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					Nicki L. Lowenstein, MS, RD, CSO, LD, CNSD______________________________
5214 Benning Drive, Houston, Texas 77035
(713) 721-8918 (Home) ; (713) 563-5164 (Office)
(713) 745-4086 (Fax) ; (E-mail)

     MASTER OF SCIENCE, in Nutrition Science
     Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas 1989

     BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, in Home Economics/Dietetics
     Baylor University, Waco, Texas 1984

     Qualifying experience for American Dietetic Association (ADA) Registration,
     Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas 1986

         Registration: RD#708199
         License: LD #
         CNSD: May 2007
         CSO: September 2008

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________________
         MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Houston, Texas
         Clinical Nutrition Manager, 1998 to 2008, Associate Director since June 2008
         Responsible for provision of professional and supervisory direction for the 40+ member Clinical
         Nutrition Staff for a 500 bed oncology research and teaching hospital. Directly responsible for
         recruitment, hiring, orientation, competency assessment and evaluation of clinical and support staff
         members; development and implementation of nutrition care policies and procedures; coordination of
         the development, evaluation and implementation of standards of care and nutrition protocols and
         budget and staffing plan development. Serve as on site coordinator for clinical nutrition rotations for
         students in programs affiliated with the institution. Interpret current clinical research and incorporate
         into nutrition programs and staff development activities. Represent department within hospital
         committees associated with the implementation of patient care. Responsible for coordination and
         monitoring of quality/performance improvement programs, outcomes management and regulatory
         agency compliance.

         DESERT REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, Palm Springs, California
         Clinical Nutrition Manager, 2/97-4/98
         Responsible for the clinical dietitians/technicians and support staff for a 400+-bed Level II acute care
         facility. Developed and implemented all written policies and procedures for provision of patient
         nutritional care. Maintained and monitored all Quality Improvement programs and regulated (State,
         JCAHO, OBRA ) standards of operation. Responsible for tray assembly/delivery process. Developed
         menu cycle for newly initiated SelectServicetm program. Served as a Coordinator of a regional Peer
         Review panel responsible for accreditation and licensure preparation audits for hospitals within the
         district. Responsible for patients receiving care in the Intensive Care Units, and for patients receiving
         Parenteral Nutrition Support within the hospital. This includes assessment, care planning and support
Nutrition Care Manager, 7/94-1/97; Nutrition Support Dietitian, 11/92-7/94
Responsible for he clinical dietitians and clerical support staff for a large bi-campus teaching facility
(435 beds and 230 beds respectively). Responsible for the recruitment, orientation and development of
professional staff. Responsible for development, implementation and monitoring of Quality
Improvement programs and maintenance of regulation standards. Serve as liaison to medical staff via
committee participation. Serve as location coordinator for dietetic internship program. Responsible for
assisting in the integration of nutrition care services into managed care contracts, and developing
outcomes assessments to evaluate the efficacy of nutrition interventions. Responsible for the
development of policies, procedures and standards of care for both facilities. Responsible for the care
of the Nutrition Support Service (NSS) patients (TPN) and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patient
care areas. This includes assessment and care plan development and implementation.

PATHFINDER FOUNDATION, Northridge, California
Consultant Dietitian (concurrent w/ above)
Responsible for integration of nutrition and health issues into a residential treatment program for
primarily eating disordered patients. Provided individual nutrition counseling, follow-up and discharge
planning coordination.

Enteral Nutritionals Sales Representative, 1/92-9/92
Enteral Nutrition sales representative serving the Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi and Rio Grande
Valley areas. Responsible for business acquisition, and management of hospital, nursing home and
home health accounts. Activities included: bid proposals, formulary conversions, inventory
management, in-service education and business plan development. Accomplishments include meeting
sales goal (greater than 50% increase over previous year) within 9 months in position.

Nutrition Support Dietitian, 12/90-1/92
Responsible for nutrition assessment and care of a variety of patients including heart and lung
transplant patients, and post-surgical GI patients. As a member of the Texas Heart Institute Transplant
team, I participated in ongoing research, development of education tools/treatment plans and weekly
presentations to Medical Review Board. Actively participated in the development Enteral and
Parenteral Reference Guide for medical staff, and served as a member of the SLEH Speakers Bureau.

