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					2   i P hone L i f e B u yers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   3
November/December 2012                                   2012 Holiday Buyers' Guide
Regular Departments                                      A rollicking roundup of over 200 great apps.
6      Editor's Message                                  Best Apps
8      Meet our Writers                                  26 Our Top Five Apps
10     iGallery                                          27 Games
12     iStats, News and Other Tidbits
                                                         29 Photo & Video
14     iPhunnies Caption Contest
96     iView: TouchFire iPad Keyboard                    30 Productivity & Organization
                                                         32 Music
                                                         32 Social Media
iDevice News
                                                         34 Travel
16     Say Hello to iPhone 5
       A breakdown of Apple’s latest announcement,       34 In the Wild
       including the sleek, redesigned iPhone 5.
                                                         35 Entertainment
18     The New iPhone: Should You Buy It?                36 News
       A closer look at the pros and cons of upgrading
       to the iPhone 5.                                  36 Weather
Top Tips                                                 37 Books

22     Top Tips and Tricks                               38 Food & Drink
       10 handy shortcuts for your iPhone and iPad.      38 Arts & Culture
76     Guide to Finding the Best Apps and                39 Business & Finance
       Where to look online for the best apps and ac-    40 Home & Garden
                                                         40 Pets’ Paradise
                                                         41 Sports
                                                         42 Style & Beauty
                                                         42 Shopping & Deals
                                                         43 Party Time
                                                         44 Health & Fitness
                                                         44 Couples’ Corner
             Best iPhone Cases
                of the Year                              45 Education
                    pages 48-49                          46 Get Inspired
                                                         46 Get Creative
                                                         47 Home for the Holidays

4    i P hone L i f e B u yers Guide 2012
                                                                     iLove it, iUse it
                                                                     80   Interview with Sprinter Michael Johnson
                                                                          The famed Olympian discusses his new apps, exercise
                                                                          habits, and more.

                                                                     82   iOS in the Studio
Great Gaming                                                              Two top ballet dancers share how they use their iDe-
    Gear                                                                  vices to connect to audiences.
  pages 70-71                                                        86   MyTunes: Maximize Your Sound
                                                                          A glimpse into the audio-enhancing music player app
                                                                          MyTunes Pro.

 Best Gear
 Over 85 top iPhone and iPad accessories, for
 home, work, or on the road.
 48   Best iPhone Cases of the Year
      These bestselling cases protect your iPhone without fail.

 50   Best Mid-Range iPhone Cases
      Eight great cases that keep your phone secure and in style.
                                                                                                         Cool Holiday
 52   Best iPad Cases                                                                                       Gifts
      A wide selection of protective outerwear for your iPad.
                                                                                                            pages 66-69
 56   Best Bluetooth Keyboards
      When the touch screen doesn’t cut it, connect to one of
      these top keyboards.

 60   Best Speaker Docks
      Dock your iDevice and let the music play.

 62   Best Headphones and Earbuds
      An in-depth review of audio-accessory faves—we’re all ears!

 66   Holiday Gifts for Everyone
      A witty gift guide with fab finds for everyone on your list.

 70   Best Gaming Gear
      Take gaming to the next level with these awesome add-ons.

 72   Road-Ready Gear
      iPhone accessories to make any drive safe and smooth.

                                                                                        iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2     5
       Editor's Message
          The Best of the Best
          The other day I was looking for a specific type of app in the App Store, and I was having the hard-
          est time finding it. You would think that I, of all people, would have no problem finding apps,
          since it’s pretty much what I do on a daily basis. It made me realize just how valuable what we
          do really is. With over 700,000 apps available in the App Store, there’s an app for just about
          everything, but you have to know where to look. When I first got my iPhone, it was exciting
          to explore a brand new world of seemingly never-ending apps. Right off the bat, I set out to
          investigate why those infamous birds were so irate—I downloaded Angry Birds for iPhone and
          iPad, plus a few other “must-have” standards like Pandora, Camera+, and Skype. When I ran
          out of obvious choices, I needed some help discovering new apps. I pored over websites, asked
          friends, and browsed lists of bestselling apps. The whole process took some time, so I wish there
          had been one place that would've guided me to the very best.

          If you don’t want to waste your time (and money), you need a guide that helps you
          sort out the fantastic from the mediocre. That’s where we come in. Our 2012 Holiday
          Buyers’ Guide is laser-focused on showcasing only the best of the best for the entire
          year. We handpicked the best apps and coolest gear, and organized them into nu-
          merous categories. Our goal was to ease the process of finding apps and accesso-
          ries; we don’t want you to have to struggle to find what you need, like I did.

          Creating the Issue
          This is always a fun issue to put together. We get to look through thousands of
          apps and accessories and pick out the very best, knowing that our readers will re-
          fer back to this guide throughout the year. If you have friends that recently bought

                                                                                                                 Alex Cequea
          iPhones or iPads, or if you recently bought one yourself, this is the best issue
          to browse through before customizing your device.

          A word of warning, however: reading this issue from cover to cover may cre-
          ate a sense of expertise that others could find either impressive or annoying,
          depending on the type of friends you have. If they find it impressive, you
          should recommend they get an iPhone Life subscription. If they find it annoy-                                 Editor in Chief
          ing, give some thought to creating a new group of friends (there are plenty of                               iPhone Life magazine
          apps to help you find new friends, just sayin’).                                                   
          More and more people will continue to purchase iPhones and iPads over the holiday season, so we hope this issue will also
          serve as a gift guide. Every one of these products, especially the accessories, makes a fabulous gift.

           Looking Ahead
          We’re always open to your thoughts and ideas, and if there’s something you’d absolutely like to see covered over the next
          few issues, shoot me an email at We have some cool themes lined up for 2013 and beyond. For me,
          it’s always exciting to help you unleash the hidden power of your wonderful iDevice. So what are you waiting for? Read on!                      iPhone Life Mag                 Follow us on Twitter    Like us on Facebook              Get our e-newsletter

Apple news, tips and tricks, best   Now available on Apple Newsstand.         @iphonelife
        apps and more!              Download at

         6      i P hone L i f e B u yers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   7
                                             Meet our Writers
Cornelius Fortune              Daniel W. Rasmus                     Rebecca Santiago                   Mike Wewerka                    Ed Zabrek

 Award-Winning Journalist       Strategist and Industry Analyst     Editor in Chief, The Tufts Daily   Founder of   Obstetrician and mHealth Consultant            
       Article page 72                  Article page 56                     Article page 66               Article page 70                  Article page 86

                                                               iPhone Life Staff
David Averbach                    Nina Benjamin                        Alex Cequea                     Hal Goldstein                  Jim Karpen

    Publisher and CEO                  Associate Editor                    Editor in Chief             Senior Editor, Founder       Online Editor/Columnist              
 Articles pages 18, 62, 80      Articles pages 26-47, 50, 82         Articles pages 22, 26-48             Article page 96         Articles pages 16, 52, 60, 76

      8       i P hone L i f e B u yers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   9
                  iPhone Photography

                                           by Benno Putuhena

                     by Sam Tooker
                                           by Fernando Bello

10                      by Lou Quattrini
     i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                            by Debra E. Hunt
                         by Eric DiBlasi Jr.

by Kim Schoning

by Becca Ludlum         by David Averbach

                     Submit your iPhone
                     photography and get
                   featured in the iGallery!
                     Email your photos to

  by Luis Mira       iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   11
                                                                            The Numbers
        iStats                                                                                      $200
                                                                         According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple will likely
                                                                         reduce the unsubsidized price of an “existing iPhone” down to
                                                                         $200 by September of next year. The 8-gigabyte iPhone 3GS is
                                                                         currently the least expensive unsubsidized iPhone model, coming

          News, Stats,                                                   in at $375. According to Munster, this move will help Apple com-
                                                                         pete in the lower-end smartphone markets, where less expensive

         Tidbits, & more
                                                                         Android-based models reign.

                                                                              15 MINUTES OR LESS

    Office                                                                Delta Airlines, in partnership with airport-based food and beverage
                                                                         operator OTG, enacted a plan to deploy 4,500 iPads to restaurants
                                                                         at three of their airport hubs, in an effort to speed up the food and
                                                                         drink ordering process for travelers. The first phase started in late
                                                                         August with 250 iPads set up at three restaurant locations inside
                                                                         the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The iPads feature
                                 David                                   intuitive visual menus that you can use to order customized meals.
What Tech Gift Are               CEO and Publisher                       Travelers will also be able to check flight statuses and log into
  You Hoping to                  “I want Apple to introduce              social media networks while at the table.

Receive This Year?               third-party apps for the Ap-
                                 ple TV, and a new iMac!”

Marge                            Raph                             Nina                                             Tom
Ad Sales Manager                 Chief Technology Officer          Associate Editor                                 Ad Sales Specialist
“I am hoping my bosses           “A 3D printer, all the way.      “I’d love to find the Logi-                       “I’m hoping for a Thunder-
will upgrade my iPhone           That way I could manufac-        tech S715i Speaker waiting                       bolt drive. I like to do fresh
3GS to the iPhone 5.             ture all of those obnoxious      for me under the Christmas                       OS installs when they are
                                 little screws or plastic parts   tree. It’s gotten rave reviews                   released, and moving GBs
                                 of my gadgets that break so      for its superb sound quality,                    of photos and movies
                                 frequently. ”                    portability, and great price.                    through a traditional USB
                                                                  Santa, are you listening?”                       drive is anything but expedi-
                                                                                                                   ent. It’s all about speed and
                                                                                                                   reliability for me.”
   12   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                 QUICK NEWS
                                                  Don’t Use That Kind of Language Here          PUBLISHER AND CEO
                                                                                                David Averbach •
                                       Back in August, Gizmodo published a
                                                                                                CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER
                                       leaked training manual for their in-store                Raphael Burnes •
                                       Apple Geniuses (specially trained employ-
                                                                                                EDITOR IN CHIEF
                                       ees who man the Genius Bar in every Ap-                  Alex Cequea •
                                       ple Retail Store). The confidential manual                SENIOR EDITOR AND FOUNDER
                                       offers a glimpse into Apple’s unique ap-                 Hal Goldstein •
                                       proach to customer service. Among the                    ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                                       many interesting revelations was a list of               Nina Benjamin •
                                       “banned” and “preferred” words for Ge-
                                                                                                CONTRIBUTING EDITORS & WRITERS See page 8
niuses to follow when describing a particular problem. Geniuses are encouraged                  ART DIRECTOR
to use the phrase “does not respond” instead of “crash, and they are told to                    Jaime Thatcher •
avoid calling a product “incompatible“; instead they should say it “does not work               COVER DESIGN
with” a particular program or accessory. A recent poll conducted by NPD Group                   George Foster •
found that almost 60 percent of Apple customers are more likely to purchase                     ADVERTISING SALES COORDINATOR
another product from Apple following an interaction with their technical support.               Marge Enright •
                                                                                                ADVERTISING SALES SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                Janet Joyce •
                                         Dude, Where’s My iPhone?                               Tom Moccia •
                                                                                                MARKETING INTERN
                                         Using iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature, police in       Chris Younger •
                                         San Francisco tracked down two robbers who’d           CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUBSCRIPTIONS
                                         just stolen an iPhone from an individual in Ocean      For address changes or subscription questions, visit
                                                                                                erservice, email, or call 847-763-4940.
                                         View. The conflict led to a chase through a nearby
                                         church and elementary school, where police were        CONTRIBUTE
                                                                                                To write for iPhone Life magazine or, visit
                                         able to apprehend additional suspects hiding in a
                                         car, along with other allegedly stolen smartphones.    To advertise in iPhone Life, call 641-472-9962, fax 641-472-1879, or visit www.
                                         Apple’s Find My iPhone feature has led to the re-
                                         covery of many stolen iPhones and iPads, but the       PUBLICIZE YOUR PRODUCT
                                                                                                Send press releases, join our vendor network, and submit products for review at
                                         feature isn’t foolproof—if you turn the iPhone off,
                                         you can’t track it through GPS.                        PRINTER
                                                                                                Quad Graphics, 1700 James Savage Rd., Midland, MI 48640 USA 800-448-4288
                                                                                                NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTION
                                                                                                Curtis Circulation Company, 760 River Rd., New Milford, NJ 07646 USA 201-634-7400
                                                                                                NEWSSTAND COORDINATOR
                                                                                                Carl Kopf & Associates 203-944-9466

                       When Parents Text                                                        iPhone Life (ISSN 1949-2014) is published bi-monthly, 6 times a year, Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/
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    MOM: How’s the new digs?                                                                    issue. Executive, Editorial, Circulation, Advertising, Marketing Offices: 402 North B St. #108,
    ME: Mom…digs? What does that even MEAN?                                                     Fairfield, IA 52556. Telephone: 641-472-6330, Fax: 641-472-1879.
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    MOM: How’s your new house?                                                                  be reproduced without written permission. Reasonable efforts are made to provide ac-
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    MOM: What, is that ANOTHER thing that no one says anymore?????                              decisions; the Publisher and Editorial Staff cannot assume any responsibility or liability for
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    MOM: Hi
    ME: Hello! How’s your new phone?
    MOM: Love it
    ME: What did you get?
    MOM: Smart phone
    ME: What kind?
    MOM: No clue

    These and more hilarious texts are available in
    the book When Parents Text ($10.95, amazon.
    com), and on

                                                                                               iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                                  13
                                           Illustration by Mikaila Maidment,

                          “Your caption here”
                   Send us a clever caption for the iPhunnies cartoon above, and we’ll feature our favorite
                     entries in the next issue. The winner will receive a small prize! Send all captions to

14   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   15
Say Hello to iPhone 5!
Apple Announces New iPhone
and iPod touch with iOS 6
by Jim Karpen

           fter months of frenzied anticipation, on September
           12, Apple announced the iPhone 5, a new iPod touch,
           EarPods, and the availability of iOS 6 (see sidebar on
           p.17 for more info). As the date approached, market
 analysts were saying that the iPhone 5 could end up being the
 largest consumer product launch in history, with 10-12 million               Thinner, Lighter Design & Aluminum Back
 units expected to be sold by the end of September.
                                                                            The body of the phone is now thinner and lighter, with an
  iPhone 5: Larger Screen, Thinner, Faster, Lighter                      aluminum back (slate-colored on the black model, silver on the
                                                                         white model) instead of glass. The touch sensors are now built
   The new phone has a 4-inch screen, is thinner and lighter, and        into the display itself rather than being in a separate layer, mak-
                                                                         ing the display 33% thinner. At 7 mm thick and 112 grams, the
 has a new camera, speaker, and dock connector. Under the
                                                                         iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S.
 hood, it has a faster processor and 4G LTE data speeds, mean-
 ing a faster Internet connection.
                                                                                             4G LTE Data Speeds
                          4-Inch Screen
                                                                           The iPhone 5, like the new iPad with Retina display, has 4G LTE
                                           The trend in smart-           connectivity. That means that if you access the Internet when
                                                                         you’re out and about, email downloads and web access will be
                                         phones has been to-
                                                                         much faster. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are building 4G LTE net-
                                         ward a larger size, so
                                                                         works, and 4G LTE is already available in many cities nationwide.
                                         Apple opted to bump
                                                                         How fast is it? Speeds vary widely, but in general, it’s faster than
                                         up its standard 3.5-
                                                                         your Wi-Fi at home. Download speeds can be as high as a blaz-
                                         inch screen to a gen-
                                                                         ing 56 Mbps (according to PCWorld tests). Average download
                                         erous 4 inches. The
                                                                         speeds range from 8–15 Mbps, which is still extremely fast.
                                         larger screen makes
                                         the phone taller, but
                                         the width remains the                A6 Processor & Lightning Dock Connector
                                         same, so it’s still easy
                                         to hold in your hand.
                                         The result is a new
                                         16:9 aspect ratio, the
                                         same as a high-defini-
 tion TV and ideal for widescreen movies. The resolution is an
 impressive 1136 x 640. And the new display isn’t just larger: it
 has 44% more color saturation than the iPhone 4S and is less
 prone to glare.

   The home screen can now accommodate an extra row of app
 icons, and all of Apple’s apps, including iLife, iWork, iPhoto,
 and GarageBand, have been rewritten to take advantage of the
 additional screen space.

   But don’t fret—your third-party apps will work just fine on the        The iPhone 5’s A6 processor offers twice the speed and double
                                                                         the graphics performance of the iPhone 4S.
 new screen. Until developers tweak them to take advantage of the
 added real estate, they’ll simply have a small black border on the
                                                                           The new phone has an 8-pin dock connector called Lightning
 bottom and top of the app (or on the sides in landscape orientation).
                                                                         that’s 80% smaller than the previous 30-pin connector. An in-
                                                                         teresting feature is that you can plug in your cable either side
                                                                         up, since the dock is orientation-independent.
 16    i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
  What if you have accessories, such as a speaker dock, that
are compatible with the previous 30-pin connector? Apple also
announced a 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter for $29 that will be
shipping in October.                                                            iPod Touch

                                                                         Apple also an-
                           Cameras                                   nounced new iPods,
                                                                     including an iPod
  The iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel iSight camera has some great new        touch with a 4-inch,
features. Dynamic Low Light Mode combines pixels in the dark         113 6 - by- 6 4 0 - p i xe l
so that your camera performs much better in low light. The phone     screen just like its
also has a new signal processor in the A6 chip that improves low-    iPhone brethren. And
light images and captures photos faster. Other camera features       it, too, is thinner and
include precision lens adjustment and a Sapphire crystal.            lighter than before. Unlike the iPhone, though, the touch has
                                                                     been spiffed up with a variety of new colors.

                                                                       It also comes with the new Lightning dock connector, and now
                                                                     has a faster A5 processor, with graphics performance up to 7
                                                                     times faster. It has a 5-megapixel camera and shoots 1080p video.

                                                                       Best of all, the new iPod touch comes with Siri. Prices are
                                                                     $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for 64GB.

  An amazing new feature is the ability to take 28-megapixel
panoramic photos simply by sweeping a scene. The camera               The iPhone 5 and new iPod touch will come with EarPods, a
takes the photos and stitches them together in real time.            completely redesigned set of headphones. They fit better, have
                                                                     greatly improved sound quality, and feature an improved remote
  The camera also takes 1080p video and now has improved             for adjusting volume and answering calls. �
stabilization. It includes face detection for up to 10 people. And
you can take photos while shooting video.                                       Jim Karpen, Ph.D, is on faculty at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield,
                                                                                IA. He has been writing about the revolutionary consequences of computer technol-
 The front camera is now also high definition at 720p, and you                  ogy since 1994. His Ph.D dissertation anticipated the Internet revolution. His site,
can do FaceTime over a 3G connection.                                 , contains selected regular columns written for The Iowa Source.

                    Longer Battery Life

   Even though features such as a larger screen and LTE con-
                                                                                                                        iOS 6 Highlights
nectivity take a lot more power, the iPhone 5 makes up for it
with a longer battery life. You get 8 hours of talk time, 8 hours
                                                                                                          Maps gives turn-by-turn directions
of LTE web browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of
                                                                                                          out loud and has a 3D image of the
video, 40 hours of music, and 225 hours on standby.
                                                                                                          road ahead. Flyover shows aerial 3D
                                                                                                          images of a city. Other features in-
                            Speakers & Microphones                                                        clude live traffic updates, rerouting
                                                                                                          around traffic, and Yelp integration.
                         The iPhone 5 has three microphones:
                                                                        Passbook conveniently gathers digital coupons, airline tickets,
                       bottom, front, and back. The speaker
                                                                        and other vouchers offered by third-party apps in one place.
                       takes up 20% less space, yet has been
                       given a boost in power, with 5 magnets
                                                                        Siri adds information related to sports, movies, and restau-
                       compared to the previous 2. It also has
                                                                        rants, and posts directly to Facebook and Twitter.
                       improved noise canceling and a feature
                       called “widescreen audio” that makes
                                                                        Do Not Disturb in Settings suppresses incoming calls and
                       voices sound more natural.
                                                                        notifications, or can let through calls from specific people.

