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									  Digi Traffic Generator bonuses and reviews
November 15, 2012 By Joseph Mai
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   Now you too can use the revolutionary software that drives a FLOOD of FREE
                       TARGETED TRAFFIC to your blog…

             Software that breaks every backlinking rule in the book…

           And you can unleash your first links in less than 60 minutes’ time

Dear Online Business Owner,

If you have ANY interest in increasing your website traffic by 100%, 200% or even 500%… if
the idea of being able to simply push a button and having your content promoted to HUNDREDS
of high traffic, social and content sites appeals to you, then I suggest you read every word of this

(And yes, I’ll freely admit that this is all about backlinks. And I’ll admit something else, too…
most backlinks are rubbish. That’s because the old ways of building them are just that… old. But
you can STILL use backlinks to gain better rankings and drive THOUSANDS of visitors, in a
way Penguin and Panda love… and I’m going to show you how. I promise reading this letter will
not be a waste of your time.)

But first, there’s one thing you should know:

This page is SECRET and not available to the public… if you’re reading this right now,
you were specially invited

See, this software is going global. We’re selling it to brick-and-mortar businesses from our
business site for high-end prices (there’s a link further down the page if you want to look…)

But if you’re reading this right now, you came through an invite. And that means you’ve got
access to a very special EXCLUSIVE launch offer…

I’m talking about a MASSIVE discount that will keep getting bigger and bigger, AND you can
take home another gift that can be yours regardless of whether or not you use the software.

So what do I know about traffic and backlinking that no-one else does?

Let’s get down to business: my name’s Andy Fletcher, and like you I know that if there’s one
thing any website needs, it’s traffic. More traffic to sign up to your blog, more traffic to generate
cash in your AdSense account, more traffic to buy your products and affiliate deals.
I also know how hard it can be to GET that traffic. Now, after all I’ve been through, I’ve got
myself some pretty hot SEO chops… (you might even be one of the many people who have read
my FAQ on the Warrior Forum:

For over a year, it was the only sticky there. Gotta admit, that made me kinda proud.)

But that knowledge came at a price. A lot of late nights trying to make sense of the jargon…
buying yet another report in the hope it would tell me something new… spending far too much
of my hard-earned cash on over-complicated software that never delivered the results promised.

And the really ironic part?

The time I really started being able to drive traffic was when I IGNORED everything I’d read in
those reports, dumped the useless tools and began to do it MY way.
I developed my own backlinking system, one that works with Penguin and works with Panda,
and I’m going to reveal it to you right here, in this letter.

But before you can learn the RIGHT way, you need to unlearn the LIES…

WARNING: Believing these backlinking myths could be SERIOUSLY DAMAGING your

Backlink myth #1: Backlinks are all about getting link juice

Wrong! You can actually get 3 types of traffic from backlinks… ORGANIC traffic from the
search engines, DIRECT traffic from people clicking your link, and VIRAL traffic from people
sharing it.

That’s why most auto-submitters don’t deliver. They build links on sites with no standing traffic,
so while you MIGHT get a bit of link juice, you get nothing direct and nothing viral. And that
means you’re missing out on a BIG chunk of the pie.

Backlink myth #2: If you get more backlinks than everyone else, you win… just keep getting more

Let’s be clear, the more backlinks you get, the better. Ideally, you want a few hundred for every
page. But it’s not just about the numbers… you also need VARIETY. Google likes to see sites
with a natural footprint, and let’s face it, a site with backlinks from 300 blog comments and
nothing else doesn’t look very natural, does it?

2-3 site types will give you all the variety you need for an SEO boost. You can get more if you
want to pay for them, but they won’t add much extra firepower.

And the biggest myth of the lot…

Backlink myth #3: Backlinking doesn’t work post-Penguin

DEFINITELY wrong. Backlinking works. But like I said above, to get the best effect you’ve got
to be building them in the right way.

Here’s the thing:

Google is all about promoting good content. That’s what they’re trying to do EVERY time the
algorithm changes. Get more good content on page 1.

