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1    Notices                            2

2 Product Performances                  3

3 Accessories                           4

4 System Requirements                   4

5 Product Appearance Introduction       5

6 Quick Installation of Hard Disk       6

7 Product Function Introduction         9

8 Driver Installation                   10

9 Hard Disk Format and Partition        13

10    Product Usage                     20

11    Installation of backup software   22

12    Usage of backup software          22

13    Common solution of failure        35

14    Appendix                          36

1.Notices                                                                          Caution!
                                                                                   Don't expose this product in high temperature and moisture in
      First of all, thank you for choosing and using this product. For
                                                                             order to avoid fire and electric shock. The hard disk
your better understanding the product performance, please kindly read
                                                                             HTS424020M9AT00 attached has passed the EMI test.
this manual and pay attention to the notices and instructions of
                                                                                  Data transfer rate will be likely to be influenced on by the
operation in details.
                                                                             electromagnetic field with special frequency.
     The product accessories described in this manual had applied and
                                                                                  If data transformation failed or discontinued because of the static
registered as the patent. Any imitation should be considered tortuous
                                                                             electricity and strong electromagnetic field, the application system
and assume the legal responsibility accordingly.
                                                                             should be restarted or the USB cable reconnected.
     The product accessories meet the safety standard of low-pressure
of China and passed the American test for the compatibility of
                                                                                  All the brands and the names of products are the special property
electromagnetism, getting the Part 15 class B.          The Europe CE
                                                                             of the company above.
certificate has also been got of criterion EN55022 Class B, EN61000-
6-3, EN61000-6-1.                                                            2. Product Performances
     The serial NO. attached in the product and the package is the most           High Speed SATA Interface Integrated
important warrant for repairing. The user has to hold it when repairing           This product is a storage device with Serial ATA interface which is
is necessary. If the serial No. mark is damaged, tear and blur, there will   compatible for latest SATA 1.5GB/S transfer standard. The highest
be no any warranty. The afterall service of exchange in 3 months and         transfer speed of this device can reach 150MB/S and no driver needed
repair in 1 year is available.                                               for WIN2000/XP. The features it has provides with an excellent
      Not all the system complies with this product. The afterall service    solution for not only business storage, but also personal storage.
will only be provided for the product itself. And any loss of data caused
                                                                                   Function of Portable HDD Enclosure:
by using this product or other relative responsibilities will not be
                                                                                  This device integrates both the latest high speed SATA interface
assumed by our company.
                                                                             and IDE interface. You can change different interface based on
      As for the change in design and Specification of this product in
                                                                             different external HDD anytime anywhere. Hot plug & play supported
technology or caused by external factors, no any further notice.
                                                                             this device is built-in 3 port USB HUB
It is suggested to use the USB cable that are provided. Usage of USB         ·Convenient in File Backup
cable with length more than three meters might cause the device to           It can backup the important files in the Sata hard disk just through one
work improperly.                                                             press on the backup button. There is no need to burn a pile of disks or

                                   2                                                                            3
Setup any other trivial procedures. Just simple operation can guarantee   n       The computer must have the USB interface, USB2.0 interface
data safety.                                                                      and Ethernet port are necessary
                                                                          n       Driver CD
·Extending USB port                                                       n       SATA interface
    The there external USB HUB ports are convenient for any external
USB devices connect to the PC. ( like U disk, USB mouse and so on)        5. Product Appearance Introduction
·High Performance of Electronic Power Switch                                  1   HD-35SP3
     Power switch is designed with soft push and electronic protection
against data loss caused by misoperation of POWER key by delayed
power-down. When standby this product will be automatically on
electricity saving mode in order to protect hard disk.

3    Accessories

4    System Requirements
      n        IBM compatible PC.
      n        Support platform Windows 98se/ME/2000 / XP
      n        64MB RAM      recommend 128MB or more
      n        support CD-ROM driver installation

                                    4                                                                    5
2 HD-35SP2

6. Quick Installation of Hard Disk
  Note: Please find PictureA when SATA HDD used. Picture B whenIDE
HDD used.                                                            Picture A

                               6                                        7
            7. Product Function Introduction
                 (1) Usage of Power Adapter
                        Working Voltage: AC100-240V     50/60 Hz 2A
                        Output Voltage: DC 12V---2A 5V---2A

                 l Do not expose to moisture and avoid fall-down.
                 l Do use it within rating voltage.
                 l Please use the power adapter provided with the product
                   together by the manufacturer

                 (2) Indicator Illustration

                   a.      Power LED (Blue): the LED is bright with stable light.

                   b.      Backup LED (Blue): flickering light indicates process
            of copying when used to copy from external devices; and stable bright
            indicates that the device is standby.

            c, d, e Hub LED (Blue): it is stably bright when the hub is used to
Picture B   connect external devices.

