodlawn                                         Broadmoor High
   Thursday April 28, Regional Meet at UL-Lafayette                              School physical science teacher
                                                                                 Paul Tauzin left his position at
   Saturday May 7, State Meet at LSU                                             the end of October 201 0 to deal
                                                                                 with severe back pain he could
                                                                                 no longer tolerate.
JROTe offers students self-discipline, team­                                             A specialist
                                                                                 recommended Tauzin undergo
building; not a recruitment tool for military                                    surgery to correct his pain,
         Students interested in JROTC must indicate their intent during pre­     possibly as late as summer
                                                                                 2011, but Tauzin could not wait
registration or regular registration in late spring.
                                                                                 any longer.
        JROTC is not a recruitment program for the military and                          Tauzin went through
instructors do not apply any pressure toward military service.                   three major surgeries, the first
        There are no prerequisites to join JROTC. However, wearing the           consisting of having titanium
JROTC uniform once a week is mandatory and there is no cost for the              rods placed in his back and
                                                                                 fused to four vertebras in a
uniform. It is imperative students understand they don't need to take physical
                                                                                 surgery lasting seven hours.
education or health classes if they plan on taking two or more years of          After his second surgery Tauzin
JROTC.                                                                           awoke to blindness in his right
      If a student is considering the Armed Forces upon                          eye and numbness in his hands,
graduation, JROTC will benefit them through higher rank or                       which led to another surgery.
                                                                                         "My back still hurts,"
advancement. Students can join activities such as the Rifle Team,
                                                                                 Tauzin said. "However, I was
Color Guard, Drill Team, or the Cadet Challenge team and with two                ready to return to work because
consecutive years of membership-may earn a letterman's jacket.                   I was so bored. I missed
        Students should contact Lt. Col. Michael W. Stewart for details.         teaching more than I thought I
                                                                                 would. It is good to be back."

                                                                                  A t left: The six writers
                                                                                  and editors of the 2010-11
                                                                                  Broadmoor Blade student
                                                                                  newspaper: Salam
                                                                                  Abdelgnani, Calvin Allen,
                                                                                  Lauren Johnson, Angus
                                                                                  Mastin, Meagan Simon,
                                                                                  and Kayla Thomas. This
                                                                                  group is responsible for
                                                                                  much of the writing in the
                                                                                  three issues printed for the
                                                                                  student body as well as the
                                                                                  parental newsletter, the
Getting acquainted with Broadmoor 

Name       Hometown                          High school           Educational             Subjects
                                             Attended              background              teaching

April      Mandeville, La.                   Fontainebleau H.S.      LSU                   Civics

Michael    DeCatur, Ill.                                             SLU or                Geography
Lee                                                                Southeastern La.
                                                                   Univ. in Hammond

Howard     Port Allen, La.                   Port Allen H.S.       Served in U .S. Army;   Teacher's Aid
                                      ',.                            counselor and


                            I, ~· 

                           ~. \ . 

Joshua     Houston         nv'               Klein Forest H.S.     Morehouse College        Physical

Grant      Denham                            Denham Springs H.S.   Southeastern La.          Band
Hall       Springs                                                    University             director

                                                                    s. L. U.
Dr.        Oak Grove, La.                    Broadmoor H.S.        Earned bachelor's       Choir director
Brenda                                                              degree through
Walker                                                              doctorate at LSU
  High School's faculty and staff 

  Years      Pet                CD                Favorite                Hobby            Interesting
  teaching   peeves             In car            sports/team                              fact

 2           "Laziness,
                                                     Gymnastics           "Shopping,
                                                                          watching TV
                                                                                           "I can do a back

             & littering"                                                  & more
                                                                          shopping "


 10          "I hate tattoos" 1970s music         New Orleans Saints
                                                   & Chicago Cubs
                                                                          Hunting          "I have killed five
                                                                                           10-point bucks (deer)
                                                                                                in my life"

12           "Can't get in
             bed without
                             SOlll singer,
                                                  New Orleans Hornets
                                                   & Boston Celtics
                                                                                           "I was on the high
                                                                                           school dance team
             covers being                                                                  & took paramedical
             fixed properly"
                                                     ~~                                    training"


  1          "The clicking
             or tapping of
                                 J. Cole's
                                "Friday Night
                                                  Texas Longhorns &
                                                   Houston Texans
                                                                          writing, &
                                                                                           "My car is named
                                                                                           'Tina' after Tina
             pens"                Lights "                                XBOXLive             Turner"

