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					Rosewood Wall Panels
Decorate Your Home With Rosewood Wall Panels, Interior Wall
Decorations, Wooden Wall Hangings. A work of high
sophistication and refined craftsmanship, Rosewood God wall
panel is a symbol of longevity and happiness that makes for a
lovely decorative item and a thoughtful housewarming gift as
well. Hand carved Interiors from rosewood , it´s skillfully
polished to a high gloss.
Traditional Indian handicrafts possess an exotic flavor
that has drawn people to its esoteric beauty from time
immemorial. Ethnic Indian wall paintings are popular
with wholesale art and handicraft exporters worldwide
for their unique artistry and use of natural elements.
This wall scenery is a striking work of art and makes a
wonderful home decor accessory and is ideal for
corporate gifts and special occasions.
Rosewood wall panel

    The wooden wall panel
    depicts a lovely village belle
    carrying a bunch of sticks, as
    she makes her way through
    the beautiful yet dense forest.
    Nature is seen here in all its
    glory and the lovely lass
    portrays youthful abandon
    and unbridled joy as she is
    seen here in her element.

    Rosewood Wall Panel Lady

This eye-catching scenery depicts a
lovely village belle carrying a bunch of
sticks, as she winds her way through a
rocky yet dense forest. The lady stands
by a muddy brook with shrubs and
large boulders making up the
background. The perspective of this
scenery has been brought out by the
delicate blend of shades and hues of
brown and orange. Nature is seen here
in all its glory and the lovely lass
portrays youthful abandon and
unbridled joy.
Rosewood Yashoda Krishna Wall Panel

              This lovely objet d art is a
              celebration of maternal love.
              Marvel at the simple beauty of
              this lovely wall hanging that is
              expertly etched out of the purest
              rosewood and polished to a
              lovely sheen. The scene is set in
              the royal palace of Lord Krishna.
              Krishna was deeply attached to
              his foster mother, Yashoda.

                Rosewood cattle grazing inlaid wall panel

                                   A farmer stands nonchalantly,
                                   balancing a stick across his wiry
                                   shoulders as he watches his cattle
                                   graze by the stream and drink from
                                   its cool waters. The hardworking
                                   farmer is not bound by any
                                   timetables or schedule. Simple
                                   living and high thinking is the
                                   highlight of this decorative wall
A bullock cart heavily laden with agricultural produce
winds its ponderous way through a rough village path.
This lovely picture is the very epitome of the typical rural
Indian landscape where the ubiquitous bail gadi or
bullock cart is a popular fixture. The wooden cart is
drawn by two sturdy bullocks and forms the chief means
of transportation in these parts.
Fisher women wall decorative wood

                   Two fisherwomen sit patiently by
                   the seashore, waiting for their
                   men to return home from the
                   Sea. They each have a hope and
                   prayer in their hearts that the
                   fishing expedition has gone well
                   and their husbands and sons will
                   return home safe and sound to
                   them. As they sit on the banks of
                   the sea, keeping their vigil, they
                   discuss the day’s events with
                   each other.

Running horse rosewood wall panel

                    A virile horse in motion is a beautiful sight
                    to behold. This one vision alone has fired
                    the imagination of many a poet and
                    writer. This striking wall scenery is truly a
                    work of art, worth possessing or gifting.
                    We see raw energy in motion here as a
                    young stallion gallops with effortless ease
                    on a rough and steep hillside. The
                    masculine horse is a universal symbol of
                    speed,       intellect      and       virility.

This lovely wall scenery features a typical rural landscape on a cool evening. As the
shadow of the day grows longer and dusk creeps stealthily in, two village belles make
their way home, after drawing water from the village watering hole. The village pond is
the local gathering point where the village women – both old and young meet, to chat
and exchange village gossip. The women gather water in their shining brass or earthen
pots and carry it expertly on their heads or balanced on their hips. The load is not too
heavy for them to bear, for they are no stranger to hard work. Notice how the deft
artisan has skilfully juxtaposed the strong beauty of youth with the rough and stark
terrain around them.
          Sea Design Rosewood Inlaid(colour Wood)
                    Wallpanel Patch Work

This striking rosewood wall panel signifies hope and homecoming. After an
arduous fishing expedition, the fishing boats have returned to shore and are
moored to the land. The vast Blue Sea holds a strange power over the fisher
folk. The Call of the Sea is irresistible to the fisherman who makes his living
from the sea and thrives on the adventures that he faces everyday as his
sturdy boat battles the waves. When he sets out on a fishing expedition, his
heart is filled with hope and trepidation.

 lady with calf design 3D(OR)
embossing rosewood wallpanel

           The wonderful bounty of Nature and
           the natural beauty of Woman is
           celebrated in this exquisite rosewood
           wall panel. The wooden wall scenery
           depicts a curvaceous village belle
           carrying a basket of wares, as she
           makes her way through a beautiful
           yet dense forest. Nature is seen here
           in all its glory and the lovely woman
           portrays a combination of youthful
           vitality and abandon.
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