                                         Price                          When you receive a call, you can swipe to reveal two options:
                                                                         • Reply with Message automatically sends a text mes-
                                                                         sage to the caller.
                       The iPhone 5 follows the pricing model
                                                                         • Remind Me Later has options such as “In 1 hour” and
                      of its predecessors: $199 for the 16GB
                                                                         “When I get home.   ”
                      model, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for
64GB, with a two-year contract. The 16 GB iPhone 4 will now
be free and the 16 GB will start at $99 with a two-year contract.
                                                                                              iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                17
     iPhone 5: Should You Buy It?
                                                                                                 by David Averbach

                                      he most surprising element of Apple’s        increased battery life and the 4G LTE will
                                      iPhone 5 announcement was the com-           definitely be worth it, as will the improved
                                      plete lack of surprise. Whether by de-       screen size and resolution. The iPhone 5 is
                                sign or negligence, the famously secretive         also a must have for iPhone gamers; the A6
                                Apple left little room for imagination. By the     chip makes it twice as fast the iPhone 4S.
                                time the new iPhone rose from the floor of
                                the Yerba Buena stage, everyone had already          If you’re a casual user, the improved specs
                                seen it in dozens of leaked photos.                probably won’t make a huge difference. The
                                                                                   biggest factors would be how you feel about
                                                                                   a larger screen, and whether you live in an
                                           To Buy or Not to Buy?                   area with 4G. If you feel indifferent (or worse)
                                                                                   about the larger screen and don’t live in an
                                   Despite the lack of surprise that typically     area with 4G, you’ll probably be just as happy
                                accompanies an iPhone announcement, the            sticking with your iPhone 4S. The improved
                                iPhone 5 is still a significant step forward for   specs are nice, but not a necessity.
                                Apple. As Phil Schiller said in his keynote and
                                Jony Ive drilled home in the promo video, the
                                iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet.                         The Great Screen Debate
                                  While the iPhone versus Android debate will        While Apple will market the larger screen as
                                be fought until the end of time, I feel that the                                  ”
                                                                                   a “revolutionary breakthrough, many experts
                                iPhone 5 is exciting enough to keep those in       speculate that the shift was a design com-
                                the iPhone camp firmly rooted there. The thin-     promise, rather than a feature upgrade. 4G
                                ner form factor and the brushed aluminum back      components are larger than 3G components,
                                are almost certainly sexy enough to sway those     so Apple may have been forced to make the
                                who are still on the fence. For those who drink    screen larger in order to make them fit along-
                                the Apple Kool-Aid, the iPhone 5 is without a      side a larger battery.
                                doubt the greatest smartphone in the world.
                                                                                      The question is, will people view the in-
                                  Apple has continued their practice of selling    creased size as an added benefit? Or will they
                                the previous-generation iPhone at a discount-      be frustrated by it? I’m a bit concerned about
                                ed rate. While the low sticker value is appeal-    not being able to reach the whole screen with
                                ing, I strongly advise spending the extra $100     my thumb, and I’m not looking forward to hav-
                                for the iPhone 5. Considering it can cost over     ing a larger phone in my pocket.
                                $1,000 per year for a phone plan, it’s worth
                                the initial investment to have the latest and
                                greatest technology. Also, the greater resale                  One More Thing
                                value of the newest phone actually makes it
                                a better investment in the long run.                  While the Apple announcement contained
                                                                                   the usual marketing hyperbole, the event
                                                                                   somehow lacked the exhilaration that earlier
                                           Should You Upgrade?                     iPhone announcements had aroused. There
                                                                                   are no surprises anymore—no “one more
                                   While picking between iPhone and Android        thing” tidbits to close the events with Apple-
                                is easier than picking your favorite Spice Girl    induced euphoria. I think it’s time to adjust our
                                (they were all so great!), deciding whether or     expectations, and start thinking about Apple
                                not to upgrade from your 4S is little bit harder   like, well… every other company. That doesn’t
                                (if you still have a 3GS or even an iPhone 4,      make the iPhone 5 any less great, though. �
                                don’t walk—run to the nearest Apple store
                                to pick up the iPhone 5.) It really depends on
                                                                                              David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life
                                how you use your phone. For many, upgrading                   magazine. David has an obsession with all things Ap-
                                may not be worth the investment.                              ple. He grew up on Macs and now has a MacBook Pro,
                                                                                              iPhone, iPad, and an Apple TV. David enjoys traveling
                                  If you’re a power user who uses the phone                   and Ultimate Frisbee. He has been to over 20 countries.
                                                                                              To contact David, email him at
                                all day, then upgrading is a no-brainer. The

18   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   19
20   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   21
               Tips + Tricks
                10 Ways to Get the Most From Your iphone and ipad
                                                          by Alex cequea

         he iPhone and iPad are incredible devices, but rarely do                                                   Are You Using

         we get to experience their full range of power. Most                                                       Bluetooth?
         people are content just knowing the basic functionality.                                                   When your device is
         Since you’re reading iPhone Life, I’m guessing you’re                                                      paired with a Blue-
not in that boat. Please enjoy this small collection of tips and                                                    tooth headset or key-
tricks to help you unleash the hidden power of your iDevice.                                                        board, a Bluetooth
                                                                                               icon will appear in the status bar along
                                            Access Audio Con-                                  the top of the device. If the icon is a

                                            trols from Locked                                  faded gray color, it means that Bluetooth
                                            Screen                                             is on, but the Bluetooth device is either
                                            If you’re listening to                             out of range or turned off. Knowing this
                                            music on your iPhone                               can save you some time if you’re having
                                            or iPad, you can ac-        trouble connecting. If Bluetooth is turned off, or if you’re not
                        cess the music controls from the locked         paired with any other device, no icon will appear.
                        screen if you double-click the home but-
                        ton. The music controls will appear along                                                      Man, that’s a lot of

                        the top of the screen, giving you easy                                                         contacts!
                        access to music playback buttons such                                                          I must admit that I
                        as volume, rewind, skip, or pause. The                                                         discovered this by ac-
controls work with the built-in Music app as well as with popular                                                      cident. I was scrolling
music players like Pandora and Spotify.                                                                                through my long list
                                                                                                  of contacts, and it was taking me forever
                                            Don’t Lock Yet!                                       to scroll all the way to the end of the al-

                                            Your iDevice auto-                                    phabet. Then my finger slipped over the
                                            locks after one min-                                  onscreen alphabet index, and I began to
                                            ute of inactivity. If                                 scroll super fast! It turns out that if you
                                            this is too short for                                 drag your finger over the alphabet index
                                            you, you can length-        inside Contacts, you will skip straight to the contacts at the be-
                         en the amount of time it takes for your        ginning of each letter. This trick also works with songs and artists
                         device to lock automatically. Simply go        inside the Music app.
                         to Settings>General>Auto-Lock, and se-
                         lect the length you prefer.                                                                 Search for Every-

                                                                                                                     Once you start ac-
                     Forward Incoming Calls                                                                          cumulating      apps

                     There are a couple of ways to forward incom-                                                    and music, it can
                     ing calls to another number, depending on                                                       be hard to find what
                     your carrier. If you’re a Verizon or Sprint user                           you’re looking for. To search your device
                     (CDMA), open the Phone app, enter *73 fol-                                 for specific songs, app names, con-
                     lowed by the number you wish to forward                                    tacts, and more, swipe to the right or
calls to, then tap Call. To turn off Call Forwarding, enter *73,                                press the Home button from the Home
then tap Call. If you’re an AT&T user, open Settings>Phone>Call                                 Screen and the Spotlight Search feature
Forwarding, turn on Call Forwarding, and on the “Forward to”                                    will appear. Once you start typing the
screen, enter the number you wish to forward calls to.                  name of the item you’re looking for, it’ll pop up underneath.
                                                                        Spotlight Search can also search through email subjects, notes,

22    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
reminders, messages, and more. To edit what Spotlight Search                                      the Newsstand category, or open the
can access, open Settings>General>Spotlight Search, and un-                                       Newsstand icon from the Home Screen
check the sections you want to make unsearchable.                                                 and tap on Store. Either way, you’ll
                                                                                                  see a large list of publications avail-
                     The Power of the Double-Tap                                                  able for download, including The New

                     Double-tapping is a forgotten trick that can                                 York Times, The Daily, and of course,
                     come in handy when you’re browsing the web                                   iPhone Life magazine. All publications
                     with Safari. If you visit a webpage and want to                              in Newsstand are free to download, but
                     zoom in and out quickly, double-tap the page                                 they require in-app subscriptions in or-
                     and you’ll instantly zoom. You can also double-                              der to read content. Subscription costs
                     tap words on the page to select them.                                        vary from publisher to publisher. Digital
                                                                                                  magazines are continually evolving to
                                                                           take advantage of the latest technology. Happy reading! �

                                                          8                           Alex Cequea is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. He holds an MBA in Sus-
                                                                                      tainable Business, and he writes and speaks about mobile technology, authenticity
                                                                                      and creating a more inter-connected world. He enjoys tennis, sustainability, public
                                                                                      speaking, and climbing mango trees. You can contact him at

                                                       Add to the
                                                       Reading List
                                                       If you’re reading
                                                       an article in Sa-
                                                       fari and want to        PROTECT MOUNT ACCESSORIZE
save it for later, tap the action button (it looks like a rectangle with
an arrow coming out), and tap “                             ”
                                    Add to Reading List. The article
will appear under Bookmarks>Reading List. If you wish to add a
link, simply tap and hold the link until the option appears. Book-
marks and reading lists are synced across devices through iCloud.

                                              Customize iMes-

                                              sage Settings
                                              You can receive iMes-
                                              sages with a different
                                              email address than
                                              the one tied to your
                          Apple ID. To add another email address,
                          open Settings>Messages>Receive at>
                          Add Another Email. You can also choose
                          whether you want your phone number
                          or iMessage email address to show up
                          in the recipient’s Caller ID.

                   Search Text Messages

                   If you are looking for a specific detail inside
                   a text message, it can be a chore to look
                   through pages and pages of conversations.
                   Thankfully, there’s a hidden search feature in
                   the Messages app. From the main Messages                                               Go Beyond Protection
                window, tap the top of the screen, and a search
bar will appear. Every conversation containing the searched
word will appear below, and tapping on a conversation will take
you directly to the right place in the chat.

               Check Out the Digital Magazines
               Last year Apple introduced a new App Store
   bonus       category called Newsstand. They also cre-
      Tip      ated a special Newsstand icon on the Home
               Screen that makes it easy to access your
               magazine subscriptions. There are two ways
to access Newsstand: you can open the App Store and go to

                                                                                                    iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                               23
24   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   25

           very year, we at iPhone Life take on the strenuous (but fun!) task of surveying tons of apps and accessories so that
           we can present the cream of the crop to you, our faithful readers. We scrutinize user reviews. We compare prices and
           popularity. We geek out over sales numbers. We test apps, cases, speakers, and headphones for hours on end. So
           here they are: the best of the best in over 35 different categories, handpicked specially for you.

           Whether you’re an iOS newbie or have been fiddling with iDevices for years, we hope that you’ll find some fun and
           useful new tidbits in the following pages.

                                               OUR TOP 5 APPS OF THE YEAR

       t iPhone Life headquarters, we see a lot of apps. So when                 Clear ($2.99, Clear is possibly
       there’s one that we keep coming back to again and again,                  the most satisfying to-do list app in the App
       we take notice. Here are our top five most-used, can’t-live-               Store. Flick, swipe, and pinch your way through
       without, favorite apps of the year (in no particular order):              quick lists with this super-sleek, streamlined
               Instagram (Free, This mobile
               photography community of 80 million users                        Flipboard (Free, If you want a
               made a big splash earlier in the year when it                    continuous stream of personalized news content,
               was acquired by Facebook. Use it to add cool                     Flipboard is the way to go. It syncs with your Twit-
               filters to your photos, share them, and com-                      ter and Facebook accounts and turns your news
               ment on your friends’ masterpieces.                              stream into a beautifully laid-out magazine.

               Mint (Free, If you’re into per-                     Tiny Wings ($0.99, Long after
               sonal finance and don’t use Mint yet, then                         its initial release, Tiny Wings continues to win
               you’re in for a treat. Mint’s award-winning app,                  us over. This simple, one-tap game will make
               in combination with, allows you to                       the hours “fly by” (is that the Pun Police at my
               track expenses, create a budget, and manage                       house?), and it features different graphics every
               your finances from the palm of your hand.                          day that you play.

26   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                      GET YOUR GAME ON
                                                                Tiny Tower (Free, Build the

             MUST HAVE!                                         tower of your dreams, and manage the day-to-
                                                                day lives of the “bitizens” inhabiting it. You can
                                                                also see what others are building through the
            Angry Birds Space ($0.99,             Game Center.
            This follow-up to the successful Angry
            Birds series is out of this world, literally.       The King of Fighters-i 2012. ($6.99, app2.
            New birds, new levels, zero-gravity trick           me/5139) In the style of traditional arcade fighting
            shots, and more. If you only get one game,          games, King of Fighters features 32 characters,
            this should be it.                                  several single player options, and a Versus mode
                                                                to play with others over a Wi-Fi connection.
            Where's My Water ($0.99,
            Disney’s physics-based puzzler debuted last         Draw Something ($2.99, This
            year to much fanfare, and has remained a            turn-based drawing game brought back the fun
            favorite among iPhone users. The goal is to         of Pictionary to the masses. Get paired up with
            fill Swampy’s bathtub with water, but that’s         Facebook and Twitter friends, or find random
            easier said than done.                              partners.

            Fruit Ninja ($0.99, Ready             Words With Friends (Free, 20
            for kick-ass juicy fun? Slash and dash your         million people can’t be wrong, right? Words With
            way through lemons, watermelons, ap-                Friends is another turn-based game resembling
            ples, and more. This instant classic makes          the classic board game Scrabble. You can play
            you realize how simple and fun iPhone               up to 20 simultaneous games.
            and iPad games can be.
                                                                Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy ($4.99, app2.
            Tiny Wings ($0.99, Oh,                me/5140) Rule the skies in this second-to-none
            the shame. He’s a bird, but he can’t fly.            air combat game. You can play solo or invite your
            Luckily, he’s got hills, and he’s got you to        friends to participate in cooperative or competi-
            help. Get ready for addicting and challeng-         tive missions.
            ing fun.
                                                                Cut the Rope: Experiments ($0.99, app2.
                                                                me/4672) This offshoot of Cut The Rope has you
         Temple Run: Brave ($0.99, In             feeding candy to Om Nom as part of a set of curi-
         this sequel to Temple Run, you can play as Meri-       ous experiments conducted by a science profes-
         da, the title character from the Disney/Pixar movie    sor. It’s as deliciously addictive as the original.
         Brave. Jump, slide, and shoot your way through
         an endless path and outrun that hungry bear!           DragonVale (Free, Face it,
                                                                you’ve always wanted to raise and care for an
         Jetpack Joyride (Free, This              adorable dragon. Win prizes, build your dream
         action-packed game has incredibly simple con-          island, and delight your visitors—just don’t turn
         trols. Tap to boost your jetpack, and try to capture   it into Jurassic Park.
         coins while avoiding missiles and other obsta-
         cles. Score new jetpacks and other bonuses as          Spy vs Spy ($0.99, Based on
         the game progresses.                                   the ’80s video game version, Spy vs Spy comes
                                                                back as an updated favorite. Escape the embas-
         Where’s My Perry? ($0.99, This           sy, avoid traps, and don’t let the time run out!
         sequel to Where’s My Water? builds on the origi-       Features online and local multiplayer support.
         nal water puzzler idea, but expands it to include
         different water states such as steam and ice.          Crow ($2.99, Crow takes you
                                                                to a faraway land where you can battle and ex-
                                                                plore. A story-driven action game with stunning
         Agent Dash (Free, Sprint your            graphics, it’ll leave you awestruck and visually
         way through enemy bases and destroy what you           satisfied.
         can using your secret agent skills. Dodge, slide,
         and jump past hazards to stay alive.

                                                                   iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2         27
 A PPS                                              GET YOUR GAME ON
                 Flick Champions World Edition ($0.99, app2.                         Doodle Jump ($0.99, This one
                 me/5142) If you’re looking for simple, engaging
                 me/5142                                                             never seems to get old. Just help Doodle the
                 fun, look no further. Flick your way to gold in Vol-                Doodler land on springy platforms, and pick up
                 leyball, Handball, Kayaking, or any of the other                    jetpacks, rockets, and propeller hats as you pass
                 five featured sports.                                                other players’ high scores.

                 Shellrazer ($0.99, Taking a turtle                    Infinity Blade II ($2.99, In this
                 through an annual global trek may not sound                         award-winning game, you’ll find yourself im-
                 like much fun, but when you add goblin archers,                     mersed in a fantastic story of champions and
                 massive guns, and mutant monsters to the mix,                       villains, fighting dynamic battles in a beautiful
                 that changes things.                                                3D world.

                 Walking Dead: The Game ($4.99, app2.                                Tetris ($0.99, We love to see
                 me/5144) In this five-part episodic game series,                     the classics reimagined. Play traditional modes,
                 you are Lee Everett, a man trying to protect an                     or explore One-Touch Marathon, Tetris Galaxy,
                 orphaned girl in a world of zombies and chaos. A                    Tetris Log, and Tetris Rank.
                 rich and complex gaming experience.

                 Fieldrunners 2 ($2.99, Follow-                        Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99, Duke
                 ing in the classic tradition of Tower Defense                       Clockface has stolen all the clocks in the world.
                 games, this sequel to Fieldrunners has you once                     Not only is this inconvenient, but now you have to
                 again building epic mazes of weaponry to defend                     steal them back. Everything in the games moves
                 the world from invaders.                                            rhythmically, so choose your taps carefully.

                 Offroad Legends ($0.99, This                          Osmos ($2.99, This game can
                 game features monster trucks, 4x4 off-roaders,                      only be described as mesmerizingly awesome.
                 and six-wheeled behemoths set in a vivid envi-                      Explore stunning and peculiar worlds as you try
                 ronment with impressive graphics. Try mastering                     to grow by gobbling up smaller motes. Different
                 all 56 tracks.                                                      environments call for different strategies.

                 Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99,                           World of Goo ($2.99, Another
                 Think up and create objects, then use them to                       beautiful and well-crafted game, World of Goo
                 help Maxwell acquire the Starite. Let your imag-                    oozes personality and innovation. Get to know
                 ination run wild; there are unlimited solutions                     the Goo Balls, and help them uncover the mys-
                 with different outcomes for each puzzle!                            teries of this world.

                 Minecraft – Pocket Edition ($6.99, app2.                            Carcassonne ($9.99, Build a
                 me/5147) Although it can’t compare to its                           medieval landscape one tile at a time, and play
                 desktop counterpart, this mobile game packs                         with up to five friends on the same device. Play
                 a punch. Build anything you can imagine, and                        against nine different AI players or take turns
                 invite friends over a local Wi-Fi connection.                       with players online. �

                                                    MOBILE GAMING STATS
                14.7 HOURS                                          $62                             101 MILLION
       The average number of hours per            23% of tablet gamers pay for virtual    There are 101 million mobile gamers in
       month spent playing games on an            goods, spending an average of $62       the U.S., 69% of whom play on smart-
       iPhone.                                    per year.                               phones and 21% on tablets.

  28    i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                    PHOTO AND VIDEO
                                                                          InstaCollage Pro ($0.99,

             MUST HAVE!                                                   Choose from hundreds of features to make your
                                                                          picture collage stand out. You can add text and
                                                                          edit individual photos without leaving the app.
           Camera+ ($0.99, Consis-
           tently one of the top-selling camera apps
           in the App Store, Camera+ features doz-                        InstaPicFrame Pro ($0.99, Like
           ens of incredible effects, a photo stabi-                      InstaCollage Pro, This app lets you add text to
           lizer, standard cropping options, multiple                     images and features multiple framing options. In
           frames, and much more.                                         addition to easy sharing through Instagram, you
                                                                          can share through Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.
           Instagram (Free, This
           photo community of 80 million users                            Diptic ($0.99, With Diptic’s el-
           shows no signs of slowing down. Upload                         egant collage templates, you can add up to five
           your photos, edit with cool filters and ef-                     photos to one collage, and the editing features
           fects, and share. Then follow your friends’                    give you an insane amount of control over the
           and favorite celebrities’ photos!                              tiniest frame or image details.

           iMovie ($4.99, This lite                         Pro HDR ($1.99, Pro HDR gives
           version of iMovie for Mac lets you cre-                        you gorgeous, full-resolution HDR images with
           ate HD quality movies on the go. Choose                        one tap. It supports front and rear cameras, and
           from eight built-in themes; add photos,                        also features a nifty set of filters for additional
           music, and sound effects; and publish di-                      photo editing.
           rectly to YouTube or Vimeo.
                                                                          360 Panorama (Free, Turn your
                                                                          iDevice into an immersive panoramic camera
                                                                          with 360 Panorama. To use, simply pan the
         8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99,                         camera around, and watch as the app stiches
         Travel back in time to capture a nostalgic past.                 the images together.
         Add old film lenses and effects, and create your
         own retro reel. The app supports 720P HD vid-                    WordFoto ($1.99, WordFoto
         eo recording.                                                    is overflowing with artistic awesomeness.
                                                                          Turn any image into a collage of user-selected
         Viddy (Free, Viddy is a video                      words. The app features several themes with
         community reminiscent of the Instagram photo                     pre-determined word fonts and styles.
         community. Record, edit, and share your videos,
         and explore videos from other users. The app                     Slow Shutter Cam ($0.99, This
         features video, music, and transition effects.                   is a fun one to play with. With Slow Shutter
                                                                          Cam you can create mini time-lapse effects and
         Snapseed ($4.99, Snapseed                          cool visuals out of ordinary shots.
         is another amazing photo editing and sharing
         app. It features a vast array of cool filters and
         effects, plus the ability to auto-correct images
         with one tap.                                                          DID YOU KNOW?
                                                            There’s an app that will keep track of your iPhone photo
         SpacePaint ($0.99, SpacePaint
                                                            stats and create beautiful infographics out of them. Perfect
         adds magical light effects to your photos. You
                                                            for stat geeks, PhotoStats ($0.99,
         can control the specific type of effects and
                                                            will record the time and location of your photos, along with
         combinations. Create complex light refractions,
                                                            your “most productive” photo-taking days, your preferred
         bolts of electricity, and more.
                                                            camera settings, and more.

                                                                             iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2          29
 A PPS                                PRODUCTIVITY & ORGANIZATION
                                                                                       1Password Pro ($14.99, If you

                    MUST HAVE!                                                         lead an active online lifestyle, you no doubt have
                                                                                       plenty of passwords and usernames. 1Password
                                                                                       Pro securely stores your passwords, and lets
                   Clear ($2.99, When nearly                             you sign into your various accounts with one tap.
                   half of iPhone Life magazine’s staff is us-
                   ing the same app, that says something.                              Genius Scan+ ($2.99, This inge-
                   Clear is an ultra-simple list app with a slick                      nious app turns your iPhone into a portable scan-
                   interface. Minimalism wins, big-time.                               ner. Simply take a picture of a document—a form,
                                                                                       receipt, book page, whiteboard, whatever!—and
                   Evernote (Free, Evernote                               export it via email as a JPEG or PDF file.
                   is a multi-faceted app that helps you re-
                   member and organize pretty much ev-                                 Awesome Note ($3.99, This re-
                   erything in your life. Save notes as audio,                         cent Apple Store Hall of Fame inductee is an
                   text, or images. Your data syncs across all                         organizing powerhouse. This full-featured app
                   device platforms.                                                   keeps track of your calendar and to-do lists, and
                                                                                       lets you quickly add notes.
                   Dropbox (Free, Dropbox
                   lets you store your documents, photos,                              Dragon Dictation (Free, This
                   and more across many devices and plat-                              voice-recognition app claims to be five times
                   forms. It also features offline viewing for                          faster than typing on a keyboard. Simply speak
                   easy access when you don’t have an on-                              and this app will type emails, Twitter updates,
                   line connection.                                                    notes, and more with incredible accuracy.

                                                                                       LogMeIn (Free, Need remote
                                                                                       access to your Mac or PC? LogMeIn is the
                Pages ($9.99, Specifically de-                            app for you. Get full access to your desktop or
                signed for the iPhone and iPad, Pages brings                           laptop through this secure app, and never lose
                the full power of word processing into your                            connection to important files or docs.
                pocket. Open and edit Microsoft Word files,
                export files as PDFs, and much more.                                    Penultimate (iPad only: $0.99,
                                                                                       Take handwritten notes, create original sketch-
                iStudiez Pro ($0.99, iStudiez Pro                         es, and more with this bestselling note-taking
                helps you get organized in every aspect of the                         tool for the iPad. Integrates with Dropbox and
                student lifestyle. Track your grades, GPA, home-                       Evernote, and exports notes as PDF files.
                work assignments, and more. The app features
                a robust built-in organizer and alerts.
                                                                                                 OUR TAKE
                iThoughts ($7  .99,; iPad version:
                                                                         “While I realize that the iPhone is primarily a communica-
                $9.99, This mind-mapping tool
                                                                         tions device, I’m always surprised at the number of people
                is versatile and robust. You can import and ex-
                                                                         who don’t take advantage of its built-in productivity fea-
                port maps from many desktop mind-mapping
                                                                         tures. Reminders, Calendar, Camera, Notes, and Siri alone
                programs, and sync with Dropbox,, and
                                                                         can whip you into super-productive shape.   ”
                                                                            -Alex, Editor in Chief

                                                   APPLE’S PRODUCTIVITY SUITE
                                                   If you want to take full advantage of mobile productivity and iCloud, check out
                                                   Apple’s signature productivity apps. Along with Pages (featured above), Apple’s
                                                  iWork suite of apps includes Numbers ($9.99,, a robust spread-
                                                  sheet program, and Keynote ($9.99,, a presentation program. The
                                                 two are comparable to Excel and PowerPoint on a Windows PC. In addition to letting
                                                 you edit and create docs from your mobile device, these three programs sync with
                                                iCloud, so you can continue working on docs from your Mac or another iOS device.