             "Getting passed      "1 don '( use        LSU &              Cooking          "I do all the cooking
  6            in traffic for    CD's anymore.        N.O. Saints                              at my house"
                driving the      Only an iPod"
                speed limit"

"Dol            Dress code Taylor Swift;              LSU sports; NO      Relld & travel   "I used to be in a rock
have            violations; "lots of choir tllpes"
                 refusal of
                                                       Hornets and Saints                     band with Randy
                                                                                           Jackson of' American
              students to say                                                                       Idol'"
to say?"     Pledge of Allegiance

   Broadmoor High School faculty offers advice for
        seniors in their life after high school
Sarah Edwards-English
"My advice for college bound seniors would be to:
1. Schedule classes early, 2. Check Facebook for textbook exchange b efore you pay bookstore prices, and 3. Join
something, be it SGA, sports, sororitieslfraternities, anything you can to get involved. Advice for seniors moving on
to the real world: Don't strive for m ediocrity. Settle for nothing less than ex cellence."

Susan Brewer-home economics
1f5tay focused on your goals and never give up. With hard work, discipline and perseverance you will succeed.
Remember your success will not be measured by the amount of money you earn, but by the person you become . The
true sign of success will be judged by your character and how you treat others.1f

Larry Grayson-social studies

1. You're never too old to learn.
2. Remember to stop and smell the roses.
3. Life is a journey, not a destination.
"As you look upon a new path of life, try to remember the lessons you have learned on your way.

                                                                                    .. ,        ".' ,...

4. Believ: in.yours~lf. Sometimes yo~'11 be the ~nly one.                                         \ \
5. Anything IS possible, you must believe to achieve.                                      '"       . ..
6. Step-up and help someone (it might be you one day)."

Janet Burleigh-English
"As graduation approaches, my students typically see a part of their lives coming to an end. It is an end to one part of your life,
but also the beginning of something new - another, greater part of your life . As Shakespeare said, 'The world's mine oyster.' The
world is your oyster - make of it what you will. Go out and find the pearl that lies within you. Remember, you have everythi ng you
need in order to be successful right inside of you - motivation and desire . It is up to you to make the most of the gifts you have.
Learn to use your gifts wisely and to create your own success. Don't rely on others to bring success to you . You must go out and
get it for yourself. Think how much better you feel when you accomplish something on your own. That is a feeling you should
keep with you throughout your journey in life."

Lauren Van Zandt-English III
"Remember your high school years fondly, but know that you can do so much more! Don't be a person who 'peaks ' in high
school. We are here to prepare you for bigger and better things in the world. Make sure your education does not stop at
Broadmoor; be that college, junior college, technical school, beauty school, culinary school, etc. Never stop learning and trying
to better yourself! Most importantly, be someone that you're proud of. Good Luck!"

Daniel Cox-physics
"Always strive to become a better version of yourself. Keep learning new things and expanding your mind. You won't
regret it."

Grant Hall-band director
"Life in the real world is not about winning or lOSing. To me, it is facing each day and doing the best you can every day with what
you have. Make it work and make it happen every day."
   Editorial-Some school systems dealing aggressively with 

    poor student behavior; taking student's driver's licenses 

                                                     Angus Mastin
          For some students, skipping school is no big deal. They just do not show-up for school because the weather is
good or they want to "chill" with some friends or simply because they want to sleep-in. This is a common problem
across the nation, but one school system in Louisiana has gotten very aggressive by threatening to take students drivers
licenses for certain serious offenses.

       In Lafayette, La, 14 students have already had their driving privileges removed this
year due to school suspensions and expulsions related to drugs after the school system enacted
a policy in fall 2010.

          Other school systems have also gotten very aggressive towards poor student behavior.
          Students in Georgia have been given a new form of motivation to go to school. The State of Georgia has
enacted laws requiring schools to report truancy (missing too many days of school) to the Depaltment of Motor Vehicles
(DMV). The DMV will then suspend the drivers' license of the truant student. Georgia believes if students are not
attending schools they are more likely to commit crimes.
          West Virginia enacted a similar policy in 1988. Sixteen other states have enacted similar laws such as students
having to maintain a certain grade point average to keep their drivers license.
          Would student truancy go down because of such a rule in East Baton Rouge? Would students even care?
Many of my friends skip school on a regular basis simply because they have something else to do. A rule like this would
affect the majority of them in a very bad way. Many students depend on their driving privileges for everything, including
part-time jobs. These state rules could possibly increase attendance simply because of the fear of not being able to drive.