Dietitian, 9/89-12/90
Responsible for organizing, implementing and directing the long-tern maintenance portion of the
Optifast Weight Loss program. Participated in the development of care plans for all participants in
the program as well as administration of therapeutic (cardiac, diabetic) diets when necessary.
Developed education materials and generated a monthly newsletter for community distribution.
Actively involved in marketing plans, responsible for direct physician marketing and program

Nutritionist and Health Educator, 12/88-9/89
Responsible for development of nutrition care plans for patients on therapeutic diets (cardiac, diabetic,
renal, weight loss etc.) for a large internal medicine practice. Participated in group education for
       patients involved in VLCD program. Developed and/or evaluated diet education materials for use in
       clinical practice.

       PINNACLE REHABILITATION, Decatur, Georgia
       Nutritionist, 12/88-9/89
       Responsible for all patient education and care plan development related to rehabilitative nutrition,
       sports nutrition, cardiovascular risk reduction, diabetes management and work hardening programs.
       Involved in community and industry education with regard to nutrition and fitness.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE_____________________________________________________________

       UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Houston, Texas
       Site Coordinator/Preceptor, Internship Advanced Clinical Rotation, 1999- present

       Site Coordinator/Preceptor, Internship Advanced Clinical Rotation, 1999- present

       UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, Houston, Texas
       Adjunct Faculty, Spring Semester 2000
       Responsible for content and administration of Course #4337 Seminars in Therapeutic Nutrition, a
       senior level applied skills course. Responsible for course content, lectures etc, for this advanced level
       undergraduate research paper writing course. Responsible for evaluating and assigning grades to

       TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY, Houston, Texas
       Adjunct Faculty 1/91-5/91
       Responsible for content and administration of Course #2323 Elementary Nutrition. Served as a
       member of the Institutional Animal Use Committee, which oversees ethical use of animals in
       investigational research.

       Site Coordinator/Preceptor, Internship Program 1993-1997

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIPS__________________________________________________________
       Clinical Ethics Committee
            Adjuvant Ethicist 2000-present
            Chair Institutional Issues Committee 2004-present
            Member Conference Planning Committee-2006, 2008
            Member Database Management Committee
            Member Consult Process Subcommittee 2002-2008
            Chair Bylaws Task Force 2002-2003
       CLAS Advisory Panel 2006-present
       JCAHO Steering Committee
       Nutrition Support Services Committee- ongoing
       Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee-1999-present
       Interdisciplinary Documentation Committee- 1998-present
       Patient Education Committee1998-present
            Patient Orientation Committee
       University of Houston Internship Advisory Committee
       University of Texas School of Public Health Dietetic Internship Advisory Committee.
       M.D. Anderson Outreach, Speakers Bureau
       Anderson Ambassador
      American Dietetic Association
           Member, 1984- present
           Member, Clinical Nutrition Managers Practice Group
           Member, Oncology Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group
           Member, Dietitians in Nutrition Support Practice Group, thru 2003
      Houston Area Dietetic Association
           Member, 1998- present
           Membership Co-chair (elected)
           Secretary (elected)
      California Dietetic Association and
           Nominating Committee (elected position)
           Annual Meeting Co-Chair (appointed)
      Los Angeles District Dietetic Association
           Member, 1991-1998
           District Council Representative (two terms, elected)
           Secretary (elected position)
      Nutrition Quality Network
           Member, 1998- present
      American Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
      Member, 1990- present
           Member Self-assessment Module Committee 2007-2008
           Served in focus group for future planning, 1997

      American Cancer Society- 1999-presnet
          State Division Task Force for Nutrition and Physical Fitness Initiatives
          Houston Metro Board Member, Cancer Control Council
          Houston Metro Chair Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee
          Board Member 2004- 2005
      Shape Up Houston
          Member, Nutrition Committee, January 2002- 2004
      Sunshine Kids
          Volunteer, 1999- 2001
      Leadership Houston
          Member, 2000- present
          Planning Committee, “Health and Human Services Day”, March, 2002
          Class XIX, 2000-2001
      Hadassah Women’s Organization
          Membership Vice President, Houston Chapter
          Programming Vice President, Annie Leff Group
          President, Annie Leff Group,
          Recording Secretary, Annie Leff Group
      Houston Proud
          Member, 1999-2003
      Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity Alumnus
          Member, 1984- present
      “Nutrition and Prostate Cancer”
      Patient Cancer Conference
      MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas;