  30   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   31
 A PPS                                                         MUSIC
                                                                       Ultimate Guitar Tabs ($2.99,

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                       If you’re a guitar player, Ultimate Guitar Tabs
                                                                       is an indispensable tool. Get guitar, bass, and
                                                                       drums tabs for pretty much any song you’ve
                   Pandora (Free, Pandora                ever heard. The app also has an auto-scroll fea-
                   has become the standard in free Inter-              ture for playing on the go, and additional pro
                   net radio. It’s the quickest way to get the         features available as in-app purchases.
                   music started, and the mobile app works
                   great on road trips. Choose a genre or              GarageBand ($4.99, There’s no
                   favorite artist, and let Pandora do the rest.       better app for unleashing your musical creativ-
                                                                       ity, especially if you have no music experience
                                                                       whatsoever. The GarageBand app for iPhone
                Spotify (Free for 48 hours, $9.99 monthly              and iPad is incredibly versatile and works well
                subscription, I must admit I’ve           for experienced and novice musicians alike. Play
                only recently gotten hooked to this nifty music        dozens of instruments and create studio-quality
                player. Access millions of songs and play them         songs and beats from the palm of your hand.
                whenever and wherever you want.
                                                                       Djay ($0.99,; iPad version:
                Shazam (Free, You know when              $19.99, Turn your iDevice into
                you hear a song you like, but you have no idea         a virtual turntable. You can perform live, record
                what it is? Shazam will tell you! After hearing        mixes for later use, or use the Automix mode,
                the song for a few seconds, the app will magi-         which creates mixes from your favorite playlist
                cally give you the name of the song, the artist,       automatically. Features mixer, tempo, and EQ
                and even the lyrics.                                   controls; high-quality scratching; pitch-bend;
                                                                       and AirPlay integration.

                                                       SOCIAL MEDIA
                Status Shuffle for Facebook ($0.99, app2.               WhatsApp Messenger ($0.99,
                me/5164) Status Shuffle saves you the headache          With WhatsApp Messenger, you can send vid-
                (and anxiety) of coming up with memorable sta-         eo, images, voice notes, and group texts to your
                tus updates to post on Facebook. Choose from a         contacts for free (they also need to download
                huge database of funny, sad, and crazy statuses        the app). It’s perfect for international communi-
                and post directly from within the app.                 cation, and contacts already using the app will
                                                                       show up automatically in your list of favorites.
                Skype (Free,; iPad version:
       If Pandora is the standard for           My Followers on Instagram ($0.99, app2.
                free Internet radio, then Skype is the standard        me/5165) Ever wonder who has unfollowed you
                for video calling. Call or instant message any-        on Instagram? Well, wonder no more. With its
                one on Skype for free, and save your minutes.          sleek, simple design, this app will tell you who
                Skype for iPhone and iPad works over Wi-Fi and         has unfollowed you and who’s not following
                3G networks.                                           you back, and will let you track new Instagram
                Pinterest (Free, This online pin-
                board curator exploded in popularity in 2012. Pin      Tumblr (Free, This micro-blog-
                and share your daily inspirations in every area        ging site is filled with all sorts of random good-
                of life, from places to visit around the world         ness. Use the Tumblr app to create and edit
                to songs stuck in your head. The app lets you          posts, and manage several blogs at once. You
                follow other users and integrates with your iDe-       can also view and reply to messages, and get
                vice’s camera for instant pinning gratification.        offline access to your micro-blogs.

  32   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   33
 A PPS                                                        TRAVEL
                                                                                GateGuru (Free, While GateGu-

                    MUST HAVE!                                                  ru offers up-to-date flight status info and a place
                                                                                to view your TripIt and KAYAK itineraries, where
                                                                                it truly shines is as a resource for airport ameni-
                   KAYAK (Free, From com-                          ties. Check out terminal maps and over 30,000
                   paring prices to making reservations and                     reviews, photos, and tips from other travelers
                   everything in between, the KAYAK app                         to find the perfect restaurant or shop to visit
                   handles all your travel needs. This essen-                   on your layover.
                   tial app makes it a breeze to search for
                   flight, hotel, and car rental deals; book                     Packing Pro ($2.99, Ever gotten
                   hotel rooms; and much more.                                  to your destination and realized you’d forgotten
                                                                                to pack a swimsuit? This handy app keeps emer-
                   FlightTrack ($4.99,; Pro                        gency trips to the store to a minimum. Create
                   version: $9.99, Stay on top                     customizable packing lists from a catalog of over
                   of every aspect of air travel with Flight-                   800 items and enjoy stress-free travel ahead.
                   Track. Features include real-time arrival and
                   departure statuses, live flight maps with                     RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder (Free, app2.
                   weather radar overlay, and more. Upgrade                     me/5214) This awesome app takes the guess-
                   to the Pro version for push alerts, airport                  work out of road-trip pit stops. Automatically lo-
                   terminal maps, and weather forecasts.                        cating you on the highway, RoadAhead displays
                                                                                upcoming exits by distance, listing rest areas,
                                                                                gas stations, restaurants, and more.
                MotionX-GPS Drive ($0.99, This
                consistently top-ranked navigation app will get
                you to your destination without a hitch. It’s
                packed with great features, including live traf-
                                                                                      DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                   “I often have to catch connecting flights in a short window
                fic maps and speed limit display.
                                                                   of time, so I rely on FlightTrack to show me my arrival and
                                                                   departure gates and a map of the airport. I can dash to
                TripAdvisor (Free, Featuring
                                                                   my connection without skipping a beat; I’ve literally made
                over 60 million user reviews of hotels, restau-
                                                                   flights because of it. ”
                rants, and attractions, TripAdvisor is a must-
                                                                     -David, CEO and Publisher
                check before making reservations or taking a

                                                         IN THE WILD
                Oh, Ranger! Park Finder (Free,                    MotionX-GPS ($0.99, Over 10
                The most comprehensive database of U.S.                         million users can’t be wrong. For cyclists, hik-
                parks and forests (national, state, and local),                 ers, runners, and other outdoor sports enthusi-
                Oh, Ranger! is an indispensable resource for                    asts, this GPS app—featuring nine map choices,
                lovers of the outdoors. Choose from 30 activity                 track recording, waypoints, location sharing, and
                categories to find the perfect locale, then check                more—is unmatched in its genre.
                out the in-app maps, park overviews, and more.
                                                                                Audubon Guides ($19.99, This
                 Army Survival for iPad/iPhone ($1.99, app2.                    beautiful nature app combines four of Audubon’s
                 me/2327) For outdoor adventurers, preparation                  popular field guides by including information and
                 and safety is key. This field manual by the U.S.                photos on over 3,000 species of North American
                 Army is an authoritative reference guide on                    birds, mammals, trees, and wildflowers.
                 survival in every type of climate. It includes
                 invaluable info on tools, shelters, poisonous
                 plants, and much more.

  34   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                        ENTERTAINMENT
                                                               Tom Loves Angela ($0.99,

             MUST HAVE!                                        Back-talking character apps grew in popularity
                                                               last year. In this app, Talking Tom, one of the most
                                                               popular characters, has found a new friend. Tell
            Akinator the Genie ($1.99,           Tom what to tell Angela to woo her—but choose
            Akinator is a genie who can guess what             your words carefully, because she talks back.
            real or fictional character you’re thinking of
            with unnerving accuracy after asking a set         Palm Reading Booth ($0.99,
            of questions. The app lets you add names           I see this app in your future… Palm Reading
            and pictures of people you know, and sup-          Booth takes a picture of your palm, and reveals
            ports several languages.                           your personal traits. Are you a leader? How
                                                               many kids will you have? and so forth. It’s a
                                                               fun pastime, especially when you try it with
         Pocket God ($0.99, In this epi-          friends to see what comes up.
         sodic microgame, you’re a god who controls
         every living aspect of primitive islanders stuck      Someecards ($0.99, If you
         on a remote island. You can hit them with light-      spend any amount of time on Facebook, you’ve
         ning, create life, alter gravity, and more. Playing   probably seen these old-style postcards with
         god is always a fun way to pass the time.             funny (if sometimes crass) captions. Browse
                                                               through popular categories, and send and re-
         Moron Test ($0.99, These                ceive postcards through the app.
         seemingly simple puzzles will make your brain
         do acrobatics. This patience-testing app features
         five puzzle sections and global leaderboards and
         achievements to track your progress.
 A PPS                                                       NEWS
                                                                                 The Daily for iPhone (Free with in-app subscrip-

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                                 tion, This digital-only publication
                                                                                 features new content on a daily basis, and it’s
                                                                                 beautifully laid out with articles, pics, and info-
                   Flipboard (Free, The                            graphics. You can subscribe for $1.99 a month
                   award-winning Flipboard app has become                        or $19.99 a year. It’s the sister publication of The
                   the standard in personalized magazines.                       Daily app for iPad (free,
                   Flip through a gorgeous arrangement
                   of customized news categories, along                          NextDraft (Free, Internet news
                   with your Facebook, Google+, and Twit-                        addict Dave Pell distills the day’s top 10 news
                   ter feeds. The app also makes it easy to                      stories into bite-sized nuggets written with wit
                   share articles with your social networks.                     and insight. Cleanly designed and easy to read,
                                                                                 this app is a quick and easy way to stay informed
                                                                                 (and entertained).
                Downcast ($1.99, Downcast
                lets you subscribe and listen to podcasts with-
                out having to sync with iTunes. The app features                     FIND YOUR STATION
                Airplay support for sound and video, plus the
                                                                    Most major news networks have their own apps with
                ability to download manually or automatically.
                                                                    news content optimized for your iDevice. Look for apps
                Podcast subscriptions sync with iCloud.
                                                                    from CNN, USA Today, The New York Times, NPR, and
                                                                    the BBC. Having one-tap access to your favorite news
                Prismatic: Always Interesting (Free, app2.
                                                                    source is easier than visiting the news organization’s web
                me/5233) Like Flipboard, Prismatic creates a
                                                                    site on a daily basis.
                personalized news feed and layout based on
                your preferences and social network accounts.
                This stylish app makes it easy to discover and
                share new content.

                The Weather Channel (Free,                         AccuWeather for iPhone (Free,
                Powered by over 200 meteorologists and their                     In addition to hourly, daily, and weekly weather
                TruPoint forecasting technology, The Weather                     forecasts, AccuWeather integrates with your iDe-
                Channel app is your essential weather app. The                   vice’s Calendar app, so you can see the 15-day
                app’s background image changes to reflect lo-                     forecast without leaving your calendar. The app
                cal weather conditions, and badges alert you to                  also features animated radar and satellite pics.
                severe conditions.
                                                                                 NOAA Hi-Def Radar ($1.99,
                MyRadar Weather Radar (Free,;                       This smooth and interactive weather app dis-
                Pro version: $1.99, If you like to                 plays vivid animated radar videos. You can
                see exactly what’s happening around you, then                    control the loop speed and frame rate of each
                this is the app for you. MyRadar displays a radar                animation. The app also displays U.S. drought
                with animated weather conditions as they hap-                    and wildfire maps.
                pen. The Pro version is ad-free.
                                                                                 Weather Live ($1.99, When you
                Weather Underground (Free,                         open this app, you’re greeted by animations
                Weather Underground’s advantage over other                       showing real-time weather conditions outside.
                apps is its extensive local weather coverage.                    The current temperature is an icon badge, so
                The app features an interactive “Wundermap, ”                    you can see it without even opening the app.
                and like the other weather apps, it features                     The app also features hourly and weekly weath-
                push notification alerts for severe weather.                      er conditions.

  36   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                                BOOKS
                                                              Wattpad eBook Reader (Free,

             MUST HAVE!
                                                              This community of readers and writers has mil-
                                                              lions of members. It’s a free marketplace for
                                                              original fiction, where you can discover and
           Kindle (Free, you’re an            share new stories across many different catego-
           avid reader, downloading Amazon’s Kindle           ries. Some of the app’s reading features include
           app is a no-brainer. It syncs your book pur-       customizable auto-scroll speeds and text sizes.
           chases, page locations, highlights, and
           notes across devices, and features cus-            Audiobooks (Free, Audiobooks
           tomizable settings to make reading more            features over 5,000 free classics, plus a premi-
           enjoyable in any environment.                      um selection (available via in-app purchase) of
                                                              professionally narrated modern bestsellers. The
                                                              newest update features the ability to put the
         iBooks (Free, Apple’s iBooks           player to sleep after the end of a book chapter.
         is a beautiful app that connects to the built-in
         iBookstore. Although I’ve found books on the         OverDrive Media Console (Free, app2.
         Kindle app to be better priced, the experience       me/3685) This app lets you access the digital
         of reading a book with iBooks is undoubtedly         catalogs of over 18,000 public, school, and
         Apple-esque: sleek, stunning, and smooth.            college libraries around the world. You can
                                                              “borrow” titles just like you do from your lo-
         Goodreads (Free, This commu-           cal library (you’ll need a library card), and the
         nity of 10 million loves to read and share book      books disappear from your reading list when
         recommendations. Use the barcode scanner             the lending period expires.
         to add books to your “to-read” shelf, and write
         book reviews for others to comment on.
 A PPS                                                 FOOD & DRINK
                                                                      Food Network In the Kitchen ($1.99, app2.

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                      me/4249) For Food Network fans, this cooking
                                                                      app is a super-fun way to expand your culinary
                                                                      horizons. Search thousands of recipes by ingre-
                   Epicurious (Free, Featuring          dient or chef—Giada De Laurentiis, Guy Fieri,
                   over 30,000 recipes from notable chefs,            and Bobby Flay are just a few—then save your
                   food magazines, and cookbooks, Epicuri-            favorites, create shopping lists, watch how-to
                   ous offers a great selection of culinary de-       videos, and peruse user reviews.
                   lights for established foodies and beginner
                   cooks. Save your favorite recipes, create          Open Table (Free, Make reser-
                   shopping lists, and share recipes or lists         vations right from your iDevice at over 20,000
                   with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.      Open Table-enabled restaurants in the U.S.
                                                                      and Canada with this essential app for diners.
                                                                      Specify date, time, and party size, and Open
                foodgawker (Free, Call it food          Table will show you available tables at nearby
                porn, call it drool-worthy, call it whatever you      restaurants—priceless for travelers!
                want—this guilty-pleasure app is a brilliant fix for
                visually inspired foodies. This mobile companion      Mixologist Drink Recipes ($0.99, app2.
                to features photos and recipes         me/2648) Play bartender at your next soirée
                from the best food bloggers around the world.         with the help of Mixologist, a comprehensive
                                                                      drink-recipe app. Try the “Liquor Cabinet” fea-
                Hello Vino (Free, It’s like having      ture, wherein you enter all the liquor and mixers
                a sommelier in your pocket! Hello Vino offers         you have on hand to find out which cocktails
                wine recommendations, reviews, pairings, and          you can make. Bottoms up!
                more, helping wine beginners and oenophiles
                alike keep track of their favorite bottles.           Local Eats ($0.99, Looking for
                                                                      the real-deal favorites, the local (or perhaps
                Veg Travel Guide ($2.99, Veg-           super-secret) spots—anything but your typical
                etarians and vegans, rejoice! This handy app          chain restaurant? Try this dining guide, featuring
                points you to the best veg-friendly dining spots      curated lists of the best U.S. and international
                around the world, so that you can enjoy explor-       restaurants based on reviews by magazines,
                ing new cities without having to compromise           newspapers, and food bloggers.
                your dietary preferences.

                                                     ARTS & CULTURE
                Classical Music I (Free with $4.99 in-app pur-        Smithsonian Mobile (Free,
                chase for full songs, and Clas-         Whether planning a trip to D.C. or just jonesing
                sical Music II ($4.99, Treat your-      for your next museum fix, the Smithsonian app
                self to an aural extravaganza by downloading          will provide you with all the info you need. Find
                the full version of Classical Music I, featuring      out about current exhibitions, go on audio tours,
                120 classical masterpieces from the world’s           listen to podcasts, and more with this handy
                most famous composers, then double the en-            mobile guide.
                joyment by adding Volume II. Both apps work
                offline without Wi-Fi, and feature stunning mu-        Art ($0.99, A portable collection
                sic visualizations.                                   of over 200 famous artists’ major works, the Art
                                                                      app lets you learn about and enjoy visual mas-
                American Ballet Theatre ($1.99,         terpieces, whether at home or on the road. You
                Balletomanes from NYC and around the world            can take quizzes, watch slideshows, and save
                will find something to twirl about with this well-     your favorite paintings in a personal gallery.
                designed app, featuring the latest company
                news, dancer bios, casting schedules, and more.

  38   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                   BUSINESS & FINANCE
                                                                          My Weekly Budget ($0.99, My

             MUST HAVE!
                                                                          Weekly Budget is a simple and powerful app
                                                                          with one goal: to keep you below your weekly
                                                                          spending target. Set a weekly budget, and eas-
  ($3.99, Mint is                         ily update the app as the week passes. The app
           the ultimate personal finance tool. It syncs                    also compiles weekly spending summaries.
           with investment and bank accounts, and
           lets you track your balances and transac-                      GoToMeeting (Free, Attend
           tions, check your personal budgets, and                        GoToMeetings and GoToWebinars on the go.
           receive bill payment reminders.                                Join and view presentations with one tap, and
                                                                          see who else is present at the meeting. Works
                                                                          over Wi-Fi and 3G connections, and now allows
         PayPal (Free, Paypal is perfect                    live questions.
         for sending and receiving payments. Take a pic-
         ture of a check to deposit money to your PayPal
         account for free. It also features a “local” fea-                              TIP
         ture, where you can see merchants that accept       "Look for your bank’s dedicated mobile app. Almost every
         PayPal payments.                                    mayor bank chain has their own app, and through it you
                                                             can usually deposit checks, check balances, transfer funds,
         Square Card Reader (Free,             pay bills, and more. I especially like the ability to make
         Paired with the Square Card Reader (available       deposits by taking a picture of a check!"
         at, this app is a fantastic way to        -Alex, Editor in Chief
         accept credit card payments on your iPhone or
         iPad. Customers can sign by using their finger,
         and receive receipts via email.
 A PPS                                                HOME & GARDEN
                                                                        Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Free, app2.

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                        me/5171) Design junkies, watch out—you’ll
                                                                        be hooked on this beautiful app, featuring over
                                                                        600,000 hi-res photos of inspiring interiors.
                   iHandy Level Free (Free,               Browse by room, location, and style, and save
                   Anyone who’s ever tried hanging a paint-             your favorites to a virtual idea book.
                   ing solo will appreciate this super-useful
                   tool. Use it to align frames, measure an-            Remodelista ($2.99, Browse
                   gles and inclines, and much more.                    and bookmark gorgeous interiors, then use the
                                                                        Steal This Look feature to replicate your faves.
                                                                        This design app also includes stylish do-it-your-
                Handy Man DIY ($1.99, Take                self projects for those who are so inclined.
                the headache out of home improvement proj-
                ects with this feature-packed app. Store room           Garden Tracker ($1.99, Plan
                measurements, create task and shopping lists,           and design garden plots with this helpful app,
                calculate estimates, watch and read tutorials,          then track your progress with handy reference
                and more!                                               tools. It comes loaded with 50 common veg-
                                                                        gies and herbs, and also lets you add your own.
                Mark On Call HD (iPad only: $1.99, app2.
                me/5168; iPhone version: $1.99,           Landscaper’s Companion ($4.99, app2.
                Think of Mark as your virtual interior designer.        me/5173; iPad version: $4.99, A
                Enter each room’s square footage and furniture          rich resource for beginning gardeners and expe-
                dimensions, then arrange items accordingly.             rienced landscapers alike, this app features info
                You can even take pictures of flooring and fab-          on over 25,000 plants, including trees, shrubs,
                rics to add to any item or surface in the room—         annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, and
                pretty cool!                                            more. Great search feature, too!

                                                       PETS’ PARADISE
                Pet First Aid ($3.99, When you’re         iKibble Free (Free, Let the “Can
                facing a pet emergency, turn to Pet First Aid for       I feed this to my dog?” guessing game end with
                quick and thorough assistance before heading to         the help of iKibble, a handy app that profiles hun-
                the vet. Featuring detailed articles, videos, and       dreds of food types. Search for a specific food
                step-by-step illustrations on bites, burns, poison-     or browse by category or health rating. Features
                ing, choking, and much more, this app could             tips and a thorough description for each entry.
                literally be a lifesaver for your canine and feline
                friends. It also lets you save vital medical info       Dog Park Finder Plus ($1.99,
                (vaccination history, allergies, etc.) for reference.   Whether you’ve just moved to a new city or are
                                                                        trekking across the country with your pooch,
       (Free, Look-                 this great resource will help you scout out
                ing to adopt a pet? Petfinder lets you search            thousands of dog parks and dog-friendly res-
                over 350,000 animals from over 13,000 rescue            taurants, beaches, and rest areas.
                groups and shelters in North America. Browse
                until you find the perfect furry pal, and read           Game for Cats (iPad only: Free, $1.99 for full
                the Happy Tails adoption stories for inspiration!       version as in-app purchase, Who
                                                                        says iPads are only for humans? Tantalize your
                Klooff (Free, A social network            kitties with this engaging game, replete with
                for pet owners? Why not?! Create profiles of             laser pointers and squeaky mice. It’ll keep them
                your pets, and earn badges or points when fol-          entertained for hours!
                lowers rate or comment on your pictures. Silly?
                Maybe. Fun? No question. Now go get posting!

  40   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS                                                 SPORTS
                                                                NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2012 (iPad only:

             MUST HAVE!
                                                                $2.99, The official fantasy cheat
                                                                sheet for the National Football League, this app
                                                                keeps you in the loop with the latest news, injury
             Team Stream (Free, Pick              reports, depth charts, keepers, and more.
            your favorite teams, and follow their lat-
            est moves with the Team Stream app by               Golfshot: Golf GPS ($29.99,
            Bleacher Report. The app curates stories            This Apple Hall of Fame app is second to none.
            from local newspapers, blogs, Twitter, and          In addition to mapping over 38,000 golf courses,
            other websites, so you’re always the first           Golfshot analyzes your curb distances and ac-
            to know the latest news.                            curacy, and features colorful personal statistics.

                                                                Topps Pennant Baseball ($0.99,
         ESPN ScoreCenter (Free,, iPad             Don’t you just hate boring, static stats? This app
         version: Free, Get immediate ac-         boasts an enormous amount of beautiful info-
         cess to scores, news, and rankings from sports         graphics based on play-by-play stats for over
         leagues around the world. Create personalized          17,000 baseball games since the 1950s. It’s the
         scoreboards and live game details. The iPad ver-       perfect app for baseball history buffs.
         sion includes video highlights, live in-game stats,
         and game previews and recaps.
 A PPS                                              STYLE & BEAUTY
                                                                                 Chicfeed+ ($0.99, Peruse pho-

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                                 tos from the web’s finest style blogs, includ-
                                                                                 ing the Sartorialist, with this sleek, ad-free app
                                                                                 that lets you save your favorite looks. Pure eye
                   Stylebook ($3.99, Orga-                         candy for fashionistas.
                   nizing your wardrobe is a snap with this
                   feature-rich app that lets you plan your                      Fashion Star Boutique (Free with in-app pur-
                   outfits, store your measurements and                           chases available, Aspiring fash-
                   sizes, make packing lists, shop your fa-                      ion designers will love this chic game, in which
                   vorite brands, and more.                                      you design clothes, customize patterns, and run
                                                                                 your own boutique (picky customers included).