So if your backlink strategy is going to work, it’s got to focus exclusively on sites DESIGNED to
promote and share good content.

That way, you’re not using some black-hat tactic that’s trying to fly under Google’s radar…
you’re using the best possible way to get high rankings and high traffic: giving Google
EXACTLY what Google wants. Any backlink not built on these sites is LOSING YOU
TRAFFIC, pure and simple.
In fact, all you need to do is follow these steps (just like I did):

       FIND sites that encourage promotion and sharing of good content…
       EVALUATE them to find the best for organic ranking, direct traffic and viral shares…
       POST your links to get more organic, direct and viral visitors… and because these
        visitors are coming through content you’ve shared, they are TARGETED and PRIMED
        to buy your stuff!

So what sites should you be targeting?

Well, now we know what to look for, it’s actually pretty easy to discover which backlinks are
worth having:

Put like this, it’s pretty easy to see what ones tick all the boxes, isn’t it?

I used to spend ages building links on social bookmarking and article sites… spinning my
content, spreading it around and, yes, I got traffic. It actually worked pretty well… but I was
spending HOURS doing it every day.

I tried outsourcing, but I couldn’t trust someone on the other side of the world to stick to my
plan… they just built links they same way they always had. In fact, I think I was spending more
time finding, training and checking outsourcers than I was building the links myself.

And I tried software, but I couldn’t find any that did it my way… every package wasted effort
building worthless links and I was paying for the privilege.

But what I really LIKED about the software was the ability to push a button and have the job just
DONE. So I decided it was time to set my own crack team of developers on the case…

                            Introducing… Digi Traffic Generator
                             And now, I can reveal software that will:

      Devote itself 100% to building backlinks on HIGH-VALUE, HIGH-TRAFFIC sites
      Deliver backlink VARIETY for a natural footprint
      Be so simple to use even a 5-year-old can drive traffic (so your VA will have no
      Be super-affordable for EVERYONE… not just people who are already ranked #1 for the
       best keywords in their niche

With Digi Traffic Generator you can:

      Build HUNDREDS of social backlinks at the push of a button: Because we didn’t waste
       time trying to get backlinks that don’t matter, you’ve got the power to build TONS of the
       ones that do. Digi Traffic Generator comes armed with a database of HUNDREDS of
       high-traffic social bookmark sites… all ready to send the social signals you need for a
       MASSIVE boost in traffic.
      Support your social links with DOZENS of content links: To give you backlink variety
       and authority, Digi Traffic Generator also comes armed with a database of dozens of
       article directories, specially selected to drive organic, direct and viral traffic.
      Create UNLIMITED backlinks: There’s absolutely no limit on the number of backlinks
       you can build. Blast as many URLs as you need to get and keep the #1 spot
      Get the backlink variety you need for ultimate ranking power: by focusing on the 2 best
       site types for driving traffic, you can get a totally natural site footprint from just one tool
      Command an army of traffic to any URL you choose: because Digi Traffic Generator
       only targets high-traffic sites, you get the maximum traffic possible from every backlink
      Stay 100% Penguin-friendly: this backlinking strategy is based on EXACTLY what
       Google wants to see, so you’re all but guaranteed top rankings and top traffic
      Spend your evenings doing something more fun than SEO: account sign-up and posting
       is fully automated… you push the button, and the software swings into action to do all
       the grunt work for you
      Run the whole show from your desktop: the software is a simple Windows desktop app
       that you’ll download and install on your own PC, so you’re never relying on web-server
       requests and can target ANY website you choose

We’ve made Digi Traffic Generator one-button simple

This is one of my biggest beefs with most link-building software…

They’re so packed full of unnecessary buttons, switches and dials that they take an age just to
learn how to use. You don’t want to spend ages reading a manual… you want to start driving

That’s why I made sure Digi Traffic Generator was different.

It’s got one box for your URL, one box for your title, one box for your text.

And one button that says ‘POST’.