      “Anorexia Cachexia Syndrome”
      Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Nutrition Conference
      New York, New York; June 2008

      “To Feed or not To Feed: Ethics, Nutrition and End of Life Care”
      Taste of Ethics
      MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; May 2008

      “Nutritional Care of the Palliative Care Patient”
      Curso IV de Avances en Nutricion y Cancer”
      Madrid, Espania; November 2007

      “Nutrition Support of the Cancer Patient”
      Physicians Network Conference
      Santa Barbara , California; July 2007

      “Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
      Apache Oil Company
      Houston Texas: June 2007

      “Nutrition Support of the Cancer Patient”
      Pain Management, Nutrition and Oral Care Conference
      for Dental Oncology Education Program
      El Paso, TX; June 2006

      “Nutritional Counseling in Head and Neck Cancer”
      Oral Oncology: Oncologic Dentistry and Maxillofacial Prosthetics Symposium
      Houston, Texas March 2006

      “Nutrition and Colon Cancer Prevention”
      Television Interview
      Houston, Texas; March 2006

      “Nutritional Support in Gastric Malignancy”
      Curso II de Avances en Nutricion y Cancer”
      Madrid, Spain; December 2005

      Evaluation of Clinical ethics Consultations
      International Conference for Clinical Ethics Consultation
      Basil, Switzerland; March 2005

      “A Model for Addressing Institutional Issues”
      International Conference for Clinical Ethics Consultation
      Basil, Switzerland; March 2005

      “Nutrition Before, During and After Cancer”
      American Cancer Society Reach for Recovery Conference
      Houston, TX: September 2004
“Anorexia Cachexia Syndrome: Nutritional Implications”
Grand Rounds, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center during
11th Symposium on Nutrition and Cancer
Houston, TX : July 2004

“Nutrition Assessment of the Cancer Patient”
Curso de Advances en Nutricion y Cancer
Madrid, Spain: June 2004

“Nutrition and Colon Cancer”
American Cancer Society: Colon Cancer Conference
Houston, TX; March 2004

“Nutrition Support of the Cancer Patient”
Cancer Concepts: Anemia, Nutrition Fatigue and Sexuality
Nurses Oncology Education Program
San Jacinto College South Campus
Houston, TX; September 2003

“Nutrition and Immunity”
Living Fully with Cancer Conference
Houston, TX, September 2003

“Nutrition and Cancer”
Dental Oncology Education Program
Austin TX, August 2003

“Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
Alpha Delta Phi Annual Conference
Houston, TX; June 2003

“Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
Commentary for CBS Local Affiliate Channel 11
Representing American Cancer Society
Houston, TX; 2003

“Talking with Patients about Complementary Therapies”
CME Video/CDRom, University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX; April 2003

“Use of Taste Enhancers for Weight Loss”
Commentary for NBC Dateline
April 2003

“Nutrition Related Side Effects”
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Support Group
Houston, TX; March 2003

“Nutrition and Colon Cancer”
Colon Cancer Conference
Houston, TX; March 2003

“Nutrition Support During and After Cancer Treatment”
Dental Oncology Education Program
Dallas, TX; February 2003
“Nutrition Support of the Cancer Patient”
Pain Management, Nutrition and Oral Care Conference
for Nurses Oncology Education Program
Brownsville, TX; February 2003

“Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
Wheeler Avenue Cancer Symposium
Houston, TX; February 2003

“ Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
El Paso Energy Corporation
Houston, TX; January 2003

“Nutritional Considerations in Prostate Cancer”
Tex US TOO Conference
Houston, TX; January 2003

“ Nutrition and Cancer Prevention”
Mabel Shepard Seminar,
Pensacola, FL; April 2002

“Why Nutrition and Physical Activity?”
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Branch, American Cancer Society
Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, June 2001

“Case Presentations in Oncology”
American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Conference
Salt Lake City, UT, October 2000

“Antioxidants and Cancer Risk Reduction”
Presentation for “Place… of Wellness”
Houston, TX, 2000-2001