                Trendabl (Free, Like Insta-                        Sephora to GO (Free, Every-
                gram for fashion! This fun photo-sharing app                     one’s favorite cosmetics store is now in the
                lets you follow designers like Michael Kors and                  palm of your hand. Shop for beauty products,
                post your own looks, tagging outfits with price,                  read customer reviews, and watch how-to vid-
                brand, and retail availability.                                  eos with this handy app.

       (Free, Can’t make it                     Total Beauty (Free, Not sure
                to Fashion Week? No problem—this app brings                      if you should splurge on that new moisturizer?
                it to you, with coverage of all the runway shows                 Browse this vast collection of consumer reviews
                and industry parties from NYC, Paris, Milan, and                 and ratings of over 45,000 cosmetics, skin care,
                London.                                                          and hair care products for unbiased advice.

                                                  SHOPPING & DEALS
                                                                                 Amazon Mobile (Free, Shop

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                                 Amazon’s millions of products from your iDe-
                                                                                 vice, just as you would online. Quick searches,
                                                                                 reviews, wish lists, order tracking—it’s all there!
                   ShopSavvy (Free, Ensure
                   you’re getting the best deal possible with
                   this comprehensive barcode scanner,                           The Coupons App (Free, Save
                   which includes extra features like promo                      big at retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters,
                   codes, local store stock info, and sharing                    gas stations and more with this great coupon
                   with friends.                                                 and promo code app, which updates throughout
                                                                                 the day.
                   Groupon (Free, Find local
                   deals (in over 500 cities!) for restaurants,                  GoodGuide (Free, Wondering
                   recreation, retail stores, and more with                      where a product falls on the social responsibility
                   this money-saving app that lets you re-                       scale? GoodGuide has ratings for over 170,000
                   deem the deals directly from your device.                     food, household, pet, and personal care prod-
                                                                                 ucts based on the health and environmental is-
                                                                                 sues that matter to you most.
                CardStar (Free, Toss out those
                ever-accumulating rewards cards and import
                them into this convenient app—it makes check-                          DID YOU KNOW?
                out a breeze! Also includes special offers, sales   While iPad users account for 68 percent of mobile shop-
                announcements, and grocery coupons.                 pers (!), the iPad drives a whopping 90 percent of all mo-
                                                                    bile revenue, according to the 2012 Q1 Shopping Insights
                                                                    Mobile Study.

  42   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS   Drinking Games (Free, Burp!
                                                   PARTY TIME!
                                                                 Find My Friends (Free, When
         This app features over 100 drinking games us-           you’re out on the town partying, Find My
         ing in-app cards, dice, or coins. You can also          Friends will help you keep track of your entou-
         shake the app to bring up a random drinking             rage. You can see the exact location of your
         game.                                                   friends, and even set it to share your location
                                                                 for specific periods of time.

         Portable Party ($0.99, This               StarMaker: Karaoke+ Auto Tune (Free, app2.
         app is like the Swiss Army knife of party apps.         me/5230) Belt out some tunes and see how you
         Includes Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Guess          stack up against your friends. The app is constant-
         My Drawing, Would You Rather, and many other            ly updating songs to include the newest hits. High
         games. Also features a blood alcohol calculator.        scores unlock achievements and tokens.

                                                                 Now. (Free, This slick app
         F l a s h l i g h t (Free, This little    tells you what’s happening in your city on any
         flashlight app turns your iPhone’s LED light into        given night. Using public Instagram data, it can
         a strobe light with adjustable modes. Among             determine what events are trending at the mo-
         the many flashlight apps in the App Store, this          ment. The app currently supports five cities:
         one is reliable, simple, and easy to use.               New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
                                                                 Paris, and London.
 A PPS                                            HEALTH & FITNESS
                MapMyRun+ ($1.99, This GPS                         Pocket Yoga ($1.99, This fantas-
                running app has everything you need to go                        tic yoga app features voice and video instruc-
                from beginner to pro. MapMyRun+ shows you                        tions that guide you through a series of poses
                a live route map and keeps track of your pace,                   for each difficulty level, duration, and practice.
                distance, elevation, calories burned, and other                  The app also tracks your progress and features
                stats. The app also features voice updates that                  145 simple and beautiful illustrations. No inter-
                track your run.                                                  net connection is needed to use Pocket Yoga.

                WomanLog Calendar (Free,;                            Cardiio—Touchless Camera Pulse Sensor
                Pro version: $1.99, This men-                      ($4.99, This magical heart-rate
                strual and fertility calendar for women includes                 monitor uses some interesting science and
                ovulation and fertility forecasts, statistics,                   technology. Cardiio uses your device’s front-
                weight tracking, and much more. The Pro ver-                     facing camera to determine the tiny changes
                sion includes a circular calendar, mood icons,                   in skin color and light reflection caused by blood
                and other features. Both versions support over                   rushing to your face. Just hold it up to your face
                a dozen languages.                                               and get your heart rate!

                iFitness Pro ($0.99, iFitness
                features pics, videos, and text instructions for                       DID YOU KNOW?
                hundreds of exercises. The app also tracks calo-    Some health accessory manufacturers create app combos
                ries for over 90,000 food items, comes with         for their gear that enhance the value and practicality of
                20 built-in exercise routines, and includes the     their specific gadgets. Nike+ (, for ex-
                ability to track multiple users.                    ample, has a whole line of fitness accessories that syncs
                                                                    with their Nike+ apps. Likewise, iHealth (
                Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (Free, app2.         offers a range of health accessories that work with their
                me/2793) Tracking calories is fast and easy with    own iPhone and iPad apps.
                this app’s massive food database of over 1.5
                million items. The app includes over 350 exer-
                cises, a barcode scanner, a recipe calculator,
                customized goals, and much more.

                                                  COUPLES' CORNER
                Pair (Free, A cute, easy way for                   Build-a-Card: Cupid Edition ($0.99, app2.
                couples to stay connected, Pair lets you share                   me/5131) Personalize your next anniversary or
                private messages, photos, and more with your                     Valentine’s Day card with a photo and sweet sen-
                sweetie—and even lets you “thumb-kiss”                           timents, and send it to that special someone.
                across the miles!                                                Tons of cute customization options available!

                Icebreak for Couples (Free, Get                    TripLingo Romance Edition (Free, app2.
                to know your lover better by sharing sketches,                   me/5130) Turn up the charm on your next inter-
                photos, messages, and answers to icebreaker                      national trip with this fun app that lets you flirt
                questions, then evaluate your relationship health                in 10 different languages. Features easy-to-use
                by watching your “score” go up or down.                          navigation, flash cards, audio examples, and
                                                                                 much more.
                SimplyUs (Free, Though not
                super romantic, this über-functional app is a                    iWedding Deluxe – the Wedding Planner
                boon to busy couples, keeping them organized                     ($5.99, Packed with organizational
                and reducing stress by allowing them to share                    features for guest lists, seating, budgeting, and
                Google calendars, to-do lists, and more.                         more, this amazing app will save you countless
                                                                                 headaches when you’re planning your big day.

  44   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
 A PPS   Stack the States ($0.99,
                                                            Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model ($0.99,
         Stack the States features 5 kid-friendly puzzle Solar Walk puts the entire gal-
         games that make it fun to learn about the 50       axy in the palm of your hand. This gorgeous app
         U.S. states. Learn about state capitals, state     lets you travel through space and time to visit
         shapes, abbreviations, state flags, nicknames,      faraway planets and learn about their trajecto-
         and more. New game modes are unlocked as           ries, the history of exploration, and much more.
         you successfully complete levels.                  It also works offline.

         Nick Jr Draw and Play ($6.99,        SAT Vocab – Mindsnacks (Free, app2.
         Let your kids team up with their favorite Nick-    me/5223) This app is: A) Useful, B) Fun, C) Fea-
         elodeon characters to create cool artwork. The     ture-rich, D) Inexpensive, or E) All of the above.
         app features 8 color brushes for drawing and       E is correct! Congratulations. This amusing app
         painting, guided-play activities, 60 animated      features 6 mini-games, 25 SAT lessons, 24 fun
         stickers, and more.                                challenges, and much more.

         Quizlet (Free, Quizlet makes         Amazing Coloring Studio (Free, app2.
         it easy to study languages, vocabulary, or any-    me/5224; iPad version: Perfect
         thing else (and it even works without an inter-    for grooming the next Picasso, this app features
         net connection). The app syncs with your free      a personalized studio with a collection of 48 account and offers access to over      colored crayons, pencils, markers, and brush-
         13 million pre-made flashcard sets covering a       es. Save masterpieces to your photo album, or
         vast range of subjects.                            share them via email, Facebook, or Instagram.
 A PPS                                                 GET INSPIRED
                                                                                  POETRY from The Poetry Foundation (Free,

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                         This comprehensive poetry
                                                                                  collection will give Shakespeare mavens and
                                                                                  Billy Collins fans alike something to delight in.
                   TED (Free, Featuring over                        Search by poet, subject, or mood, or shake your
                   1,100 inspiring and thought-provoking                          device for a random combo of subjects.
                   talks from educators, artists, CEOs, and
                   more, this essential app offers access                         The Law of Attraction Cards ($3.99, app2.
                   to worlds of knowledge—and you won't                           me/5126) Looking for clarity or trying to mani-
                   even have to spend a dime.                                     fest your goals? Check out this app by Esther
                                                                                  and Jerry Hicks, featuring 60 beautiful cards to
                                                                                  summon your innermost desires.
                Simply Being ($0.99, Whether
                you’re wound up from work or having trouble
                falling asleep, Simply Being will soothe you
                with voice-guided meditations, relaxing music,
                                                                                            OUR TAKE
                                                                     “Using the Gratitude Journal app inevitably helps bad days
                or nature sounds for 5-20 minutes.
                                                                     become brighter; it’s a great reminder to be thankful for
                                                                     the special moments in each day, however small they may
                Gratitude Journal ($0.99, Use
                                                                     seem. And adding a photo each day makes it fun to scroll
                this charming app to list the things you’re grate-
                                                                     back through past months. Try it out!“
                ful for each day, along with a photo and star rat-
                                                                       -Nina, Associate Editor
                ing, and see what positivity unfolds in your life.

                                                       GET CREATIVE
                                                                                  Sincerely Ink Cards (Free,

                    MUST HAVE!
                                                                                  Personalize and mail beautiful greeting cards
                                                                                  directly from your device with the help of this
                                                                                  app—it’s even got birthday reminders built in!
                   Pimp Your Screen ($0.99,
                   Customize your device with slick back-
                   grounds, app shelves, and icon skins with                      SketchBook Mobile ($1.99,; iPad
                   this bestselling app that allows you to                        Version: $1.99, Casual doodlers
                   preview each design without having to go                       and professional artists alike will love produc-
                   back to your home screen.                                      ing gorgeous digital art on SketchBook, which
                                                                                  features a bevy of brushes, tools, and custom-
                                                                                  ization options.
                ComicBook! ($1.99 with in-app purchases,
       Star in your very own comic                         My Daily Journal ($1.99, Jot
                strip with this nifty app, featuring classic comic                down your most private musings in this lovely
                graphics and fonts, customizable captions, and                    journal app, featuring a variety of covers, back-
                more!                                                             grounds and fonts; password protection; and
                                                                                  dictation support.
                ScrapPad (iPad only: $4.99 with in-app pur-
                chases, If scrapbooking’s your
                gig, you won’t want to miss this awesome app,
                which boasts tons of great backgrounds and
                borders for your photos.

  46   i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
                                                    HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS
                                                                                    TripIt—Travel Organizer (Free,

                         MUST HAVE!
                                                                                    Let this handy app ease the stress of holiday
                                                                                    travel by keeping all your trip details and itinerar-
                                                                                    ies in one spot—and share the info with family
                        No More Socks: The Christmas List                           so you never get stranded at the airport.
                        Genius ($1.99, Not just for
                        Christmas, this ingenious app lets you store                Chai on Chanukah ($0.99, Fun
                        gift ideas for any event or holiday. Create                 for kids and parents alike, this colorful app fea-
                        profiles for recipients, get birthday remind-                tures an interactive menorah and dreidel game,
                        ers, and even shop right from the app!                      the story of Chanukah, and more, narrated by
                                                                                    Sweetsie, an authentic Jewish grandmother.

                    Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide                          Grinchmas ($0.99, While you’re
                    ($2.99, This crisp, beautifully                   busy cooking or catching up with relatives, plop
                    designed app will whip kitchen amateurs into                    the kids down with this Grinchtastic game, in
                    master chefs in one holiday season. Tons of                     which they can throw snowballs or deliver pres-
                    recipes, tips, and other features for every di-                 ents in a cool 3D backdrop.
                    etary denomination.

                    Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes                             BY THE NUMBERS
                    and Gardens (iPad Only: $0.99,       According to Cult of Mac, on Black Friday 2011, Apple
                    A festive and easy-to-use planner for Halloween    stores around the U.S. collectively sold 89 iPads per min-
                    parties, Thanksgiving feasts, casual cookouts,     ute. Stacked together, all the iPads bought that day could
                    and more, featuring recipes, tips, and decorat-    have built a tower 900 feet taller than the world’s tallest
                    ing ideas. Great for families!                     building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

      iphonelife-final.pdf   1   7/3/12   9:57 AM








The Best   iphoNe CAses of The yeAr
                                                by alex cequea

            ’ve seen way too many cracked screens and dam-          either a black or gray border) has recently come out, including
            aged iPhones to risk using mine without a case.         red, orange, purple, pink, teal, and blue.
            This is your iPhone’s first line of defense against
            inevitable drops, bumps, and spills. The selection
            of cases available varies tremendously in terms of
            style, protection, and price, but we’ve narrowed it
            down to some of the very best. You can’t go wrong
            with any of these cases.

              BesT overALL                                                      BesT Low-CosT
                                                                    Cygnett Workmate Pro
LifeProof Case                                                      ($19.99,
($79.99,                                               The Workmate Pro is a shock-resistant silicone case with an
  We’ve covered the LifeProof case a lot throughout the year,       external hard shell that adds only minimum bulk while protect-
and many of us use it as our standard, everyday case. LifeProof     ing your device from everyday wear and tear. It comes in two
protects your device against snow, water, dirt, and waist-high      color combinations: black/gray and orange/gray. The ports are
drops. It adds a bit of bulk, but once you get used to it, you’ll   uncovered and easily accessible. For the amount of protection
wonder how you ever lived without it. The ports are easily ac-      and style it offers, the $20 Workmate Pro is a bargain.
cessible, although it helps to keep an eye on the headphone
port lid; I’ve managed to lose it several times. If you’re bored     Note: If you’re looking for bare-minimum protection at almost no
of the standard black color, a new line of vibrant colors (with     cost, you can find Apple Bumpers on for less than $1.

48    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                                                             BesT wALLeT CAse
                                                                     Speck CandyShell Card
                                                                       This wallet case from Speck has a built-in rubberized slot that
                BesT desiGN                                          can hold up to 3 cards and folded bills. The little thumb release
                                                                     slot makes it easy to get the cards in and out, and the hard shell
                                                                     has a matte finish with just the right amount of grip to keep it
                                                                     from slipping out of your hands.
Twelve South BookBook Case & Wallet
   The BookBook for iPhone is a beautiful case in the style of a
vintage book, and it doubles as a wallet. This conversation-piece
case has an ID window and can hold a few credit cards, plus
some folded bills and a couple of business cards. The only caveat
is that there’s no hole for the iPhone camera, but it does include
a little red strap that pulls your iPhone up about half an inch to
expose the camera. This gorgeous case makes for a very nice gift.

                                                                            BesT BATTery CAse
                                                                     Mophie Juice Pack Air
                                                                       The Mophie Juice Pack Air adds a 1500mAh battery to your
                                                                     iPhone without adding a whole lot of bulk. LEDs at the bottom
                                                                     of the case let you know how much power is left, and a standby
                                                                     switch lets you control when you want the iPhone to charge.
                                                                     You can also charge the case and the iPhone at the same time
   BesT MiNiMALisT CAse                                              with the included USB cable.

                                                                       There you have it: the best of the best. You can either add
                                                                     these top-of-the-line cases to your collection, or give them away
Incipio feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case                           as gifts. Either way, someone’s iPhone will be very happy. �
   Incipio’s feather Ultralight is a form-fitting case measuring
                                                                                Alex Cequea is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. He holds an MBA in Sus-
1mm in thickness. The $40 package comes with two cases,                         tainable Business, and he writes and speaks about mobile technology, authenticity
and there are a variety of color combinations to choose from. If                and creating a more inter-connected world. He enjoys tennis, sustainability, public
you’re looking for colorful, low-profile protection against bumps               speaking, and climbing mango trees. You can contact him at
and dings, this is it.

                                                                                             iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                49
 Best Mid-Range iPhone Cases
 Not Too Skimpy. Not Too Bulky. Just Right.
                                                                                                by Nina Benjamin

                    hile some iPhone users are looking for the big-                                Speck CandyShell Satin ($34.95,
                    gest, baddest, boldest cases out there (you                          
                    know, the ones that will keep your phone in-
                    tact even after an 80-foot drop or a stampede                                     My other favorite case was the
                    of wildebeests), I am happy to tuck my magi-                                   CandyShell Satin by Speck. Though
                    cal little wizard phone into a merely “protec-                                 it boasts a super-protective dual-
tive enough” case. I shy away from rigid, snap-on shells, which                                    layer construction (a polycarbonate
offer little to no cushion, and gel skins, which can feel flimsy,                                  shell with shock-absorbent rubber
but there is a solid middle ground between feather-light and                                       interior), it’s a one-piece design, so
monster-truck-rugged that suits me perfectly.                                                      inserting and removing your phone
                                                                                                   is a breeze. I love, love, love this
   In this review, I’ll cover my top picks in that mid-range cat-                                  case’s velvety-smooth feel and
egory. To compare the cases, I used the following criteria: feel                                   matte coating, which provides
and appearance (including bulkiness or lack thereof), ease of                                      great grip. Its perforated rubber
use, and protection. All of the cases I covered are perfectly                                      lining adds a playful touch, and
practical for average day-to-day use, feature raised front bezels                                  the solid button covers offer easy
to protect from face-first drops, offer full access to your phone’s                                volume adjustment. I can’t find
ports and camera unless otherwise mentioned, and come in a                                         anything wrong with this case!
variety of cool colors. Happy shopping!
                                                                                                   Case-Mate Pop! ($30, case-mate.
                            iFrogz Cocoon ($34.99,                                     com)

                                   One of my two favorites of the                                    The first iPhone case I ever owned,
                                 bunch, the Cocoon case is the                                     the Case-Mate Pop! is a no-frills de-
                                 perfect combination of fashion                                    sign that remains one of my favor-
                                 and function. Featuring a dura-                                   ites. It’s relatively slim, so you still
                                 ble polycarbonate exterior that’s                                 feel as though you’re holding your
                                coated with what iFrogz calls a                                    phone—as opposed to a huge hunk
                                “Luxe finish” for a wonderful                                      of plastic—in your hand. Made of
                                feel that’s silky but not slippery,                                lightweight plastic molded with soft
                               this case also has a pliable inte-                                  rubber, the Pop! combines a sleek
                               rior layer that protects against im-                                back with ample interior cushion-
                               pact. Luckily, it’s easy enough to                                  ing. My favorite features are the
                              slip your phone in and out without                                   slip-free, sturdy rubber grips on each
                              taking the two-piece case apart.                                     side and the solid, pronounced but-
                                                                                                   ton coverings, which make adjusting
                             Though the Cocoon adds a tiny bit                                     the volume and putting your phone
                            of bulk to your phone, it’s worth the                                  to sleep effortless.
                            extra heft—it feels secure in your
                           hands, has an amazing texture, and           Eventually, my first Pop! case racked up a few scratches on
                         boasts a super-stylish, sporty design.       the back and cracks in the thin divider between the bottom of
                      One thing to note: the color of the case I      the screen and the charging port, but that’s to be expected after
received was very different than pictured; mine was more of a         four months of normal wear and tear. Overall, this simple, sleek
deep rust than a bold red.                                            case does the job quite well.

50    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                       Casemate Pop! With Stand ($40, case-                                                iSkin fuze ($49.99,
                                                                                                                      The fuze case from iSkin
                         If you want a little more oomph, pick                                                          offers ample protec-
                     up the Pop! With Stand—it features the                                                              tion from drops with
                     same practical mix of plastic and rubber as                                                         its dual-layer design of
                     its predecessor (with a prettier pattern on                                                         polycarbonate on the
                     the rubber sides), but has a little more heft                                                      outside and thermo-
                     to it, making you feel as though your pre-                                                         polymer lining, and it
                     cious device is in very good hands. Though                                                      has a nice, sleek look. It
                     it offers great grip, the extra bulk is a bit                                            also features a small flap to cover
                     too much for my taste. The kicker, though                                            the charging port, protecting it from
                     (no pun intended), is the built-in kickstand,                                    dust and dirt.
                     which allows you to watch videos or play
                     games hands-free, in either landscape or                While it looks good, feels lightweight, and has decent grip, I
portrait mode. Just like the Pop!, the Pop! With Stand is easy            find it inconvenient to have to take a case apart every time I want
to get on and off, and features comfortable button coverings.             to insert or remove my phone. Another big issue for me was the
                                                                          feel of the button covers; they weren’t pronounced enough, so I
                     iFrogz Luxe Original ($29.99,            had to press really hard to adjust the volume or put my phone to
                                                                          sleep. And while some may love the protection that the charging
                            Just like the Cocoon, the lightweight         port cover affords, I prefer not to have to mess with a flap every
                           Luxe Original from iFrogz features a           time I want to charge my phone. If those things don’t irk you,
                             plush, silky feel that makes me oh-so        this is a good choice!
                               happy. And this metallic polycarbon-
                                ate case looks as good as it feels!                                      Otterbox Commuter ($34.95,
                                  While it’s not as cushioned as                               
                                   some cases, it does have velvet
                                   inserts that offer some impact                                          The Commuter Series case from Otter-
                                   protection.                                                           box offers great protection from bumps
                                                                                                         and shocks without adding as much
                              Though I’m normally not a fan of two-                                      bulk as Otterbox’s rugged Defender Se-
                             piece cases that require you to take                                        ries case. That said, this case is one of
                            them apart when you want to insert or                                        the heftiest of the bunch (about equal to
                        remove your phone (see iSkin fuze, below),                                       the Pop! With Stand), so if you’re used
                   the Luxe Original makes it a breeze. Simply slide                                     to holding your iPhone without a case,
your phone into the top piece, then slide the bottom piece on until                                      it will feel very different with the Com-
it snaps into the top half, and push the button to open it again—it’s                                    muter on. It’s comprised of a thick, du-
quick and painless. The only drawbacks are that, since the buttons                                       rable silicone skin, which has a pleasingly
aren’t covered, the sleep button is hard to reach in and press, and                                      foamy feel, and a hard polycarbonate
the case doesn’t lie flat, due to the button on the back where the                                       outer shell, and features silicone plugs
two halves meet. But overall, I love this case.                                                          that protect the headphone and charger
                                                                                                         ports from dirt and dust.
                           Switcheasy Capsule Rebel ($27.99,
                                                   My dislikes of this mostly great case include the port cover-
                                                                          ings, which don’t stay securely in place very well; the feel of
                                While the Capsule Rebel isn’t my          the sleep button cover; and the extra heft—someone with small
                            favorite, comfort-wise, it takes top          hands may have a hard time hanging onto it. �
                            marks for unique style, hands-down.
                            It has a tough polycarbonate exterior
                            with a spine-like textured back that                     Nina Benjamin is the Associate Editor of iPhone Life magazine. She holds a B.A.
                                                                                     in Literature and Writing and has written and edited articles for several regional
                            Switcheasy claims is for “enhanced                       magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Once a professional ballet dancer, Nina now
                            grip” (I disagree; while it ups the ba-                  enjoys teaching ballet and singing.
                            dass factor, the raised back didn’t help
                            me hang onto my phone) and a smooth
                            polymer material on the inside to pro-
                            tect your phone from impact. Overall,
                            I love the look and functionality of this
                            case, but its button covers were a bit
                            wimpy, it doesn’t lie flat, and it’s nearly
                            impossible to wrench your phone out
of (just keep it in there forever, and you’ll be a happy camper).