But just because it’s designed to be simple, don’t think we’ve scrimped on the details…

Here’s a few of the advanced ‘heavy firepower’ features hidden under the hood:
       Spin-and-submit for unique content every time: the advanced character recognition
        system automatically reads spin tags in your content and title, then generates a NEW
        random version for EVERY submission
       Drive traffic to several sites with one blast: just get the list of URLs you want to target
        and add a few spin tags… Digi Traffic Generator will build a random distribution of
        backlinks for a wide-ranging traffic web
       Captchas broken on autopilot: direct integration with your favorite captcha-breaking
        service lets you breeze pasts security like Brad Pitt at a nightclub, saving hours of your
        time(but if you’d rather solve them manually, that’s no problem… the captchas will be
        shown in DTG’s editor, so you can solve them direct from the software)
       Advanced human-mimic technology: the software automatically randomizes time-
        intervals when posting, giving you maximum usage of every account
       ‘Silent running’ proxy mode for effective mass-posting: easy proxy integration lets you
        plug in any proxies you usually use (an essential component for anyone planning on
        creating multiple accounts)
       Campaign reporting keeps the software 100% accountable to YOU: as soon as your
        posting is done, the software prepares a report to show you all your new backlinks so you
        have cast-iron PROOF of success

       You can be building links with Digi Traffic Generator in less than 60 minutes…

Yes, it won’t even take an hour to get all your accounts ready and have your first batch of links
unleashed. (And you’re only going to need to be there for 5 minutes! The software is almost
completely independent.)

Here’s the whole process:

   1. Download your copy of Digi Traffic Generator
   2. Unzip and double-click the ‘install’ icon. The app will automatically set itself up on your
   3. Choose some content and a URL to promote
   4. Fill in the boxes in the easy editor window, and click GO
   5. Crack open a beer while the software sets to work

And that’s it! You don’t need to do any more. In fact, you don’t even need to be at your PC…
you can go have fun while the software takes the strain.

And while you’re sitting with your feet up, Digi Traffic Generator deploys its whole arsenal of
traffic-grabbing firepower to send wave after wave of unique, targeted views to your site:

       Digi Deploy: As soon as you give the command, Digi Traffic Generator activates your
        personal account on hundreds of posting sites
       Digi Create: If you don’t have accounts yet, you can get Digi Traffic Generator to create
        them with one click. The software will do everything for you, right down to automatically
        clicking the e-mail confirmation.
      Digi Spin: Your content is scanned for spin tags and a random version is generated for
       every site, tailored to your specifications
      Digi Connect: Content prepared, Digi Traffic Generator wires itself in to your favorite
       captcha-breaking service for rapid-fire solving
      Digi Match: Every site’s category list is automatically scanned to find the closest match
       to your in-software selection
      Digi Link: Your content is automatically posted to every site in the database, and your
       site is targeted by HUNDREDS of new backlinks, driving organic, direct AND viral
      Digi Intelligence: The software automatically outputs a URL list of all successful
       postings, so you’ve got a full report of your backlinking campaign

As I hope I’ve been able to make clear, this is a piece of premium software. Just because we’re
trying to make a tool that’s affordable for everyone, that’s no excuse to skimp on essential

You’ll be getting REAL results, backed by a REAL software company

Because these essentials go beyond the software. By investing in a DigiResults product, you’re
also investing in:

      Support you can always rely on: We’re a real company, with real employees. When we
       say we’re in this for the long haul, we mean it. And that means if you ever need to get in
       touch, we’ll always be here. You’ll get a response within 1 business day. The line is
       never going dead.
      Rockstar programming delivered to the highest standards: Absolutely NONE of the code
       was outsourced… it was all written in-house to top quality standards
      Software built to LAST: The site list is constantly monitored so new high-value sites can
       go in and any that stop meeting our standards come out. And you’ll have updates at zero
       effort… just open the app and any new version will be automatically downloaded and

And you might remember I promised you an extra gift…

                        ADMIT ONE: Digi Internet Masterplan
                              Web Conference 2012

The Digi Internet Masterplan is a brand new online event running through November and
December… and you’ll have a VIP pass.
                                    We’ve pulled together the BEST online speakers with the
BIGGEST marketing success stories and the MOST POWERFUL training…

And they’re going to be delivering the same kick-ass training that people pay hundreds to hear in
seminar venues all over the world. You’ll be let in on some of their most closely guarded
secrets… all from the comfort of your home computer.