       Is fear the way some school systems want to motivate students? Some would say that
the two should never be related. I think that driving and learning should only mix in the
driver's education classroom. Do schools have the right to interfere with a student's driving

         Surprisingly this law is already in Louisiana's constitution, but is not enforced. Principals are required to notify
the Department of Public Safety and Corrections whenever any student between the ages of 14 and 18 is suspended or
expelled for more than 10 consecutive school days, or if assigned to an alternative educational setting for 10 or more
consecutive school days. In such cases, the student'S driver's license shall be suspended for one year.
         I don't think this law would work in East Baton Rouge Parish simply because many people do not find it
necessary to have a driver'S license to drive. It is hard to enforce a law that no one cares about and even harder to
discipline somebody who doesn't care. Would students even pay attention to sllch a Jaw? I don't think so.

   Campus                    U.S.A-Unusual school news from around the nation
                                           By Lauren Jolinson and Meagan Simoll
         *At North Mesquite High School in Dallas, a 17-year-old student was charged $637 in penalties for cursing in class.
School policy fines students for disruptive classroom behavior. Students are able to tell their side of the story in Dallas City
Court, but failure to show can cost students an additional $100, an additional $50 for the arrest warrant, and $157 more for
the collection fee .
         *Michigan's Plymouth-Canton Community School banned male students of the Sikh religion from bringing
daggers (small knife) to school. The Sikh dagger is 3 to 5-inches long and represents one's commitment to fighting evil after
being baptized. The Michigan school board banned the religious dagger because of parental concerns and rules against
weapons on school property.
         '" A Desoto County High School (Florida) basketball player was suspended for physically assaulting a referee after a
technical foul. Senior Mason Holland pushed the referee once before tackling him to the floor in a December 2010 game.
The game was suspended, the opposing team won by forfeit and Holland's head coach said, "He'll never play again ."
         "'Two Stone Mountain, Ga., teenagers skipped school and another student was checked out by his mother before
robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in late January . After robbing the bank, the four-including the mom-led police on a high-speed
chase and were later captured and charged with armed robbery.
         *Even though she admitted she did not study, a seventh-grade student at Missouri's Blue Springs Freshman
Center scored a 32 on the ACT in fall. The highest one can score is a 36.
The hopes and dreams of Broadmoor seniors 

83 seniors were asked to comment on their hopes and dreams following high school
Matthew Willis- plans to attend LSU and major in engineering. 

What will you miss about high school : "Childish memories. " 

Dyneisha Washington- plans to attend Northwestern State University (NSU) or Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) and major in 


Miss : "/'1/ miss the sports / played, cheering, dancing, and softball. .. 

Salam AlJdelghani- plans to attend LSU and major in psychology or i1rchitecture. 

Advice: "Good beller best, never take a rest, ' ti/l your good is belfer and your beller is your best. Always lis/en to your teachers advice, they
are /IIore experienced and can help YOll s/lcceed. " 

Diamanisha Garner-wants to enlist in the Navy and attend Virginia Community College hoping to become a medical assistant. 

Advice to underclassmen: "Make slIre you pass all ofYOllr classes before your senior year so you won't have any problems tryillg /0 gradual
with your class . .. 

Kim Morgan- plans to attend Loui siana Tech University and major in dra1ting and design . 

Advice: "Do all ofYOllr work, study, and have fun. .. 

Jonua Clark- plans to attend University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) and major in biology or business administration. She's also earned z
scholarship to Loyola University in New Orleans. 

Courtney Waldis - plans to attend Baton Rouge Community Collegc (ORCC). 

Advice: "Do YOllr best and achieve great things. " 

Chelsea Chevies- plans to attend Southern University and major in criminal justice. 

Advice: "Nothing in this world comes easy. Do your best alld it will pay offin the end. "                                      1~
Lauren Johnson was accepted to Southern University and plans to major in broadcast journalism.                                             ~I
Miss: "EvelY thing, especially participating in extra-curricular activities and leachers who pushed me 10 higher levels. "       . ( . sill}
Advice: "Enjoy high school, bUI remember this is a lime in YOllr life when YOllfind Ollt who )'OU are as a person. "
Erin Wright- plans to attend LSU and major in political science.
Miss: "/ will definitely miss some really amazing leachers, the FFA, and band members."