                                                                                                   iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                              51
                                                                         rotate it 360° to view at any angle and switch easily between

     The Best
                                                                         portrait and landscape view. Note that there are distinct models
                                                                         designed for the iPad 2 and new iPad. The latter includes a stylus
                                                                         holder, magnetic cover, and three different viewing angles. The
                                                                         Versavu has a stain-resistant padded exterior and soft interior

     iPad Cases
                                                                         liner, and is available in multiple colors.

     add PorTabiliTy,
     FunCTionaliTy, and
     ProTeCTion To your iPad
                                                                         MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case

     by JiM KarPen
                                                                           The MoKo case is a good value, with a leather exterior and
                                                                         polyurethane finish, and soft microfiber interior. It has cutouts
                                                                         for in-case use of your iPad, and a magnetic on/off function. It
                                                                         has several viewing angles, and an interior hand strap for one-

               ases are wildly popular among iPad users, as they         handed viewing and reading.
               serve a range of functions, including protection and
               portability. In this article we’ll look at a variety of                                    Ipevo Ultra-Slim Origami Folio
               cases, including folios, bags, shells, sleeves, and                                        Case
               cases with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.
                                                                                                           This soft, stain-resistant microfi-
               besT Folio Cases                                                                          ber case has a cover that folds in
                                                                                                         different ways to provide stands for
                                                                         both portrait and landscape views. It’s slim and lightweight, but
                                  Bear Motion Leather iPad Case          does afford some protection for your iPad. Includes magnetic on/off
                                                                         and cutouts for all iPad functions. Available in five different colors.
                                    This black, genuine top-grain
                                  leather folio case continues to
                                  be popular among iPad users                                besT sleeves
                                  because of its combination of
                                  quality and value. Like most folio                                        Incase Origami Stand Sleeve
                                  cases, it not only gives your iPad
                                  padded protection, it also folds                                          ($34.95,
                                  back as a stand in three different                                          A sleeve provides minimal bulk
positions. Also, the cutout portions let you access the function-                                           while also giving some protec-
ality of your iPad while it’s in the case. The Bear Motion case                                             tion. You typically need to re-
takes advantage of the Smart Cover technology so that your iPad                                             move your iPad from the sleeve
automatically wakes up when you open the case and goes to                                                   in order to use it. The form-fitting
sleep when you close it.                                                                                    Incase Origami Sleeve has a du-
                                                                         rable neoprene outer cover and faux-fur interior. You can also use
                                   Targus Versavu                        it as a stand, with the origami feature serving up both portrait and
                                                                         landscape views. Works with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad.
                                       While folio cases usually                                          rooCASE Super Bubble Neo-
                                   double as stands, they are of-                                          prene Sleeve
                                   ten limited to landscape view.
                                   The popular Versavu case has                                            ($21.85,
                                   that problem solved. You can                                               The rooCASE sleeve has a
                                   leave your iPad in the case and                                        bubble-textured, shock-absorbing

52    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
foam interior and a Velcro pocket for items such as earbuds and                                                  Logitech Solar Keyboard
charger. It’s available in dark blue, neon green, pink, orange, and                                              Folio
red. It’s just the size of your iPad, but it can accommodate the
Smart Cover.                                                                                                  ($129.99,
                                                                                                                  The Logitech Solar Key-
                                                                                                                 board Folio case powers
                                                                                                                 the keyboard via a small
                                                                                                                solar panel that even
                                                                           charges with lamplight. It’s designed to work with both the
                                                                           iPad 2 and the new iPad, and has the common folio features of
                                                                           magnetic on/off and a multi-view stand.

                                                                                                 besT bags
Griffin Elan Sleeve
                                                                                                                  STM Jacket for iPad
  Fits all iPad models. You slide your iPad into the sleeve and then                                               ($25,
secure it with a tab, which also facilitates sliding it out of the case.                                               The STM Jacket, with
It has a smooth, synthetic outer shell and microsuede interior.                                                     its shoulder strap and
                                                                                                                    durable water- and stain-
                                                                                                                  resistant material, is the
   besT Cases wiTh inTegraTed                                              perfect case if you tote your iPad everywhere you go. The bag
                                                                           is light and just the size of the iPad, so the bulk is minimal, and
      blueTooTh Keyboard                                                   it provides a thin layer of high-density padding. There are two
                                                                           flat pockets on the front and a flat, open pouch in the back. The
                                                                           shoulder strap is removable, and there’s also a handle for carry-
                          Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2                        ing your iPad briefcase-style.

                          ($99.99,                                          CaseCrown Vertical Multi-Pocket
                             Folio cases with a built-in Bluetooth                          Messenger Bag
                            keyboard make your iPad resemble a
                                     small laptop. The case props                                      ($37.95,
                                            up your iPad while                                          The CaseCrown bag has a padded
                                              you type. Some                                            compartment with Velcro closure
                                              cases are also de-                                       tab to protect your iPad, but also nu-
                                             signed to offer solid                                     merous other internal and outside
                                         protection for both the                                        pockets. It’s lightweight and slim,
                                   front and back of your iPad                                          and has a vertical orientation.
                              when you fold the keyboard into
the case. The popular Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2, which works
with both the iPad 2 and new iPad, has a removable keyboard.
When closed, the case not only provides protection, but also
gives access to the iPad’s controls and ports, including the front
and back cameras.                                                                                                        Incase Coated
                                                                                                                          Canvas Field Bag
         New Trent IMP38B Airbender
                The Airbender is a hard case that provides good                                                                 This coated,
                protection for your iPad. The keyboard has the                                                              durable, weather-
                  same layout as the iPad’s on-screen key-                                                                  resistant canvas
                    board. There are four different typing angles                                                           iPad bag has a
                    to choose from, and you can set the iPad                                                               bike messenger-
                                        in either landscape or                                                         style shoulder strap
                                           portrait orientation. It        that mounts the bag on your back. There’s a zippered pouch
                                             also has the auto-            on the front, and the quilted cotton lining offers good protection
                                               matic sleep/wake            for your iPad. You can use your iPad while it’s in the case.

                                                                                               iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2        53
                        besT sleeves

                                                 Otterbox Defender

                                                    While most cases pro-
                                                  vide some protection,
                                                  shells are engineered
                                                  to be especially robust.    Griffin Survivor Extreme-Duty Military Case
                                                  The popular Otterbox
                                                  Defender is made of         ($79.99,
                                                  durable silicone that          This case is certified to meet U.S. and UK Department of
                                                  absorbs impact. It of-      Defense standards. It has been designed to protect your iPad
                                                  fers three layers of        from dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration, and just about anything
                                                  hard protection, a built-   else. It has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame covered with
                                                  in stand, and a protec-     silicone to absorb shocks. It seals your display from the outside
                                                  tive film for the screen.   environment yet lets you use your iPad while in the case. It’s
                                                  It has cutouts for iPad     designed to work with both the new iPad and iPad 2. It includes
                                                  controls and ports so       a stand that clips on for landscape viewing. �
                                                  you can use your iPad
    while it's in the case. It fits both the new iPad and iPad 2.
                                                                                         Jim Karpen, Ph.D, is on faculty at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield,
                                                                                         IA. He has been writing about the revolutionary consequences of computer technol-
                                                                                         ogy since 1994. His Ph.D dissertation anticipated the Internet revolution. His site,
                                                                               , contains selected regular columns written for The Iowa Source.

Bodyguardz Ads_02 FOR PRESS.pdf   9/7/12   5:23:09 PM

                                                                                 Protect your new
                                                                                                                               With GREAT PRICES
                                                                                 iPhone right                                  and unlimited lifetime
                                                                                 from the start.
                                                                                                                               BodyGuardz delivers
                                                                                                                               PROTECTION, VALUE and
                                                                                                                               SELECTION you won’t
                                                                                                                               find anywhere else.

         clear skins                        armor rindz                           armor                                       Order your device
         Full Body Protectors               Stylish Protective Skin            Carbon Fiber Skin                              protection today at:

    54     i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012

                                                                                                                              T HE ULT I M AT E DE VICE P R OTE CTION
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   55
                                                                  lthough the iPad is a touch screen de-

      THE A
                                                                  vice, everyone who owns one knows
                                                                  that typing on it—one of the most basic
                                                                  gestures in computing—doesn't work so
                                                                  well. The iPad isn't tactile, so you don't
                                                                  get physical feedback; the only feedback
                                                                  you get is a screen full of poorly mis-
                                                                  spelled words.

                                             The remedy for typing, long-form or short, is a keyboard.
                                           There are many excellent keyboards on the market and I have
                                           evaluated the top nine for this buyers’ guide. Let’s take a look!

                                                 MY EVALUATION CRITERIA

                                                 Here are my evaluation criteria, biases, and some
                                               common denominators:

                                               •	 All	of	the	keyboards	are	Bluetooth.
                                               •	 All	of	the	keyboards	paired	quickly	and	easily.

                                               •	 All	of	the	keyboards	demonstrated	good	battery	life.	
                                                  Charge any of them once a week, and you should be
                                               •	 All	keyboards	need	a	full-sized	shift	key	on	the	right-
                                                  hand side of the keyboard or it becomes too easy
                                                  to hit the arrow keys, redirecting your typing to the
                                                  wrong place in the document.

                                               •	 Good	keyboards	have	spaces	between	keys	and	ad-
                                                  equate access to the spacebar.
                                               •	 Good	keyboards	have	real	keys	that	go	up	and	down,	
                                                  not projections, not rubber nibs, and not flat sensors
                                                  without tactile feedback. All of these keyboards have
                                                  real keys.

                                               •	 At	prices	between	$79	and	$149,	price	doesn’t	really	
                                                  differentiate in terms of quality.

                                               One final caveat: with the iPad, it is nearly impossible
                                               to create a keyboard that doesn’t detract from the ele-
                                               gance of the device itself. Every one of these keyboards
                                               introduces some level of discomfort for the end user:

                                               a separate unit, added bulk, or some annoying kludge.
                                               If you keep the iPad stationary, the top keyboards offer
                                               a well-conceived experience. As soon as you want to
                                               quickly switch between keyboard and tablet, every one
                                               of these products hinders that transition.

                  BY                                               WINNER

                DAN W.                                    Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad
                RASMUS                                      The iPad presents two major typing problems:
                                                          typing on glass doesn’t work very well, and the
                                                          typing surface is vulnerable to damage when ex-

56   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
posed. That means all iPads need screen protection and most             a keyboard that almost looks like a MacBook Air's, with black
writers, jotters, and journalists need a keyboard. Fortunately, Logi-   Chiclet keys against a buffed aluminum tray.
tech has delivered an elegant keyboard solution that also takes
care of screen protection: the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

  Many other keyboards make up part of a case, but this is the            The ZAGGfolio has excellent key placement and a nice feel, and
only one that is a case all by itself. Logitech has created the case    the iPad slips easily into the strong, simulated carbon-fiber cover.
that Apple should have made. Align the case’s magnetic clips            No need to remove the iPad to type; just bend the bottom of the
to the edge of the iPad, and the keyboard becomes a perfect             iPad forward and it fits neatly and quickly into the keyboard’s slot
aesthetic match.                                                        at a good working angle. ZAGG and Logitech worked together
                                                                        on an earlier keyboard case (reviewed towards the end of this
  In order to use the keyboard, separate it from the iPad and           article); this case is clearly an improved riff on that original design.
then slip the iPad into the white, edge-protective slot that snugly     For more flexibility and lightness, you can slip the keyboard out
holds it in place. You can't adjust the angle, but Logitech did a       of the case, but the case doesn’t close as nicely, or snap shut as
great job of optimizing the viewing position.                           securely, as it does with the keyboard in tow.

  Of course, the keys themselves are the most important ele-              Unlike the Logitech keyboard that uses function keys for iPad-
ment of a Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard’s well-spaced keys          specific functions, the ZAGGfolio includes a dedicated row of
make touch-typing a pleasure. I can type at a good rate and I           function keys for search, cut and paste, and photos, and includes
don’t ever miss the full-sized keys.                                    controls for media playback and volume.

   Using the iPad as a tablet means detaching the keyboard,               This case is an ideal gift for people who use the iPad as a
and this is the primary downside of the Logitech case. As chic          laptop replacement.
as it looks, the keyboard and the back of the iPad are both ex-
posed to potential metal-on-metal clashes in disorganized bags.
I highly recommend using a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD ($34.99, to protect the iPad's back.                                                        THIRD PLACE
  I love this keyboard. Because it is Smart Cover compliant (in
size and magnet placing), it also works with several other cases        ClamCase
that Logitech didn't really have in mind. My M-Edge Recon               ($149,
($49.99,; see my review at                The ClamCase essentially turns your iPad into a netbook. Once
easily accommodates the iPad and the Logitech keyboard, as              the iPad snaps into the case, it’s completely enclosed and pro-
does the Belkin Snap Shield ($29.99, Both provide          tected. This case features a full-swing hinge that converts the
additional protection with various degrees of bulk.                     case into a laptop, movie viewer, portrait display, and tablet, all
                                                                        without removing the iPad.

                  SECOND PLACE

   The ZAGGfolio is a very close second, and depending on
how you use it, it could be your number one. A total case solu-
tion, the ZAGGfolio doesn’t need back-panel protection (though
screen protection is always recommended), and it gives you

                                                                                              iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2          57
  The protection comes at a price: with your iPad in place, the                 to protect the screen during transport, but it leaves the rest of
ClamCase weighs nearly as much as a netbook computer. The                       the iPad exposed. It’s also awkward to place the iPad precisely
second area of compromise is the slightly recessed keyboard.                    in the case.
It makes me feel like I’m reaching into the case to type. The
typing experience is nowhere close to that of the Logitech or                                                          The Belkin YourType Fo-
ZAGG keyboards, but it isn't horrible once you get used to it.                                                            lio + Keyboard
If you travel a lot and worry about safely getting your iPad to                                                           ($99.99,
your destination, this is the case and keyboard combo for you.                                                                 Unfortunately, when
                                                                                                                         you place the YourType
                                                                                                                        Folio + Keyboard next
                       RUNNERS-UP                                                                                        to the other cases, it
                                                                                                                          looks cheap and under-
                                                                                                                            designed. And at $100,
                                                                                                                            it certainly isn't cheap.
Adonit Writer Plus                                                                                                        The case employs
(Starting at $84.99,                                                                                                 modern, suede-like materi-                                                                                                 als, and does so in minimalist
    Based on other                                                                                          fashion. The keyboard itself is pretty
reviews and images                                                              good, with adequate spacing and a good shift key that supports
in magazines and                                                                touch-typing with ease. However, unlike the high-end, glossy
on the net, I re-                                                               plastic and metal combos of other keyboards, this case is a dull
ally thought I’d like                                                           black. The keyboard suffers from Velcro positioning that can take
this keyboard-case                                                              time to get right after removal. To adjust the viewing angle, the
combination, but                                                                keyboard must be removed, which is awkward to do in cramped
when compared to the ZAGGfolio and the Logitech, it feels flimsy                places like an airplane. Belkin has a nice keyboard, but they
and cramped. It just doesn't look like the Adonit design team                   could design a better solution at this price.
focused on anything in particular. The nice metal keyboard hous-
ing only offers an okay keyboard. The little nibs on the corners,
meant to keep the iPad from pushing down on the keyboard,
become annoying if you use the keyboard for any period of time.
The bottom “on” switch requires a pen to flip it on (of course, the
expectation is that you leave it on and it sleeps with the iPad, but
that may not be useful if this isn't your only case). This case was
engineered to be cool, but the engineers forgot that good design
balances innovation, aesthetics, and functionality.

                              Qmadix Portfolio with Removable
                              Bluetooth Keyboard
                                  I’ve reviewed the Qmadix Portfolio
                                before (see Sept./Oct. 2012 issue). I
                                still really like the style of the Portfolio,
                                with its nice leather feel and smell,
                             and it’s the only case with a removable
                       magnetic keyboard. The Portfolio, however,
                with its nicely spaced polycarbonate keys, commits              Kensington KeyFolio Secure Keyboard Security Case & Lock
the sin of the small shift key. I spend way too much time typing in              ($129.99,
the wrong place, or touching the screen to return my cursor to the                 If your gift recipient is a bit paranoid, or they travel extensively
right place after hitting annoyingly placed arrow keys.                         and stay in places without in-room safes, then the KeyFolio Se-
                                                                                cure Keyboard Security Case might make the ideal gift. Since
                                         Logitech       Keyboard                this case is all about making sure your iPad is in your room when
                                            Case by ZAGG                        you return, it makes no promises of lightness or ease of use. The
                                            ($79.99,              heavy plastic and metal back plate holds the iPad in place above
                                              As I said earlier, this           a serviceable keyboard with a good shift key, but doesn’t offer
                                            case is a joint effort              enough room between the keys. The keyboard is removable and
                                           between ZAGG and                     re-aligns with magnets. The back plate includes a slot where a
                                  Logitech. The keyboard itself is              key-based lock can be inserted. This lock, like all of those from
                           great, but the implementation makes                  Kensington, should be wrapped around something relatively
it a runner-up. It sports the same great keyboard found in the                  immovable before being applied to the case. As a case, I rather
ZAGG, but here it is placed inside a tray that I never really got               like the rubbery material and elastic closure strap. This case sells
comfortable with. Like the Ultrathin from Logitech, it is meant                 at the high end of the price range, but its security features are

58     i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
well worth the extra cost if you have any concerns about leaving
your iPad alone in a dorm or hotel room.                                                                             STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND
                                                                                                                                                               (Required by Title 39 U.S.C. 3526)
                     KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard,                                             1. Publication Title: iPhone Life
                         Case & Stand                                                               2. Publication no.: 1949-2014
                            ($99.99,                                                3. Date of filing: September 13, 2012
                                  This Kensington case is at-                                       4. Issue frequency: Bi-Monthly

                                     tractive and comes with                                        5. No. of issues published annually: 6
                                                                                                    6. Annual subscription price: $15.97
                                      an adequate keyboard.
                                                                                                    7. Complete mailing address of known office of publication: 402 N. B St. #108,
                                      Although the shift key is                                        Fairfield, Iowa 52556
                                      small, it sits above the ar-                                  8. Complete mailing address of the headquarters of general business office of the publisher: 402 N. B St.
                                                                                                       #108, Fairfield, Iowa 52556
                                      row keys, instead of being
                                                                                                    9. Full names and complete mailing addresses of publisher and editor: Publisher, David Averbach, 402 N. B St.
                                     buried in them. The case                                          #108, Fairfield, Iowa 52556. Editor, Alex Cequea, 402 N. B St. #108, Fairfield, Iowa 52556
holds the keyboard in place with magnets, which makes it easy                                       10. Owners: Mango Life Media, Inc. 402 N. B St. #108, Fairfield, Iowa 52556; David Averbach, Alex Cequea,
                                                                                                        Raphael Burnes, Hal & Rita Goldstein.
to remove. Unique to this case is a Velcro fastener on the bot-
                                                                                                    13. Publication name: iPhone Life
tom of the iPad enclosure that securely holds the screen at                                         14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: Vol 4 No. 6, Nov-Dec 2012.
your selected viewing angle. This feature leaves the Bluetooth                                                                                              Average Number Copies Each Issue             Actual Number Copies of Single Issue
                                                                                                                                                                  During Preceding 12 Months
keyboard with the freedom to wander.                                                                15. Extent and Nature of Circulation
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Published Nearest to Filing Date

                                                                                                    a. Total No. Copies (Net Press Run) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,721                                               95,162
                                                                                                    b. Paid Circulation

                       A GREAT GIFT                                                                      (1) Paid Mail Subscriptions stated on PS form 3541
                                                                                                         (includes Advertisers’ Proof Copies/
                                                                                                         Exchange Copies) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11,992                                     11,929
                                                                                                         (3) Sales through dealers and carriers,
                                                                                                         street vendors and counter sales
                                                                                                         (not mailed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,058                               32,223
  To some, a keyboard for the iPad is an anathema. But for writ-
ers and e-mailers, it is a necessity. Not only do keyboards make                                    c. Total Paid Circulation
                                                                                                       (Sum of 15b(1) and 15b(3) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42,050                                          44,152
typing on the iPad more comfortable, but they also create more
                                                                                                    d. Free or Nominal Rate Distribution (by mail and
screen space by automatically hiding the on-screen keyboard.                                           outside the mail)
If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will please your parents,                                      (4) Outside the Mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,585                                                2,675
lover, or colleague, look to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard or                                     e. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution
                                                                                                       (Sum of 15d (1) and (4)) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,585                                        2,675
the ZAGGfolio. If the person already has an iPad, go with the                                       f. Total Distribution
Logitech, because it will likely work with their existing acces-                                       (Sum of 15c and 15e) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45,635                                       46,827
sories. If they are receiving a new iPad, get them the ZAGG, as                                     g. Copies Not Distributed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45,087                                         48,335

it’ll likely be the only case they need.                                                            h. Total (Sum of 15f and 15g) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,722                                           95,162
                                                                                                    i. Percent Paid
                                                                                                       (15c/15f x 100) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92%                                    94%
Note: All of the products reviewed here have iPad 2 and new                                         16. This Statement of Ownership will be printed in the
iPad versions, or a single version that accommodates both. �                                           Vol.4. No.6 Nov-Dec 2012 issue of this publication.
                                                                                                    17. Signed, David Averbach, CEO. September 13, 2012

           Daniel W. Rasmus, author of Listening to the Future and Management by Design, is a       Digital Circulation:
           strategist and industry analyst who helps clients put their future in context. Rasmus
                                                                                                    The digital editions of iPhone Life are distributed through Apple Newsstand and the Zinio Digi-
           was the Director of Business Insights at Microsoft Corporation, and today is a consul-   tal Newsstand as enhanced digital replicas of the print issues.
           tant and internationally recognized speaker. He blogs for Fast Company and iphonelife.
           com. You can reach him at                                     As of September 13, 2012, iPhone Life had a total of 32,580 digital subscriptions, with an ad-
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                                                                                                    The digital editions of iPhone Life are available in the Apple App Store,, and the Zinio
                                                                                                    Magazine Newsstand & Reader app. They can be read through any iOS device including all
                                                                                                    versions of the iPhone and iPad.