   8                                            9
        3    Product Application                                         problem. please contact retailer or local after sales service staff.
                                                                              (1) Connect the hard disk to the computer via USB interface, and
                                                                         the system will detect the device automatically and initiate installation
                                                                         process. The computer will show message that new hardware is found
                                                                         and driver installation is required, then please click [Next].
                                                                              (2) Click [Next].

                                                                              (3) Installation wizard will ask you for appointed directory for
    (4) Serial ATA                                                       driver. Please put the provided CD into the optical driver and choose
    Please make sure there is SATA interface on your computer before     location for programs. Then click [Next].
using TARGA HDD enclosure. If no, SATA pci card (for desktop) or
SATA pcmcia (for laptop) are recommended.                                     (4) A new wizard shows that      Windows is ready for installation ,
                                                                         please click [Next].
     Note: if the SATA bus controller of your computer cannot
support HOT SWAP, you need to connect the hard disk to your                   (5) Click [Finish] after installation.
computer before boot-up. Otherwise, the computer cannot detect
the hard disk.                                                           If the drive letter does not appear, please follow below steps:
    1       Boot up your computer. Connect the SATA cable to the SATA        (1)Choose Disk Drive from Device Manager, and click [Properties].
interface of your computer, and the other end to the hard disk. Please
wait patiently when Windows is searching automatically. It takes a few
minutes if first time use.
    2 Please log in as administrator if you use Windows 2000 or XP.
Otherwise, the hard disk cannot be added. Please ask network
administrator if you do not know how to do.
   3 Systems of Windows Me, 2000 and XP can automatically
install drivers.
     4 Please restart the computer if Windows requires.
8. Driver Installation
    Notice: This installation operating procedure is suitable for the
Microsoft Windows98 OS. for the WindowsME/2000/XP OS driver
installation, please skip to the next step. If there is any technical

                                   10                                                                         11
(2) Click [Removable] from Options in Settings.                            Note: if the green arrow for safely removal does not appear in
                                                                      the system tray, please open [Win98 driver] in the provided CD
                                                                      and run [Setup] or [JUMsbMon].

                                                                      9. Hard Disk Format and Partition
                                                                           Partition of the hard disk will delete all the file in it. So please do
                                                                      backup before that. On a usual basis only the new hard disk needs to be
                                                                      formatted and partitioned.
                                                                           Use of Win98/SE and WinME
                                                                           MS-DOS command          fdisk    (press   enter   )
                                                                              Type in     fdisk    and press    Enter
                                                                              Choose      Y    and press    Enter
                                                                              Type in     5   and select the hard disk for partition.
                                                                              Choose      1   to setup DOS partition or DOS Logical Partition.
                                                                              Choose      1   to setup DOS primary partition. After checking
(3)Choose a drive letter from [Start drive letter], and click [OK].
                                                                              by the system please choose the whole hard disk.
                                                                              Exit after partition. Back to main menu by pressing [esc], and
                                                                              to fdisk.

                               12                                                                          13
                                                          (2) Click “Disk Management”.

Steps for hard disk partition under Windows2000 . XP:       3   If new hard disk, please right click on the drive area, and
(1)Right click   My Computer    , and choose   Manage .         choose   Initialize Disk    .

                               14                                                          15
4   Click “OK”.                                                6   Click   Next .

5 Right click on the hard disk needed to be partitioned, and
choose   New Partition   .

                             16                                                     17
(8) Choose the size of the drive (note: 32G maximum capacity   (10) Choose FAT32 as system file format and click “Next”.
for FAT32), and click [Next].

(9) You can choose or not choose assigned drive letter.        (11) Click “Finish” to end partition process.

                                18                                                         19
10. Product Usage                                                          (2)Disconnection to USB

    (1)USB Connection                                                      Notice: do follow the safe removal steps to remove the USB device
                                                                      from computer in order not to cause data loss and computer dead.
                                                                           (a)Safe removal icon is on system tray.

                                                                           (b)Click this icon and choose      Safely Remove .
                                                                           (c)Computer will show     Now the device can be safely removed      .