Keith Lamotte- plans to attend lIT Technical Institute.
Miss: "I wiJI miss the innocence of most students here who have yet to witness real life, "
Advice: "Don't let others dictate your choices. Stay true to your hopes and dreams."

Trevonya Veal- plans to attend Grambling State University and major in biology.
Miss: "/ am going to miss Ihe relationships} 've developed here over the past fOllr years and the football and basketball Friday nights. .. 

JareJle Hayes- plans to attend Savannah University in Georgia and major in art and design . 

Advice: "Handle yO/lr bZlsiness in the classroom and then you can do what you want to do. " 

Maria Jones- plans to attend BRCC then transfer to New York University and major in nursing. 

Advice: "Do al/ ofyour work and pass YOllr classes because faillire will end ZIp plilling you in a game ofcatch liP. " 

Emmanuel Kegler will attend ORCC and major in English . 

Cou rtney J. Moore- plans to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) and major in public relations.           Tyler Lax-plans         

Mathew Anderson- plans to attend a trade school and study automotives. 
                                                to attend SLU
Jeffry A. Tabladll- plans to attcnd BRCC and major in constnlction managcmeill.
Miss: ''I'll miss playing soccer and getting yelled at by Coach GliidlY. .. 
                                           and major in
Shanel Weatherspoon- plans to attend Howard University in Washington D.C and major in finance.                          history. 

Advice: "Take high school seriously. it can only help you in your futl/re . ..                                          Advice: "These 

Jontrell Hamilton- plan s to attend Louisiana Technical College. 
                                                      are some ofthe
Miss: "/ will miss watching all the crazy things Ihat go on "
                                                                                                                       greatest years of
Jesse Frllzier- was accepted to LSU.
Advice: "Do your work and Slay f O   CI/sed. " 
                                                                       your life. Take
Courtncy Moorc- plans to attend ULL and major in public relations.                                                      advantage of 

Advice: "Stay focZlsed and don 't get caught up in the nonsense, like fighting. "                                      them. " 

Bobby Nguyen- plans to attend LSU and major in astronomy or biology_ 

Advice: "Try new things. New experiences are priceless. You may think it is weird at first, but the most 

important thing to ask yourself is, do you love it?" 

Daniel Curry- plans to enlist in the Navy and attend NSU. 

Miss: "} will miss my friends and leachers that helped me along the way. " 

Advice: "Do the right thing to keep you off the wrong path .. 

Aundria London- plans to attend Our Lady of the Lake College. 

                                                                                   Cullen Barnes-will attend the
                                                                                   University of New Orleans.
                                                                                   Advice: "Get as active in high school
                                                                                   as you can and enjoy it as much as
                                                                                   possible. "
                                                                                                           Brittan Walker-plans
                                                                                                            to attend Southern
Kierra Joseph- plans to become a massage therapist.
Miss: "The free Jood and friendly environment. " 
                                                          University and go to
Advice: "Achieve and believe. "                                                                             pharmacy school. 

Latrilvis Newell plans to enlist in the Navy.                                                              Miss: "] will miss my 

Remi Hill- will attend Grambling State University and major in mass communications. 
                      whole senior class and
Aaron McNeal- will enlist in the Navy.
Miss: "I'll miss my friends and power-lifting. " 

                                                                                                           just the pOint of being in
Lenard Nicholas- will allend Grambling State University and major in chemical engineering.                  high school. ] got to 

Advice: "Stay Jocused, don't give up,and always give thanks to the Lord. "                                 know a lot ofpeople 

Andrew Nguyen-plan s to allcnd LSU. 
                                                                      better and how our
Doris Stewart- plans to attend Louisiana Tech University.
                                                                                                           relationships will
Advice: "Keep yOl/r head in the buoks and stay Jocl/sed. "
Brittany Boatner -plans to allend Southern University and major ill behavioral science. 
                  continue after
Advice: '''joke freshmen throughjl/nior year seriously. "                                                  graduation. ] am going 

Nhu Vu- plans to attend LSU and major in chemistry,                                                        to miss Coach Grayson, 

Leonard Jackson- plans to enlist into the Air Force. 
                                                     Ms. Anderson and
Parth Patel- plans to allend BRCC, then transfer to LSU and major in computer science.
MMtaew Amar -plans to attend LSU and major in computers.
                                                                                                           Burleigh, Ms. Brewer
Advice: "Listening does wonders. .. 
                                                                      and Coach Walls. "
James Spears- plans to attend Southern University and major in mechanical engineering. 