                                                                                                                                                   iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                                             59
The BesT speAker doCks
By jiM kArpeN

      fter cases and headsets, speaker docks are one of the more                                     JBL OnBeat Air
      popular iPhone and iPad accessories. Plopping your device
      in the dock simultaneously recharges it and redirects your                                     ($249.95,
 music or other audio to the dock’s built-in speakers.                                              The OnBeat Air has great sound qual-
                                                                                                  ity, with a range of features. While it of-
   Note, though, that all of the docks in this article have the 30-                              fers both portrait and landscape modes
 pin connector common on iOS devices up through the iPhone                                        for your iPhone and iPod touch, it’s
 4S and iPad with Retina display. But all new iOS devices are                                       portrait-only for the iPad. It includes
 expected to have a 9-pin connector. Adaptors are expected to                                         Wi-Fi networking and AirPlay for
 be available, but in many cases they won’t likely work with these                                     streaming music, composite vid-
 docks. So if you have a device with a 9-pin connector, be sure                                        eo output for connecting to a TV,
 to look for a new dock specifically for your device. As this is be-                                   a USB port, and an IR remote for
 ing written, the newer docks weren’t yet available, but some of                                       navigating your device.
 the most prolific manufacturers, such as Altec Lansing, Phillips,
 iHome, or iLuv, will likely have new versions out in an instant.                                 iLuv ArtStation Pro iMM514

     In this article we’ll look at a range of docks, from the more                                   ($149,
 expensive models with sound quality suitable for audiophiles                                       The ArtStation Pro works well with
 to inexpensive portable docks with solid sound. The first group                                    the iPad, with an arm that lets you
 consists of docks for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, while the sec-                                  rotate your iPad, iPhone, or iPod to
 ond group lists docks only for the iPhone and iPod touch. And                                     both landscape and portrait mode.
 I’ll also list a dock that’s only for the iPad.                                                     It has good sound, and a free app
                                                                                                     turns your iPad or iPhone into a
   For iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch                                                                  multi-featured alarm clock. It in-
                                                                                                     cludes an auxiliary-in jack and a
                            JBL OnBeat Xtreme                                                       remote that lets you adjust volume
                                                                                                  and skip through tracks.
                                 This stylish dock is a high-end                                       Satechi iFit-2
                                  speaker system that accommo-
                                    dates the iPad as well as oth-                                       ($29.99,
                                      er iOS devices. It includes                                            The iFit-2 has surprisingly
                                       Bluetooth wireless stream-                                         good sound for a speaker
                                        ing and a speakerphone for                                        stand that can be purchased
                                        answering calls while your                                        for under $30. It not only works
                                       iPhone is docked. The ro-                                 with the full range of iOS devices,
                                      tating dock connector lets       but also phones and tablets from other manufacturers. Unlike
                                     you use your device in either     the other devices listed here, it’s a stand rather than a dock: it
 landscape or portrait mode. The RF remote lets you control            doesn’t recharge your device. The speakers are powered by a
 menus on your iPhone or iPad, iTunes songs, playlists, photos,        rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to seven hours.
 and videos, as well as letting you change tracks and system
 settings. It comes with an auxiliary-in jack and composite video
 output for connecting the OnBeat Xtreme to a TV to display
                                                                          For iPhone and iPod touch Only
 video content. A USB port lets you sync with your computer,           Audyssey Audio Dock
 and it includes a free app that lets you adjust the sound.
                                                                        The Audyssey speaker dock has top sound quality, the sort that

 60    i P h o n e L i f e Buyers Guide 2012
                                   you expect from high-quality speakers.                                                      Sony ICF-CS15iP Speaker Dock
                                   But it also has a range of useful features,                                                 with Alarm Clock and Radio
                                   including Bluetooth streaming, a built-
                                   in speakerphone for answering calls, a                                            ($89.99,
                                   compact form factor, a remote, an app                                               This Sony docking speaker has
                                   for customized sound, and computer                                                very good sound quality for the
                                   connectivity.                                                                     price. The many features include
                                                                                                                     an alarm clock, LCD display,
                                       Bose SoundDock Series II                                                     sleep timer, and wireless remote
                                                                                   with full menu control of your iPhone. This speaker also fea-
                                        ($249.95,                        tures Sony’s Mega Xpand and Mega Bass sound technologies,
                                          Bose is legendary for quality sound,     as well as an auxiliary-in jack.
                                             and the SoundDock maintains
                                                 the tradition. This is one of                                     Philips Fidelio DS3010
                                                 the best sellers on the high-
                                                 er end of speaker docks. It                                  ($89.99,
          comes with a remote that lets you control power and volume, as                                          The Phillips is a quality speaker
          well as playlists and track-seek. An auxiliary port lets you use it as                               dock on the lower end of the price
          a speaker system for other devices.                                                                  range. Despite its small size, it has
                                                                                                              good sound quality. Features include
                                     Altec Lansing Mix BoomBox iMT810                                        bass boost, USB for syncing with your
                                                                                                             computer, and a free app that lets you
                                         ($299.95,                                    adjust the sound, access over 7   ,000 radio
                                            This dock has a retro boombox          st ations, share music, and set alarms. Also, you can dock your
                                            style and a booming stereo             iPhone without removing the case.
                                            sound to go with it. The Boom-
                                            Box comes with a digital FM                                                          Altec Lansing InMotion Com-
                                           tuner and a remote that lets you                                                       pact iMT325
                                          toggle between all your music
                                        sources, including the FM radio.                                               ($54.99,
                                       It also lets you control the power,                                             One of the least expensive,
                                      volume, track-seek, EQ, and play/                                                the InMotion Compact por-
          pause, as well as having four preset buttons. The dock has dual                                              table speaker system is a
          auxiliary-in jacks, and can run on battery or AC power. It auto-                                             lightweight and basic dock
          matically pauses the music when you get a call on your iPhone.           with good sound and a few features. It runs off AC or AA
          A set of controls let you tailor the sound, and the LCD display          batteries and has a built-in carrying case that folds into a stand.
          gives information on what’s playing.
                                                                                                            For iPad only
                                                Soundfreaq Sound
                                                Platform SFQ-1                                                 Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad

                                             ($179.99,                                       ($97 .99,
                                               The Soundfreaq is another                                      Designed exclusively for the iPad, this is
                                             dock with good sound com-                                     a sturdy speaker stand that not only accom-
                                             bined with useful features.                                   modates both portrait and landscape mode
          It includes Bluetooth wireless streaming, FM radio reception,                                   but also just about any viewing angle. And
          an auxiliary-in jack, and an accompanying app that lets you use                                    although it’s called a stand, it is in fact a
          your iOS device as a remote.                                                                        dock to recharge your device. Plus, it in-
                                                                                                               cludes speakers, an auxiliary-in jack, and
                             Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker                                              controls for power and volume. �

                                        ($129.99,                               Jim Karpen, Ph.D, is on faculty at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield,
                                           One of the bestselling speakers                    IA. He has been writing about the revolutionary consequences of computer technol-
                                        for the iPhone and iPod, the portable                 ogy since 1994. His Ph.D dissertation anticipated the Internet revolution. His site,
                                                                                    , contains selected regular columns written for The Iowa Source.
                                        Logitech S715i includes a remote,
                                      travel case, and rechargeable battery
          with an 8-hour life. Customers say the sound quality is excellent,
          making this unit a good value.


                                                                                                            iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                61
                                                                                          OU ND
                                                                       B YS                                       D IPA

                                                     D ED                                   IPHO
                                                                                                 N         E   AN

                             UN                                                       U   R
                                                                                 R YO
   RR                      O                                     ARBU
                                                                      D   S   FO

SU        T          H EADP
                                    HO     N ES AN
                                                          D    E

     BY D


             smartphones become increasingly prevalent,
                                                                     IN EAR HEADPHONES EARBUDS

              more and more people are scrapping their iPods
               and burning their Zunes in favor of using their
                iPhone as their primary music player. The little                    In-ear headphones are the most portable
                 white earbuds that come with the iPhone are                      style of headphones. The small earbuds
                  great for casual use, but they don’t quite cut                  fold up easily, allowing you to carry them
                 it when it comes to extended listening. Now                      comfortably in your pocket. In order to
             that iTunes Match loads your iPhone music at                         offer maximum portability, in-ear head-
     256 kbps, the sound quality is just too good to use cheap                    phones sacrifice sound quality and noise
headphones.                                                                       cancellation. In recent years, earbuds have
                                                                                  made large improvements in sound qual-
  There are so many options out there that it’s important to be                   ity, closing the gap between earbuds and
clear on your needs when buying a new pair of headphones. You                     on-ear headphones.
have to balance portability, sound quality, and, of course, price.
There are three main types of headphones: in-ear, on-ear, and                     Etymotics hf2 ($159,
over-the-ear. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.                       The Etymotics sound great. They deliver
                                                                                  clear, low-distortion audio, and look sleek

62    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
doing it. They come with several different earpiece options and
a convenient carrying pouch. The hf2s also have a built-in mic
that allows you to control your music and talk on the phone.

 The bass can sound a little weak, so if you listen to bass-heavy
music such as hip-hop or electro, these may not be the earbuds
for you. The long, slender earbud piece slides deeper into the
ear canal than most headphones do. Most people find the shape
to be comfortable, but if you are sensitive to sticking things in
your ears, or if you have a shallow ear canal, these headphones
may feel a bit uncomfortable.

                                                                        have the sound quality of over-ear head-
                                                                        phones, they sound great for this class.
                                                                        If you want high-quality headphones,
                                                                        but travel too much to get over-the-ear
                                                                        headphones, I strongly recommend the
                                                                        Bowers & Wilkins P3s.

                                                                        Koss PortaPro ($49.99,
                                                                           While the Bowers & Wilkins P3 looks
                                                                        retro chic, the Koss PortalPro just looks
                                                                        retro. Some people love their classic
                                                                        style, while others prefer a more mod-
                                                                        ern look. If you’re one of the people who
                                                                        likes the look (or just doesn’t care), these
                                                                        headphones offer great sound for a great
                                                                        price. The PortalPros also fold up for easy

                                                                                      FOR THE AUDIOPHILE
Klipsch Image S4i ($99.99,
  Klipsch recently released a retooled and much improved ver-
sion of their S4i earbuds. These headphones have exceptional
sound quality for their price. They also have a convenient remote
that is designed to work with all Apple products. All in all, they’re
a great value.

             ON EAR HEADPHONES
   On-ear headphones have small pads that press up against
your ears. Many of them fold up, making them easier to travel
with. With better sound quality than earbuds and better portabil-                Westone 4R ($499,
ity than over-the-ear headphones, they offer a happy medium.                       No, that price is not a typo. Westones are top-
                                                                                 of-the-line earbuds. These bad boys have four
Bowers & Wilkins P3 ($199;                                   symmetrically balanced armature drivers and
   Bowers & Wilkins has a reputation for making stylish prod-                    a three-way crossover network. If that doesn’t
ucts, and the P3s are no exception. These headphones exude                       mean anything to you, then you probably don’t
sexiness. I’ve always found on-ear headphones to be a bit un-                    need these headphones. But if all you care
comfortable, but the P3s feel great. The pads have a soft fabric                 about is sound quality, then these are the ear-
that doesn’t apply too much pressure against your ears. The                      buds for you. Simply put, they sound amazing.
headphones fold up for travel and come with a hard plastic car-
rying case. They also have a built-in mic and volume control
that works great with Apple products. While the P3s still don’t

                                                                                             iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2    63
      OVER THE EAR HEADPHONES                                                        FOR THE AUDIOPHILE
  Over-the-ear headphones cup your ears, allowing for better
audio isolation, and their size allows for superior bass and vol-
ume. Most people also find over-the-ear headphones to be the
most comfortable. While the sound quality of over-the-ear head-
phones makes them sound undeniably better, the bulkiness
makes them difficult to travel with. They also tend to be the
most expensive type of headphones.

                                                                               Beyerdynamic T5p ($1,399,
V-MODA Crossfade LP ($199,                                            I know what you’re thinking: “For $1,400 I
   After breaking a few pairs of headphones, DJ Val Kolton set                 could buy a new iMac or three above-ground
out to create a pair that wouldn’t break. After several years of               pools!” Audio perfection never comes cheap,
trial and error, he came up with the Crossfades. Not only are                  my friends. The T5ps are on a whole other lev-
the headphones very sturdy, but they also look great. The Cross-               el. Listening to them feels like listening to live
fades come in a variety of colors, and you can engrave an image                music. The T5ps have amazing sound clarity; it
and text on the side for free. They were designed for DJs and                  almost feels like 3D quality. The headphones
have very heavy bass. If you listen to a lot of hip-hop or elec-               have a solid build that could easily last 10 to
tro, these headphones will sound great. If you listen to a wide                15 years. My only knock on the T5ps is that
range of genres, you may want to look for a more balanced set                  they don’t fold up, making them hard to travel
of headphones. I also found that they became uncomfortable                     with. $1,400 is definitely a serious investment
after prolonged use.                                                           for a pair of headphones, but if you are a seri-
                                                                               ous audiophile or listen to headphones while
                              Philips Fidelio L1 ($299.95,                     you’re at work all day, the Beyerdynamic T5ps
                                                         won’t let you down.
                                     Generally I prefer boutique
                                   brands over large corpo-
                                     rate brands. However, for
                                      the Philips Fidelio L1s, I’ll
                                       make an exception. These
                                       headphones are beauti-
                                      fully crafted with brushed                          HAPPY LISTENING
                                     metal and real leather. The
                                     memory foam pads provide          If you listen to music regularly, don’t settle for those little white
                                     a sealed fit and good sound       Apple earbuds. That’s not how music was meant to be heard.
                                     isolation, while applying a      A good pair of headphones allows you to appreciate the finer
                                     minimal amount of pres-          details of music. While you may not need the world’s greatest
                                     sure. The semi-open back         headphones, investing in quality is definitely worth it. �
                                    allows for a fuller sound than
                                  closed-back headphones do.
                                  I found the sound to be rich                    David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life magazine. David has an
                                   and well balanced. All in all,                 obsession with all things Apple. He grew up on Macs and now has a MacBook Pro,
                                   this is a great pair of high-                  iPhone, iPad, and an Apple TV. David enjoys traveling and Ultimate Frisbee. He has
                                   end headphones.                                been to over 20 countries. To contact David, email him at

64    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   65

                                                          Holiday Gift Guide
                                                          The Perfect Presents for
                                                          Friends (and Foes)
                                                          by Rebecca Santiago

                        the holiday season is here, and unless
                        you’re one of those irritatingly proac-
                        tive holiday shoppers, you’ve probably
                        got a little gift-getting to do. If that’s
                        the case, you’re in luck—I’ve got you
                        covered with this list of gotta-get-’em
gadgets for the most important people in your life (and even
the less important ones). And, hey, if you want to stick a few
items under the tree (or by the menorah) for yourself, you have
my permission. Consider that my gift to you.

     CONTEMPLATING UNFOLLOWING                                        landscapes), Fisheye (for Instagram-y warping), and Telephoto
            ON INSTAGRAM                                              (for zooming)—rotates around the camera lens of your phone,
                                                                      allowing you to transform the look and feel of your photos. The
                                                                      dial is affixed to an aluminum case, which doesn’t look like any-
  Is it your 18-year-old cousin who still finds mirror shots charm-   thing too special until you realize it includes two tripod mounts.
ing, your pregnant sister who can’t stop documenting her baby         Clearly, this is not a strictly amateur gizmo, and it’s pretty im-
bump, or your bored uncle who has developed an annoying af-           pressive for a pocket-sized device.
finity for photographing his wife’s flower garden? Whoever it is,
you are sick of their Instagram nonsense—but, at the very least,      The Phocus for iPhone 4 and 4S (2 Lens Bundle)
you could make sure their pictures are high quality.                  ($99.95,
                                                                        This case, complete with both lens and tripod mounts, is the
The iPhone Lens Dial                                                  stuff hipster dreams are made of. It comes with two lenses,
($249,                                           one for wide-angle shots and one for macro. Even more impres-
   First, this is just plain neat, even for non-photo nerds. This     sively, the case also supports lenses manufactured by Nikon and
quirky lens dial is by Photojojo, the online king of fascinating      Canon, so photographers can swap in and out even more mas-
photography gadgets, and it features three optical-quality coated     sive and high-quality lenses. This case might not slide sleekly
glass lenses. Each of the lenses—Wide Angle (for sweeping             into a pocket like the iPhone Lens Dial, but if you compare it to
                                                                      some of the bulkier DSLR models, it’s still pretty darn sleek.

66    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                                                        to withstand spontaneous hiking trips, beer pong games gone
                                                                        horribly wrong, and everything in between. The speaker syncs
                                                                        with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and you can unite two
                                                                        speakers for double the noise. The most fun part about this,
                                                                        though, is that you skip songs by swiping your hand above a
                                                                        censor—not on or across, but above, like a wizard. Magical!

                                                                                                               Sanwa iPhone 3D You-
                                                                                                               Tube Viewer
                                                                                                                  You’ll have to toil through a
                                                                                                               Japanese website to get your
                                                                                                               hands on this cool piece of
                                                                                                               technology, but it’s so much
                                                                                                               fun that it just might be worth
                                                                                                               it. Just tune in to a YouTube
                                Gismon iCA iPhone System
                                                                                                               video, plop your phone into
                                                                                                               the slot on this goofy-looking
                                 Your Instagram-obsessed relative is
                                                                        set of goggles, and enjoy as the screen comes to 3D life. Sure, it’s
                                already giving their photos a vintage
                                                                        not the most practical purchase in the world, but as far as novelty
                                feel, so why not take it to the next
                                                                        gifts go, this is far better than a whoopee cushion.
                                level and retro-fy their iPhone? This
                                durable polycarbonate case comes
                                                                                                           Joystick for iPad
                                with a detachable tripod mount and
                                two mock lenses that attach to the
                                                                                                            Pardon the bad pun, but he’ll
                                front. The best part, though, is the
                                                                                                              jump for joy for this one.
                                shutter button on top—it actually
                                                                                                               This      thumb-stick-style
                                works. So much fun, right? You can
                                                                                                                joystick attaches easily
                                also purchase different (real) lenses
                                                                                                                 to your iPad with suction
                                from the same company and snap
                                                                                                                  cups that actually stay
them into place over the iPhone’s camera lens. Admit it: your
                                                                                                                     put. It’s not too bulky,
inner hipster is a little bit tempted right now.
                                                                                                                      and it’s super-sensi-
                                                                                                                      tive to the touch
                                                                                                                      (which takes some
    FOR YOUR MAN-CHILD COLLEGE                                          getting used to, but once you’re used to it, man, will you love
                                                                        the responsiveness). The joystick is mostly see-through, which
      BUDDY WHO JUST WANTS                                              keeps it from overwhelming the look of your device. There’s a
           TO CHILL, BRO                                                reason we’re not using old-school Ataris anymore, you know?

  Graduation day has come and gone, but it seems your former                    FOR THE LADY WHO HAS
frat brother is still a tad bit immature. You don’t have to indulge
his affinity for the keg stand this holiday season (there is a time
                                                                              EVERYTHING (EXCEPT... THESE)
and a place, and dude, it is over), but you could cater to some
of his other kid-at-heart likes.
                                                                          I will level with you: this is basically my personal wish list.
                                                                        But I have excellent taste (I get all of my calories from fashion
                                            Phillips SB7200 Se-
                                                                        magazines), and I promise these are what a girl wants—case-
                                            ries ShoqBox Wire-
                                                                        wise, anyway.
                                            less Portable Speaker
                                                                                                       iPad Envelope in Metallic Gold
                                                                                                       Embossed Python
                                               There’s a lot to love
                                            about this fancy speak-
                                                                                                         Graphic Image makes some of the
                                            er. The design is futur-
                                                                                                       loveliest cases for iPads, and this En-
                                            istic and cool (it seems
                                                                                                       velope is truly a game-changer. The
                                            to channel Spider-
                                                                                                       leather envelope accommodates all
                                            Man a little, no?), and
                                                                                                       iPad models, and though it comes in
                                            the speaker is sturdy
                                                                                                       a variety of bright and metallic col-
                                            enough to withstand a
                                                                                                       ors, the python is my favorite. This ac-
little wear and tear. It’s splash- and drop-proof, meaning it’s built
                                                                                                       cessory is prettier than most clutch

                                                                                              iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2         67
purses, and it transforms the iPad from “that vaguely cumbersome          Look, it is a basic truth that leather is an instant VIP-maker. It
thing she reads magazines on” to a true statement piece.               looks expensive, it’s classic, and it conveys that you have your
                                                                       act together. There is no easier way to look like you’re a big
                                        Michael Kors Wallet            deal. This iPad case has a classic design, accommodates all
                                        Clutch for iPhone 4S           iPad models, and is available in black and brown. You can have
                                        ($79.95,      it personalized for a mere $7   .50, which is perfect, because the
                                             This leather wallet-      only thing sharper than leather is monogrammed leather.
                                        clutch-case hybrid is al-
                                        most too pretty, and it
                                        comes in both gold and
                                        red-and-gold, which is
                                        just too seasonal to pass
                                        up. Seriously, my ideal
                                        Christmas tree would be
                                        filled with these instead
                                        of glass ornaments—
imagine them dangling off branches by the wrist-strap, looking
holly-jolly as could be. Back to that wrist-strap for a minute: it’s   BookBook for iPhone 4/4S
the real draw for this particular case, because it means she           ($59.99,
doesn’t need to take anything else with her when she leaves               Lest you thought I wasn’t serious about the leather thing,
the house. Save her from oversize bag woes. Save her stylishly.        here’s a gorgeous iPhone case that, as an added bonus, makes
                                                                       the carrier look literate. Sort of. It’s kind of hard to be stagger-
                       New Yorker Logo iPhone 4 Case                   ingly wowed by such a tiny faux-book, but it fits in well with a
                       ($39.95,                    bookshelf of thicker tomes. The best part about this case is that
                         A smart girl deserves a smart case for        it doubles as a wallet, with a flip cover that reveals pockets for
                       her phone, and what better way to say           credit cards and a pouch for money. Books. Money. What more
                       “I respect your brain” than by gifting this     do you need to impress?
                       New Yorker-themed polycarbonate hard
                       shell? This case has a number of nice                                                 ShaveTech USB Travel
                       features—a contour that shifts audio to-                                              Shaver
                       ward you instead of down for enhanced                                                 ($39.99,
                       sound quality and the ability to stand                                                  Okay, this is the anoma-
                       up on its hind legs like a YouTube cat, to                                            ly on my list, because it’s
                       name a couple—but I mostly just love                                                  not actually iPhone gear,
                       the design. Buy her a subscription to The                                             or iPad gear, or any kind
                       New Yorker (and iPhone Life, too, while                                               of gear, really. I know, I
                       you’re at it), pop this in a bag with the                                             know, for shame! But it
subscription confirmation, and watch her eyes light up.                                                      looks like a smartphone,
                                                                                                             and honestly, this is te-
                                                                                                             chie heaven, so bear with
                                                                       me. The ShaveTech is a light-as-a-feather electric razor that seri-
     FOR YOUR BUSINESS MOGUL DAD                                       ously looks like an iPhone and charges by means of a USB port.
       WHO JUST WANTS TO LOOK                                          It’s remarkably flexible, guaranteeing a close shave, and it will
                                                                       make your dad feel like Don Draper every time. For a double-
              IMPORTANT                                                whammy gift, pop it into an iPhone sleeve.