                                                                           Note: if the hard drive is new and not been formatted, please
                                                                      follow the partition steps in previous part.
    Under Win2000/WinXP
                                                                           (3)Connect to HUB
     Start computer and run operation system.
                                                                           When the product without hard disk is connected to PC, the three
     Power on the product, and then connect it to computer via
                                                                      USB HUB in front of the product are available to connect any other
     USB cable.
                                                                      USB device. computer can read or write USB device connected by
     The computer will automatically detect and install the driver.
                                                                      anyone of the three HUB ports on the front faceplate. This is
     The addition drive is ready for usage after appearing in [My
                                                                      convenient to use the external portable device on the PC without
     Computer].                                                       connection to the USB port of the PC.

   Serial ATA usage under Win2000/WinXP:
     Start computer and run operation system.                         On a usual basis the actual capacity of your hard disk is less than
     Power on the product, and then connect it to computer via        standard. Theoretically 1K = 1000 bites, 10g =10,000,000 bites.
     SATA cable.
                                                                      However, under windows 1K = 1024 bites, and 10,000,000 bites =
     The addition drive is ready for usage after appearing in [My
                                                                      9.5 gb.

                              20                                                                           21
11. Installation of backup software                                              2   Record backup
                                                                                 3   Record management
     (1)Run driver and select Software        then click PCCloneEX
                                                                                 4   Setup
to enter the installation menu                                                   5   Record backup Key
     (2)Click    Install   to next step                                          6 Move to system list
Please read the user authorization agreement, only after agree to all the        7 About FNet PCClone EX
content can you select     Agree    and Click start to install:                  8. About Usage
     (3)Input 20 bit CD-Key and click Next to install:
     (4)Choose the path of installation and click“Install” to next step:
     (5)Installation finished and click   OK     :
        6 The icon of PCClone EX will appear, and it is available to
Perform PCCloneEX Lite just double click the icon or right click the

                                                                                 (2)Operation of quick record backup

                                                                                 Convenient backup files just through one step to press File Backup or
                                                                            use backup button. No need other complex setup step for backup.(For
     (7) Operation of product key: The record backup dialog box will
                                                                            the first time using, please access Record back and setup to set option
pop-up once press the backup button. Selectthe files and press again,
                                                                            of backup)
The backup will be performed.

12 Usage of backup software                                                      a. Connect to USB hard disk (Turn on USB power).
                                                                                 b. Perform PCCloneEX Lite program.
     (1)Introduction of main menu                                                c. Enter to Quick Launch menu.
     1    Quick startup                                                          d. select File Backup option

                                    22                                                                          23
      e. Click 'OK to backup after dialog box appears.                            g. Select the target files and press backup button to backup:
      The backup button on the product is also available. Just press the             If there are more than two USB hard disk, it is able to select
Button, the dialog box will appear, and press again to start backup files.   which one to backup the data in the USB driver.
     Note: The backup is only available when it works with the
accessories provided by the supplier

                                                                                   h. Click   OK     to confirm the backup
     f   Record backup Menu
         1   Backup
         2   Record

                                                                                   System will show the process of backup

                                   24                                                                          25
i. Backup success and click     OK

                                                                       USB Drive: If the PC connects to more than two USB hard disks,
                                                                 it can select which hard disk to backup in the USB drive. If only one
                                                                 hard disk, then can't select hard disk.

                                                                       k. There is a hide data folder “Fnet” under the USB(H:)hard
                                                                 driver root directory. The data of record backup is stored in the data
                                                                 folder. (Please don't delete the folder)

The system will show backup finished after complete the backup

j. The files have been backup
 (PCClone EX has been backup the data to USB HDD)

                                26                                                                   27
      (3)FAT32 Format

     As the FAT32 format tool of Windows 2000/XP can only support
to 32GB, the CD provides a FAT32 formatting tool. It enable the hard
disk support up to 4TB, only through this format tool, can the hard disk
be fast formatted in FAT32.

     Note:The FNet FAT32 Format is not available for formatting
if the hard disk has not partitioned under the Win.Onlyafter
partition the hard disk under Win, can the format available.
Formatting will delete all the data in the USB hard disk.