Once this launch offer is over, we’ll be selling tickets to EACH event for $47 a piece…

But with your trial of Digi Traffic Generator, you get PRIORITY ACCESS for FREE.

(And there’s no commitment here either… if you try out the software and decide it’s not for you,
you’ve still got a FREE place reserved on every one of these training courses.)

Here’s the full schedule:

22nd November: Peter Garety presents Instant Traffic, Social Buzz and Authority

This exclusive presentation shows you how to take your traffic generation and put it on
STEROIDS. Peter will reveal the free traffic strategies, Facebook and Twitter ‘sneak assault’
tactics and ninja ranking strategies that made him an IM superstar.

29th November: Shane Melaugh presents Keyword Research Done Right… And Where
You’re Going Wrong

With SE Cockpit, Shane developed possibly the most popular and definitely the best keyword
research tool on the market. But why does SE Cockpit work so much better than the
competition? Because Shane knows all the usual keyword research methods just don’t work. In
this session, he’s going to explain how keyword research REALLY works, and how you can find
the gold mines everyone else has missed.

6th December: HEADLINE EVENT: The $1.4 million White-Hat SEO secret

It’s not sniper sites. It’s not authority sites. But it’s got all the best bits of both. It’s allowed 2
hush-hush underground marketers to go from $0 to over $100,000 per month… and they’re
going to show you everything you need to do it too. And the best part? It’s all about free traffic.
13th December: Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos present Social and Software

Jason and Wil should need no introduction… they’ve done $1,000,000+ consistently online for
years. And here, they’ll reveal how they’ve done it, with elite social media strategies and the best
software tools they use. This is a true insight into a 7-figure business… not to be missed!

Plus more to be announced…

These are LIVE events, so if you’re too late, that’s it. Your chance is gone.

  This is your exclusive offer on Digi Traffic Generator… and I’m going to make it 100%

Our business site offers Digi Traffic Generator for $39.95/month, and we think that’s pretty good
value (after all, the competition is full of bloated $97/month and $147/month packages, and this
is streamlined, efficient and less than half the price… sure sounds like good value to me!)

But on this PRIVATE launch page, I’m going to offer you a deal that’s even better.

By ordering your trial through this page, you can LOCK IN a 50% discount… just
$19.95/month. And you’ll be getting this discount for LIFE.

And not only that…

But your first month will be even cheaper.

                                    Right now, you have the chance to try out this software for
30 days at an over 70% discount, with NO COMMITMENT.

If you try it out and decide it’s not for you, you can cancel your subscription any time in the first
30 days. Not only will we refund your first month’s fee, you also get to keep your free pass to
every event in the Masterplan AND any backlinks you’ve built.

That’s my cast-iron guarantee.

You get the Digi Traffic Generator software AND free access to some six-figure training…
but only if you act now
Just to summarise, this is everything you get when you sign up to Digi Traffic Generator:

      UNLIMITED link building ability
      The power to drive traffic to ANY web page
      Quality technology, coded by someone who you’ll never find on eLance
      Updates and support for life
      Unconditional guarantee: try it out for 30 days and get your whole investment back if it’s
       not for you. After that, you can cancel any time you like and not pay another cent.
      A free VIP pass to every event in the Digi Internet Masterplan

But this exclusive offer is only available until 20th November!

If you’re chomping at the bit to get your copy downloaded and hundreds of backlinks built to
your sites, don’t worry… I’m not going to put it off any longer

Just click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below now:

                               (This is Windows only software.)

                          (Rebills for $19.95 monthly after 30 days.)

             Click Add To Cart to get following bonuses:
                        === Bonus From NichesMarket.com ===

 WordPress RSS Poster PRO | A Simple yet Powerful WordPress Autoblog Plugin - Value: $49

                             Video Web Wizard 2.0 - Value: $59.95

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