  Is your dad a big deal (or does he wish he were)? Help him
really feel the part this December with two sleek cases and one              FOR YOUR GERMAPHOBIC
fascinating gadget.                                                       CO-WORKER WHO TENDS TO SAY
                                                                            THINGS LIKE, “THIS OFFICE
                                                                                 IS A CESSPOOL!”

                                                                         First, it’s your coworker, so you don’t want to drop too much
                                                                       cash on their gift. Second, you want them to stop saying the
                                                                       word “cesspool” and you are sick of the scent of hand sanitizer
Universal iPad Sleeve in Traditional Leather                           wafting from their cubicle day in and day out. Maybe you can
($139,                                               tone down the madness with the following products.

68    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                          Original Touch-             Stump stand is perfect for getting a little distance between your
                                          screen Gloves               palm and your tech—just prop your phone or iPad up while you
                                          ($17 .99,      work, cook, chat on speakerphone, or listen to music. The stand
                                            Yes, texting gloves are   is notched so you can position your tablet three different ways.
                                          old news, but guess         Chuck it in a bag with some tissue paper and a bottle of hand
                                          what? It’s winter, it’s     sanitizer, and wham—germaphobe gift heaven.
                                          cold out, and not nearly
                                          enough people are us-                                                    iSkin solo for iPhone
                                          ing these suckers yet.                                                   4/4S
                                          Seriously, I don’t under-                                                ($29.99,
                                          stand why any other                                                          They do possess
kind of glove even exists anymore, because it’s not like you’re                                                    the same translucent
going to just quit your technology for an entire season. Anyway,                                                   sparkle as freshly
Agloves are America’s top-rated touchscreen gloves for accuracy,                                                   washed wine glasses
precision, and OCD co-workers, and this black-and-gray pair will                                                   in a dishwashing de-
match everything. These make great stocking stuffers, too.                                                         tergent commercial,
                                                                                                                   but otherwise, these
                                                                      slim thermoplastic cases seem fairly ordinary. Take a closer look:
                                                                      iSkin embeds these cases with Microban, a leading antimicro-
                                                                      bial product protection. So even though it’s stretching the truth
                                                                      a little, you could totally tell your coworker that you just turned
                                                                      their cell phone into hand sanitizer, and it wouldn’t even be a to-
                                                                      tal lie. In all seriousness, that is some impressive technology. �

                                                                                 Rebecca Santiago is a senior at Tufts University majoring in English and minoring
                                                                                 in Mass Communications and Media Studies. Currently, she is the editor-in-chief of
                                                                                 The Tufts Daily and an editorial intern at Boston magazine. Her previous employers
                                                                                 include Marie Claire and Glamour. Follow her on Twitter @rebsanti.
The Stump
  It’s a fact that hands are germy, but unless you plan to walk
around wearing swipe-friendly kid gloves your entire life, you
can’t really avoid touching your iPhone. You can, however, mini-
mize your hand-to-phone time without unplugging entirely. The

                                                                                              iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                               69

           hen it comes to gaming on the iPhone and iPad,              Created by ThinkGeek, makers of the iCade, the 8-Bitty is a
           there’s no lack of cool accessories available. Be it      wireless tactile controller for your iPad and iPhone. It features
           cases, dongles, or props, there are plenty of gadgets     a D-Pad, four face buttons, and start and select buttons. The
to take your experience to the next level. It’s impossible to list   8-Bitty already supports hundreds of games on the App Store,
every single gaming accessory for the iPad and iPhone, so we’ve      and developers can create games with 8-Bitty support, free of
decided to narrow the list down to five top picks, each of which      charge, so the list of games should only grow.
will provide you with a completely unique gaming experience.
                         The iCade 8-Bitty                                                           ($8.99 for iPhone; $14.99 for iPad,
                                If you’re a fan of the old-school                                         If carrying around a controller in
                               8-bit gaming generation that pro-                                         your pocket isn’t your style, but
                                duced classics like Sonic the                                            you still want that physical sen-
                                Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros,                                              sation when playing games on
                                and Castlevania, but have diffi-                                          your iPhone or iPad, then Think-
                               culty playing them on an iPhone                                          Geek’s JOYSTICK-IT may be the
                              because your thumbs cover up                                            solution. It safely adheres to your
                             most of the display or the on-                                         device’s display via suction, and al-
                           screen buttons don’t offer the same                                  lows you to play thousands of games,
                      level of sensitivity of a “real” controller,   from old arcade titles to first-person shooters. When you’re fin-
you may enjoy the 8-Bitty.                                           ished, simply pull up, and the JOYSTICK-IT pops right off. This handy
accessory works with any device that features a capacitive touch        Hits app (free, The only downside to this acces-
screen and is small enough to carry in your pocket.                     sory is that it really only works with Atari’s app, so unless you’re a
                                                                        die-hard nostalgic gamer, the $60 price tag may be a little too much.
                              Spin Master Appfinity AppBlaster
                                 Toy Gun                                                              Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Quadricopter
                                  ($24.99,                                                   ($299,
                                       If you’re a fan of first-person                                           One of the coolest gaming
                                     shooter games, you may really                                           accessories out there is the
                                     dig the AppBlaster by Spin Mas-                                          AR. Drone 2.0 by Parrot. This
                                     ter. Simply lock your iPhone or                                          Quadricopter takes flight and
                                    iPod touch in place on the top of                                         is controlled entirely by your
                                   the gun, download a few of the                                            iOS device. The Drone is well
                                  supported games, and start shoot-                                         built and features incredibly tight
                               ing. The AppBlaster utilizes not only                                      controls for accurate flying. It also
                            the iPhone’s accelerometer, but also its                                  records 720p HD footage with a
gyroscope, allowing you to physically control the game’s camera,                                  wide-angle lens while in flight, and you
turning left, right, up, and down. The only downside to the Ap-         can then share your video with the FreeFlight app (free, app2.
pBlaster is that it doesn’t work with every game in the App Store.      me/5218). The hull of the device can even be changed with the
                                                                        flip of a button for indoor/outdoor use, and it can do awesome
                             Atari Arcade for iPad                      flips that’ll impress your friends. The price tag is a little steep,
                               ($59.99,                      as this is no child’s toy, but it certainly promises a lot of fun for
                                    Much like the iCade by Think-       any game-and-gadget-loving adult. �
                                 Geek, the Atari Arcade allows
                                  users to dock their iPads (any
                                  generation) and play a massive                    Mike Wewerka is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning online tech
                                                                                    site Wewerka has been involved with technology for over 15 years,
                                  collection of classic Atari games                 but his main area of expertise is mobile gadgetry, including Apple, Android, Win-
                                 (like Asteroids, Centipede, and                    dows Phone, and everything in between. Follow Mike on Twitter @MikeWewerka.
                                 Missile Command) by simply
                              downloading the Atari’s Greatest
                                                                                       READY GEAR
                                                                                         The BesT iPhone car

                                                                                              By corneLius a. forTune


                   hether you’re driving to    a variety of Apple products. This versatile
                   work or embarking on        charger plugs into your car’s 12-volt power
                   a six-hour road trip, the   outlet and includes a detachable USB Type-
                   iPhone gear you bring       A to 30-pin dock connector cable, making it
along can help ensure a smooth journey.        compatible with your iPhone and all charge-
It's all about comfort, convenience, and the   by-USB iPod models. It also features a con-
feeling of being fully connected, even as      venient charging status light. And check out
you’re gaining traction on the highway.        the price! You can’t beat that.

Here’s a list of must-have iPhone acces-
sories and apps to make your next trip
easier, and with a little luck, more fun.                                                       Griffin iTrip Product Line
                                                                                                (Starting at $49.99, griffintechnology.
         fuLLy charged                                                                             Griffin has a great line of products that
                                               InCase Dual Car Charger                          give new meaning to the term “hands-
  Car chargers have been around awhile,        ($34.95,                                ”
                                                                                                free. These music-playing accessories of-
and are almost interchangeable, so                 Not only will this handy dual charger        fer a lot of convenience with minimal fuss.
choosing the right one for you might           from InCase charge your iPhone, iPad,            The iTrip DA for the iPhone and iPod fea-
come down to size, speed of charge,            or iPod, but it will also charge your GPS        tures Griffin’s FM transmitter technology
and availability. Though it's always a good    and other electronic devices. One nifty          so you can listen to your radio without an
idea to charge your iPhone before head-        feature is that, thanks to its 2.1 Amp ca-       auxiliary line from your car, home stereo, or
ing out on the road, having a car charger      pacity, it can take on two iPads at once!        boombox. All you need is the iTrip Control-
offers the security of knowing that the        It features two USB ports and works with         ler app (free, to get started.
infamous “20% of battery remaining”            most 12-volt outlets.
warning won't slow you down one bit.
Chargers are all about peace of mind, and
giving your phone a much-needed jolt.             "Look ma, no hands!"

                                                  There are a plethora of iPhone acces-
                                               sories available that are built to let you
                                               concentrate on keeping your hands on the
                                               wheel and your eyes on the road. From            Exogear Exomount
                                               enabling phone conversations to assisting        ($29.95,
                                               with navigation, these gadgets help mini-        The Exomount features a patented suc-
Griffin PowerJolt                              mize distractions and eliminate scrambling       tion technology that holds your iPhone in
($14.99,          for your iPhone when it’s sliding around the     place as you make calls or use your GPS.
   The bestselling PowerJolt offers ev-        dashboard or buried in your purse. Going         It’s basically a giant clamp, but the simple
erything you need from a car charger—          hands-free has never been easier!                and sleek design with multi-angle rota-
namely, dependability—and it works with                                                         tion makes it easy to insert and remove

72    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
your iPhone, and use it at your preferred       Wi-Fi hotspot. It works with phones, tab-
viewing angle.                                  lets, e-readers, and of course, laptops.
                                                It’s possible that even during the best
                                                road trips, your family might want to do
       car mainTenance                          separate tasks, together—the Autonet
                                                Mobile Router makes this possible.

                                                         aPPs for The road

                                                 Your “virtual” gear is almost as important
                                                as the physical stuff you take with you on
                                                the road. From radio to remote controls to
                                                GPS navigation, there’s a wealth of apps
  GL1 Vehicle Diagnostics for                   to get you through your trip. Here are a
  iPhone/iPad                                   couple of choices to consider.
    Wondering how serious that “check                              TuneIn Radio
  engine” light might be? Get the GL1                              (Free,
  Vehicle Diagnostics tool for iPhone—                             Satellite radio’s great,
  it works like your very own AutoZone                             but if you want to for-
  representative. The GL1 plugs direct-                            go the monthly fees,
  ly into your car engine’s On Board Di-                           the TuneIn Radio app
  agnostics (OBD) data and shows you            is the next best thing. You can find over
  on your iPhone whether you’ll need            70,000 stations from all over the world,
  to get it fixed ASAP or wait for your
                       ,                        broken into categories like sports, talk ra-
  mechanic to have a look.                      dio, and any genre of music you can imag-
                                                ine. What’s more, if you’re enjoying a radio
                                                station on your way through Kentucky and
                                                want to keep that listening experience, all
 hoTsPoT on The highWay                         you have to do is dial in on this app.

   Sure, you've got a data package, but                            MapQuest
if you're going the road-trip route, your                          (Free,
passengers may want access to Wi-Fi as                             MapQuest       guided
well. Some newer cars come preinstalled                            most of us before GPS
with mobile Wi-Fi; if you don't own one                            became the in thing.
of these shiny new vehicles, this device                           Now, not only does
is a nice alternative. Sometimes, being         MapQuest have a free app, but it also
able to slide the Wi-Fi setting to the On       offers the comforting turn-by-turn voice
position—and save on cell phone data            navigation that's become the standard of
charges—is its own reward.                      21st century road trips. �

                                                                 Cornelius A. Fortune is an award-winning jour-
                                                                 nalist who covers technology, TV, and popular
                                                                 culture. He is the author of the book Stories from
                                                                 Arlington, and has written for Yahoo News, The
                                                                 Advocate, Chess Life, the Detroit Metro Times,
                                                                 and others. He is also a Rhysling Award-nomi-
                                                 nated poet. Visit his website at

Autonet Mobile KT-ANMRTR-01 Auto-
motive Wi-Fi Router
  This device literally turns your car into a

                                                                                                                      iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   73
How Many Passwords
Can You Remember?
oneSafe Secures Them All

                                                                        sive protection possible. But all this technology is useless if your
          online Security, Then and Now                                 passwords are not strong and well protected, just as a house
                                                                        with strong walls isn’t safe if its locks are easy to pick.
   15 years ago, life was much simpler. You only had to remem-
ber 2 or 3 passwords—your debit card PIN number, computer                  3 Basic Security Practices to Remember
login, and email account password—and that was pretty much
it. Back then your greatest security risk was getting your house
robbed or your car stolen. Today, with the advent of social me-         Ready for the good news? It’s easy to dramatically improve your
dia, e-commerce, and online banking, you face a more severe             online security by applying some simple rules:
security threat than ever before.                                       			•	Never	reuse	the	same	password
                                                                        	 	 •	 Use	 a	 strong	 password,	 meaning	 one	 that	 is	 8	 or	 more	
                                                                        characters and is alphanumerical (randomly generated is best)
           How Mr. Smith Paid the Price                                 			•	Never	write	your	passwords	down
                                                                        But these steps are easier said than done. How do you manage
                                                 Let’s take a look at   over 50 different online accounts without writing your pass-
                                              Mr. Smith, a man to       words down?
                                              whom we can all re-
                                              late. Between work          oneSafe – Secure Password Management
                                              and social commit-
                                              ments, Mr. Smith
                                              leads a very busy life.                                       oneSafe is an iOS application
                                              He keeps in touch                                          that allows you to store all your
                                              with his friends over                                      confidential information— IDs
                                              Skype and Face-                                            and passwords, internet ac-
                                              Time, and shares his                                       counts, bank details, confiden-
                                              thoughts and photos                                        tial documents, and personal
on Facebook and Twitter. He manages three personal banking ac-                                           photos—safely and easily on your
counts over the internet and does most of his shopping online. In                                        iPhone and iPad. Using oneSafe’s
total, he has more than 50 online accounts, and to make life easier                                      password generator, you can
(even though he’s aware it’s not the ideal thing to do), he uses the                                     create unique and strong pass-
same password for most of his accounts.                                                                  words, eliminating the need to
                                                                                                         write down your passwords ever
  One day Mr. Smith goes to a new shopping site and, as usual,                                           again.
he registers with the same password that he uses on most of his
other online accounts. The site is then hacked, compromising his
personal information not only on the online shopping site, as Mr.
Smith would presume, but also on all the other online accounts

                                                                                                           Act now!
where he uses the same password. Does this give hackers ac-
cess to his email accounts? Or worse, his banking account?

          Your Security is in Your Hands                                                                   Make Your Life
  Encryption standards and online security have significantly                                              Safer and easier
improved over time, claiming to provide the most comprehen-                                                with oneSafe

iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   75
  FindinG The besT Apps And Accessories
               A Guide To The besT online resources
                                                       bY JiM kArpen
                                                 apps available for     App Store in the iTunes software, with its categorical listings

With over 700,000
                                                 the iPhone and         and front-page highlights, including Editors’ Choice, New and
                                                 over 200,000 de-       Noteworthy, What’s Hot, and more. But be sure to also check
                                                 signed specifically    out the Quick Links section at the top right. The Essentials link
                                                 for the iPad, it can   has an excellent collection of curated lists in major categories
  be a real challenge to find the apps that best suit your needs.       such as Live Sports Scores, Fashion, Music Discovery, and TV
  And you face a similar challenge when buying accessories. In          Time. The link Great Free Apps directs you to some of the best
  this article I want to highlight some of the ways you can find the    freebies. There’s also a link, Apple Apps, that directs you to all
  best apps and accessories.                                            the apps created by Apple.

                  App sTore opTions

                                                                          App Store on Facebook ( is also a good
                                                                        way to discover new apps. It offers Free App of the Week picks,
                                                                        daily posts about apps, and more. The Collections link points you to
                                                                        lists of top apps in particular areas, such as Addictive Games, Hard-
     App Store Quick Links is an easy way to access curated             core Games, and Entertainment. Some posts elicit hundreds of
  lists directly from Apple. You are likely quite familiar with the     comments, such as the post that asked, “What’s your go-to app?”

  76    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                                                           a very helpful selection of Best Apps lists, such as “Best Free
                                                                           iPad Games of All Time, as well as a section of video reviews.

  App Store Preview ( is
a basic outline view of the apps in the App Store, sorted by popu-
larity. Clicking on any app name brings up the web-based version
of the App Store entry for that app. One nice feature is that when
you access the information for a particular app, at the bottom you’ll
see an Amazon-like “Customers Also Bought” list of similar apps.

          WebsiTes For FindinG Apps
                                                                             Macworld AppGuide ( has a strong
 There are a number of websites that index most or all of the apps         search capability that lets you filter search results in a variety of
available in the App Store. But unlike the App Store, they offer           ways, including by price, age restriction, and which iOS devices
greater flexibility for filtering search results as well as giving other   the apps are compatible with. You can sort them by Macworld’s
modes of discovery. For example, let’s say you need a weather              rating, user rating, whether the apps are on sale, and more. You
app. Search for that term in the App Store, and you get a page of          can also limit your search to a particular category.
results, but no way to see just the free apps. A site like the ones
below will typically let you filter by price, rating, and more.              The Browse feature of the AppGuide lets you cross-filter by
                                                                           category. If, for example, you want to browse the Reference
                                                                           category looking for apps that relate to music, you can select
                                                                           Reference in the Browse menu and then click on Music in the
                                                                           same menu. (Note that if you then want to browse a different
                                                                           top-level category, such as Photography, you’ll first need to de-
                                                                           select the first category.)

                                                                             The Essential Collections section (
                                                                           collections.html) may be the site’s best feature. It lists the top
                                                                           apps for a few hundred specific topics (e.g., Train Games, Task
                                                                           Masters, Stand-Up Comics, American History, etc.).

  Appolicious ( gives you an amazing variety
of ways to find apps, including search, a directory, recommen-
dations by your friends or Appolicious staff members, lists of
specialized apps, an App Library Builder, and more.

  The directory may be especially useful. Its main categories
are similar to the App Store’s, but unlike the App Store, it also
offers extensive subcategories. Click on Books, and you’ll see
subcategories for Audio Books, Children’s Books, Classics, E-
books, and E-readers. The Business & Finance category has                    iPhone Application List ( takes an
some 30 subcategories.                                                     excellent approach to organizing search results. If you search for
                                                                           “weather, the site not only returns a listing of apps, but also
  The Lists area of the site offers over 4,000 curated lists of            returns lists of video reviews, text reviews, and Twitter mentions
apps on many different topics. There’s a search box that lets              related to weather apps, as well as lists of reviews, blog posts,
you search just their collection of lists. A search on “weather”           and forum posts from their own website.
returns 108 app lists related to the weather. Appolicious also has
                                                                            The site also lets you view the App Store categories of apps

                                                                                                iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2        77
and sort or filter them in a variety of ways, including Top Apps,       appSmitten ( offers lists of best apps in
Most Discussed, and Price. You can also view just the iPad or         nearly 100 categories. They also have a weekly email newsletter
iPhone apps. The area of their site labeled On Sale shows all of      with their latest recommended apps for the iPhone or iPad. Plus,
the apps that have just come down in price. You can also filter       they offer a large number of topical lists, such as Best Apps for
that, such that you can see, for example, only those apps whose       20-Year-Olds and Best Apps for a Long Plane Ride.
price has dropped to free.

                                                                        WebsiTes For FindinG Accessories

  AppShopper ( has a row of buttons across
the top that conveniently let you filter the app listings by device
type, category, popularity, price, and more. The site also has
some helpful Top 200 lists for free, paid, and top-grossing apps
that you can filter by device type and category.

                                                                         iLounge ( has a huge
                                                                      collection of reviews and information on iPhone and iPad ac-
                                                                      cessories. It rates all of the accessories it reviews, and divides
                                                                      them into over 80 categories that make it easier to find the type
                                                                      of accessory you’re interested in. See also their iLounge iPad
                                                                      Accessory Gallery (, a
                                                                      helpful collection of iPad accessories. And check out their free
                                                                      downloadable Buyers’ Guides and eBooks (
                                                                      php/library), which have extensive information on the best apps
                                                                      and accessories.

   AppAdvice (, like Appolicious, has quite a
number of excellent lists of apps in two sections of their site:
AppLists and AppGuides. The AppLists seem to be more topical,
such as St. Patrick’s Day Apps, whereas the AppGuides section
is more general, giving you lists of best apps in categories simi-
lar to those in the App Store. The Entertainment category, for
example, offers lists of best apps on topics such as Alternative
Video Players, Movie Showtime Finders, and Animation Apps
for the iPad. Each list identifies the top two apps, followed by
notable apps, and then “decent apps. Another area of the site
is called Appisodes, which features daily app-related videos.

                                                                       iMore ( has a large number of reviews
                                                                      of accessories, as well as lists of best iPhone and iPad cases.
                                                                      The site also has a well-organized categorical listing.

78    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                                                    CableWholesale (
                                                                 cessories.htm) is an online reseller that offers a wide range
                                                                 of inexpensive cables, chargers, and other accessories for the
                                                                 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. �

                                                                           Jim Karpen, Ph.D, is on faculty at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield,
                                                                           IA. He has been writing about the revolutionary consequences of computer technol-
  iPhone Accessories ( offers a large                ogy since 1994. His Ph.D dissertation anticipated the Internet revolution. His site,
database of both iPhone and iPad accessories. Shipping is free   , contains selected regular columns written for The Iowa Source.
on orders over $19.95, and you get a 30-day money-back guar-
antee on all items. The site also includes an outlet area that
offers clearance items.