Teryln Carter- plans to at1end Southeastern Louisiana University and major in education . 

 Miss: My Jriends. Ms. Baggett. and Ms. Vanzandt 

Advice: "Finis h strong. Take advice from people who have been there beJore. You mllst give respect to get respect." 

Rodney Williams- plans to attend ULL and major in electrical engineering. 

Leonard Allen Ill- plans to attend Southern University and major in engineering. 

Miss: "Coach (Rusty) Price andJootball. " 

Tynisha Hayes- plans to attend a junior college and later enlist in the Army. 

Advice: "Make sure you are at the top of your game in school. If you don't, you will fall short. 

Before you know it will be your senior year and it will zoom by, trust me. Enjoy high school.                                         11 

 Eugene Wilson- plans to attend Auto Diesel College and enlist in the Navy. 

 Miss: "I will miss all oJmy teachers and classmates. And don 'tlet anyone lell YOIl (0 give lip on YOllr dreams. Anything Can be accomplished 

just takes effort. " 

 Darius Bil/y- plans to attend SLU or Grambling, 

Miss: "\ will miss my teachers and playing basketball. Enjoy high school. Don't be in a rush to finish because you will miss it." 

Tanequa ColemaJl- plans to attcnd Southern University or enroll in cosmetology school. 

 Advice: "Stay Jocused. It will take you a long way. "

Darren Turner- plans to attend SLU and major in sports medicine. 

Miss: "Teacher's who have helped me along the way." 

Advice: "Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do." 

                                                                                                                     Nayyir Ransome­
Mary Washington- plans to attend UNO and major in biology.                                                            plans to attend LSU
Miss: "The teachers who got me where I am today. ..                                                                   and major ill
Advice: "Keep your head up and don't get stressed about things that have nothing to do with school. "                 creative writing.
Nicole Gaines- plans to attend Southern University and major in nursing.                                              Miss: ''I'll miss the
Miss : "j will miss the free IlInch along with Coach (ScOII) Mayer and Ms. Anderson-Mayer. ..                         routine having
Leon Williams- plans to attend Southern University and major in engi neering,
                                                                                                                      something to do and
Miss: "I will miss the Fridny night games, Illy classes, and teachers. "
                                                                                                                      somewhere to Go. "
Leydis Figueredo- plans to attend SLU.
Miss: "Knowing a lot oJpeople. " 
                                                                                    Advice: "My advice
Advice: "Don't slack your senior year because a p erJectly good thing can disappear. "                              . to underclassmen 

McKayla Harris- plans to attend Southern University and major in primary education.                                   would be; enjoy every
Advice: "Focus on school and realize there is a life after high school. Try to live jllst Jar the moment . ..         minute you spend in
Rachel Starling- plans to attend Southern University,                                                                 high schoo!. It goes
Advice: "Never give lip nu mOiler how ugly things may look at times. "                                                by faster than you
Phu Thuang- plans to BRCC and become a fireman.                                                                       think"
Kara Hamilton- plans to NSU and major in criminal justice. 

Miss: ''I'll miss my best friend. Jasmine ; because without her I don 'tthink I would have gOllen through hard times. " 

  Jasmine Hines- plans to attend SLU and major in biology. 

  Miss: "/'1/ miss the teachers that care that Broadmoor provides for us." 

  Advice: "Go to school everyday and stay clear of the drama!" 

Abbey Belmorris- plans to enlist in the Navy, and attend the University of Phoenix and major in surgical 


Adv ice: "Don't underestimate yourself one bit." 