      A. Access “start/programs/PCCloneEX/FNet FAT32 Format” and
the menu of FAT32 will appear as follow:                                   c. Show the process of formatting

      B   Select the USB device and the hard disk need to be formatted
and click "Start"

                                   28                                                                29
     d. Format complete, please click    OK
       (The driver has formatted the selected USB hard driver in FAT32)
     (4)Document restore
       a. Connect to USB hard disk (Turn on USB power supply)
       b. Run PCClone EX driver
       c. Enter PCClone EX menu
       d. Select File Backup option
       e. Select the data or folder need to be recover

     f. Select "Restore", Click   OK    to begin

30                                      31
     g.Restore complete click     OK                                             c. It is also able to delete the hidden data folder   FNet under
                                                                            the root directory of USB(H:) disk driver

                                                                                 (6) File Manager
     (5) Delete File backup
                                                                                 The function of File Management are the same as that of
     a. Enter File Backup menu
                                                                            Windows    data folder or record is able to be drawn between the left
     b. Move the mouse to the window of USB Device           right click
                                                                            and right window. It is convenient for user to inspect, manage, move
mouse and select "Delete select file"    it will delete the selected file
                                                                            and access the record data after recover the record backup and no need
backup data in the USB (H:) hard disk.
                                                                            to open my computer or record management.

                                 32                                                                           33
      (7) Setup                                                              13. common solution of failure
                                                                             1     Q What is serial ata

                                                                                   A    Serial ata is the second era ata interface standard, it uses the
                                                                             lastest ata parallel protocol standard. Compare to previous ata standard
                                                                             the new one: faster speed, better compatibility and point to point
                                                                             connection. Presently, the sata standard can support 150mb/sec.The
                                                                             next era standard will be able to support 300mb/sec            The sata uses
                                                                             7pins connecting cable instead of that of 80pins,it enable a faster data
                                                                             transfer. The sata adopts a connection of point to point : one cable to
                                                                             one device. This abrogates the master/ subordinate mode.

                                                                             2     Q Does it support heat plug-in and draw-out

File Backup                                                                        A    Yes, it does. Firstly, the sata pci bus controller must support
                                                                             heat plug-in and draw-out. Please reference the specification of pci
Fast key setup     select "Edit"    move the cursor to the reverse place,
                                                                             card. Secondly, the heat plug-in and draw-out is only available in
and use "Ctrl    Shift    Alt   and randomkey” to setup the fast key. It
                                                                             windows 2000,xp.
can perform record backup through fast key from next time.

                                                                             3     Q Why connect to the hard disk, only the green mark appears
Compression ratio        fall into place from 1 to 9, the more compression
                                                                                     But the hard disk letter.?
ratio the smaller the data is and the more time to take.
                                                                                   A    Please make sure the hard disk connects well. If the hard disk
Backup Mode          Add files to existing backup"      and "Discard and     is a new one, and has not partitioned yet, please go to              control
replace existing backup"                                                     panelmanagement toolcomputer management               . After open hard disk
                                                                             management, a non-partitioned hard disk          hard disk 1     will appear.
Second confirmation: Windows default will require the second                 After format this hard disk, it is able to find it.
confirmation when use button to backup. Please cancel windows
                                                                             4     Q It is available in windows 95 and windows nt
default if would like to backup directly.
                                                                                   A    No    The product can only support windows 98se, me, 2000,

                                     34                                                                            35
and xp      All older version can    t support sata. Microsoft has not add          Environment:
the driver of sata into the older version. Please update your Windows
version.                                                                                                        IBM Compatible PC
                                                                                     Hardware                   Notebook Computer
5     Q Why can't install the backup software in the PC?                                                        Mac OS
      A      Please make sure if the serial number of backup software                                           Windows 98se/ME
installation on the product package is clear and if the serial number is             Software                   Windows2000
capital letter or small letter. Please confirm the serial number with the                                       Windows XP
distribution if the installation is still not available.
                                                                                   Physical Measurement
6    Q Why the backup software is not available in the PC?

      A     Please first make sure that your product have the function of               Dimension          205mm x 113mm x 35.6mm
backup and the lastest version backup software has been installed in
the PC and the operation should be installed under the directory of C                    Weight           385 g Hard Disk Not included
disk. This backup function is available when the operation system is
WIN200/NT or superior.                                                                   Material             Aluminum

14. Appendix:                                                                                                 Full automatic machine
      Function Description                                                             Manufacturing          processing,100% perfor
                                                                                       Technique              mance testing before
                                                                                                              products leave factory.
                                      Support parallel port, serial port, USB
           Function               and SATA portable hard disk. one -press button
                                  for backup. Deferring Switch Off setting
           Interface                  USB 2.0/ SATA High Speed Interface
           Hard Disk Size             3.5 inch                                     Certificate
           Capacity (Max.)             400G or more
           Power Supply               100 - 240V AC                                      CE
                                     Supply windows 98 \PCCloneEX and NET
           Driver Program                                                                FCC
                                  DISK Driver Program, others not need.

                                      36                                                                      37

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