                                                                                         iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2                                79
exclusive interview with
legendary sprinter
Michael Johnson
by david Averbach

         ong before Usain Bolt sprinted       my experience. The app uses a lot of the       I liked the way my voice sounded. I actually
         into the history books, Michael      same motivation techniques that I used for     re-recorded some things, because when
         Johnson was widely considered        myself when I was competing as an ath-         you’re trying to motivate someone it has to
         to be the world’s fastest man.       lete to stay consistent and try to get the     sound right. I use the final version to track
His 200-meter world record, unique up-        best performance out of myself every day.      where I run and to see how far I’ve run.
right running style, and iconic gold shoes
made him an Olympic legend. Since retir-                     What would you say was                          Do you still run regularly?
ing from competitive track, Michael has
                                               dAvid:        the best technique you
remained busy. In addition to training run-   used in order to stay focused as runner?
ners and appearing on NBC’s The Celeb-                                                                              Yeah, but it’s a little
rity Apprentice, Michael recently worked
as a commentator for the London Olym-
                                                MichAel: A few things, actu-
                                                                  ally. You want to set a
                                                                                                                    different than most
                                                                                             people think. When I was a sprinter I didn’t
pics, and also found time to release two      goal every day as to what you’re going         actually go for 2-mile runs, or that sort of
new apps. I talked with Michael while he      to achieve during that training session.       thing, because that doesn’t really help a
was in London to discuss his new apps,        Once you set a goal on the app, then I’m       sprinter. I didn’t actually start going for
as well as what it’s like to be a retired     able to help remind you of that goal and       runs until I retired. People think that when
Olympian.                                     remind you why you’re out there train-         you’ve been an athlete that you always
                                              ing each day. And then, of course, being       want to go out and exercise. That couldn’t
               Tell me about your new         consistent is extremely important for an       be further from the truth. It’s much more
 dAvid:        apps.                          athlete, so I continue to remind the run-      difficult for me to motivate myself now
                                              ner of that and remind them of how that        than when I was an athlete, because now
                   I just released two        consistency will make the following day        I don’t get a gold metal when I go out
 MichAel:          new apps in July:          that much easier.                              there. I found that motivation was a little
Michael Johnson Motiv8 ($2.99, app2.                                                         bit difficult. So that’s another reason why
me/5184) and Michael Johnson’s Fun                           Do you use the app when         doing this app was really cool, because
Run (free, The Motiv8
                                               dAvid:        you go on runs?                 I’ve struggled with motivation myself.
app helps recreational runners chart their
paths on a map, and helps them keep                                Yeah, I do, actually. I                  Your second app, Michael
up with their running regimen. The Fun
                                               MichAel:            used it when we had
                                                                                              dAvid:        Johnson’s Fun Run, focus-
Run app is a game for teaching kids about     the trial version, just to make sure that I    es on healthy eating. Why do you think
good nutrition. It motivates kids to eat      liked everything about it, and to make sure    this is such an important message?
healthy and stay active.

              I’m a casual runner and
 dAvid:       have tested out a lot of run-        “People think that when you’ve been an ath-
ning apps. What makes Motiv8 different?
                                                   lete that you always want to go out and exer-
 MichAel:          Well, as far as motiva-
                   tion, I can probably do
                                                   cise. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
a better job motivating runners based on

80    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                    Childhood     obesity
 MichAel:           is a huge issue right
now in the U.S. and around the world.
It’s something that we’ve got to address.
Kids are going to play games, we already
know that, so I want to give them some-
thing they can play that will hopefully in-
spire them to get up and be active and
that also teaches them about the ben-
efits of staying healthy and the perils of
eating an unhealthy diet.

              You own an iPhone—what
 dAvid:       are some of your favorite
apps, other than the ones you created?

                   I travel a lot, so I’ve
 MichAel:          got a translation app
and a weather app, and, of course, Twit-
ter. I tweet from here [London] and post
Facebook updates from here as well.

                      What are you looking for-
 dAvid:               ward to in these Olympics?

                   Of course track and
 MichAel:          field. All eyes will be
on the men’s 100 meter; that’s always
the signature event. I will be watching
Usain Bolt’s events. All of the track and
field events are always exciting. It’s the
Olympic Games, so you’ve got the best
athletes here, competing at their best.
There’s always high drama.

To find out more about Michael John-
son’s apps, please visit
motiv8/ and �

                David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of
                iPhone Life magazine. David has an obsession
                with all things Apple. He grew up on Macs and
                now has a MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and an
                Apple TV. David enjoys traveling and Ultimate
                Frisbee. He has been to over 20 countries. To
 contact David, email him at

                                                                iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   81
      ios in the studio
      apple devices Make the leap into the ballet world
                                                   by nina benjamin


                       ome things about a ballet studio never
                       change: the wall-length mirrors the danc-
                       ers rely on to check every angle, hone each
                                                                                The Faces of Change
                       position, and catch every misstep; the rows
                       of wooden barres along the perimeter,             Daniil Simkin is considered by many to have led the way
                       used to support the dancers during the         in the “social media meets dance” movement. A soloist with
                       first half of every class; the endless hours   American Ballet Theatre, one of the top companies in the United
                       of rehearsing, pushing past what seems         States, the Russian-born Simkin has made it a personal mis-
                       humanly possible in order to achieve the       sion to reach out to audiences in a fresh new way. He explains,
unachievable yet ever-sought-after goal of perfection. It’s an art    “Dance has so much potential to appeal to a wider audience
steeped in tradition, one of centuries-old stories and classroom      and I find it a pity that, especially in the U.S., it tends to have an
etiquette, not likely to be changed anytime soon.                     image of unapproachable mystique.        ”

 Yet modernity creeps in. Set against the timeless backdrop are         He continues, “Ballet tends to have this stale, untouchable, and
unmistakable elements of change—cutting-edge technological            elitist image, which I am trying to soften. Nowadays, many people
advances, to be precise—and with them, a glimpse into a world         would like to attain information about our lives and routines as
that was once shrouded in mystery. More and more dancers are          dancers and artists, which I am willing to give to them, to a certain
using iOS devices, inside the studio and out, not only to help        degree. In [these] times of transparency and openness, I find it
them organize their professional lives, but also to connect with      essential to provide the audience with interesting information and
their audiences in a way that was never before possible.              shots, not only to refresh the image of the dance world, but also
                                                                      to attract new audience members to the art form.     ”

82    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
     “dancers are using ios devices
     to connect with audiences in a
          way that was never before

                                                                           She, like Simkin, makes an effort to connect with fans and
                                                                        potential audience members via social media. “I think it’s really
                                                                        important, because it’s free publicity, Jacoby explains. “I have
  Through Twitter and Instagram, Simkin is doing just that—and          2,000 dance fans as friends on Facebook, so I have a whole
he’s not the only one; dancers from major companies all across the      market right there. Also, because I travel so much, I’ll tweet
country are hopping on the social media bandwagon in an effort          where I’m performing and then I’ll get people [coming to the
to shed some light on their elusive art. Wendy Whelan and Ashley        show that wouldn’t have otherwise]. It’s like I have a dialogue
Bouder of New York City Ballet, Maria Kochetkova of San Francisco                                                    ”
                                                                        with all these fans and friends from all over.
Ballet, and Marcelo Gomes of American Ballet Theatre, all principal
dancers with their respective companies, are avid Instagrammers,           Just as Jacoby didn’t follow the conventional dance career
as is Drew Jacoby, who recently joined Nederlands Dans Theater, a       path, Simkin didn’t move up the ballet ranks in the typical fash-
highly acclaimed contemporary ballet company in Europe.                 ion, either. Rather than training at a company-associated ballet
                                                                        school or conservatory, he was coached privately by his mother
   Jacoby, dubbed the “It Girl” by Dance Magazine in 2006,              for 10 years, attending a regular academic school all the while.
made her way into the spotlight by joining Alonzo King’s LINES          He then gained exposure by winning medals in international bal-
Ballet at age 17 after training at the acclaimed Pacific Northwest      let competitions and posting videos of his dancing on YouTube,
Ballet School. After four years with LINES, Jacoby pursued a            garnering followers from around the world, including nearly
freelance career—traditionally a difficult path for a dancer—and        13,000 fans on Facebook. He is revered for his youthful exu-
earned accolades for her impossibly long, supple lines, strength,       berance, brilliant technique, and charismatic stage presence that
and stylistic versatility, eliciting the title “guest dance goddess”    transcends his slight build, and has drawn frequent comparisons
from Ballet-Dance Magazine.                                             to the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov.

  She then went on to form a successful touring duo with fel-             Using social media apps on his iPhone to promote himself
low former Complexions dancer Rubinald Pronk called Jacoby              and shed light on the ballet world came naturally to Simkin, who
and Pronk, which she’s been focused on for the last five years.         has had a particular interest in technology since childhood. “I’ve
Jacoby also created a website with her husband during that              always felt drawn towards the combination of aesthetics and
period called Dance Pulp (, which features video                      ”
                                                                        technology, Simkin relates. “I get satisfaction from utilizing aes-
interviews with leading players in the dance world. “The idea           thetically pleasing and, most importantly, functioning devices.
was to be sort of like Inside the Actors Studio for dance, but          The iPhone changed the way a phone works for me.       ”
with more of a peer-to-peer feel, she says. “When I’m talking
to these people, they’re really relaxed. It’s not your typical inter-
view; it’s more of a candid conversation with two professionals.   ”

                                                                                            iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2        83
                                                                                   “It definitely makes my life

                                                                          ing on the big screen in HD on my computer later on, Simkin
               Tools of the Trade                                         explains. He also uses his iPad to learn choreography, watching
                                                                          video that he’s encoded from DVDs on his computer into an
                                                                          iPad-compatible format.
  Simkin, with his iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and Jacoby, with her
iPhone 4S, do more than just post Instagram photos depicting                                                                  ”
                                                                            “I am addicted to the constant flow of information, Simkin ad-
the behind-the-scenes world of dancers’ lives; they both rely                                                               ”
                                                                          mits, “[so] my iPhone tends to be always on me. Apps that he
heavily on their iDevices for a wide spectrum of daily tasks, from        uses regularly, besides Instagram (free,, Face-
recording rehearsals to organizing their schedules.                       book (free,, and Twitter (free,,
                                                                          are Snapseed ($4.99,, for photo corrections;
  “It definitely makes my life easier, Jacoby says of her iPhone,
                                       ”                                  Instapaper ($2.99,, for reading material while
then laughs and confesses that she’s obsessed with Siri. “[When           he’s on the subway; Evernote (free,; and Draw
I first got my phone,] I was like, this is going to change my life!       Something ($2.99,
I can say ‘put this in my calendar’ and I don’t have to open up
my calendar… I mean, it’s not like it’s that inconvenient to open            Jacoby calls her iPhone “a one-stop shop for my tech, social
it up and type it in, but [it’s] so amazing just to tell [Siri] to open                                  ”
                                                                          media, and promotion needs. Her favorite app of all? Instagram.
up my calendar and put in an appointment.      ”                                              ”
                                                                          “I love it so much, she shares, “and there are a lot of dancers
                                                                          who use it, so it's fun to see where my friends and colleagues
   Jacoby also uses her iPhone during the rehearsal process,                                           ”
                                                                          are and what they're up to. Besides Twitter and Facebook, Ja-
by docking it to a speaker to play music, or to film rehearsals           coby also regularly uses Pose (free,, a fashion
so she can watch the footage for corrections or send it to the            trends app, and Scrabble ($1.99,; in fact, she
choreographer for feedback. “Sometimes we’ll [use my phone                                                                  ”
                                                                          confesses to being “a hard-core Scrabble player, having played
to] go on YouTube in the middle of rehearsal and watch ourselves          it all the time on her 40-minute commute from Brooklyn to Man-
to remember choreography, she adds.
                            ”                                             hattan before moving to the Netherlands. She also frequently
                                                                          uses the Maps app (free, built-in) “to get directions to castings,
  Simkin uses his phone similarly. “The camera of the iPhone 4            auditions, and venues.   ”
was a revelation for me, he confides. “Besides the immediate

                                                                              a Peek behind the Curtain
feedback of a teacher in the studio and the mirror in front of
you, it is essential to have the feedback from watching yourself
on camera. He bought a wide-angle lens from Photojojo ($20, and a GorillaMobile tripod mount ($39.95, to film himself dancing in the studio. “The wide-angle           For these dancers and others, offering a glimpse into the ballet
lens allows me to see the full studio, and I can analyze my danc-         world through social media isn’t just about branding themselves

84     i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
                                                                                                                   Daniil simkin

                                                                                                                   instagram: daniil
                                                                                                                   Twitter: @daniil

                                                                                                                   Drew Jacobs

                                                                                                                   website:, ja-
                                                                                                                   instagram: drewjacoby
                                                                                                                   Twitter: @iamdrewjacoby

                                                                                                                 Photo Credits
                                                                                                p.83, L-R: Rosalie O’Connor, courtesy of ABT; Sara Forrest
                                                                                                for Capezio

                                                                                                p.84, L-R: Chad Riley; Gene Schiavone

                                                                                                p.85, clockwise from top left: Bill Cooper; ©ABT; Nick Onk-
                                                                                                en; Kenny Johnson for Eleve Dancewear

or gaining followers; it’s a way of boosting the awareness of a
seasoned art form in a fresh and appealing way. As Simkin sees
it, “Providing a glimpse of my life and the things I do is my way
of giving back to an audience that comes to see us dancers do
our job… I find that every ticket sold for a ballet performance
through exposure of social media does not only benefit me, but
the art form in general.”

  He continues, “I grew up in a ballet family… sometimes, I tend
to take my life for granted. Providing people a virtual backstage
tour refreshes my view the same way it does when I [give a tour]
in real life. When I take [my friends] around the theater, their
eyes glow and it makes me notice the little, mundane things that
make my life so special once again in full light. �

           Nina Benjamin is the Associate Editor of iPhone Life magazine. She holds a B.A.
           in Literature and Writing and has written and edited articles for several regional
           magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Once a professional ballet dancer, Nina now
           enjoys teaching ballet and singing.

                                                                                                                iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2          85
MyTunes Unleashes
incredible Sound
By edward Zabrek, M.D.

            you’re an audiophile, like I am, then you probably       these apps do with those files is what makes them remarkably
            know by now that our dearly loved iPhones and iPads,     different from other music players that I’ve tried before.
            while incredibly powerful and versatile machines, lack
            drastically in the audio performance department.                                                      MyTunes Pro addresses
                                                                                                                the iPhone’s audio qual-
   Case in point: I, and other iPhone 4S users, have experienced                                                ity by working in a host
questionable stereo audio quality when playing music through                                                    of SRS Labs’ proprietary
the device’s integrated speakers. Specifically, on the iPhone 4S,                                               audio signal process-
it seems that the sound on the right speaker plays at a volume                                                  ing technologies, most
that is two to three times higher than that on the left speaker.                                                notably WOW HD. The
The result, of course, is a distorted and mostly unintelligible                                                 company claims their
soundstage and an overall poor-quality audio experience.                                                        technology retrieves au-
                                                                                                                dio information that gets
                                                                                                                lost in the recording and
             iMPRoviNG THe SoUND                                                                                compression processes,
                                                                                                                resulting in music that
                                                                                                                sounds far more natu-
 Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem: MyTunes Pro                                                   ral. SRS states that the
HD (iPad only: free, full features available via in-app purchase,                                               technology restores the, an advanced audio-enhancing music player ap-                                                     natural tonality and spa-
plication developed for the iPad, and the accompanying My-                                                      tial characteristics of re-
                                       Tunes Pro (free, full fea-    cordings, making music sound as if you’re in the same room as
                                       tures available via in-app    the artist. By turning this feature on within the app, I immediately
                                       purchase,      heard a noticeable improvement in quality and didn’t even have
                                       Both are from SRS Labs,       to work the advanced settings. While the presets worked well,
                                       the consumer electronics      SRS also gives audiophiles the option to precisely control their
                                       industry’s go-to source       listening experience with advanced controls that no other music
                                       for audio technologies        players have, such as spatial control, psychoacoustic bass en-
                                       that make TVs, PCs, tab-      hancement, definition control, and vocal level.
                                       lets, and smartphones de-
                                       liver bigger, better sound.
                                       SRS Labs is also behind                          GeTTiNG STARTeD
                                       the popular iWOW 3D
                                       ($59.99, au-
                                       dio-enhancement adaptor         Getting started with this app couldn’t be easier. It takes a few
                                       for the iPhone, iPad, and     seconds to boot on the first launch since it has to populate the
                                       iPod that iPhone Life re-     music library, but once it’s loaded, it works very quickly. The
                                       viewed last year.             second you pop in your headphones, a small window appears,
                                                                     asking you what kind of device was just plugged in. Each setting
                                        According to SRS, both       has a different sound, so for my application, I selected over-the-
                                     MyTunes Pro HD and My-          ear headphones. When listening to music with the WOW HD
Tunes Pro were designed to enhance any iDevice’s ability to play     feature on, I could notice the improved clarity, higher highs,
lossless and compressed digital music, so it would sound truer to    and lower lows, but additionally, I could hear the soundstage
the studio recording. The apps seamlessly pull music, podcasts,      expand far beyond my headphones. When using my iPad’s built-
and audio book files from your iTunes music library, but what        in speaker with WOW HD on, the sound quality was greatly im-

86    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   87
proved across the entire frequency range, and the music didn’t
sound so glued to the device.                                                             THe fiNAL veRDiCT
                                        In addition to the audio-
                                      processing technology,            Though the MyTunes apps are available to download for free,
                                      the app features several        you can only use their fully functioning music players with ad-
                                      other bells and whistles,       vanced features for 10 minutes a day. If you like what you hear,
                                      including a fully adjust-       you can unlock the apps’ advanced features via a one-time, in-
                                      able 10-band EQ with            app purchase (iPhone/iPod version: $4.99; iPad version: $7   .99).
                                      presets and a simple            Overall, I was impressed with the functionality and advanced
                                      three-knob tone control         features of MyTunes Pro HD and felt that what it did for my
                                      system (both of which of-       iPad’s music collection and sound capabilities made it well worth
                                      fer further personalization            .99
                                                                      the $7 unlock price. There are very few music player apps out
                                      of audio playback). It also     there that trump Apple’s built-in music player, but the array of
                                      has volume normalization,       playback features included in the MyTunes apps, combined with
                                      which maintains a consis-       their uncanny ability to improve the overall sound quality on any
                                      tent listening volume, re-      iDevice, make MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro must-have
                                      gardless of the music be-       apps for any music lover. �
                                      ing played. I appreciated
                                      the ability to tweak the                   Edward M. Zabrek, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician practicing high-risk obstetrics
                                      various frequency levels                   at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley, CA. As an international consultant
                                      in the EQ in order to give                 in mHealth and mobile medical software applications, he has an ambitious dream to
my music a little stronger bass and more pronounced highs—                       “evolutionize” the practice of patient care using mobility and digital wireless devices.
                                                                                 He can be reached via email at
this is something that I think most of us who listen to music
on our iPhones, iPods, and iPads have wanted since the begin-
ning, and now with MyTunes, we finally have it. Additionally, the
volume normalization feature was highly effective at keeping all
of my music at the same playback level. Amazingly, when go-
ing from classical music with a large dynamic range to modern
pop, which is optimized for loudness, there was no noticeable
difference in perceived loudness between the tracks, so I never
had to adjust the volume level.

              ADDiTioNAL feATUReS

  Beyond their sound-improvement technologies, MyTunes Pro
HD and MyTunes Pro also feature a mix of advanced audio-
processing technologies designed to allow users to personalize
and customize their listening experience to match their moods,
settings, or activities. For example, the app has a workout mode
that allows users to simply set their workout intensity level.
Then the app automatically adjusts their playlist and songs’
speed to fit the intensity of their workout. Similarly, there is a
party mode that allows users to select their playlist and party
type; the app then reorganizes the playlist to fit the selected
party style. The app also provides the experience of having a
DJ mix your music—no hired DJ required—thanks to the app’s
built-in intelligent DJ transitions.

  Another cool feature is the speed control setting. According to
SRS, this technology was intended for use with tracks featuring
only spoken words, like podcasts and audio books, not music.
If you do use it with your music, it may sound a little weird. This
feature allows you to increase or decrease the speed of your
podcasts and audio books with no detrimental effect on the
pitch and tone of the person’s voice, and, I must say, it works
well! I was able to get through The Hunger Games audio book
much faster than I could have without it.

88    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   89
90   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   91
92   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   93
94   i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012
iPhone Lif e B uye rs G uide 2 0 1 2   95
 iView                                                                    Hal, along with his wife Rita, founded iPhone Life’s
                                                                         original publishing company, Thaddeus Computing,
                                                                          in 1985. You can reach him at

Touchfire: An iPad Keyboard funded by 3,146 end-Users

S    uppose you have a great idea for an iPhone or iPad product,
     but no funding. Or suppose someone describes a product
that you really want, but it does not yet exist. Would you be
                                                                       What is TouchFire?

                                                                         TouchFire works with all three versions of the iPad. The ultra-
willing to put up, say, the retail cost of the product and be first    thin silicon rubber, less-than-an-ounce TouchFire fits right over the
in line when the product ships? That’s what I did, and it’s how I      iPad’s on-screen keyboard and it’s completely transparent, so you
got my new iPad keyboard.                                              can see the iPad keyboard characters underneath it. TouchFire is
                                                                       supple, yet stiff enough to let you rest your fingers on the home
Funding Products Through Kickstarter                                   row keys without accidentally triggering the touch screen. When
                                                                       you type, TouchFire responds with resistance and spring-back
  Kickstarter ( offers a venue for product creators    that feels like a responsive keyboard. I find it significantly better
to raise funds from end-users in exchange for a small percent-         to touch-type with TouchFire than on the iPad screen.
age of the money raised. Creators set a funding amount and
a deadline. No money changes hands if a project is not fully                                                         If you want TouchFire
funded by the deadline.                                                                                            out of the way, fold it
                                                                                                                   down; corner magnets
                                              ”          ”
  Go to and search for “iPad, “iPhone, or “iOS.  ”                                                 keep it folded below
You’ll find hundreds of listings of fully and partially funded app                                                 the iPad screen. Flip it
and accessory product proposals. A few examples include an                                                         back up when you want
amplifying iPad case, an iOS app development course, a de-                                                         to type again. TouchFire
tachable iPad gamepad, a snowflakes physics learning app, and          comes with a pair of cover clips, which help secure it mag-
“Kitty Karaoke. ”                                                      netically to the iPad’s cover when not in use. TouchFire was
                                                                       designed for the Apple Smart Cover and the iPad 1 black Apple
                                       I was introduced to             case, but it also works with many other cases. Since TouchFire
                                   my current iPad screen-             attaches to my Smart Cover, it is always available. I use it of-
                                   top keyboard, TouchFire,            ten, particularly with email. I find that I use external Bluetooth
                                   through Kickstarter. The            keyboards only when I know I will be in one place and have a
                                   TouchFire proposal was              lot of typing to do.
                                   listed in October 2011,
                                   and had been funded                                                 The strengths of the TouchFire—
                                   many times over by the                                          portability and typability—also point
                                   time I pledged $45 for it                                       to its limitations. The combination of
                                   in December. The Touch-                                         the iPad, TouchFire, and a Smart Cov-
Fire “pledge summary” confirmation email estimated delivery                                        er is ever so slightly bulky. Also, I find
later in December.                                                                                 myself fumbling with the TouchFire
                                                                                                   more than I would like. In addition,
   Actually, I finally received TouchFire in July, after receiving a                               typing isn’t always smooth, especially
number of emails chronicling delays. Touchfire is now available                                    if TouchFire and the iPad keyboard are
at for $49.99.                                           misaligned. Still, TouchFire will definitely stay in my iPad arsenal
                                                                       for the foreseeable future. �

96    i P hone L i f e B uyers Guide 2012

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