Rajnikant Website doesnt need Internet

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					Rajnikanth Website doesn’t require internet!!

As you all know about Rajnikanth popular southern region celebrity and his
humor and pj which are popular over internet but today i came across exciting
website allaboutrajni.com which you can access only when your online
connection is off else it show mistake concept. It contain Rajnikanth
humor,stories,facts etc.

     Visit www.allaboutrajni.com
     To discover this website you need to eliminate your online cable or turn off
      your computer wireless switch.
     otherwise you will see below msg.

Let’s See the Secret behind it
What actually happens is that it’s a flash enabled website. And once all the flash content has been
loaded on your web browser there is no further need of internet connection. The content of the website
can be easily viewed offline. Hence this is the secret of the great Rajni ji’s website allaboutrajni.com.

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