                                                                                           Aaron McNeal- plans
Nyiesha Ridley- plans to attend a technical college and major in cosmetology.              to enlist in the Navy
Ashalee Ward- plans to attend Louisiana Technical College and become a cook.               and later attend ULL
Advice: "Never give up no mailer how rocky the road is. "                                  and       major       in
Monique Francis- plans to attend SLU and major in neonatal nursing or mass communications. psychology.
Kirsten Jackson- plans to attend SLU and major in nursing or go to pharmacy school.        Advice: "Smile and
Advice: "Don't get caught up in the drama. It's not worth it. "
                                                                                           nod, Express yourself
Ashely Carr- plans to attend BRCC.
                                                                                           the best way possible.
Asia Smith- plans to attend ULL and major in computer science.
Kyra Washington- plans to attend Southern University and major in nursing.                 Keep    your    friends
Espranada J'nae Howard- plans to attend ULL or NSU and major in nursing or architecture.   close."
Advice: "Strive to be befler. Strive to achieve your goals, because high school is what YOIl make it. "
Kristen Daigle- plans to attend Louisiana Technical College.
Advice: "No mailer what, keep your head in the books"
Tevin Paul- is undecided. 

Miss: "/ will definitely miss all the opportunities, seeing al/ Illy friends in one place, and going to choir class. " 

Advice: "Do the best you can, know your priorities and balance them. "
Alisha Jariett- plans to attend Our Lady of the Lake and major in nursing.
Miss: "/ will miss class, mostly because al/ ofthem were fun and enjoyable. "

 Jonathan Alexander- plans to attend ULL. 

 Miss: "I will miss football, mainly my senior year's 5-5 season. I will miss Mr. Hargroder, Ms. Baggett, Ms. Van dzan t, 

 Coach Smith, Coach Bland, Coach Grayson and Coach Caputa. All of which realized that I'm blessed and can 

 accomplish great things in my near future."      .                                   .              ,                      "

 Advice: "Life ;s never what it seems. Though thIngs may seem bad, the good commg soon can shIne a path of greatness. 

 Jade Brown - plans to enlist in the Army Reserve and attend Southern University to major in music.
 Kishira Benton- plans to attend Grambling State University and major in criminal justice.
                                                                                                                   Adonica Reed- plans
 Miss: ''I'I/ miss my teachers andfriends and thefee/ing ofbeing in high school."
                                                                                                                   to attend SLU and
 Jeremy Smith- plans to attend BRCC and major in process technology.
 June rsadore- plans to attend ULL and major in exercise science or sports medicine.                               major in kinesiology.
 Miss: "/ wil/just miss being with all my friends."                                                                Miss: "It's going to be
 Mollie Olinde- plans to attend I3RCC and become a speech therapist.                                               really sad to graduate
 Miss: "/ will miss my teachers, and / will probably miss being a teenager. "                                      with     people     I've
 Jolanda Simmons- plans to attend the University of Phoenix and become a clinical psychologist.                    known             since
 Miss: "I will miss a lot ofmy good friends and wonderful teachers. "                                              elementary school. "
 George Neely- plans to attend Southern University and majoring mechanical englneering.
 Miss: "I will miss my friencf; teammates/and teachers."

       49 freshmen honored for making successful transition to high school
             Forty-nine Broadmoor High School freshmen were honored for making a successful transition from
    middle school in a ceremony held in the cafeteria March 10. These students maintained a 3.0 GPA for the
    fourth six-week grading period, according to Freshman Academy advisor Scott Mayer, who said the success is
    largely due to teachers who "work hard to teach this group what is and isn't acceptable behavior."
             Mayer said he tries to recruit the best students he can to Broadmoor from the middle schools and
    tells them "a good student will be a good student no matter which school they attend."

             2011-12 school calendar released; offers relief
          The official 2011-12 school calendar was released by the East Baton Rouge Parish school system in late February
 and appears to offer relief to students and faculty compared to this year's version.
          The calendar offers the usual breaks for faculty and staff, such as: one day off for Labor Day and five days off for
 Thanksgiving. Students get 12 days off for Christmas while teachers will get 10. Martin Luther King Day is an official
 holiday in January and Spring Break offers another six days off in early April.
          The biggest change for next year includes the addition of "Fall Break", on Monday Oct. 17, and three days off for
 Mardi Gras in late February, instead of the traditional two days off.
          For all concerned, the biggest change is in the return of the half-day exam schedule. For mid-term exams in
 Decem ber and for final exams in May, students will be released on three consecutive days at 11 :30 a.m. following
 completion of exams, a return to normalcy that was discontinued this year.
          Teachers begin school Aug. 8, and students will begin classes Aug. 10. The school year will conclude May 23, 2012,
 for students and May 24, for teachers.

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