“Nutrition and Cancer”
Dental Oncology Education Program (DOEP) presentation
Tyler, TX,

“Nutrition and Cancer”
Dental Oncology Education Program (DOEP) presentation
Huntsville, TX,

“Development of Practice Guidelines for Cancer Patients”
Round Table presentation, Nutrition and Cancer Symposium
Houston, TX, June 2000

“Nutrition and Cancer”
Dental Oncology Education Program (DOEP) presentation
Killeen, TX,

“Nutrition and Cancer”
Dental Oncology Education Program (DOEP) presentation
Brownsville, TX,

“Management of Nutrition Related Side Effects of Treatment”
HCA Teleconference, Nashville, TN, June 1998
      “Nutrition Support of the Ventilator Dependent Patient”
      Tri-City Dietetic Association Meeting
      Palm Springs, CA, November 1997

      Oncology Nutrition, in Texas Dietetics Association Diet Manual
      Texas Dietetic Association, May 2008

      “Anorexia Cachexia Syndrome ”, in
      Practice Guidelines for the Care of Cancer Patients
      M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Publication, 2006

      Oral Health in Cancer Therapy: A guide for Dental Professionals
      Second Edition, monograph, Dental Oncology Education Program, January, 2004

      Development of a Staffing Plan for Clinical Nutrition
      Abstract, American Dietetic Association, October 2003

      Patient Satisfaction with Clinical Nutrition Interventions
      Abstract, American Dietetic Association, October 2003

      Oncology Nutrition, in Texas Dietetics Association Diet Manual
      Texas Dietetic Association, May 2003

      “Nutrition Assessment”, in
      Practice Guidelines for the Care of Cancer Patients
      M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Publication, 2001

      “Side Effects Management”, in
      Practice Guidelines for the Care of Cancer Patients
      M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Publication, 2001

      Oncology: Diet and Nutrition Patient Education Resource Manual
      Advisor to, Aspen Publishers, 2000

      Multiple popular/media related, no peer reviewed articles/research to date.
      Currently contributor to three protocols in progress.

      Need to update
      Texas Dietetic Association, Annual Meeting, April 2006; The Woodlands, Texas
      “Ethics Money and Medicine Conference”, February 25, 2006; Houston, Texas
      American Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition: Nutrition Week, February 10-14 2006; Dallas Texas
      2nd Curso de Advances en Nutricion y Cancer, December 2005; Madrid Spain
      Eleventh Symposium on Nutrition and Cancer, July 2004, Houston, Texas
      1st Curso de Advances en Nutricion y Cancer, June 2004; Madrid Spain
      Nutrition Week, February 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada
      Nutrition Support Lecture Series, September 2002-August 2003
      Current Issues in Complimentary Therapies, Research and Practice, May 2002, Houston
      Nutrition Week, February 22-27, 2002; San Diego
      Tube Feeding Tolerance: Beyond Osmolality, January 10, 2002, Houston, TX
      Fluid and Electrolyte Balance, January 25, 2002; Houston, TX
      Nutrition Support Lecture Series, September 2001-August 2002
      Nutritional Challenges for the Critically Ill Hematology/Oncology Patient
      September 20, 2001; Houston TX
      Advances in the Management of Cancer Cachexia, October 11, 2001; Houston, TX
      Fatty Acids and Sudden Cardiac Death, November 5, 2001; Houston, TX
      Herbal Medicine, November 8, 2001; Houston, TX
      Diabetes, Nutrition and Insulin, December 6, 2001, Houston, TX
      Effective Presentations Workshop, April 25-26, 2000; Houston TX
      NetMedical Ethics, September 14, 2000; Houston, TX
      ASPEN 23rd Clinical Congress, January 31-February 3, 2000; San Diego, CA
      Nutrition and Immunity, February 26, 1999; Houston, TX


      Outstanding Educator, 2003, 2004
      Outstanding Manager of Education, 2004
      American Cancer Center , Volunteer of the Year, 2002
      Educator of the Year, 1997
      Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year, 1997

      Carol Frankmann, MS, RD, LD, CNSD
      Director Clinical Nutrition
      MD Anderson Cancer Center
      (713) 563-5163

      James Means Jr, RN
      Manager, Enterprise Applications
      MD Anderson Cancer Center
      (713) 745-7848

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