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									                               Dr Michael Nelson
                           King’s College London, UK
                   Head of Research for the School Food Trust.

Following 9 years as a Research Officer and Scientific Officer in the Medical
Research Council Dunn Nutrition Unit (Cambridge) and Environmental Epidemiology
Unit (Southampton), Dr Michael Nelson has, since 1985, been a member of the
academic staff at King’s College London. He was promoted to Reader in Public
Health Nutrition in September 2003.

He has a long-standing interest in the diets of children in the UK and the associations
between nutrition and health. He has carried out research on the characteristics of
adolescent diets and their relationships with physical activity, health and cognitive
function. He has a special interest in diet and poverty, chaired the Low Income
Project Team for the Department of Health Nutrition Task Force, and wrote the
chapter on nutrition for the Acheson Inquiry into Inequalities in Health. He also has a
keen interest in ways to improve dietary assessment. He led the Ministry of
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food funded project to develop a Photographic Atlas of
Food Portion Sizes. He was Project Director for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) -
funded study to develop methods specifically for assessing diet in low income
households in the UK (LIDMS). He has also worked on EU projects on household
budget surveys, Public Health Nutrition monitoring, and diet and respiratory health.

He is the Principal Investigator in nutrition in the FSA-funded national survey of diet
and nutrition in low income households in the UK, due to report in Spring 2006. In the
last three years his research team at King’s completed two national studies on school
meals in primary and secondary schools in England jointly funded by the Department
for Education and Skills and the Food Standards Agency. Most recently, he has been
over-seeing research into the effects of genetic variation on iron status.

Dr Nelson is co-founder of the UK Nutritional Epidemiology Group. He was Deputy
Director of the Family Budget Unit for ten years during which time he developed food
budget standards for a wide range of household types. He is currently a member of
the National Food Survey Committee and the Working Party on Low Income at
Sustain. He was a member of the Caroline Walker Trust Working Group on
Nutritional Guidelines for School Meals (1992 and 2004), and led the nutrition group
on the Department for Education and Skills School Meals Review Panel. In April
2006 he took up the post of Head of Research for the School Food Trust.

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